Usually when I’m doing a post that involves a black actress and a mainstream magazine, it’s to call out some f*ckery, so I was pleasantly surprised by Elle Magazine’s recent ‘braids makeover’ of actress Zazie Beetz.

Zaazie Beetz is one of my personal hair idols (in addition to bell hooks) because her texture is close to mine, and she, like me, is a fan of the undefined look. Plus Atlanta is one of my favorite shows…

Elle enlisted the expertise of Bronx-based Puerto Rican braider Guingui for a gorgeous look that is half single braids and half cornrows. The style is absolutely gorgeous and it’s refreshing to see a mainstream magazine doing braids on a black woman. Instead of the usual approach — put braids on a white women and declare them a new and sudden trend.


Ladies, what do you think of the style?

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8 Comments on "[Video] Elle Magazine’s Braids Makeover of Atlanta Actress Zazie Beetz is Actually Pretty Dope"

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mercedes matz

Love this look!


That was awesome! I really liked the look!


What a pleasant surprise from Elle!

Love it!




mad dope


I love it!


I love this style!

Leila: just stopped by to say I love the new layout and that you have decided to author more of the posts. Great content, keep it up! <3