Who doesn’t like affir­ma­tion? It cer­tain­ly doesn’t hurt com­ing from the lips of a sexy R&B singer like Ush­er, who recent­ly took to Snapchat with a mes­sage for nat­ur­al-haired women.

#Ush­er has a mes­sage for all the #Team­Nat­u­ral­Hair ladies 💕🙌 #OooLaL­aBlog

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*Fans face*

*Then aggres­sive­ly grabs deep con­di­tion­er and hood­ed dry­er*

Sim­ple and sweet from a singer whose wife rocks her nat­ur­al curls on the reg­u­lar.

Ush­er and his wife Grace.

(Take notes Tyrese.)


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6 Comments on "[Video] Usher’s Message to Naturals Has Us Kinda Hot"

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Thonny André

For some rea­son I feel like all these men talk­ing about “I love your nat­ur­al” only love that per­fect­ly curly laid fizz free 3a, 3b, 3c. Or even 4a when they r feel­ing brave.


Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you think he could not be sexier…BOOM! He drops that snap lol :-) What I real­ly love is that he starts with his love for his own nat­ur­al hair, then for our nat­ur­al hair. Self-love and black love, I LOVE it!


ok!!! bc for the longest time women would dog men with hair like his but praise gin­uwine *side eye* so the fact that he decid­ed to say out loud he loves his hair as well speaks vol­umes esp since he has sons



Locs Girl

Take that Tyrese!!


Excel­lent! This is won­der­ful!