Who doesn’t like affirmation? It certainly doesn’t hurt coming from the lips of a sexy R&B singer like Usher, who recently took to Snapchat with a message for natural-haired women.

#Usher has a message for all the #TeamNaturalHair ladies 💕🙌 #OooLaLaBlog

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*Fans face*

*Then aggressively grabs deep conditioner and hooded dryer*

Simple and sweet from a singer whose wife rocks her natural curls on the regular.

Usher and his wife Grace.

(Take notes Tyrese.)


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Thonny André

For some reason I feel like all these men talking about “I love your natural” only love that perfectly curly laid fizz free 3a, 3b, 3c. Or even 4a when they r feeling brave.


Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you think he could not be sexier…BOOM! He drops that snap lol 🙂 What I really love is that he starts with his love for his own natural hair, then for our natural hair. Self-love and black love, I LOVE it!


ok!!! bc for the longest time women would dog men with hair like his but praise ginuwine *side eye* so the fact that he decided to say out loud he loves his hair as well speaks volumes esp since he has sons



Locs Girl

Take that Tyrese!!


Excellent! This is wonderful!