I told y’all before I’m out of cre­ative titles and com­men­tary for the 2017 nat­ur­al hair reveals. So instead here is an inter­est­ing tid­bit from Gabby’s Wikipedia entry; She was born in Oma­ha Nebras­ka, but raised in the afflu­ent Bay Area sub­urb of Pleasan­ton, Cal­i­for­nia.

Here is a pic­ture of her nat­ur­al hair she post­ed on Insta­gram Sat­ur­day.


And here she is a few days lat­er in afro puffs before a deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment.


And here she is wear­ing a nat­ur­al hair updo on the red car­pet last year. 

She is beau­ti­ful, her skin is flaw­less and she is a nice lady.
Good day.

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We must keep in mind that act­ing is a job and if they take the job they must do what they are told. Act­ing, Sports, News are jobs


My com­ment is that these celebri­ties with nat­ur­al hair have less time than non-celebri­ties to main­tain healthy nat­ur­al hair. Under the lights and con­stant re-styling, pro­tec­tive styles such as wigs and weave is their go-to to pre­serve their strands. I’m not mad when they present their healthy nat­ur­al hair every now and again. You can weave and wig and still not have healthy hair.


I DEFFFF agree! They should do what is health­i­est for their lifestyle and peo­ple need to stop hat­ing. I am also real­ly hap­py that she decid­ed to show­case her real hair because she now has a hair care line and if her name is on it, she should be using it.


After years of sell­ing us white beau­ty as the norm,she wants to make some coins from the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. Sor­ry hon­ey, if you’re not work­ing to chal­lenge euro­pean beau­ty in hol­ly­wood, if you’re not tak­ing any risks for our col­lec­tive ben­e­fit, don’t try to sell us any pomades or snake oil under the table. We deserve rep­re­sen­ta­tion, now Tey­on­ah, where is YOUR nat­ur­al line. I sug­gest Ms. Union go do a col­lab with SheaMois­ture.


How was she sell­ing white beau­ty? Are black women not allowed to straight­en their hair if they choose? She wears weaves and wigs etc…but like…her vibe isnt that of…Tracy Ellis Ross, she has a look that she either chose or was told to do…and now she is try­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent. I think she should be allowed to explore more nat­ur­al alter­na­tives. Most adult black women had that stage in life where they chose to be more nat­ur­al, why isnt she allowed that jour­ney?


Don’t think its as sim­ple as not wear­ing your nat­ur­al hair. In the indus­try they are in that demands dif­fer­ent looks on a dime, ever thought it might be best to keep your nat­ur­al hair as stress free as pos­si­ble and wear wigs, weaves, etc. Just a thought.


The front is real but the back is not it looks like clip-ins or a weave with the slight lump…but I agree who cares do what you do…celebs all scream au nat­ur­al but they have access to the best of the best …well deter­min­ing the cal­iber of celeb… and the wiki entry sounds very pre­ten­tious born in Oma­ha but raised in afflu­ent blah blah blah…like knock it off…


Unless they are rock­ing that nat­ur­al hair on the red car­pet or on major TV inter­views or accept­ing awards wear­ing them, I real­ly do not want to hear about some sil­ly IG post. Smh.


So why she needs a wig? ^^




What a shame white soci­ety won’t accept her wear­ing her REAL hair in the roles she’s played. It’s a crazy crazy dance.

Susie White

Very beau­ti­ful hair. Although I don’t care much for these nat­ur­al hair reveals of black female celebri­ties who nev­er wear their nat­ur­al hair out ever.


they don’t wear their own hair because they are pro­tect­ing it from being dam­aged because of all the rolls they play. wigs are bet­ter and keeps their hair from being dam­aged


can’t *knock* ‘em…


They made a choice. There’s a rea­son Tey­on­ah, Tem­pest, and Solange aren’t as pop­u­lar. Gabrielle, Tara­ji, Sanaa, etc made a choice b/c they want­ed a cer­tain lev­el of fame. I can’t know ‘em.


Exact­ly! Then have the nerve to come out with a nat­ur­al hair care line!?! No thanks! If Tey­on­ah, Tem­pest or Salonge cane out with one, I’d be all over it.


I total­ly agree with you! She’s wear­ing. her nat­ur­al hair out to pro­mote her hair line. She start­ed wear­ing nat­ur­al hair a year ago because the hair line was in the mak­ing. Her brand is wigs and weaves.. I’m not impressed?


I agree, but then I also con­sid­er that to get cer­tain oppor­tu­ni­ties, many black actress­es still sad­ly have to allow producers/directors to dic­tate their “look”. At least more are begin­ning to pub­licly acknowl­edge the sig­nif­i­cance of nat­ur­al hair…but I’m with you: I’m not con­vinced enough to pur­chase their new nat­ur­al hair care prod­ucts!!




So pret­ty.…