Hey. So I know I did a lit­tle ‘Michelle Phan’ there, aka dis­ap­pear­ing com­plete­ly from my online plat­form. The rea­son is that I was just burnt out and exhaust­ed. And a lot of that had to do with the direc­tion BGLH was going in con­tent wise.

I’ve been doing BGLH since April 2008. In March 2015 I decid­ed to include more cul­ture cov­er­age into the plat­form. And at first things were fine. But over time I came to feel that “cul­ture cov­er­age” was becom­ing “a metic­u­lous cat­a­logue of racial aggres­sions against black women includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to era­sure by beau­ty brands, cul­tur­al appro­pri­a­tion and racist mar­ket­ing.” I felt that I was just wait­ing for the next big scan­dal to drop, so I could then write about it. And it was erod­ing my soul.

And it wasn’t just erod­ing me, it was erod­ing my read­er base. The scan­dalous sto­ries are the ones that get the clicks, but many long­time fans were telling me that they could no longer log onto BGLH for fear of what they’d find if they did. My plat­form — that for years had been a safe and com­fort­able beau­ty space — was becom­ing just anoth­er trig­ger in a cul­ture that method­i­cal­ly preys on black women’s self-esteem.

I didn’t plan on tak­ing a break from BGLH. In my 9 years of doing this I haven’t missed more than a cou­ple weeks at a time, and even then that was with advanced notice. But I hit a break­ing point and I just couldn’t take it.

Short­ly after I stopped writ­ing in April, the whole ‘Shea Mois­ture hav­ing white girls talk about hair hate’ thing broke out. And I was hon­est­ly so relieved that I wasn’t blog­ging reg­u­lar­ly, because I wouldn’t have to write about it.

When I ini­tial­ly envi­sioned BGLH it was sup­posed to be a site that cel­e­brat­ed the beau­ty and dope­ness of nat­ur­al hair. This grad­u­al­ly segued into a site that cel­e­brat­ed all things ‘black girl beau­ti­ful.’ Some­where along the way it became a dis­cus­sion of all things ‘black girl trau­ma­tized.’

So I’m done. I’m clos­ing that chap­ter and mov­ing for­ward.

After dis­cussing with my writ­ing team (the love­ly Por­tia, Elle and Chin­we), I’ve decid­ed that July 1 will be our ‘reset and refresh’ date (if I’m thirsty, and I kin­da am, I might sneak in some posts before that.) I’ll go back to updat­ing reg­u­lar­ly, although the post­ing rate will drop a bit. I’m going to start out with just 4 arti­cles a week as I get back into the swing. And we’ll con­tin­ue our jour­ney from there. 

Thanks for being patient with me. Thanks to those of you who emailed me or called to make sure I was okay. I’m excit­ed to be back.

Much love,

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Leila, thank you for your hon­esty. I kept check­ing the site to see if there were any new posts and had fig­ured that bglh was tak­ing a vaca­tion. I recent­ly ordered some Shea but­ters from the online store and was relieved to see it was still open .Some­times we need step back and reex­am­ine our plans, just to make sure that we are still on track. That’s a nor­mal life process. Can’t wait till ya’ll come back!

Thank you for see­ing this. I have been a read­er of BGLH since it’s incep­tion and I loved it! I am a black woman but I am not an angry one, I love myself enough to not let the ins and outs of life drag me down. Late­ly all of this angry report­ing on plat­forms I loved has had me on edge and I have heard black women say­ing that they were just wait­ing for a white man or woman to mess up so they could set them straight. All of this anger has been turn­ing is in to the… Read more »

Sis i was wor­ried.. I kept refresh­ing my page because i did­nt see any new articles.…glad u and the team are back!


I com­plete­ly under­stand. The ances­tors did not suf­fer trough trails only to have us get stuck in neg­a­tive space now. Resets are a good and need­ed thing. Thank you for your dis­cern­ment and self reflec­tion — a life les­son for Black women in times of trou­ble.
Allow me to reset Longfel­low — “The heights by great (wo)men reached and kept were not attained by sud­den flight, but they, while their com­pan­ions slept, were toil­ing upward in the night.”
Car­ry on my sis­ter!


So glad you’re back, your blog is the rea­son I went nat­ur­al! IVE issued those reg­u­lar updates. So much great info and inspiration…looking for­ward to the new direc­tion!!


Glad to see you’re refo­cus­ing. I real­ly missed the nat­ur­al hair arti­cles. I remem­ber com­ing to this site every sin­gle day *excit­ed* to read new hair arti­cles.

I com­plete­ly feel you. Con­stant neg­a­tiv­i­ty wears away the soul. It’s why I don’t fol­low every minu­ti­ae of the Trump admin­is­tra­tion. It’s why I some­times tune out when there’s an umpteenth sto­ry about a black per­son get­ting killed by police or a woman being sex­u­al­ly assault­ed or some oth­er hor­ri­ble sto­ry. It’s good to stay informed and be aware of the world around you, but if you allow your­self to be con­sumed by the neg­a­tive aspects of our soci­ety, even­tu­al­ly you will break down and just go crazy. Liv­ing your day-to-day exis­tence is already enough of a chal­lenge when you’re… Read more »

Yass, I missed yall more nat­ur­al hair stuff please for the future or what­ev­er your com­fort­able with ???

alison hilaire

I’m glad you’re ok!!!? I total­ly under­stand the change. Our thoughts cre­ate our real­i­ty. Being con­stant­ly exposed to bad news makes you feel like the world is doomed. So you become hope­less, even if you are sur­rond­ed by love from friends or fam­i­ly. I think it is still pos­si­ble to address this top­ic, but from the per­spec­tive of hope and over­com­ing instead of defeat and despair.


Maybe in ear­ly 2016 or late 2015 I real­ly got despon­dent about read­ing those race based arti­cles. I just felt that there was so much hate and I got tired of it. So I only read the hair arti­cles. It’s a wel­comed change.


I’m glad you stopped post­ing all those racial agres­sion arti­cle, it was depress­ing I stopped vis­it­ing your site for a while because it was get­ting to be too much. I want you to go back to writ­ing arti­cles about main­tain­ing nat­ur­al hair and the trend­ing pro­tec­tive styles.

Crystal Danielle Williams
Crystal Danielle Williams

So glad to hear it! Glad you’re okay, had us wor­ried a bit for a minute there.


Your site, your choice. I’m just glad you’re still here. (Been refresh­ing my page for the last cou­ple of months think­ing there was some­thing wrong with my brows­er, lol.)


Thank you -


Glad you’re ok! I didn’t mind the changes BGLH made over the years; I was, and still plan to be, a reg­u­lar read­er. After see­ing oth­er blog­gers go through burnout, I com­plete­ly under­stand why you had to step away, but it’s nice that you can change your blog’s direc­tion if you have to, start again, and go from there. 

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Melba Pearson-Mecham

Much respect for your new direc­tion. In this very tox­ic time we are in, we have to find ways to prac­tice self care and uplift our­selves (as well as each oth­er). Do what you feel is best for you — I’ll keep read­ing!


Yes, thank you!! I admit I was one of those read­ers who stopped com­ing as fre­quent­ly because I was scared to read some­thing that would ruin my day. Escapism has it’s own val­ue; I’m glad BGLH is going back to being a place which focus­es on the pos­i­tive.


I sup­port this entire­ly for all the rea­sons stat­ed in the arti­cle.

LaShon Renee

Wel­come back! I for one remem­ber the old BGLH, and I loved it. I know things have to progress and change but cov­er­ing inspi­ra­tional sto­ries is more pro­duc­tive as we have too much bad news.


Excel­lent! Glad to hear it and wel­come you all back, strong, long, and refreshed! It’s impor­tant to take a break and keep and reflect on the real pur­pose of what BGLH is real­ly all about.


I for one absolute­ly under­stand where you’re com­ing from and I whole­heart­ed­ly agree. I am proud of you for not only mak­ing the nec­es­sary deci­sion to take a step back, take a break and pin point your feel­ings as well as pri­or­i­tize what you want this site to get back to being but also for brave­ly shar­ing it with us. Bless you all


you shouldn’t stop at all about the bash­ing black women receive I for one love your arti­cles, and a closed mouth will only hin­der the nation don’t stop writ­ing the truth, it hap­pens, exhaus­tion and think­ing your not get­ting any­where with the sub­ject, you don’t real­ize that your speak­ing to black women who embrace your words. that in turn turns into more peo­ple lis­ten­ing to what we see from the words of wis­dom you gave us. I do urge you to write about oth­er things but don’t stop that.