Model Ebonee Davis is a certified BGLH fave. She’s smart as a whip, articulate about her identity as a black woman in fashion, woke AF and stunningfuly beautiful. In February she sparked dialogue when she candidly discussed what the fashion industry really thinks of black American women’s beauty. (Hint… not much.)

“Casting directors would ask me, “Where are you from?” to which I would respond, “Seattle.” And then, “Where are your parents from?” to which I would respond “Seattle.” I was met with looks of confusion. As if it were impossible to conceptualize that black beauty exists right here in America. If they were really bold they would ask me, “But, like, what’s your ethnicity? Where are your people from?” And I would say, “Well my people were kidnapped and brought here as slaves and had their identity erased so I don’t really know.” And I wouldn’t get a great response. They would say to me, “You’re so beautiful, you must be mixed.” What may have been intended as a compliment felt like an attempt to rationalize the source of my beauty. If I was mixed it would all make sense.”

And now, she went ahead and gave us yet another reason to love her with an incredible photoshoot for fashion mag The Cut channelling eight iconic black women.

Shoots like this are common. But given Davis’ full embrace of her black womanhood this one feels significant. Davis recreates iconic images of Nina Simone, Donyale Luna, Marsha Hunt, Iman, Pat Cleveland, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Josephine Baker.

Ebonee Davis channels Nina Simone for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Donyale Luna for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Marsha Hunt for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Iman for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Pat Cleveland for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Diana Ross for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Tina Turner for The Cut
Ebonee Davis channels Josephine Baker for The Cut

YAS girl! #favestatus. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this beauty.

Ladies, what do you think of the shoot?

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I love this photo shoot!! As a stylist, I can’t help but zero in on the hard work of the team behind the photos. I am so very proud of her for how she displayed the hard work of her “glam-fam”. I can see the team work; and boy did she “wuuuuurrrk” it!

Carla BAnks

Her photos are beautiful. Represent SEATtle.

alison hilaire



That is one absolutely stunning woman. I love how diverse the photos are. Well done.


Werk! loved it…and the fact that she is mocha brown is just frosting:-)

Guest Writer

I love all of these images.


She is very beautiful…very strong images!