K. Michelle revealed a stunning baldie on the Instagram page for a possible upcoming album titled The People I Used to Know. She initially offered just a peek of a rose gold cut with the caption

I cut it off, like I cut you off. U picked your side, and i’m picking mine. The tough decision hasn’t cost me a dime, but the pretending you care is a waste of my time. Friendship ends when some are offered slot times


She then followed up with two photos in a stunning low cut swimsuit with the captions

I’ve been learning, learning to be in love with myself. Im a grown ass woman.

They be like that bih fake and lately I heard she been bleaching. I just look at the hoes like y’all still reaching? #lyrics


The big chop reveal is in line with K. Michelle’s candid persona. She’s spoken openly about her butt enhancement surgery, as well as disrespect towards dark-skinned black woman and given previous glimpses at her natural hair.

Ladies, what do you think of the cut?

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18 Comments on "[Pics] K. Michelle Just Debuted Her Big Chop, And It’s Gorgeous"

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Ilea Jones-Moore

Love It On her. So gorgeous!

Mikki Donaldson

I love it! Gotta give to K. She’s not afraid. She looks so comfortable with the new look, it’s her.


She looks great. Like a whole new person. Confident, like she’s about to conquer the world!

Tiffany Grissett

I think it fit her.Her head shape is perfect for this cut


Looks very nice on her


So whomever did the photo shop needs to be fired…..A$AP


Love it!!


My hats off to K, I know the freeing effect that must have caused was/is orgasmic to say the least…..YOU BETTA WORK GURL!!


Love it she rocking it

Tracey Williams

GORGEOUS! Our hair is everything to US & to take the step to “chop” it off is both courageous & empowering…SHE OWNS IT!!

Desiree Dow

Love it!


Wowzers, she looks amazing…

Miki Rey

Just beautiful!


I really like that cut on her…looks great.


Wow, she is rocking it…hair and body! She makes black girl makes look so easy!


I love it! She looks great.

Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge

I agree! I love it! She looks gorgeous!


I like it.