When it comes to online body affirmation black women have done a *lot* in the past few years.

Social media campaigns have launched celebrating body hair, big lips, general thickness and of course melanin. This is on top of the digital natural hair community, 20 years strong, celebrating kinky and curly hair. And now big noses — a final bastion of black beauty — are having their moment in the sun.

Big Nose Black Beauty describes itself as “a collection of big gorgeous noses on beautiful faces”, with many photos submitted by fans.

Source: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/
Source: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/
Source: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/
Source: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/
Source: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/

As a big-nosed woman myself I know that it has been one of the hardest parts of my body to fully accept and embrace. My journey has involved appreciating how my nose fits into the overall look of my face.

Me at the park on Thursday

Do you think big nose acceptance could be spreading for black women?

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They look great! What big noses?


None of these women have what i would call big nose’s , they all have nose’s that look perfect for their face. I had to have a couple of looks as i was confused where the big nose’s were.


To me, a “big” nose is one that looks disproportionately big to the person’s face, regardless of race. These women have broad and beautiful noses that fit their faces perfectly, IMO. So I was like, “‘Big’ WHERE??”


If it’s celebrating big noses, why do half of the women have makeup on that adds shading to make their noses look thinner? That seems counter-intuitive to me. Like when someone goes online and says how GORGEOUS celeb so-and-so is without makeup and I know darn well she’s wearing makeup (I was a celebrity makeup artist. I created those very same “natural no makeup looks” every day of my career).


Not one of the women in those pictures actually has a big nose. I on the other hand, do.


Nice! Glad to see that we are slowly but surely waking up and celebrating and recognizing our OWN beauty, whether mainstream media gets on board or not.


What about big foreheads? I love my big nose forever. Or Black women with thinner lips? I love women with fuller lips. It’s enticing. Not knocking women with normal foreheads and thin lips. Just saying there are other insecurities too.


I dont see big noses, maybe the second picture but the others are not big. Way to create body complex !!!

I honestly don’t see that many of the women featured in the post have “big noses”. To me, their noses fit their faces and look very proportionate. I have quite prominent facial features myself (full lips, prominent nose — which I’ve grown to really like as I get older, and really every feature on my face as a whole, lol!) I’m glad that ethnic beauty is being celebrated, but I think overall beauty should be celebrated instead of just one feature. I think that’s the problem in today’s word, is that we are so focused in on the specifics (butts,… Read more »

I grew up feeling like I had a bulbous nose. I’ve definitely grown to accept it as I’ve gotten older. It’s good to have a place for Black women to come into acceptance of their features.


On a radio program in my country they were asking women what body part they’d have surgery on if they could. I expected people to say boobs or sth but almost everyone said they would get nose jobs. It was sad to me and I’m glad places like this exist to celebrate a natural attribute of black people ???