French cosmetic brand Make Up For Ever found itself in hot water after posting an Instagram photo with a caption that appeared to throw shade at Rihanna’s newly released Fenty Beauty makeup line. The photo, which showcased various foundation shades, went viral after followers and Rihanna fans alike quickly caught onto the shady caption attached to it.

Fenty Beauty has received mostly rave reviews and black women have been flocking to retailers hoping to get their hands on a bottle. The line is truly inclusive, featuring 40 foundation shades with various undertones. The line is so mindful of the subtleties of skin tone that even albino blogger Krystal Robertson was able to find a foundation matching her unique skin tone.

Make Up For Ever’s shade didn’t go unnoticed. Commenters made sure to remind the brand that while they may have had 40 shades of foundation since 2015, the shades are sub par and don’t cater to the deep and rich skin tones of black women.

It didn’t take long before Rihanna caught wind of the firestorm and made a few comments herself.

It’s probably safe to say that Make Up For Ever needs to take the L and stay in their lane. Creating 40 shades of casket sharp foundation doesn’t mean you’re inclusive. It means that you just threw some light to dark colors in a bottle and hoped one of them would match some black woman out there.  I haven’t been able to review Fenty Beauty yet, but I’m always here for women of color being included in the cosmetic industry. The fact that the line kept darker skin tones and various undertones in mind is something to applaud, not shade.

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Wow…….That’s WHY it is important for us to have our own line of make up for us by us too…


Wow. I’m shocked. I’ve never liked them tho. The brush line was the only thing they triiied to do right. Or so i was told by the consultant that they had drag in mind. When you read their ingredients you see quickly they are not special (therefore upcharged for packaging etc.) Then you see the limited shades. The lack of compassionate advertising and protocal…. No thanks. I pass. But having known ALL that, i am STILL shocked!!!


Wow, I like that the company did keep darker tones in mind. I just brought some make up from Walgreens from a “black” label and hope it matches my skin. Most make-up has an orange tint on me or too dark or too light…i have to mix two kinds of make-up to get it right and even then it’s not 100% grrrr