I said I was coming back to blogging and then I disappeared again. Well this time I’m back for good (seriously) plus I was gone for a good reason.

Selling whipped shea, cocoa and mango butter out of my Brooklyn apartment was no longer sustainable. My boxes took up the bulk of the building’s shared basement and hauling 50 lb cases of raw butter up two flights of stairs was not ’empowering’ anymore.

My lease was up and I had the choice of going through the whole drama of trying to find a bigger apartment and a landlord who would put up with my sprawling operation, or just get a storefront. I chose the latter.

The room in my apartment where I operated BGLH Marketplace. This was moving day. In another set of pics you’ll see a sampling of alllll the boxes that were in the building’s basement.
Moving day.

I found a cute little spot in Bed Stuy, right on Marcus Garvey Blvd at the intersection of Kosciuszko St. And so began my nightmare.

Before the work got started.

First there was the horror of moving all the boxes out of my apartment basement to the shop space. I had to move them *before* my contractor started work on the space. Which meant he had to maneuver around a humongous pile of boxes that we pushed against various walls according to where he needed to work next.

All of this had been in my basement.
Let that sink in for a minute.
Like… my god.

And by the way every horrible thing they say about working with contractors is true. Over budget, past deadline, sending ME to Home Depot to find supplies. Like what the hell do I know about plywood and sheetrock?? Didn’t stop my contractor from having me go find stuff for him. And I don’t mean ‘pick up’ stuff. I mean FIND stuff. I was in the aisle searching ‘proper subflooring for hardwood’ on my phone, hands shaking, praying I did not buy the wrong stuff.

I want you all to know that I literally, *literally* went to Home Depot every day in the month in August. Sometimes two or three times a day. And it was horrible. The leering men, the horrible customer service, the disorganized store layout.

My plan was to open the shop on August 15. That didn’t happen. As mid-August came and went I’d go home at night and curl myself into a ball. Oh wait, no because I have three kids under five I had to put to sleep first *before* I could curl into a ball and weep silently at what felt like a huge mistake.

Finally, *finally* in early September the shop was done enough that I could begin accepting customers.

We weren’t completely finished. But I did not care. I was accepting customers no matter what.

I designed our sign, learned our ‘point of sale’ system (which is the fancy word for cash register. Apparently things have changed since I was a child.) But finally, save some minor details, the shop was completely ready for business.

Cash register and plant.
We whip the butters right in the window! That’s my shop assistant Zawadi. Hey girl!
The view from outside.
More butters!
The day our sign went up!

This was a gamble, but it felt like a move I had to make. I jumped off a cliff and I still don’t know what the outcome will be. But I’m proud of what I created.

It’s been a couple weeks since we began taking customers and things have been good. Settled enough that I can manage my blog team again and continue accepting online orders at bglh-marketplace.com.

The shop’s grand opening is on October 1. If you are in the area please come on down! I’m also hosting a BGLH meetup in the space on Saturday, October 7 at 11 a.m. It will be a small gathering. Just 40 people and some brunch-y refreshments. If you live in the area and want to meet me and see the space, please enter your email below.

So, in summary, no I didn’t abandon BGLH. Yes, I’m back blogging for good. And yes, now I have a shop.


BGLH Meetup in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn at BGLH Marketplace
358 Kosciuszko St, Brooklyn 11221
(at the intersection of Kosciuszko St and Marcus Garvey Blvd, beside Fermento Cafe)
Saturday, October 7 at 11 a.m.
Refreshments provided.


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I pass by your store front every Saturday morning. I CANNOT WAIT for it to be opened! 🙂
Super excited! Congrats!!!


Oh my goodness!!!! Well done!! Well done girl, I’m so happy for you ? I’m in he UK, but when I next come to NY, I will for sure make a stop to support you and your shop. It’s looks beautiful in there.
I’m sorry you had a rough time with the contractors – I’ve had similar experiences with them and they are hard work. But now is your time to enjoy your hard work! Well done again x


So I can come in to by products!!!!

Faith Kel8



I posted on another thread asking for the storefront location, which I now have. My daughter is coming on our behalf.

We have to support our own and continue to encourage one another’s success! All the best in your continued journey as an entrepreneur!

T Young

Wow ! First off, congratulations!! You are such an inspiration. You have given my that little push I need to go ahead and turn my very small hobby of making butters into a business. I’ve literally just been making for family and friends, but I’m ready to do more. I have no idea of where to start, but I’m jumping in. And one day, I will be where you are !! Congrats again and good luck !!

Slut O\'Crat

Congratulations! That is a truly amazing accomplishment. Best of luck.