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True Life: Everyone Assumes I Want Locs Because I Have Kinky, 4C Hair

I’ve been natural for four and a half years now, and while my journey has had its ups and downs, what I have loved the most about my kinky hair is that it is ridiculously versatile. I absolutely love playing with my hair – and not just because I blog about it – but the... Continue Reading

4 Stunning Ways to Rock Faux Locs

by Cassandre of CassandreBeccai.com Faux locs. Temporary locs. Loc extensions. By now, you’ve seen them all over Instagram on some of hottest natural hair personalities. My first introduction to this style was through Saleemah Cartwright founder of Hydratherma Naturals Hair Care who paved the way with a unique take on protective styling and versatility. Before long,the... Continue Reading

6 Elegant Summer Updos for Medium to Long Locs

This hairstyle post is for my loc’ed ladies out there. Enjoy! 1. Low Loc Bun For this look, Prettipoison27 starts from crinkled locs that are the result of a braid-out. All you will need to achieve this style are a couple of ouchless bands. 2. Cascading Bangs Jungle Barbie creates this elegant, sexy updo, which can... Continue Reading

7 Beautiful and Easy Natural Hair Styles for a Spring Wedding (Locs Included)

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Whether you are the bride to be or a member of the bridal party, these beautiful hair styles can be worn on the big day… or to any formal Spring event! 1. Classic Textured Low Bun You can almost never go wrong with the classic low bun for a... Continue Reading

Willow Smith Rocks Waist-Length Faux Locs

The youngest member of the Smith family and now super cool trendy teen, Willow was spotted around Los Angeles serving psychedelic bohomian realness. Willow has ditched her colorful wigs and is now rocking what appears to be faux-locs. We love the look! Would any of you try waist-length faux locs? Continue Reading

3 Things to Do When Your Locs Break

by Sherrell of Organic Beauty Vixen I was preparing for a full day of writing and meetings, ready to take on the world when it happened. One of my locs met its maker. Well, sort of. I was applying a little of my favorite Peppermint and Tea Tree Moisturizer by Eden Body Works when I swept my fingers through... Continue Reading

Missouri Woman Told to Cut Off 10-Year-Old Locs or Lose Job

More unfortunate proof that people still believe locs to be unprofessional. 24-year-old Ashley Davis was told by her bosses at a Missouri loan company that, due to changes in the company policy, she must cut off her 10-year-old locs if she wants to keep her job. The story is bizarre because Ashley was hired just... Continue Reading

Unraveled: How To Take Down Locs

By T. Hall of DopeReads.com Last month I shocked a lot of people when I posted pictures of my giant Afro on Facebook. That might not seem so strange, except for the fact that for the past five years I have had (dread)locs. Yes, you can comb out locs. No, your hair isn’t necessarily damaged.... Continue Reading

South African Thieves Stealing Locs to Meet Increased Demand for Loc Extensions

via BBC News Jack Maseko was recently mugged by three men in South Africa – they wanted nothing but his mobile phone and the dreadlocks he had spent three years patiently cultivating. “They had a knife and cut off my hair with scissors. I still feel pain when I think about that night,” the 28-year-old... Continue Reading

Lady Gaga Rocks Blonde Faux-Locs

Lady Gaga is known for switching up her hair and she recently went for a more textured look with blond faux-locs, posting pictures of the new look to Twitter on Thanksgiving. Click below for more pics and to let us know what you think! Continue Reading

Lisa Bonet Rocks Grey Hair, Side-Shaved Locs

Lisa Bonet has had locs for a while, but she updated the look by shaving the right side of her head. She’s also kept her natural grey color, which offer a cool contrast to the dark color of the locs. Ladies, what do you think of the look? Photos courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com Continue Reading

4 Styles that Look Great on Locs and Loose Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Are you a non-loc’ed natural who is looking for more style inspiration? Are you bored with your twists/braids or your hair in general? In my time living vicariously through loc’ed naturals, I have seen some very creative and beautiful styles.  My eyes have met loc masterpieces ranging from intricate, regal... Continue Reading

The Top 4 Myths About Locs

By Kay of NappyHeadedBlackGirl.com 1. You can’t wash your hair in the beginning If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this, I would have…well, a whole lot of nickels. I don’t care what your cousin/best friend/stylist says. If they’re encouraging you not to wash your hair, run. Your scalp is skin just like... Continue Reading

Rihanna Rocks Faux Locs on The American Idol Stage

Rihanna took to the American Idol Stage to perform her new single, “Where Have You Been” and rocked a new look, faux locs. The song is supposed to have a tribal feel, so that could be the reason for the new look, but Rihanna also revealed that she’s wanted to try locs since she was... Continue Reading

French Flight Attendant Forced to Cover Locs with Wig

Via Afro-Europe.blogspot.com A Black French flight attendant of Air France is not allowed to wear dreadlocks during his service. The Frenchman of Ivorian origin is now forced to wear his dreads under a wig. But the dress code only applies to men, black women are allowed to wear their hair in dreadlocks. According to the petition “Hair... Continue Reading