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Black Girl with Long Hair is a website dedicated to the ever-growing community of black and bi-racial women who choose to wear their hair naturally — with no use of chemicals and minimal use of heat, weave or extensions.

Leila Noelliste, Creator/Editor


Leila Noelliste is a former newspaper reporter who left journalism in 2009 to blog about natural hair, beauty and culture full-time. After doing her big chop in late 2006, she realized how few sources of community and inspiration existed online. A year and a half later, Black Girl with Long Hair was born. Born in Jamaican and raised by a Haitian father and African American mother, Leila is passionate about black beauty and self-image in a post-colonial world.

Meosha Tall, Style Icon Coordinator


Meosha Tall is a contributing writer for BGLH. She is the creator of the 1MeNaturally jewelry line.

Rinny, Editor and Social Media Coordinator

Rinny is a social media mermaid (hence the aquamarine hair). She blogs about her TexCoast life on MissRiot.com and you might find her doing improv, mouthing off about pop culture on Twitter at @rinnyriot or at a Tame Impala concert.

Jc, Science Writer

Jc is a scientist with a BSc and PhD in materials science. She blogs about hair (The Natural Haven) from a scientific view point and generally loves all things related to growing, maintaining and enjoying natural hair.

Christina, Hair Care Writer

I’m Christina Patrice, a 27 year-old Los Angeles native and UCLA Alumni. By day, I am the Director of a program that helps prepare at-risk, inner-city students pursue higher education. By night, I am a natural hair enthusiast and blogger. I have been virtually a life-long natural (my first and last perm was at around 6 years old). I believe in a holistic approach to healthy hair, researching EVERYTHING (my inner nerd loves to shine), and embracing what God gave you on top of your head. Check me out at: http://themaneobjective.blogspot.com!

Geniece, Hair Care Writer

I was born in Jamaica and raised in Queens, New York. I’ve resided in the New England area for the past few years, pursuing graduate studies. I went natural in 2004 and for the past eight years I’ve learned what my hair loves, hates and everything in between. In 2009 I began my “healthy hair journey” and began to change my approach to hair. My hair became easier to manage, fun to style and longer than I ever, EVER, imagined. I enjoy sharing my hair journey on my vlog and learning from other hair aficionados. Other than hair care I enjoy serving in my community and church, visiting vintage shops, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

Chinwe, Hair Care Writer

Chinwe is a busy doctoral student but not too busy to talk about hair. She also hails from a great city in the Midwest and will forever be a Bears fan (hint, hint). In 2008, she went natural and hasn’t looked back since. She also blogs about healthy hair and health overall.

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