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Amber Rose’s Feminist Credentials Questioned After She Clowns Fan Who Was Molested as a Child

Last night Amber Rose asked fans to share their confessions in a Instagram Live session she did with bestie Blac Chyna. The session was casual — Rose, Chyna and a few other friends drank and laughed as fans called in... Continue Reading

‘It Rubbed Salt in a Very Deep Wound in Our Community’; Woman from Lance Gross’ Infamous Holiday Photo Speaks Out

Over the holiday a couples photo of Lance Gross, his wife Rebecca and their friends went viral, sparking widespread debate on color and gender. In the photo, Gross and Rebecca sit with three other couples, all featuring light-skinned women. At... Continue Reading

The End of Her ‘No Makeup’ Movement? Alicia Keys Admits That She Wears Makeup

Alicia Keys is… still talking about makeup. Back in May, the singer made a strong anti-makeup statement in Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter that came across to many as makeup-shaming. “Does it start somewhere in second grade after picture day when... Continue Reading

Baby Beyonce is Blue Ivy’s Twin in This Throwback Photo

Exhibit A: Baby Beyonce Exhibit B: Blue Ivy in July 2016 Blue Ivy in September 2015 Conclusion? Twinsies! Continue Reading

Woman Who Originated #BlackGirlMagic Speaks Out: ‘Round the Way Girls are Being Left Out’

Cashawn Thompson is responsible for making ‘Black Girl Magic’ a mainstream expression. In a 2015 LA Times interview she explained why she started using the hashtag on Twitter in 2013; “I say ‘magic’ because it’s something that people don’t always... Continue Reading

[Pics] Hundreds Attend the Cape Town Natural Hair Festival in South Africa

The Cape Town Natural Hair Festival, held on December 18, is a beautiful reminder that the normalization of natural hair continues globally. The event was organized by Cape Town Naturally, a group dedicated to celebrating and educating about natural hair.... Continue Reading

[Pic] ‘Slavery Was Legal, Can You Blame Them?’ School Assignment Encouraging Black 9 yo to Rationalize Slavery Goes Viral

Blacks in America are still feeling the well-documented effects of slavery, Jim Crow and racist housing, education and banking policies. And yet, in American classrooms across the country, educators continue to instruct black children to minimize or ignore slavery altogether.... Continue Reading

[Pics] “I Just Want People to See the Real Me” Eva Marcille Stuns in Rolling Out Magazine

Eva Marcille has grown a lot. She shot into public view 13 years ago as winner of cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, an LA woman with a stunning look and a tough attitude to match. Now she is... Continue Reading

[Video] National Geographic Releases Incredible Footage of Self-Sustaining All-Black 1920s Town

As black hubs all over the country struggle against gentrification and rising housing prices, it’s heartening to remember that, for a moment of American history, blacks were actively creating self-contained and self-sustaining communities. The southern state of Oklahoma was a... Continue Reading

‘Colorism Activist’ Plans to Launch Magazine That Will Only Feature Dark-Skinned Women

A self-described “colorism activist” who posts online under the moniker Chrissie is planning to launch a magazine featuring only dark-skinned women. Chrissie is currently raising money for the magazine, to be named Divine Dark Skin, and is at $1300 of... Continue Reading

The Story Behind This Iconic Image of a Black Woman Pushing Aside a National Guardsman’s Bayonet

She speaks to many of us — a black woman, dressed in a buttoned shirt and jeans, pushing aside a National Guardsman’s bayonet as though to say ‘I ain’t got time for this shit.’ But who was she? Her name... Continue Reading

White Atlanta Hawks General Manager Jokes About His ‘Angry Black Wife’

Sports site DeadSpin recently publicized remarks from a meeting between Atlanta Hawks general manager Wes Wilcox and about 200 season ticket holders. As the ticket holders peppered him with questions about the Hawks’ season, Wilcox attempted a joke; “I know... Continue Reading

[Pics] Stunning W Magazine Photoshoot of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer Resurfaces

With Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer currently appearing in films generating Oscar buzz (Davis in Fences, Spencer in Hidden Figures), some of their old interviews are resurfacing. Both actresses appeared in W Magazine’s February 2012 issue, about 6 months after... Continue Reading

[Pic] Amandla Stenberg Debuts a Stunning Baldie

Amandla Stenberg is set to appear in the upcoming film Where Hands Touch about a friendship between a Hitler youth and biracial teen in Nazi Germany. Stenberg had to cut her hair for the film, set to be released this... Continue Reading

Black Twitter Reacts After Lifetime Announces a Flint Water Crisis Movie Starring Cher

The water in Flint, Michigan is still poisoned with toxic levels of lead, and has been since April 2014 following the local government’s decision to change the water supply. It took the country years to care or even notice, and... Continue Reading