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The George Lopez Incident Reminds Me of the Time a Mexican-American Man Told Me to “Eat a Sh*t, B*tch”

A few weeks ago while scrolling through a multicultural pro-civil rights Facebook group I came across a post by a Mexican-American group member. It was a meme encouraging black and Mexican people to work together to take over America. I... Continue Reading

St. Louis Mayoral Candidate Tishaura Jones Reads Her Local Paper for Filth for Its Racist Coverage

Tishaura Jones is currently the treasurer of the city of St. Louis — the first woman to hold that role. She is a committed and skilled public servant, revamping the city’s parking meter system, introducing a college savings program for... Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts About the Recently Discovered Photo of a Younger Harriet Tubman

A recently unveiled photo shows Harriet Tubman circa 1865 – 1868. The petite Tubman (who stood at 5 feet) is seated, wearing a fitted blouse and full skirt, with her hair parted down the middle and pulled back. According to... Continue Reading

Halle Berry Speaks Candidly About Her Three Failed Marriages

In a Q&A in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Halle Berry spoke candidly on the ending of her marriages. From; “I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there’s children involved,”... Continue Reading

Solange Speaks Out After Beyonce is Snubbed for Album of the Year at the Grammys

Yesterday I caught some flak for calling Adele’s 25 “boring-ass” compared to Beyonce’s genre-blending visual concept album Lemonade… I stand by it. Not because Adele is not an amazing singer — she is. Not because her album wasn’t good —... Continue Reading

[Video] Beyonce, Pregnant With Twins, Slayed Her Grammys Performance

Does this mean Beyonce’s still going perform at Coachella this spring? Because clearly pregnancy does not prevent her from putting on a show-stopping performance. See it below. Ladies, what do you think of the performance? Continue Reading

[Pics] The NAACP Image Awards Red Carpet Was Waaay Better Than the Grammys….

The Grammys continued to prove its irrelevance this year by giving Adele’s 25 Album of the Year over Beyonce’s stunning concept album Lemonade. And while the award show, held Sunday, gave us many moments to talk about (Beyonce, pregnant with... Continue Reading

Amandla Stenberg Responds to Criticism for Playing a Nazi’s Love Interest in Latest Film Role

Amandla Stenberg’s latest project hasn’t hit theaters yet, and it’s already stirring up a fair amount of controversy. The film Where Hands Touch, for which Stenberg had to shave her head, is an interracial love story set in Nazi Germany.... Continue Reading

Ta’Rhonda Jones (Porsha on Empire) Glowed All the Way Up at the NAACP Image Awards

If you follow Chicago native Ta’Rhonda Jones on Instagram you know the 28-year-old is a stunner. While her Empire character Porsha often acts as comic relief, Jones’ real life slay is serious business. At the NAACP Image Awards, held Saturday,... Continue Reading

‘Atlanta’ Star LaKeith Stanfield Blasts Driver for Denigrating Black Women

LaKeith Stanfield, who stars as Darius in Atlanta (and has appeared in a string of critically acclaimed films including Selma, Straight Outta Compton, Miles Ahead, War Machine and Crown Heights) took to Snapchat to recall a conversation he had with... Continue Reading

White Comedienne Nikki Glaser Angrily Blames Oprah for Not Turning White Women Against Trump

In today’s edition of ‘some folks will go to great lengths to blame black folks for shit they had nothing to do with’ standup comedienne Nikki Glaser is blaming Donald Trumps’ win on… Orpah Winfrey. Glaser, who recently had a... Continue Reading

Malia Obama Looks All the Way Over It

I wonder what was going through Malia’s head as she headed to her internship for the Weinstein Company Thursday and Friday. Was it, ‘My father did NOT pave the way for a tantrum-prone cheetos to be in the White House?’... Continue Reading

The Clapback Chronicles: From Being Called a “Bruised Banana” To Getting a Ford Modeling Contract

Sometimes a clapback is less about what is said and more about what is done. Take 18-year-old Salem Mitchell. After posing for a photographer friend her pictures went viral, but not for what she’d hoped — people were clowning her... Continue Reading

Toni Morrison Spoke Out Against Selling Out Racially to Get Ahead Professionally

A primary tactic Black Americans use to get ahead professionally is code-switching — adjusting speech, dress and mannerisms to make non-blacks more comfortable in the workplace. This can be as small as eliminating vernacular or as big as hiding textured... Continue Reading

The Woman Behind Tyra Banks’ Infamous “We Were All Rooting For You!” Scene Speaks Out

Tiffany Richardson is at the center of one of the most explosive and infamous moments of pop culture history. After being eliminated in the 7th episode of the 4th season of America’s Next Top Model Richardson, disappointed but light-hearted, joked... Continue Reading