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9 Photos of Plus-Sized Girls Killing Summer Fashion Trends

by Lisa Wynter of Lisa a La Mode Fashion trends come and go, but now more than ever we’re seeing plus-sized divas take on the latest trends with fierce abandon.  From where I’m sitting, these ladies have boldly taken a seat at the fashion table, and have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. No... Continue Reading

Style: Victoria in California

Introduce yourself! V: My name is Victoria Sanders. I live in Los Angeles by way of Alabama and DC. I’m a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger. What is your style philosophy? V: My style philosophy is: wear whatever you like, but wear it with confidence. How would you describe your sense of style? V: Hmmm…... Continue Reading

Style: Martina in Jamaica

Introduce yourself! M: Well, I’m Martina McFarlane from the island of Jamaica. I pretty much lived there my whole life up until I got accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York, when I decided to pack up all my things and move to the city of dreams. I’m currently a full... Continue Reading

Style: Raven in California

Introduce yourself! R: I’m Raven Roberts from Los Angeles, CA and I’m a Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Blogger. What is your style philosophy? R: Wear what you like and own it. How would you describe your sense of style? R: I enjoy combining vintage pieces with high end pieces. I love thrift and vintage shopping.... Continue Reading

Style: Imani in Chicago

Introduce yourself! I: Peace! My name is Imani Amos, aka Mookie and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I’m an art school student, a graphic designer, a fake photographer, a freelance model, an HGTV enthusiast, a singer, a West African dancer, a teacher, a good friend, a goofball, a creative, and a french fry, plantain, and... Continue Reading

Style: Liana in New York

Introduce yourself! L: My name is Liana and I am a professional actress and model working in NYC! What is your style philosophy? L: No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, always dress better than you think you should. The way you style yourself can change the course of your day. How would... Continue Reading

Style: Sarah in Florida

Introduce yourself! S: I am Sarah Nicole François, I’m from Mars and I’m just passing through this planet right now. I’m a writer, artist and a designer of a clothing brand called Sarah Nicole François: What is your style philosophy? S: Less is always more. If I have to make too much of... Continue Reading

Style: Tierra in New York

Introduce yourself! T: Good Day! My name is Tierra Benton. I live in Queens, New York and I am a model. What is your style philosophy? T: I believe that whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable. How would you describe your sense of style? T: I would describe it as hip. It’s cool. What... Continue Reading

Style: Karmin in the DMV

Introduce yourself! K: Hi, I’m Karmin Kass. I’m a student and lifestyle enthusiast who resides in the DC Metropolitan area. What is your style philosophy? K: Just be yourself. Style reflects more than what people see on the outside, I find it’s really an internal force that pours out of you. Not a lot of... Continue Reading

Style: Nasheeba in the UK

Introduce yourself! N: Hello, My name is Nasheeba. I currently live in Manchester, UK and I love it. I lived in Coventry before that. I study Fashion design at MMU. I love creating: photography, designing and modeling. Recently I represented J’adore Models Manchester. I love being inspired and inspiring others. What is your style philosophy?... Continue Reading

Raquel // Natural Hair Bride

When did you and your husband meet? R: My husband, Andre Seville and I met while both pursuing our degrees in Computer Science at the University of the West Indies (UWI), in Mona (Kingston, Jamaica). I would see him around campus and we would end up in the same classes, even outside our majors. We... Continue Reading

Style: Christiana in Brooklyn

Introduce yourself! C: My name is Christiana Greene. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I own an online vintage clothing boutique, Bum-Cake Vintage. What is your style philosophy? C: Work with what you have–wear what looks good on you and what you feel good in. If you feel great in it, you probably look great... Continue Reading

Style: Eromomen in California

Introduce yourself! E: My name is Eromomen. I live and work as a model in Los Angeles, CA. I am Nigerian and grew up in Oakland, CA. What is your style philosophy? E: Clothes should make you feel good. Your style is your own individual artistic expression. Style is effortless. How would you describe your... Continue Reading

Style: Bevin in Virginia

Introduce yourself! B: My name is Bevin Ashley and I live in Richmond, VA. I am a Public Relations Specialist and Fashion Blogger! What is your style philosophy? B: “Style” is a way of announcing who you are or what you’re about without having verbalized one word. It has the ability to offer strong insight... Continue Reading

Style: Deb from Ghana

Introduce yourself! D: hello, hola, bonjour!! debbie, deb, Deborah is the name. Whichever one goes! Originally and proud to be from the Motherland – Ghana, West Africa. Resident of the United States for 8 years now – Land of opportunity. I am in Sterling, Virginia as of now, but you can always find me within... Continue Reading