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9 Photos of Plus-Sized Girls Killing Summer Fashion Trends

by Lisa Wynter of Lisa a La Mode Fashion trends come and go, but now more than ever we’re seeing plus-sized divas take on the latest trends with fierce abandon.  From where I’m sitting, these ladies have boldly taken a... Continue Reading

Style: Victoria in California

Introduce yourself! V: My name is Victoria Sanders. I live in Los Angeles by way of Alabama and DC. I’m a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger. What is your style philosophy? V: My style philosophy is: wear whatever you like,... Continue Reading

Style: Martina in Jamaica

Introduce yourself! M: Well, I’m Martina McFarlane from the island of Jamaica. I pretty much lived there my whole life up until I got accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York, when I decided to pack... Continue Reading

Style: Raven in California

Introduce yourself! R: I’m Raven Roberts from Los Angeles, CA and I’m a Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Blogger. What is your style philosophy? R: Wear what you like and own it. How would you describe your sense of style? R:... Continue Reading

Style: Imani in Chicago

Introduce yourself! I: Peace! My name is Imani Amos, aka Mookie and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I’m an art school student, a graphic designer, a fake photographer, a freelance model, an HGTV enthusiast, a singer, a West African dancer,... Continue Reading

Style: Liana in New York

Introduce yourself! L: My name is Liana and I am a professional actress and model working in NYC! What is your style philosophy? L: No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, always dress better than you think you... Continue Reading

Style: Sarah in Florida

Introduce yourself! S: I am Sarah Nicole François, I’m from Mars and I’m just passing through this planet right now. I’m a writer, artist and a designer of a clothing brand called Sarah Nicole François: What is your... Continue Reading

Style: Tierra in New York

Introduce yourself! T: Good Day! My name is Tierra Benton. I live in Queens, New York and I am a model. What is your style philosophy? T: I believe that whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable. How would you... Continue Reading

Style: Karmin in the DMV

Introduce yourself! K: Hi, I’m Karmin Kass. I’m a student and lifestyle enthusiast who resides in the DC Metropolitan area. What is your style philosophy? K: Just be yourself. Style reflects more than what people see on the outside, I... Continue Reading

Style: Nasheeba in the UK

Introduce yourself! N: Hello, My name is Nasheeba. I currently live in Manchester, UK and I love it. I lived in Coventry before that. I study Fashion design at MMU. I love creating: photography, designing and modeling. Recently I represented... Continue Reading

Raquel // Natural Hair Bride

When did you and your husband meet? R: My husband, Andre Seville and I met while both pursuing our degrees in Computer Science at the University of the West Indies (UWI), in Mona (Kingston, Jamaica). I would see him around... Continue Reading

Style: Christiana in Brooklyn

Introduce yourself! C: My name is Christiana Greene. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I own an online vintage clothing boutique, Bum-Cake Vintage. What is your style philosophy? C: Work with what you have–wear what looks good on you and... Continue Reading

Style: Eromomen in California

Introduce yourself! E: My name is Eromomen. I live and work as a model in Los Angeles, CA. I am Nigerian and grew up in Oakland, CA. What is your style philosophy? E: Clothes should make you feel good. Your... Continue Reading

Style: Bevin in Virginia

Introduce yourself! B: My name is Bevin Ashley and I live in Richmond, VA. I am a Public Relations Specialist and Fashion Blogger! What is your style philosophy? B: “Style” is a way of announcing who you are or what... Continue Reading

Style: Deb from Ghana

Introduce yourself! D: hello, hola, bonjour!! debbie, deb, Deborah is the name. Whichever one goes! Originally and proud to be from the Motherland – Ghana, West Africa. Resident of the United States for 8 years now – Land of opportunity.... Continue Reading