Black Herstory

5 Iconic Images of Black Women Saying ‘Naw’ In the Face of Racial Violence

Black women have always been on the front lines of the fight for civil rights, exhibiting strength and grace under pressure. Here are 5 iconic images of black women staring down violence when confronted with it. Who: Tess Asplund Where:... Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts About the Recently Discovered Photo of a Younger Harriet Tubman

A recently unveiled photo shows Harriet Tubman circa 1865 – 1868. The petite Tubman (who stood at 5 feet) is seated, wearing a fitted blouse and full skirt, with her hair parted down the middle and pulled back. According to... Continue Reading

Vintage Photo Shows Rosa Parks Taking Down Her Waist-Length Hair at Night

The common image of Rosa Parks is a bespectacled woman with hair pulled back. But Parks’ had waist-length hair that she did not reveal publicly. Political science professor Jeanne Theoharis, author of The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks, discusses... Continue Reading

[Video] After Being Blackballed for Decades, Transgender Model Tracey Norman Returns With New Clairol Campaign

In the 70s Tracey Norman was one of the first (if not THE first) black transgender model to have a thriving career. Booking both high fashion and commercial jobs, Norman kept her transgender identity secret. In the mid-70s she hit... Continue Reading

15 Incredible Vintage Photos of Black Majorettes

As, I mentioned in my previous article on black dance squads, black marching band culture is simply unmatched. It’s unique in style, sound and essence. While perusing the net, I recently came across these fantastic vintage images of black majorettes... Continue Reading

Miss USA Accused of Not Looking ‘American’ Enough to Win the Competition

Sunday night, the 65th Annual Miss USA Pageant aired and Deshauna Barber, a black woman, who works as both an IT analyst and proudly serves in the Army Reserves, was crowned winner. While most congratulated Barber on her accomplishment, some... Continue Reading

32 Beautiful Images of Black Life in 1970s Chicago

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John H. White was hired by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to document the lives of the 1.2 million black residents of Chicago from 1973 to 1974. According to Mashable, White was meticulous in his venture to... Continue Reading

[Video] Hazel Scott, the Trinidadian-American Musical Prodigy Who Could Play Two Pianos at Once

Hazel Scott was born in 1920 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and moved to New York with her mother at age 4. Her family soon recognized she was a prodigy and, at age 8, she began training with a Juilliard... Continue Reading

The Black Victims of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust of 1938 to 1945 resulted in the murder of an estimated six million Jews.  However, the Nazi terror did not stop there. As part of Black History Month, we remember the often forgotten black victims of the Holocaust.... Continue Reading

From Rotating Sprinklers to the Fire Escape; 50 Things You Didn’t Know Black People Invented

When people speak of the contributions African Americans have made to society, they tend to center on dance, sports and music. But our contributions extend way beyond that. Here are 50 things African American inventors created, patented and/or significantly improved.... Continue Reading

[Pic] This Surprising Ad Reveals that in 1982 ‘Waves’ Were Marketed to the Entire Black Family

Black folk have grappled with their natural hair texture for a long time. Told by forces within and outside of our culture that our coils are just too tight and need to be loosened we’ve come up with quite a... Continue Reading

Too Dark and Not Respectable Enough: Why Civil Rights Leaders Supported Rosa Parks Over Claudette Colvin

Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin did the same.  Few know the story of this young pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. The day Claudette refused to give... Continue Reading

12 Fascinating Facts about Tracey Norman, the First Black Transgender High Fashion Model

She was hiding in plain sight. Walking the runways of Paris and New York and getting large commercial contracts for Clairol and Ultra Sheen. But very few people knew that Tracey Gayle Norman had been born a man and was... Continue Reading

36 More Stunning Photos of Black Women in the Victorian Era

Earlier, this year we shared 10 stunning photos of black women in the Victorian era, and now we have more stunning images to share! Many of these photos are the work of a photographer named of Alvan S. Harper. Harper’s... Continue Reading

This Shockingly Colorist 1966 Ebony Magazine Cover Shows How Far We’ve Come

Colorism is still a humongous issue in the black community here in the United States and around the world. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, great strides have been made against valuing people’s worth according to how light their... Continue Reading