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Black Twitter Reacts After Lifetime Announces a Flint Water Crisis Movie Starring Cher

The water in Flint, Michigan is still poisoned with toxic levels of lead, and has been since April 2014 following the local government’s decision to change the water supply. It took the country years to care or even notice, and... Continue Reading

WWE Wrestler Mandy Rose Posts Snapchat Mocking the Afro of Black Woman Sitting Ahead of Her on a Plane

WWE wrestler and Total Divas star Mandy Rose thought it would be funny to mock the afro of a black woman sitting ahead of her on an airplane, and encourage her Snapchat fans to get in on the ‘joke’. Rose... Continue Reading

Wig Company Photoshops New Face Onto Image of Beauty Vlogger After She Asks them to Stop Using Her Photo in Ads

Beauty vlogger Alexandria Nicole recently exposed a website,, for posting a picture of her to sell a wig. Funny thing is, she isn’t wearing a wig, nor did she give them permission to use her photo. She posted the... Continue Reading

Black Woman Becomes Folk Hero After Allowing Her Pics to Be Used to Catfish a Man Into Buying Stuff

Twitter user @christenhrule has become something of a folk hero after allowing a woman who described herself as “ugly” to use her images to catfish a man into buying her nice things. She posted her exchange with the woman on... Continue Reading

A Non-Black Man Gave His Wife Permission to Touch Naptural85’s Hair

Naptural85, aka Whitney White, is currently at Essence Festival as an ambassador for Shea Moisture. While most of her social media updates from the festival have been downright adorable… Styled by THE @chuckielovehair ! Loved meeting you Chuckie, you are... Continue Reading

Some Black Men Were In Their Feelings After Jesse Williams Praised Black Women at the BET Awards

The 16th annual BET Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Through all the comedic bits and star-studded performances (Bey herself came through to perform her black power anthem Freedom with Kendrick Lamar) the most memorable moment came... Continue Reading

Mattel Doesn’t Sell a Black ‘Game Developer Barbie’… So This Husband Created One for His Wife

Mattel recently unveiled and sold out of their Game Developer Barbie. The toy brand has been seeking to push for more careers within the Barbie line. This isn’t Mattel’s first attempt at pushing Barbie into Silicon Valley; the 2014 Computer... Continue Reading

#GrowingUpWithBrownSkin Sheds Light on What It’s Like To Be Black in America

Yesterday morning the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin was trending on Twitter for hours via ‘Black Twitter’. Under the hashtag you’ll find numerous tweets from minorities sharing their experiences on what it was like to grow up with brown skin in America. Most... Continue Reading

Back in the Day Steph Curry’s Sister Sydel Addressed People Who Erased Her Family’s Blackness

Golden State Warriors basketball player Steph Curry is a household name (only bested by his ridiculously cute daughter, Riley) but apparently for some reason (we’re assuming it’s the color of his skin), folks have been mislabeling Curry and his family... Continue Reading

Gone Way Too Far: Azealia Banks Body Shames 14-Year-Old Skai Jackson in Vicious Twitter Rant

24-year-old rapper Azealia Banks found herself in hot water on Tuesday when she body shamed Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, who is a full decade younger than her. Banks, who is known for being reckless on social media, went back... Continue Reading

Facebook Deletes The Shade Room’s 4 Million Member Fan Page

Monday morning, 4.4 million fans of The Shade Room found it missing from their Facebook newsfeed. A quick jump to brings up the following page. In a brief DM interview with NiemanLab, The Shade Room owner, Angie Nwandu confirmed the... Continue Reading

Why Buzzfeed’s Latest Video “Questions Black People Have for Black People” is Out of Pocket

Buzzfeed released this video titled “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People” on this past Tuesday and it couldn’t be any more misguided. The video itself sought to perpetuate tired, unfounded stereotypes of black people masked as a way... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Muslim Women Push Back Against Erasure With #BombBlackHijabis

On March 11 Black Muslim women used the hashtags #BombBlackHijabis and #BombBlackMuslimah to flood social media with images of themselves. The movement was an attempt to claim space and visibility in a religious and cultural community that often overlooks them.... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Women are Sharing Their Big Lip Pics on Instagram and It’s Glorious

This past week we informed you of the racist comments sparked by MAC Cosmetics’ of a black model’s lips on Instagram. Now black women online are uniting with the #PrettyLipsPeriod tag to celebrate the beauty of black features on black... Continue Reading

Black Women on Twitter are Celebrating Themselves With #BeingaBlackGirlisLit

Twitter user @Awkward_Duck, Cherell Brown created the #BeingaBlackGirlIsLit hashtag in March of 2015. #BeingABlackGirlisLit — Carolina Bama (@Awkward_Duck) March 6, 2015 Now while it did garner support then as a self-love social media campaign, much like #blackout and #Iwillnotapologizeforbeingdarkskin, the movement garnered even... Continue Reading