Bleached + Colored Hair

5 Tips from a Stylist To Maintain Healthy Color Treated Hair this Winter

Every year, we are advised to protect our hair and treat it well during the harsh winter weather. Just as the bitter cold and unrelenting winds can be murder on your skin, the same elements can take a toll on your hair. If you have color treated hair, the damage can be brutal. Fortunately, there... Continue Reading

4 Ways To Combat Permanent Color Damage

Dying your hair can be one of the quickest ways to change up your look. But if you’re choosing to use permanent dyes, you’re playing Russian roulette for damaged, high porosity hair. Hair goes through a pretty traumatic experience when it is permanently dyed. Some signs that your hair has become damaged by the dyeing process are:... Continue Reading

Janae from Houston // 3C Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself. J: My name is Janae Miller. I am 27 years young and I’m a licensed cosmetologist, located in Houston, TX. Did you transition or big chop? J: I have been naturally curly for over 10 years. My transition to natural hair came about by me cutting my hair into a nice bob hair cut. Although... Continue Reading

5 Must-Try Natural Hair Color Trends For The Fall

Perhaps you went light brown or blonde for the summer, and you are looking for a change this fall. Well, here are five hair color trends that are worth considering. 1. Red If you want to go darker but still have a color that pops, why not go red? The color can vary from scarlet... Continue Reading

Semi Permanent Hair Dye and Clear Rinses for Natural Hair

Style Icon Shenique Most of us will know about semi permanent hair dyes which stain the outer shaft of the hair but wash out over time unlike some permanent hair dye that can get right into the cortex. Some naturals use semi permanents for coloring gray hair but others use it for shine/gloss…….as seen in... Continue Reading

Style Icons are BACK! Shenique from Jamaica // 3C/4A Natural Hair

Yes, it was gone for a minute, but now it’s back; the most comprehensive and sought-after compilation of real-world naturals online — our style icon series! Our beloved style icon coordinator, Meosha, left our team for new opportunities at the end of May. So we took the time to tweak our approach a bit, and... Continue Reading

The Gray Hair Trend: Would You Try It?

There is an abundance of pressure for us, as women, to look beautiful – and forever youthful. Commercials and reality shows bombard us with “solutions” ranging from anti-wrinkle creams to botox to plastic surgery in order to eliminate any face and neck wrinkles. To cover up the graying of our hair, “fixes” range from hair... Continue Reading

Double Standard? Why is It Considered “Hood” When Black Women Experiment with Color?

  Justine Skye (left) Katy Perry (right) I’ve had a thing for colored hair for as long as I can remember. In middle school, all the skater chicks and alternative girls dyed their hair every color of the rainbow after seeing celebs change their hair color on a weekly basis. We frequently dyed our hair... Continue Reading

True Life: I Chose Hair Color Over Length And I’d Do It Again

by Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks (pictured above)   For years when my hair was still relaxed, I begged my mother to allow me to get highlights, but she stressed that coloring my relaxed hair would damage it beyond repair. So when I decided to grow out my perm to see how my natural hair looked,... Continue Reading

5 Things Every Natural Should Know Before Choosing a Hair Color

by Alondra (pictured above) There are some of us curly girls who prefer to keep it 100% natural. You know, no chemicals, no heat, no styling utensils…no anything! On the other hand, there are many of us who actually prefer to experiment with our natural hair. Some of us rock it straight at times. We... Continue Reading

Is It Safe to Dye Natural Hair After Using Henna?

When I began henna-ing my hair over two years ago, I did it for one reason: to help thicken and strengthen my severely heat damaged strands. Over time, henna proved to be effective at not only that, but at helping to ease the flaking caused by my scalp psoriasis. But as with all treatments that... Continue Reading

3 Key Things to Consider Before Dyeing Natural Hair

 by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2 If you’re anything like me, then you loveeee hair color! Ive changed my hair color 7 times since Ive been natural and I’ve always been asked a lot of questions. From picking a hair color to maintaining the health of your hair, there are a couple of things you should think about... Continue Reading

5 Great Products for Coloring Natural Hair and Maintaining Shine and Vibrancy

When it comes to coloring your natural hair and the initial aftercare, there are many great, consolidated sources out there. However, when it comes to specialized products for color… not so much. Ideally, this article will serve as your go-to source for these products and make your search a bit easier. 1. Shea Moisture Hair Color... Continue Reading

5 Natural YouTubers Who Rock Vivid Color

It’s no secret, that I love color in my hair. Ever since I first went turquoise last summer, I’ve had a love affair with hair color. Bring on the Manic Panic, Special Effects and Sally Ion Color Brilliance! Despite the extra commitment required to maintain it, I love rocking blue and aqua hair. Below are... Continue Reading

3 Bold Natural Hair Trends for Spring 2014

Content Provided by Klassy Kinks Crayola Color Your Curls Lots of people (myself included) go lighter with their hair color during the spring & summer with brown, auburn, copper, and blond hues. The more bold and fearless naturals are using all kinds of colors we haven’t seen since Kindergarten art class in their hair. Think pastel... Continue Reading