Bleached + Colored Hair

3 Bold Natural Hair Trends for Spring 2014

Content Provided by Klassy Kinks Crayola Color Your Curls Lots of people (myself included) go lighter with their hair color during the spring & summer with brown, auburn, copper, and blond hues. The more bold and fearless naturals are using all kinds of colors we haven’t seen since Kindergarten art class in their hair. Think pastel... Continue Reading

Two Ways to Do Safe, Wash-Out Hair Color

Now that we’re in the second half of October, the Halloween parties and events are in full swing. Costumes and wigs are fun, but why cover up your gorgeous mane when you can add fun pops of color to your own tresses? I know, I know. Generally speaking, wild out pinks, purples, blues, and greens... Continue Reading

How I Foil and Color My Natural Hair…At Home!

By Maria Antoinette of It’s almost my two year hair anniversary, so that means time for a celebration!!! First off I haven’t cut my hair , second I haven’t colored my hair in two years!!  So with that being said I needed to add some pizazz to my locks ASAP!!! Before you view this video... Continue Reading

True Life: I Went to the Salon for Copper Highlights and Came Out with Yellow-Orange Hair!

By Christabel of You know how you get an itch and you just have to go through with whatever it is? Well I had this “itch” to color my hair a couple of weeks ago. So what do I do? I walk in to a random salon that said “walk-ins welcome”. Well they said... Continue Reading

How to Care for Bleached/Permanently Dyed Natural Hair

Style Icon Denisio By Jc of The Natural Haven Click here for part 1. *Editor’s Note: The British spelling of the world color is used throughout this article. In the first part, I discussed what is actually in bleach and permanent hair dye that allows hair to change colour. The next step is to understand theprocess and why certain tests are... Continue Reading

The Natural’s Guide to Bleaching and Hair Color, Part 1

Style Icon Ayan By Jc of The Natural Haven There is a world of possibilities with hair colour and natural hair is the ideal base for it given there is no additional chemical process (e.g relaxing) which can greatly weaken hair. Here is your guide to what is in commercial hair colour. There are three... Continue Reading

5 Tips on How to Color Your Hair

Style Icon Samantha   Via The Beauty Brains If you’re having your color done by a professional stylist, he or she should give you good direction on how to prepare your hair. But if you’re doing it yourself at home, or having a friend do it for you, here are some tips that should ensure... Continue Reading

How to Moisturize Color Treated Hair

By Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, most folks will tell you— moisture is the key. In fact, “moisture, moisture, moisture” is one of the first things we learn as hair care newbies in this big strange world... Continue Reading

Henna vs Commercial Dye

By Nicole of Henna is a plant that grows in the hot, dry climates of the Eastern hemisphere. For decades, women from North Africa, India, and the Middle East have used henna to stain their hair, skin, and nails. The red henna dye is contained within the leaves of the plant. After the plant... Continue Reading

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