Clapback Chronicles

St. Louis Mayoral Candidate Tishaura Jones Reads Her Local Paper for Filth for Its Racist Coverage

Tishaura Jones is currently the treasurer of the city of St. Louis — the first woman to hold that role. She is a committed and skilled public servant, revamping the city’s parking meter system, introducing a college savings program for... Continue Reading

The Clapback Chronicles: From Being Called a “Bruised Banana” To Getting a Ford Modeling Contract

Sometimes a clapback is less about what is said and more about what is done. Take 18-year-old Salem Mitchell. After posing for a photographer friend her pictures went viral, but not for what she’d hoped — people were clowning her... Continue Reading

The Clapback Chronicles: Here’s What Happened When a Troll Said Beyonce Should Stop Wearing White People’s Hair

We’re officially in the Trump era, and one of the ways black people are resisting is wit, humor and the art of the clapback. We’re starting ‘the clapback chronicles’ to document instances where trolls and generally uniformed people try it,... Continue Reading

Linguistic Student Delivers EPIC Clap Back to Critic Who Blasted Black Mothers For Naming Daughters Laquisha

Last year, social media erupted after Actress Raven Symone admitted that she’d discriminate against someone with a “ghetto” name. “I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to hire... Continue Reading