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A White BGLH Reader Responds: Why ‘#TeamNatural is for Black Women’ is NOT Reverse Racism

Who should be represented in #teamnatural? It’s a debate that’s raged for days now — here on BGLH and on other natural hair and black women’s blogs and vlogs. BGLH writer Christina gave our official response — while we understand the need for multi-racial spaces celebrating curly and textured hair, we also feel strongly that... Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Believe in Using Hair Vitamins for Growth

by Tori (pictured above) When you go to a pharmacy or supplement shop, you can find a supplement for pretty much anything. And, if you ask someone who is on his or her hair journey what their goals are, it would probably be to have healthier and/or longer hair. With the increasing desire for longer... Continue Reading

When Naturals Attack! Popular 4C Vlogger Glamfun Discusses the YouTube Backlash She Received After Re-Relaxing Last Year

Karen Constant aka Glamfun made waves on YouTube with her witty lyrics and infectious personality, gaining popularity via natural hair parodies and providing tips and information for 4c natural hair. But when she began experiencing breakage and thinning late last year, she turned to a dermatologist for help — and relaxed her natural hair as... Continue Reading

MESS!! Dr Oz Doing Big Chops and Giving Natural Hair Styling Tips on National Television?!

Another day, another instance of cultural appropriation folks jumping on the natural hair bandwagon to gain popularity. On May 28th, the popular daytime doctor Mehmet Oz sprang head first into a two-part show segment called Style Your Natural Hair. Here’s a brief rundown of parts 1 and 2: Part 1 Dr. Oz opens talking about a... Continue Reading

How Hair Typing Helps and Hurts the Natural Hair Community

by Kelsey of Lifewithcoco2 Before going natural, I had never heard of a hair typing system. Everyone I knew had a perm and our hair pretty much did the same thing: bone straight when wet and puffed up at the roots when it was time for a new relaxer. When I decided to go natural, I... Continue Reading

True Life: I Wear A Wig Even Though My Natural Hair Is Tailbone Length

by Cassandre of Huh? Who in the world is screaming at me?? I heard the voice again. “Your hair F*#!’in ROCKS!!!” I looked around. It was then that I finally spotted the Caucasian male who had to poke his head out from the driver’s seat window, in traffic, to pay me that compliment. It’s probably... Continue Reading

Weird Science: Woman Replaces Shampoo With Bacteria Solution to Surprising Results!

During my freshman year of college, the boyfriend of one of my friends declared that bathing was overrated. Well, based on the way our living area smelled after he departed, I was sure that bathing was in fact a necessity. Last week, I thought of that young man when I came across an article in... Continue Reading

A Scientific Analysis of Hairfinity Vitamins; Do They Really Work?

I could really rip apart the Hairfinity clinical study but I don’t want to. I want smaller companies to continue to do experimental work to substantiate their claims and having a third party like myself denigrate those efforts is counterproductive.  I also understand the cost of making a good scientific study and that it can... Continue Reading

Does “Texture Discrimination” Affect the Success of Naturals on YouTube and Social Media?

NOTE: Though the word “texture” is actually a term that describes strand thickness (i.e., fine vs. medium vs. thick), it is sometimes loosely used in place of hair “type” (i.e., curly vs. kinky vs. coily). Several days ago, a video by Jouelzy entitled “So Over the Natural Hair Community & Texture Discrimination” popped up on my... Continue Reading

True Life: My Doctor Made Derogatory Remarks About My Natural Hair — Twice

By Taisha Feldhaus When you go to the doctor you expect many things: sitting in a waiting room thumbing through old magazines, getting your blood pressure taken, maybe having to put on one of those hideous gowns. But you probably don’t expect to have your doctor make fun of your hair. However, last year this... Continue Reading

5 Things That Keep Most Women from Going Natural

by Daily of Daily Curlz Sitting down and having a conversation with a curly girl under cover aka anyone with relaxed hair or any sort of treatment to hide her hair texture, is quite remarkable. It is funny to me how many women refer to my natural hair as beautiful, pretty, amazing and all that... Continue Reading

4 Natural Hair “Rules” I Don’t Follow and My Hair Does Just Fine

Style Icon Jess By Chinwe of Hair and Health “Stay away from silicones.”  “Don’t use products containing petrolatum or mineral oil.” Rules. Rules. Rules. While they certainly have a place in various parts of society, do we really need them in the natural hair community? Tips, suggestions, and recommendations are one thing. But rules? (I know I’m... Continue Reading

A Scientific Response to Ouidad’s Claim: ‘Oil Does Not Seal in Moisture’

As much as I am a blogger and writer, I am also an avid reader of BGLH and I did not miss the recent video highlight of Ouidad discussing hair and her opinion on using oil on hair. To be specific the quoted portion from the conversation, ‘Oil does not seal in moisture. Oil coats... Continue Reading

13 Signs You Have a Straight Hair Mentality

by Adeola of The Mane Captain While it’s great to see an increasing number of women embrace the beauty of their coily hair, I sometimes worry that many of the hair struggles these women are dealing with will eventually force them to give in and go back to their “stress free” straight hair. I empathize... Continue Reading

Stylists Speak Against Sealing With Butter and Oil, Say It “Suffocates” The Hair

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute amazing opportunity to participate as a panelist in the Ouidad #FRIZZ101 hangout. I got some great information on managing frizz in dry climates, deep conditioning, and more. If you’re interested in the whole hour, go right ahead and watch. But if you want to hear Ouidad say... Continue Reading

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