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Stylists Speak Against Sealing With Butter and Oil, Says It “Suffocates” The Hair

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute amazing opportunity to participate as a panelist in the Ouidad #FRIZZ101 hangout. I got some great information on managing frizz in dry climates, deep conditioning, and more. If you’re interested in the whole hour, go right ahead and watch. But if you want to hear Ouidad say... Continue Reading

What Cosmetology School Did NOT Teach Me About My Black Hair

by Tyra of Indigenous Curls For 2 years I studied the theory of hair to prepare for the certification test to become a licensed New York State Cosmetologist. My class spent over 1000 hours washing, cutting, coloring, setting, perming, finger waving, pin curling, and blowing out white manikins. Living in suburbia, most of my classmates were white... Continue Reading

Woman Awarded $75,000 after Police Forcibly Cut Off Her Hair

The video says it all. In November of last year, a woman by the name of Charda Gregory was arrested and booked on the count of trashing a motel room in Warren, MI. Once in custody, a female police officer detained Gregory while cutting her weave off with scissors. Video of the incident went viral.... Continue Reading

Do New Army Regulations Unfairly Target Women with Natural Hair?

Late last night, I was on Facebook clicking through interesting articles my friends were re-posting. One in particular caught my eye — not because of the title, but because of the picture associated used to promote the article: I saw a Black woman and the phrase “twists are not authorized”, and I was hooked. I ... Continue Reading

Countess Vaughn, Star of The Parkers, Reveals Scalp Infection from Wearing Lace Front Wigs

Countess Vaughn, known for her role in the hit sitcom The Parkers and Moesha, recently revealed her struggle with hair loss after wearing lace front wigs consecutively for 5 years. Vaughn has noted, discoloration, peeling of the skin and hair loss as a result to her allergic reaction to glue used when applying lace front wigs. This is awful!... Continue Reading

5 Unreasonable Natural Hair “Problems”

by Adeola of The Mane Captain As a black hair blogger, I try to remain active in the virtual black hair (relaxed and afro-textured) community. I read comments left by other readers and leave my opinion when necessary. From these comments, I find that we as a people still have a LONG way to go when... Continue Reading

What Makes Hair “Manageable?”

by Candace of Kiss My Curls I was a freshman in high school in Milwaukee, WI. My blue-eyed, blonde-haired, straight-stranded friend Becky (yes that was her real name) wanted me to curl her hair for a special occasion that was coming up. I said sure! I was a whiz with hair, even back then. I... Continue Reading

True Life: I Tried a Water-Only, Zero-Product Regimen On My 4B/C Hair

by Barbara of Frotastic Since going natural 3 years ago, I became sort of a mad hair scientist; mixing food items including peanut butter into my concoctions without a problem. Then out of the blue, my scalp decided enough was enough. What happened you ask? A teensy bit of my sealing oil, rice bran, touched... Continue Reading

Are There Hair Double Standards in the Black Community?

Recently, a post on the Son of Baldwin Facebook page addressed the issue of double standards and grooming/beauty practices within the African American community. A snippet of the post reads as follows: We say that when black women relax/straighten their hair, color it something other than its natural color, or wear weaves and extensions, they... Continue Reading

Do You Compensate for Being Natural?

by Amma of Klassy Kinks London singer/songwriter Kadija Kamara, photographed by Simon KlyneRecently, I was watching a video from Liz of Beautifully Mane blog. She mentioned that she sometimes feels the need to compensate for being natural by wearing a lot of make up or wearing statement pieces. I can relate and I wanted to share my thoughts as... Continue Reading

Ew. Your Baby’s Hair is Turning

By Lurie Daniel Favors of Afro State of Mind You may have heard comments like these before: Dang. Your baby used to have such pretty hair. What happened? Oh her hair is so cute! Except for this nappy section right here… That baby is so pretty! You almost don’t even notice her hair… These are the type of... Continue Reading

Essence Mag Readers Attack Naturals For Being “Too Dark” to Wear Red Lipstick

By Chinwe of Hair and Health “Take that red lipstick off.all black people cann’t wear this for real”  “Everybody can’t wear RED lipstick, baby u should have tried Wine,” “Please stop wearing red lipstick when your complexion is very dark.  Uh!”  “u right or that NEW PINK, SISTER PLZ IF U DARK SHIN DON’T WEAR... Continue Reading

White Blogger Tries the “No Poo” Method for 5 Years, Receives Major Backlash

About a year ago Jacquelyn Baers stirred up quite a bit of controversy when she posted an article on her blog entitled, “Haven’t Washed My Hair in Three Years”.  Her story was picked up by various news sources, which debated her cleanliness. Baers’ blog stated that her decision not to wash her hair did not mean... Continue Reading

Dealing with Criticism from Family Members, Black Men and Those Who Think Natural Hair is For “Certain Textures”

By Lisa of When you are natural or transitioning, dealing with critics is just part of the journey. If you learn nothing else, you will learn that your self esteem and inner strength will be tested over and over again. So I thought I’d put together a post to help you deal with the negative people... Continue Reading

Are Naturals Too Obsessed with Protective Styling?

By Jess of Hair Gets Kinky From the end of December 2010 to the end of February 2011 I decided to maintain protective styles in order to give my ends a break from the harsh cold weather. When I look back on that period of time, I swear 2011 was the year of Protective Style... Continue Reading

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