In Touch Weekly Compares Solange to a Dog Because of Her Hair

Celebrity and gossip magazine In Touch Weekly is coming under fire after publishing a picture comparing Solange Knowles to a dog. In a column called “Double Creature” the magazine published the following reader-submitted picture and blurb; “Yorkipoo Jackie is “basically twinsies” with Beyoncé’s sis, says the 5-year-old pup’s owner, Brian Murray Jr. ‘They rock the... Continue Reading

White Hair Stylist Refuses to Do Black Client’s Natural Hair — But Was It Racism?

A story out of Houston has us pondering race and hair again. African American college professor Dr Lisa Thompson went to the TGF salon in Houston and, when she discovered that her regular stylist wasn’t there, was turned down by a white stylist who repeatedly insisted that she doesn’t do “African American” hair. On the... Continue Reading

Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder and Curly Haircare Pioneer Titi Branch Passes Away at 45

While more details are still forthcoming, news broke late Sunday evening on social media that Titi Branch, co-founder of the famed curly haircare brand Miss Jessie’s had passed away. Born on June 10th, 1969, Titi Cree Branch died on December 4th, 2014 in what online media publication NV Magazine is calling an apparent suicide due... Continue Reading

Dreadlocks Get MBA Student Banned from Academic Conference

I’d hoped 2014 would end without another case of discrimination against loose or loc’ed natural hair in America’s schools and workplaces. Sadly, there’s one more and this time, it’s a fella. Tamon George, an MBA student and President of the Graduate Student Government Association at the University of the District of Columbia, was recently informed... Continue Reading

Instagram Account is Dedicated to Featuring Natural Women and the Men Who Love Them

When I first stumbled across the Instagram account, Fros and Beaus, I thought it was the sweetest Instagram account that I’ve seen in a very long time. Typically, natural hair accounts feature the usual – natural women wearing roller sets, twist outs, fly up dos, and bantu knot outs. Of course those things are always... Continue Reading

Halle Berry Goes To Court To Keep Her Ex from Lightening and Straightening Their Daughter’s Natural Hair

I don’t usually keep up with the latest celebrity news. However, I was browsing the Internet recently and this particular story caught my attention. Actress and mother, Halle Berry and her ex, Gabriel Aubry have had several public disputes and disagreements about their 6-year-old daughter Nahla, who they share custody of, since their breakup in... Continue Reading

26 Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores to Support

photo credit: for Tendrils and Curls In light of the Grand Jury decision to not indict former police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of unarmed teen Mike Brown, there have been calls across social media and various online outlets to boycott Black Friday and redirect those funds to Black or other minority-owned businesses.... Continue Reading

No Two Naturals Are Alike: Should Some Folks Put Their Advice On Mute?

Source The natural hair community…a place where women with kinks, coils, and curls of all types can come together in a state of euphoria. We share journeys, encouragement and curl advice. While forums and social media have created a “come one, come all” platform for women to discuss natural hair, I have noticed that, depending... Continue Reading

The New Natural Aesthetic: 4 Shifts and Trends in Natural Hair Styling

When I first began my transition to natural hair, I was concerned about two things: thickness and length. All of the articles I read re-enforced the same things — gentle hair handling, proper moisturizing, pH balancing and endless bouts of protective styling to gain and retain covetous length. Women would debate (and some still do) if... Continue Reading

New Trend? Women BURNING Their Ends to Get Rid of Split Ends

DISCLAIMER: This material is presented for educational purposes only. Neither I nor encourages the use of this technique at home. So just when I thought hair care couldn’t get any more extreme, I stumbled upon an article about burning away split ends with fire. Yes, you read that correctly – burning away split ends.... Continue Reading

Were the CWK Straight Plates a Scam?

We’ve written before about the CWK Straight Plates, a very promising invention that claimed to straighten natural hair without heat. A Kickstarter was started to fund the project and raised $24,000, far more than its initial $8,000 goal. However, the inventor, Kelechi Brand, has confirmed that she is refunding all project backers and that the... Continue Reading

New Trend? White Women On Instagram Are Using the Hashtag #NappyHair

Recently, in yet another attempt to claim something that Black people had all to themselves, white women have taken it upon themselves to use “nappy” to describe their own hair. Just search Instagram or Twitter for yourself – you’ll find mixed in between the thousands of pictures of fly black women with natural hair of... Continue Reading

True Life: Everyone Assumes I Want Locs Because I Have Kinky, 4C Hair

I’ve been natural for four and a half years now, and while my journey has had its ups and downs, what I have loved the most about my kinky hair is that it is ridiculously versatile. I absolutely love playing with my hair – and not just because I blog about it – but the... Continue Reading

Actress Tatyana Ali Says She Felt Alienated for Having “Good Hair” Growing Up

Another day, another “good” and “bad” hair conversation. But this one comes with a twist. Tatyana Ali, more famously known as Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, chose a recent interview with Vlad TV as her platform for discussing the implications of growing up with the burden of having “good hair”. Ali shares,... Continue Reading

Beauty Conglomerate L’Oreal, a Company With a Troubled History With Black Women, Buys Out Carol’s Daughter

 [photo source]   More Carol’s Daughter news broke early in the day on Monday, October 20th. Beauty conglomerate L’Oreal acquired the Carol’s Daughter brand. Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter Founder and President made the following video announcement via the Carol’s Daughter Facebook Page: Price shares, “I want to thank all of you for the support... Continue Reading