Photographer Jeana Lindo Seeks to Capture the Carefree Black Girl

Jeana Lindo, a photography student at Parsons School of Design, seeks to capture the carefree black girl with her recent project Elegant Black Ladies. According to an article written by Patrice Peck for, the project aims to reclaim conventional images... Continue Reading

36 More Stunning Photos of African American Women in the Victorian Era

Earlier, this year we shared 10 stunning photos of black women in the Victorian era, and now we have more stunning images to share! Many of these photos are the work of a photographer named of Alvan S. Harper. Harper’s... Continue Reading

‘I Felt Freedom’: A Black Man Speaks on His Natural Hair Journey

Although the natural hair community mainly focuses on women, there are many men who have grown tired of close cuts, and are now opting for full afros and frohawks. And if you grew out your own natural hair from a... Continue Reading

Rapper Wale Apologizes to Black Women for Black Men’s Role in Excessive Butt Enhancements

Rapper Wale found himself in hot water on Instagram this week after he posted and commented on a meme that’s been circulating on social media for a few weeks now. The meme features a black woman with what appears to... Continue Reading

27 Stunning Images from Headwrap Company Fanm Djanm’s New Campaign

Headwrap company Fanm Djanm is the brainchild of Haitian-American style blogger Paola Mathe. The company’s most recent editorial, shot by Joey Rosado, is a celebration of black multi-generationality and the enduring beauty of head wraps. Check out the gorgeous images... Continue Reading

MASTER LIST: 80 Black Owned-Businesses to Shop this Black Friday!

The biggest shopping day in America, Black Friday, will be here before you know it. And with the recent surge of entrepreneurship in the black community, we think it’s important for you to consider the following list of black-owned businesses... Continue Reading

[Video] 100 Years of Ethiopian Beauty in 1 Minute

The Cut, a site known for its time-lapse series that features a century-wide coverage of beauty has recently ventured to highlight Ethiopian beauty for the past 100 years. Interestingly enough, Ethiopian beauty mirrors the transition of 100 years of black American... Continue Reading

36 Stunning Images from the All Things Ankara Nigerian Renaissance Ball in Maryland

On October 17 Nigerian Americans gathered at the Martin’s Camelot Embassy Ballroom in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to celebrate 55 years of the country’s independence, and recognize Nigerian excellence in America. The event also honored Nigerian American rapper Jidenna and model... Continue Reading

[Video] 6-Year-Old Black Girl Surprises Cab Driver With Fluent Korean

In this video posted to her mom’s Youtube account, 6-year old Anaya speaks fluent Korean, impressing both her Mom and her cab driver. Much of the video shows the cab driver trying to teach Anaya the difference between the word “cat” and... Continue Reading

This Shockingly Colorist 1966 Ebony Magazine Cover Shows How Far We’ve Come

Colorism is still a humongous issue in the black community here in the United States and around the world. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, great strides have been made against valuing people’s worth according to how light their... Continue Reading

Maria Borges Becomes the First Model to Walk the Victoria’s Secret Runway With Natural Hair

This month seems to be all about breaking barriers. First actress Gabourey Sidibe has a revolutionary love scene on Empire, now Angolan model Maria Borges brings natural hair to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show’s runway for the first time. In... Continue Reading

Black Principal Removes 8th Grader From Class for Having “Poofy”, “Unprofessional” Natural Hair

A 13-year-old girl was removed from her Toronto middle school class for wearing her natural hair out instead of pulled back. The child says she was sitting in her 8th grade class at Amesbury Middle School doing her work when... Continue Reading

40 Incredible Photos from Brazil’s First Natural Hair Empowerment March

Brazil is a country with the largest black population outside of the African continent. However it has often been the subject of dialogue regarding the strenuous challenges many of it’s black citizens face on a daily basis. When it comes to natural hair,... Continue Reading

Eartha Kitt’s Words on Backlash for Marrying Interracially in the 60s Still Ring True Today

A quote from legendary actress Eartha Kitt is circulating on social media and sparking discussion on black women, black men and interracial marriage. In it Kitt answers whether she faced backlash for marrying real estate investor Bill McDonald from 1960... Continue Reading

‘Tees in the Trap’ Beautifully Captures the Lingo of African American Women

Tees In the Trap owner and founder, Arsha Jones, is the stuff entrepreneurs are made of. She’s driven, focused, and in less than two years her T-shirts have been seen on the likes of celebrities such as Kandi Burress, and style... Continue Reading