After Boss Bans “Cultural Head Wraps” Black Woman Responds by Cosplaying Every Day

June Rivas shared the best photo series on Facebook EVER after she stated that her boss changed her office’s dress code to ban “cultural” headwraps. Previously, she was also told that ponytails and pigtails were not professional, even though their... Continue Reading

[Pics] 17-Year-Old Black Artist Creates Viral Challenge to Draw Black Women in Cartoon Styles

By now, you’ve probably noticed a ton of these #stylechallenge photos being shared across social media. The concept is to recreate a self portrait in popular cartoon styles. The tag was started a week ago by 17-year-old artist Autumn (@beautifulness87 on... Continue Reading

Stylist Refuses Service to Woman Due to “Bad Vibes”, Charges a Fee Anyway

Recently, Kacey of the Black Alley Band posted about a less than stellar experience she had with a popular DMV/Atlanta hair braider. In her post, she recalls being asked to leave via text by Nisa’s (@nisaraye) assistant because she was... Continue Reading

Black Doll Maker Responds After Customer Recommends She Lighten Her Doll to Improve Sales

Mala Bryan is a St Lucia-born, South Africa-based model who launched Malaville, a black doll company featuring four dolls — Maisha, Mala, Malina and Mhina — each with a different backstory and unique style. Malaville’s Instagram account is adorable and... Continue Reading

Marvel Artist Confirms Skai Jackson Was the Art Inspiration for New Iron Man Riri Williams

Last week, we gave you a more realistic list of black actresses who could play the Marvel role of Riri Williams in Iron Man.  (For the list, check out Days After Marvel Announced Its New Iron Man, HollyWood is Already Erasing Her Dark... Continue Reading

Virgin Islands Woman Goes Viral After Showing the Proper Way to Eat a Mango

Seanise Jeffers, the first winner of The Caribbean Got Talent, schooled us on eating a mango last week. As someone who eats mangoes with a knife and fork, I can’t lie, I feel a little ashamed. In her video, which... Continue Reading

Still Mad that ‘Too Dark’ Naturi Naughton Portrayed Her in 2009, Lil Kim Shades at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors

Back in 2009, Naturi Naughton gained rave reviews for her portayal of Lil Kim in rapper Biggie’s biopic Notorious. The film got mixed reviews, but Naturi’s portrayal of a troubled, love-sick but undeniably talented young Lil Kim cemented her as... Continue Reading

Zendaya Coleman: ‘I Don’t Face the Same Struggles as a Woman With Darker Skin’

It’s no secret that Hollywood favors lighter skin on black female entertainers. But some black actresses, while perhaps observing that fact, resist publicly acknowledging. But in her June Cosmopolitan cover interview, 19-year-old Zendaya Coleman spoke about colorism with maturity and... Continue Reading

[Video] Protesters Pull Young Black Woman Away from Cops Trying to Arrest Her

As black men and women across the country march for Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and Delwran Small, the issue of gender relations in activism has come to the fore. For many black women, the first response to the recent killings... Continue Reading

5 Things You Need to Know About the Black Woman in This Iconic Photo

A young black woman stood calmly with her feet planted on the ground as two police officers approached her in full riot gear in Baton Rouge, La. Her name is Ieshia Evans and she has become the face of the protest against... Continue Reading

Sudanese High Fashion Model Ajak Deng Discusses Her Near-Fatal Encounter with Police

Ajak Deng has modeled for Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, and most recently, Maison Margiela. (Though she left the industry in February due to severe colorism, she recanted her retirement a week later feeling it more purposeful to “fight... Continue Reading

Days After Marvel Announced Its New Iron Man HollyWood is Already Erasing Her Dark Skin

Marvel Comics recently announced its new Iron Man as Riri Williams, a 15-year-old black MIT prodigy who catches Tony Stark’s attention after reverse engineering his trademark Iron Man suits. The art Marvel released for Riri’s character shows a dark-skinned girl... Continue Reading

5 Anti-Police Brutality Organizations You Can Join and/or Support

The executions of black women and men by police, often caught on film, can be difficult to process. There is pain, anger, rage, hopelessness, despair, shock and even numbness. There is no right or wrong way to grieve these traumas... Continue Reading

Marvel Comics’ New Iron Man Will Be a Black Girl Named Riri

Marvel’s comics tend to be a lot more progressive than their actual films (case in point, in the comics the new Spiderman is Black and Puerto Rican and in the upcoming film he is white), so we can only hope... Continue Reading

History Made: Two Black Women Qualify for the 2016 USA Olympic Swimming Team

Stanford swimmers Lia Neal and Simone Manuel haven’t even competed at the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio and they’re already making history. Early last week, the two women competed in the Olympic trials  and secured their place as contenders on... Continue Reading