This is the Black-Owned Lingerie Line Beyonce and Her Dancers Rock on the Formation Tour and You Can Buy It!

In the past, black dancers have struggled with their hosiery and undergarments matching their skin tone – coming from a dance background myself, I remember looking at my dance instructor with some side-eye when we were required to wear pink... Continue Reading

28 Years Later Vanessa Bell Calloway Slays Her Iconic ‘Coming to America’ Look

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway proves that black truly doesn’t crack! The Coming to America beauty recreated her iconic Princess Imani wedding look for a photo shoot with celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks.   Everything from the hair down to the pose brings back so many memories for... Continue Reading

Dark-Skinned Model Broderick Hunter Gets Heat for Celebrating Dark-Skinned Black Women on Social Media

Broderick Hunter, a black male model, recently posted an appreciation thread for dark-skinned women on Twitter.  Some of the responses to his thread were positive, including one from another black man.  However, there was enough negative pushback — from one woman — to make... Continue Reading

New Body-Positive Photoseries Aims to Empower Plus-Size Black Women

Helen Mozão‘s new photosereies, ‘GORDA FLOR ‘(Fat Flower), aims to empower and uplift the often marginalized plus-size black woman. The images are stunning. Take a look:       Models: Dandara França, Lailane Dórea, Lourani Maria, Najara Dos Santos Souza, Tania Neres. Assistant:... Continue Reading

Make Up Artist Publicizes Tinder Request for Her to Bleach Her Skin

Something very disturbing happened to make-up artist Takara Allen, 22, when she started chatting with a man named Nikolas on the dating app, Tinder. Nikolas may have thought he was giving Allen a compliment when he said she’d look pretty... Continue Reading

12 Of the Blackest Hairstyles from Beyonce’s Lemonade

For the past several years Beyonce has pretty much stuck to long blonde weave. But for her latest work, she and her background performers sported a variety of visually stunning black styles. From banded ponytails to chunky twists, here are... Continue Reading

Kenya Moore Posts a Shower Video on Instagram to Show That Her Hair is Real

Former Miss USA and resident Real Housewives of Atlanta villain Kenya Moore took to her Instagram page to once again show off her real hair. This time, to completely silence the haters, she posted a video rinsing her hair in... Continue Reading

10 Times WGN’s Underground Blew Your Mind

**SPOILER ALERT** This posts contains information regarding episode plots of WGN’s Underground. “Underground” is a new series, created by Misha Green and executive produced by John Legend (for the full cast and crew, visit here), that depicts “a group of slaves... Continue Reading

C-Section Scars, Plus-Size Cheerleading and Stretch Marks: 3 Times Black Women’s Body Positivity Went Viral This Spring

Black women haven’t exactly been included in the American body positivity movement, but that hasn’t stopped us from boldly embracing our bodies in ways that inspire. This Spring, 3 instances of black woman body positivity went viral on social media,... Continue Reading

White-Washed Lil’ Kim is Almost Unrecognizable in New Instagram Photo

Yesterday, Lil’ Kim posted this photo of herself on Instagram. The photo immediately went viral on Instagram and Twitter because most didn’t recognize the rap star. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a white (or at... Continue Reading

#BlackGirlMagic Worldwide: Kenyan Farmer Is a Budding Millionaire

Annie Nyaga is a 30-year old Kenyan (one of several women) that has become successful through farming in her country.  Over the years, she has parlayed her profits into creating an agribusiness that brings consumers and other young, local farmers together. Nyaga’s success... Continue Reading

A Historical Look at Why So Many Black Men Refuse to Claim Black Women Publicly

NBA player Nick Young was recently caught on video admitting to cheating on his fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea.  One of the women he allegedly cheated with is a black woman named Britt.  The mother of Young’s son from a relationship prior to... Continue Reading

Harriet Tubman Will Be Featured on the $20 Bill

*Update: Harriet Tubman will not replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. She will be featured on the front and Andrew Jackson will be on the back.* Harriet Tubman is most popularly known as an abolitionist who made several missions... Continue Reading

Hilarious New Instagram Account Uses Barbies to Parody White Volunteers in Africa

I once had the distinct pleasure of scrolling through my Facebook feed only to be bombarded with images from a friend’s recent trip to Kenya. Sounds innocent enough, I know, but the images went from intriguing to disturbing in 2... Continue Reading

[Pics] Chicago Artist Shani Crowe Takes Braid Art to Another Level

Braids.  They are more than a “trend”.  They unite black women in conversation and tradition.  They tie the African diaspora to the Motherland.  They bring us healing through introspection or connection.  Braids are big part of our culture and possess a depth... Continue Reading