Why I’ve Returned to the Black Salon When Folks Are Leaving in Droves

By Danielle C. Belton of The long waits. The double-booking. The general “unprofessionalism.” The cost. I had a lot of reasons to give up on hair salons, specifically black ones, more than 10 years ago. In the early years of the recession, there was story after story of black salons struggling as more and... Continue Reading

Magazine Editorial Transforms Naturals into Stunning Dandy Fashion Icons

Black Attitude Magazine curated a truly stunning editorial with a trio of naturals. The piece titled “Dandy Queens” channels dandy culture with a feminine twist and a few amazing natural hair styles included..   What do you think of the spread? Continue Reading

The White House Releases a Video of Michelle Obama Working Out and It Damn Near Breaks the Internet

But why is our First Lady so dope though? Michelle Obama has been encouraging Americans to participate in her #gimmefive challenge, posting video of themselves doing 5 things to maintain a healthy, active life. While some famous celebs (including Beyonce) have uploaded their #gimmefive videos… Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let's Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama ????... Continue Reading

34 Amazingly Beautiful Pictures of the Sudanese Dinka Tribe

Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher captured the everyday life of the Dinka tribe, which is a Nilotic ethnic group in Southern Sudan. The following photos featured on the Tekey website offered this tidbit about a most fascinating civilization: The Dinka are a Nilotic ethnic group from South Sudan. They live from the tenth century on... Continue Reading

How I Learned to Stop Worshipping Whiteness While Growing Up Biracial

By Joleen Brantle of I haven’t always been very racially aware. When I was a child Pokémon cards, cartoons, and school were of vastly greater importance to me. I was raised in a very diverse city with a strong Latino presence. I had friends of every race. Why would one’s skin color matter? It... Continue Reading

Natural Vlogger Spray Tans to Get Darker, Shares Before and After Video… YouTube Comments Go Nuts

A few months back people were astounded when actress Raven Symone shared that she used to tan to get darker. With all the talk of light skinned privilege in the black community, and studies that seem to confirm that it exists, many were confused about why she would ‘give up’ her light skin. But it... Continue Reading

8 Awkward Things About Natural Hair I Have to Explain to My White Boyfriend

By Ashley Reese of TheGloss “Wow, I…didn’t know your hair was that long.” These were the first words out of my boyfriend’s mouth when he saw me with my waist-length box braids, a big transition from the gravity defying afro I’ve rocked since our first OK Cupid date. My middle school and high school days... Continue Reading

Are Natural Hair Salons Too Expensive or Do We Undervalue Stylists?

Times are changing in the natural hair world. An increasing number of salons are offering at least one natural hair specialist while a host of others in large US cities like NYC, Chicago and Atlanta offer exclusive natural hair services. Here is a sample price list based on services provided by top-end natural hair salons... Continue Reading

6 Photos That Bring Back Hair Memories

We are loving these photos from artist Nakeya Brown’s Hair Stories Untold series. And an objective of the series, according to Brown, is to invoke memories I wanted to look at the different ways in which we visualize group identity. Through womanhood, through process and rituals, and through the practice of doing and handling one’s... Continue Reading

What’s It Like to Be an Afro-Latina Natural in the Hispanic Community? Vlogger Melshary Explains

“There were 11.2 million Africans that we can count who survived the Middle Passage and landed in the New World, and of that 11.2 million, only 450,000 came to the United States. That’s amazing. All the rest went south of Miami as it were.” – Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., “Black in Latin America” A lot... Continue Reading

Disney Is Making Its First Movie About An African Princess… But She Won’t Be Black

*Sigh* In today’s, ‘who told them this would be a good idea?’ news; Disney is working on a film called The Princess of North Sudan… but it’s not about a Sudanese girl. It’s based on the true story of Jeremiah Heaton, a Virginia farmer who, after discovering that Bir Tawil in North Sudan is the... Continue Reading

10 Photos of Stunning Black Women Across Social Media

I am of the belief that black women are beautiful, no matter the complexion or hair type.  Here are just ten (of millions of) photos representing our natural beauty! 1. Abenaa (Pinterest) Abenaa Acheampong’s face is popular on Pinterest. 2. Taycred (Tumblr) Her face has been all over Tumblr and Pinterest.  She goes by Taycred on social... Continue Reading

10 Powerful Quotes About Beauty and Natural Hair From Black Women We Love

“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.” -Tracee Ellis Ross “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when... Continue Reading

Optical Illusion: People Freak Out When Lighting on Jeopardy Makes Michelle Obama Look Bald

Today in totally random hair news… Michelle Obama made an appearance on the trivia show Jeopardy back in March, and apparently the lighting angle had people freaking out and thinking she was bald… Peep the picture below: After the First Lady’s appearance people took to Twitter to find out whether Michelle Obama had thinning hair... Continue Reading

Dear Mama: 11 Awww-Inducing Photos of Natural Hair Bloggers and Their Children

As the sun sets on Mother’s Day, we had to acknowledge the black motherhood beauty that exists in the natural hair community. Take in these gorgeous photos of natural hair bloggers and their children. The new generation of natural hair is looking beautiful! Jessica Pettway and daughter Kai ( Nikki Walton aka CurlyNikki, and daughter... Continue Reading