Chapter I: My White Boyfriend Changed My View on My Kinky “Kitchen”

 From the writer: The original article (posted below) is about a boyfriend who saw the beauty in his girlfriend’s “kitchen”.  A follow up article, chapter II, will touch upon race and hair as it relates to this story. “The most important thing about our gas-equipped kitchen was that Mama used to do hair there. The hot... Continue Reading

I Didn’t Draw a Picture of a Black Girl Who Looked Like Me Until I Was 12

I was 12 when my best friend at the time, a Jewish girl, noticed one commonality in all my drawings of women. I was a capable artist from my elementary school days right up until the end of high school. My artwork, which depicted everything from landscapes to animal sketches to clothing designs would often... Continue Reading

Indian Weave Companies are Finding Massive Success… In Africa

A few days ago we posted about a prestigious Caribbean high school banning dreadlocks. Now comes news that Indian weave companies are set to make record profits in Africa. From; Indian beauty firms, specifically human hair sellers, are racking up the big bucks in Africa.  Because Indian hair is popular for its strength and... Continue Reading

8 Top Professionals and CEOs Who Wear Their Natural Hair

We are so used to reading stories of natural hair being “rejected in the workplace”, that to be both a top professional and relaxer-free is almost unimaginable. In all actuality, that is far from the truth. Here are eight top black female professionals, including CEOs, who wear their natural hair. 1. Dr. Helene Gayle Dr. Helene... Continue Reading

Are You the Next Madam C.J. Walker?

As a woman in business for herself, you might be faced with the following questions: How can you turn what you have into a million dollar business? What obstacles must you overcome? What do you need? Sometimes figuring it out can be so daunting. So what do you do? Read. There’s an answer to just... Continue Reading

[Video] 100 Years of Black Hair Styles in 1 Minute has set the internet a buzz with its titillating time-lapse video of black beauty through the decades. This is a follow-up to their previously released video from a month ago, 100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute which featured a white model. Starting in 1910, the video takes viewers on a journey of black beauty... Continue Reading

Raven-Symone: I Used to Tan 3 to 4 Times a Week to Darken My Skin

Highlighting an aspect of colorism that isn’t often discussed, actress Raven-Symone has spoken out about her tanning habit while starring in her hit Disney show, “That’s So Raven.” She made the confession in a teaser video for the documentary Light Girls, which will air tomorrow on OWN. “When I had my own show, I used... Continue Reading

[Pic] RHOA’s Porsha Williams Reveals Her Natural Hair on Instagram

These days Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Williams is busy promoting her new weave line, but she wants folks to know that beneath it all she has a healthy head of hair. She posted this photo to Instagram with the caption #AllNatural for 2.5 seconds???? @gonakedhair installed in 3…2..1 #Standby Stylist: @kellonderyck It’s... Continue Reading

Barbadian High School Bans Twist-Outs, Sparks Backlash

In what some people are calling a holdover from colonialism, a prestigious 282-year-old Barbadian high school, Harrison College, has banned twistouts. The school’s principal, Juanita Wade, says she opposes the style because it isn’t neat. The decision has sparked national debate in Barbados and other Carribean islands. The controversy was sparked after Elva Mary Tudor... Continue Reading

The Natural Hair Movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s; How It Began and Why It Ended

Not too long ago, I found an old photograph of my parents wearing gigantic afros and wondered, “What happened to the natural hair movement of that time? Why did it die out?” Many naturalistas are aware that the current natural hair “trend” is not a precedent and that an earlier movement existed back in the 60s... Continue Reading

15 Bad Hair Habits to Ditch in 2015

Whether you’re calling it “making resolutions”, “setting goals”, or just stepping into 2015 feeling brand new, chances are you’re looking to break some bad habits. January is in full swing and there’s no time like the present to get started on creating healthier habits for you, and your natural hair. Here are 15 things you... Continue Reading

Can a Woman Wear a Wig and Not Be Hiding?

by Erickka Sy Savané The short answer is no. By definition, “to hide” means to cover up or remove from sight. So if you put on a wig, you’re covering your hair, which is the same as hiding it. The question then becomes less about whether you’re hiding, but what you’re hiding because people hide different things for... Continue Reading

Are Box Braids Going Mainstream?

Box braids have long been a staple in the black beauty community. They’re fairly easy to install and instantly stylish. Black celebrities have rocked the look, from Zoe Kravitz to Beyonce to, of course, Janet Jackson. Pop singer Christina Aguilera rocked box braids for a time in the early 2000s, but at the time they... Continue Reading

OWN To Debut Companion Documentary to “Dark Girls” Called “Light Girls” + Trailer Inside

Image credit: Many naturals tuned in back in 2012 for the documentary Dark Girls, which offered a look at colorism in the black community from the perspective of dark skinned women. Now filmmaker Bill Duke is following up with a sequel documentary entitled Light Girls. According to; Duke said that he interviewed both... Continue Reading

Miss Jessie’s Shares Beautiful Tribute Video for Recently Deceased Founder Titi Branch

The natural hair community is still overcoming its sadness and shock at the recent passing of Miss Jessie’s founder Titi Branch. Although the company hasn’t made a statement on the passing of its co-founder, they did post a beautiful and tear-jerking tribute video for Titi Branch, set to Stevie Wonder’s classic ballad “As”, on their... Continue Reading