[Pic] ‘Slavery Was Legal, Can You Blame Them?’ School Assignment Encouraging Black 9 yo to Rationalize Slavery Goes Viral

Blacks in America are still feeling the well-documented effects of slavery, Jim Crow and racist housing, education and banking policies. And yet, in American classrooms across the country, educators continue to instruct black children to minimize or ignore slavery altogether.... Continue Reading

[Video] National Geographic Releases Incredible Footage of Self-Sustaining All-Black 1920s Town

As black hubs all over the country struggle against gentrification and rising housing prices, it’s heartening to remember that, for a moment of American history, blacks were actively creating self-contained and self-sustaining communities. The southern state of Oklahoma was a... Continue Reading

This 56-Year-Old Woman Took Up Pole Dancing to Find Herself After Losing Everything

Makeda Smith may be 56 years old, but her physicality exudes youth. The grandmother and business owner came across pole dancing by sheer coincidence (or fate) and has proven that “age ain’t nothing but a number” when it comes to... Continue Reading

‘Colorism Activist’ Plans to Launch Magazine That Will Only Feature Dark-Skinned Women

A self-described “colorism activist” who posts online under the moniker Chrissie is planning to launch a magazine featuring only dark-skinned women. Chrissie is currently raising money for the magazine, to be named Divine Dark Skin, and is at $1300 of... Continue Reading

The Story Behind This Iconic Image of a Black Woman Pushing Aside a National Guardsman’s Bayonet

She speaks to many of us — a black woman, dressed in a buttoned shirt and jeans, pushing aside a National Guardsman’s bayonet as though to say ‘I ain’t got time for this shit.’ But who was she? Her name... Continue Reading

5 Facts About Naomi Campbell’s “Daughter” Ryan Destiny

A few days ago, supermodel Naomi Campbell posted a selfie with a stunning young woman and captioned it “My baby girl, my daughter @ryandestiny watch tonight @staronfox at 9pm #rosespenceriscoming @theoriginalbigdaddy @queenlatifah @lennykravitz” This had some folks scratching their heads,... Continue Reading

White Atlanta Hawks General Manager Jokes About His ‘Angry Black Wife’

Sports site DeadSpin recently publicized remarks from a meeting between Atlanta Hawks general manager Wes Wilcox and about 200 season ticket holders. As the ticket holders peppered him with questions about the Hawks’ season, Wilcox attempted a joke; “I know... Continue Reading

NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Will Be the First Black Member of the International Space Station

Astronaut Jeanette Epps is preparing to make history as the first (yes, FIRST) black space station crew member – woman or man. This endeavor, which will take place in March 2018, will also be her first ever spaceflight. She will... Continue Reading

Black Twitter Reacts After Lifetime Announces a Flint Water Crisis Movie Starring Cher

The water in Flint, Michigan is still poisoned with toxic levels of lead, and has been since April 2014 following the local government’s decision to change the water supply. It took the country years to care or even notice, and... Continue Reading

Peter Thomas’ Daughter Porsche Speaks Out After Critics Blast Her Pregnancy Belly For Being ‘Too Black’

Shortly after getting married RHOA alum Peter Thomas’ daughter Porsche became pregnant with twin boys. Since then the actress and model has been excitedly sharing her pregnancy progress on Instagram. But criticism of her darkened stomach became so common that... Continue Reading

After Months of Erratic Behavior, Azealia Banks Speaks Out About Her Mental Health

Azealia Banks’ name stayed in the headlines in 2016, but not for her music. The talented rapper seems to always have back-to-back dramas unfolding, from selling infant bleaching kits to taunting Brazilians. As a result, Banks often finds herself the... Continue Reading

[Pic] This 160-Year-Old Cotton Sack is Stitched With a Slave Girl’s Family History

A 160-year-old cotton sack tells the story of the love slave mother Rose had for her daughter Ashley, who was ripped from in the 1850s when she was sold for $300. Rose was a house slave in South Carolina and,... Continue Reading

New Jamaican Patois-Speaking Doll Takes Off in the UK

With a population of 300,000 the United Kingdom holds the second largest number (behind the United States) of Jamaicans living outside Jamaica. Still, the black doll market is underdeveloped, with most shipped in from the United States. UK-Jamaican teacher Saffron... Continue Reading

Glade Just Used Viral Natural Hair Art to Promote Its Latest Product

Last year visual artist Pierre Jean-Louis became known for his Black Girl Magic series which celebrated natural hair.  He digitally transposed nature scenes, galaxies, and gardens into the kinks and curls of beautiful black women and his photos were shared thousands... Continue Reading

Frank Ocean’s Mother Wants Kim Burrell Off Her Son’s Record After She Blasted Homosexuality

Kim Burrell’s condemnation of homosexuality in a sermon that went public has sparked a response from Frank Ocean’s mom. If you recall, we previously mentioned that the gospel artist’s words were immediately deemed hateful and denounced by Janelle Monae, Pharrell... Continue Reading