What Cosmetology School Did NOT Teach Me About My Black Hair

by Tyra of Indigenous Curls For 2 years I studied the theory of hair to prepare for the certification test to become a licensed New York State Cosmetologist. My class spent over 1000 hours washing, cutting, coloring, setting, perming, finger waving, pin curling, and blowing out white manikins. Living in suburbia, most of my classmates were white... Continue Reading

16 of Our Favorite Natural Hair Essence Magazine Covers

Essence just debuted its May issue, which focuses on natural hair and has 3 separate covers featuring Erykah Badu, Ledisi and Solange. We loved it so much that we decided to go back in time and find other Essence covers featuring some of our favorite naturals. Check it out… Fallin with Alicia Keys’ intricate braids... Continue Reading

28 of Our Favorite Natural Hair Memes

We love a good laugh and the following memes have kept us rolling. Check out the top 28 memes that really keep us laughing out loud. What are some of your favorite #NaturalHair memes? Leave them in the comments below! Continue Reading

Woman Awarded $75,000 after Police Forcibly Cut Off Her Hair

The video says it all. In November of last year, a woman by the name of Charda Gregory was arrested and booked on the count of trashing a motel room in Warren, MI. Once in custody, a female police officer detained Gregory while cutting her weave off with scissors. Video of the incident went viral.... Continue Reading

10 Pictures of Natural Hair Shrinkage that Will Blow Your Mind

Shrink City. Shrink, Shrink City. Hiding up to 90% of the actual hair length in some cases, shrinkage proves itself to be the ultimate magician when it comes to natural hair. Even though shrinkage is a common occurrence amongst naturals, our jaws dropped when we saw these photos. LadyKandDice has since cut her hair, but... Continue Reading

Do New Army Regulations Unfairly Target Women with Natural Hair?

Late last night, I was on Facebook clicking through interesting articles my friends were re-posting. One in particular caught my eye — not because of the title, but because of the picture associated used to promote the article: I saw a Black woman and the phrase “twists are not authorized”, and I was hooked. I ... Continue Reading

You Are Lupita

by Candace of Kiss My Curls Lupita Nyong’o almost wasn’t. In the past few months, Lupita Nyong’o has taken the world by storm with her grace, beauty, talent and sincerity. She takes pictures with a soft smile and a calm serenity, all the while totally killing a self-selected couture number (the girl has impeccable taste,... Continue Reading

What Makes Hair “Manageable?”

by Candace of Kiss My Curls I was a freshman in high school in Milwaukee, WI. My blue-eyed, blonde-haired, straight-stranded friend Becky (yes that was her real name) wanted me to curl her hair for a special occasion that was coming up. I said sure! I was a whiz with hair, even back then. I... Continue Reading

8 Historic and Contemporary Pioneers in Black Hair

When the realms of hair and history collide, the first name usually mentioned is Madam C.J. Walker. While in many ways she was a pioneer in her own right, the history of our hair is as rich and diverse as it is beautiful. As Black History Month draws to a close (not really though, this... Continue Reading

Are There Hair Double Standards in the Black Community?

Recently, a post on the Son of Baldwin Facebook page addressed the issue of double standards and grooming/beauty practices within the African American community. A snippet of the post reads as follows: We say that when black women relax/straighten their hair, color it something other than its natural color, or wear weaves and extensions, they... Continue Reading

Kinky Weave Companies Stealing Pictures of Popular Naturals For Advertising

Popular Instagram naturals Leanora (SunShine_726) and Beedoelv have had their photos stolen and used in an ad for “virgin Mongolian” extensions sold by a Chinese company. The ad features photos ripped from Instagram (you can see the originals here and here) and deceptively portrayed as weave. So far, the ladies have been unsuccessful in getting... Continue Reading

Do You Compensate for Being Natural?

by Amma of Klassy Kinks London singer/songwriter Kadija Kamara, photographed by Simon KlyneRecently, I was watching a video from Liz of Beautifully Mane blog. She mentioned that she sometimes feels the need to compensate for being natural by wearing a lot of make up or wearing statement pieces. I can relate and I wanted to share my thoughts as... Continue Reading

Ew. Your Baby’s Hair is Turning

By Lurie Daniel Favors of Afro State of Mind You may have heard comments like these before: Dang. Your baby used to have such pretty hair. What happened? Oh her hair is so cute! Except for this nappy section right here… That baby is so pretty! You almost don’t even notice her hair… These are the type of... Continue Reading

Essence Mag Readers Attack Naturals For Being “Too Dark” to Wear Red Lipstick

By Chinwe of Hair and Health “Take that red lipstick off.all black people cann’t wear this for real”  “Everybody can’t wear RED lipstick, baby u should have tried Wine,” “Please stop wearing red lipstick when your complexion is very dark.  Uh!”  “u right or that NEW PINK, SISTER PLZ IF U DARK SHIN DON’T WEAR... Continue Reading

Blue Ivy’s Birthday Curls and Erykah Badu’s New Flat Top

Tuesday marked the 2nd birthday for Blue Ivy Carter. Photo: TMZ The cute toddler was spotted celebrating her birthday with her parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z in the infamous Jungle Island at the Miami Zoo.   Erykah “On and On” Badu recently debuted her new hairstyle a la House Party/Class Act on Twitter a couple of... Continue Reading

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