Are Baby Length Checks the Wave of the Natural Hair Future?

I was 21 years old when I went natural. To say it was a struggle is an understatement. It was a crash course in things I’d never done before: Deep conditioning! Daily moisturizing! Sealing?! It took me 6 years, an... Continue Reading

Mattel Doesn’t Sell a Black ‘Game Developer Barbie’… So This Husband Created One for His Wife

Mattel recently unveiled and sold out of their Game Developer Barbie. The toy brand has been seeking to push for more careers within the Barbie line. This isn’t Mattel’s first attempt at pushing Barbie into Silicon Valley; the 2014 Computer... Continue Reading

[Video] The Trailer for ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Issa Rae’s New HBO Show is Here!

Can we just express how geeked we are for a cable show about the lives of black women, written and produced by black woman. via GIPHY Insecure will premiere on HBO this Fall and stars Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and... Continue Reading

Still Defiant, Zoe Saldana Says She is The Reason People Now Know About Nina Simone

Zoe Saldana has some choice words for critics of her role in the Nina Simone Biopic. Criticisms have been flying around since 2012 when it was first revealed that Salanda would be playing the legendary singer. When the movie trailer... Continue Reading

[Video] Police Officer Fired for Sharing Violently Racist Videos Brings Black Girlfriend as Character Witness

Perpetua Michel took the words “stand by your man” literally when she appeared at an arbitration hearing as a character witness for her boyfriend and former Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Jason Holding, who was fired for exchanging racist text messages with several fellow... Continue Reading

Beyonce Shows Off Her Freckles in Makeup-less Selfie

If you’re a Beyonce stan/fan, you might have noticed that she has freckles. If you’re more of a casual observer, you might have never seen them before. Either way, Queen Bey put her freckles on full display in a makeup-less... Continue Reading

A Smear Campaign is Building Against Lupita Nyong’o

Rumors have started spreading about Lupita Nyong’o being a diva on Broadway and angering Eclipsed audiences by missing shows. Page Six broke the story yesterday quoting sources close to the play. Other media outlets, including Atlantic Star, Morning USA, BET, and Perez Hilton have... Continue Reading

20 More Pictures of Natural Hair Shrinkage That Will Blow Your Mind

Shrinkage never (and, we really mean never) ceases to amaze us.  Though we know that natural hair can appear deceptively short in its shrunken state, it is still shocking to see the immense length hidden under our kinks, coils, and curls.  ... Continue Reading

[Pics] This Stunning Natural Bride and Her All-Natural Bridal Party are Breaking the Internet

If you thought that you have seen the best of beach weddings, you thought wrong. This past weekend, Nakyia and her bridal party walked down the sandy aisle with beautiful afros and puffs in all their glory. Photographs of the stunning... Continue Reading

#GrowingUpWithBrownSkin Sheds Light on What It’s Like To Be Black in America

Yesterday morning the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin was trending on Twitter for hours via ‘Black Twitter’. Under the hashtag you’ll find numerous tweets from minorities sharing their experiences on what it was like to grow up with brown skin in America. Most... Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Kandi Burruss Isn’t Strange for Potty Training Her Son at 4 Months Old

A few weeks ago, Kandi Burruss-Tucker shared a video on Instagram of her 4-month-old son, Ace, using the potty. Kandi encouraged all parents to start potty training their kids early so that they can get used to using the toilet.... Continue Reading

Does the Love of Dark Skin on Social Media Translate Offline?

Though dark skin women are getting some love on social media, one has to wonder if this love is translating to offline.  Is there a “real world” equivalent to #melaninpoppingseverely and other hashtags showing appreciation for darker sisters? Is there an offline counterpart... Continue Reading

20 Flawless Black Wedding Parties

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[Video] Will and Willow Smith Perform ‘Summertime’ at the Roots Picnic

Will Smith, in true coolest Dad ever form, hopped on stage with his baby girl, to perform his classic Summer jam “Summertime.” Willow Smith invited her Dad to join her while she was performing at the annual Roots Picnic in... Continue Reading

10 Historically Black Beaches to Visit This Summer

In 2016, we take going to the beach and hanging out with friends and family for granted – we don’t have to worry about which beach we’re allowed to visit or if we’ll be harassed or asked to leave. There... Continue Reading