Gambian Model Accused of Being a White Woman in Black Face

A Gambian woman who has been reposted several times on Instagram for her stunning dark skin, has been accused by a Brazilian follower of being a white woman. The accuser created a meme of the model alleging that she sprays her... Continue Reading

‘This is How You Draw a 15-y-o Black Girl’: Illustrators Flood Social Media After Marvel Sexes Up the New Iron Man

Recently, popular Marvel artist J. Scott Campbell found himself in hot water with a lot of Iron Man fans for his depiction of Riri Williams, who is the new face of the series, after Twitter user @Steph_I_Will questioned how she was... Continue Reading

Simone Biles is an Adorable Love Interest in Jake Miller’s Video ‘Overnight’

Simone Biles is living it up after her historic wins at the Olympics in Rio. The 19-year-old gymnastics star has been presenting at awards shows, shooting hoops with the Bulls and now, starring in music videos. For Jake Miller’s song... Continue Reading

[Video] Nicki Minaj Bows at Lauryn Hill’s Feet Upon Meeting Her For the First Time

Nicki Minaj may be dubbed the “Queen of Rap,” but that didn’t stop her from having a moment of admiration for a woman who helped pave her way in hip hop. Minaj met the one and only Ms. Lauryn Hill... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Women Documenting their Weight Loss Journeys Online are Striving for #ThickFit Instead of Skinny

It used to be that black women were congratulated simply for getting to a lower number on the scale. But as perceptions of what is healthy and beautiful evolve, black women are focusing less on a number on a scale... Continue Reading

Black Women Are Tagging and Outing Their Abusers on Social Media

Social media is a tool for a lot of things in 2016 — alleviating boredom, sharing breaking news, posting silly memes. But now, more women are taking to social media for a different purpose – telling their stories of domestic... Continue Reading

Men Washing Their Partners’ Natural Hair is the Video Trend You Need to See

After successfully transitioning to natural hair, and *finally* getting a solid routine down, the last thing most of us want is some clueless dude all up in our tresses. And yet a few brave naturals have allowed their partners to... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Women Share Tattoo Pics Under #BlackInkRocks to Dispel the Notion that Ink Isn’t Appropriate for Black Skin

When it comes to tattooing black skin, the stereotypes abound. From the idea that heavy tattooing is not a ‘black’ thing, to the belief that ink won’t show up on brown skin. In a bid to debunk these stereotypes that... Continue Reading

[Pics] Beyonce’s Tidal Dress Was Designed to Mimic the African Tradition of Scarification

Saturday’s Tidal concert had a lot of folks talking. From Nicki Minaj’s backstage and on stage twerking, to Beyonce not missing a beat after getting a bloody ear from a wardrobe malfunction. A less obvious, but equally interesting story involved... Continue Reading

Why It’s Disrespectful for Black Women to ‘Dress Up’ as Native Americans for Halloween

Last night as I was scrolling through Instagram I came upon a beautiful photo of a black woman dressed in what she described as a Pocahontas/Tribal-inspired look for Halloween. She had several photos and video clips, and all of the... Continue Reading

Petty Teacher Sends Note Home Saying Black Student’s Hair “Stinks” of Coconut Oil

Not only are schools policing how black children wear their hair, they are also trying to police what they put in it. When Tionna Norris, a Chicago resident, sent her daughter Amia to Raggedy Anne Learning Center she wasn’t expecting to... Continue Reading

Watch the First Episode of Issa Rae’s New HBO Show ‘Insecure’ Here!

Like many black women I was eager to check out Issa Rae’s new HBO show Insecure. Unfortunately I do not have HBO, and the show isn’t available for purchase on Amazon or Google Play. So I was happy to discover... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Woman Doctors Take to Social Media After Delta Refused to Believe Black Woman Passenger was a Doctor

By now you may have heard the story of Tamika Cross, an OBGYN from Houston who, on a Delta flight, was blocked by a flight attendant from helping an unconscious man because the attendant refused to believe Cross was a... Continue Reading

[Pics] Nerissa Irving’s Real, Ankle-Length Locs are Breaking the Internet

  When I first saw Nerissa Irving’s locs, my first question was, “Are these real?” With faux locs currently all the rage (Rihanna’s newest look is butt length faux locs), I had to wonder. But yes, these are the real... Continue Reading

8 Reasons Black Women are Not to Blame for The Birth of a Nation’s Poor Box Office Performance

This is not an article about the 17-year-old rape allegations against Nate Parker. This is not an article about the black women who went on record expressing discomfort with him, and those who went on record supporting him. This is... Continue Reading