Ghanaian-UK Writer Asks: Why Aren’t ‘Unapologetically Black’ US Artists Touring in Africa?

20-year-old Ghanaian-UK writer Joel Ryan posted a very thought-provoking essay on his music site, Spike UK Online, that has sparked discussion on the relationship between Africans and Black Americans. While many artists of late, including J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and... Continue Reading

Black Women are Proudly Showing Off Their Darkened Summer Skin With #TanonFleek

“Stay out that sun!” Countless black girls heard those harsh words from mothers, grandmas and aunties who feared the blackening effects of the sun. As we grow in the understanding that dark skin is beautiful, many black women are ditching sun... Continue Reading

[Video] Every Year Venus & Serena Williams Compete in a Secret Amateur Dance Invitational They Created

The Williams sisters are best known as monsters on the tennis court, but for years they’ve been secretly coming for another title — Queen of the Dance. For years the sisters have hosted a private amateur dance competition — called... Continue Reading

Concern is Growing that ‘Hidden Figures’ Blackness is Being Tamped Down to Satisfy Mainstream Audiences

We’re all excited to see black women getting their well-deserved time on the silver screen. The 12 upcoming films with black women in leading roles is perhaps an indication that the tide is shifting in the film industry to be... Continue Reading

Danai Gurira Says She’s Not a Minority

In an interview in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, actress Danai Gurira discusses Hollywood’s diversity problem head on. She also opens up about her reluctance to both accept the label “minority” and to have her projects classified as “minority stories.” “I never consider... Continue Reading

Kerry Washington: My Life Was Toxic Before ‘Scandal’

Very few people are born into success. In fact, many successful people are quite candid about what they had to lose in order to rise the top. Kerry Washington is no exception. Known for being tight-lipped about her personal affairs Washington, who... Continue Reading

7 More Dope Black Women Poets You Need To Know

Beyoncé’s latest album, Lemonade, introduced the masses to Warsan Shire, and that was a wonderful thing. I think that much of the time we focus on the classic black poets such as Maya Angelou or Nikki Giovanni, who are both... Continue Reading

Solange Neatly Gathers Fan Who Blasted Her for Teaching Son French Instead of African Languages

Solange’s son Julez just completed the 5th grade and the proud mom recorded the ceremony during which Julez spoke in French, a language he is learning to speak fluently. My bebe graduated 5th grade today and I think he's pretty... Continue Reading

Shocking Report Alleges Tamar Braxton Was Fired from The Real For Talking, Acting Too Black

Many black woman fans of The Real are still confused about why Tamar Braxton was fired from the show. Rumors have swirled blaming everything from alleged diva behavior, to co-star Loni Love. But a shocking Daily Mail report disturbingly suggests... Continue Reading

12 Black Actresses Starring in Upcoming Superhero and Science Fiction Films

On May 14, we posted 12 Upcoming Movies Starring Black Actresses as Leading Ladies.  If you thought the appearance of black women in future films stopped there, then you were wrong.  Actresses like Alexandra Shipp and Octavia Spencer will be starring... Continue Reading

Twitter Activist Sparks Discussion After Asking Why “The Face of Young Black Feminism” is Light-Skinned and Biracial

Pax Jones is the mastermind behind #unfairandlovely, a hashtag campaign she started with two Sri Lankan friends that has become a melanin movement for the Asian community. But a series of thoughtful tweets she posted in January have resurfaced, sparking... Continue Reading

Madonna Posts Unflattering Exposed-Derriere Picture of Prince on Instagram Before Billboard Tribute

Madonna, who performed the Prince Tribute during the Billboard Music Awards last night, posted the following picture to her Instagram account and Prince fans were none too pleased: While the world is accustomed to Prince’s gender-bending fashion, this particular image —... Continue Reading

Morris Chestnut Posts Beautiful Prom Photo With Stunning Daughter Paige!

Talk about some good family genes! 47-year-old Morris Chestnut, who currently stars in the Fox show Rosewood, posted this photo to his Facebook page with the caption; Daddy-Daughter Time. #PrideandJoy #SeniorProm #GrowingTooFast Gorgeous! Paige is one of Chestnut’s two children... Continue Reading

Black News Anchor Claps Back in Glorious Fashion After Viewer Insults Her Jewelry

Barbara Ciara of WTKR 3 news in Virginia and North Carolina is not here for petty complaints. The 38-year veteran reporter recently delivered a glorious clap back after a viewer insulted her jewelry, insinuating that it was gaudy. From the... Continue Reading

Maminydjama Maymuru is the First Ever Aboriginal Finalist in the Miss World Australia Competition

“For 49,800 of those years [the Aboriginals] had the continent to themselves. … Then on April 29, 1770, British explorer James Cook landed his ship, the Endeavour, on the southeastern shore. The next two centuries were a horror show of... Continue Reading