Deep Conditioning

Why Egg Conditioners Won’t Add Protein to Your Hair

1. Avril asks: ‘What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment that makes the hair so hard, and how do we benefit from it?’ 2. Kelly asks:... Continue Reading

10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks

Surely, I can’t be the only one who has run out of shampoo on wash day or just can’t seem to find my conditioning caps when it’s time to deep condition. With these easy, yet effective hacks, you’ll never need... Continue Reading

How I Keep My Ends from Tangling, Knotting and Breaking Pt. 4 Portia’s Advice

Our fourth feature is from Portia. Be sure to check out our first feature from Chinwe, our second feature from Elle and our third feature from Geneice. In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I big chopped and my... Continue Reading

Deep Conditioner vs. Hair Mask: What’s the Difference?

The never-ending quest for perfectly moisturized hair begins in the hair product aisle or, if you’re a mixologist, your kitchen. I’m not much into mixing homemade conditioners (mostly out of laziness) plus I believe a sweet smelling concoction in the beauty supply... Continue Reading

3 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Recipes to Combat Dryness This Fall

Is your regular conditioner not cutting it this fall? Do you need a boost of moisture to combat the cold, dry air? Here are three conditioner recipes that you can whip up right at home. Get your mixing bowls ready!... Continue Reading

5 Ways that Weekly Deep Conditioning Can Boost Length Retention

by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2 As someone who gets a lot of questions pertaining to how to keep hair healthy and grow it long, I was surprised to discover how many ladies and gents didn’t know or still don’t know... Continue Reading

5 Conditioners for Protein Sensitive Hair

For naturals who consider their hair sensitive to protein, the general advice in seeking out proteins in ingredient labels is to look for three main words -amino acid (e.g silk amino acids) -protein (e.g soy protein) -hydrolysed/hydrolyzed (e.g hydrolyzed keratin)... Continue Reading

6 Deep Conditioners That Do it All

I’m a picky eater. I don’t like certain foods because of how they look, others because of how they smell. Other still (and even perhaps more ridiculously) because of the texture. I really thought food would be the thing I’d... Continue Reading

How To Make Your Own Hair Steamer

by Trudy of 4cHairChick Currently, I’m ballin’ on a tight budget.  Got some big time projects in my future, so every dollar spent is carefully planned.  Though a Huetiful Steamer is in the horizon; I’m currently without a steamer or an upright... Continue Reading

4 Signs You Need a Protein Conditioner

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Protein conditioners.  Many naturals can do without them but some of us need them. If you are trying to determine where you fall, check out these four common reasons you may consider protein conditioners:... Continue Reading

Chocolate for Natural Hair? Oh, Yes! 2 Cocoa Powder Hair Mask Recipes

by Kiianah of Rockin’ it Napptural What is Cocoa powder?  Raw cacao powder is made from cocoa solids and comes from the cacao tree, which is also where chocolate comes from. Not only is cocoa powder something that I enjoy adding... Continue Reading

5 Amazing Moisturizing Conditioners for Dry Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Are you searching for an effective moisturizing conditioner for your parched natural hair?  Here are some products that might be worth trying: 1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner (pictured above) WHY AUSSIE: It... Continue Reading

4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Honey Conditioners

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Honey is a natural humectant (a substance that promotes moisture retention).  Add it to a conditioner or mix it with oils and other substances to enhance your conditioning process.  If you do not know... Continue Reading

Should Deep Conditioning be Done on Dry, Wet or Shampooed Hair?

An important question that is often asked is about the initial step before conditioning. 1. Oil as a conditioner (pre wash treatment)  Oil for the purpose of conditioning is always applied to dry hair. This is because water repels oil... Continue Reading

3 Amazing Protein Conditioners for Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Protein conditioners are not exactly a necessity for most naturals, but some of us do need them, especially if we color, manipulate, or flat iron our hair regularly. The challenge that is then faced... Continue Reading