4 Detangling Hacks For Tangles That Are Doing the Most

We’ve all been there. You put wash day off a few days or weeks, because your big hair was fly. Or a product you thought you’d love turned your tresses into a tangled nightmare. Maybe your beloved kinky Curly Knot Today just up and told you, “Not today!” When your hair gets helplessly tangled,you need... Continue Reading

3 Unconventional Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

About a year after beginning my healthy hair journey, I was fairly certain that I had successfully mastered growing my coily hair. However, I had yet to figure out how to detangle my fro without it being an all-day affair. Perhaps, that’s an exaggeration, but it lasted much longer than I felt necessary. So for the... Continue Reading

Will Naptural85’s 25-Minute Co-wash and Detangle Method Work On 4C Hair?

As a natural, you’re more than likely familiar with some of the challenges that come with detangling – especially if you are 4C. Some include reducing breakage, avoiding snags and holding back tears from your eyes. (Yes, tears.) If  you tack on washing, conditioning and sealing, for some, this total time can run into the realm... Continue Reading

5 Lightweight Detangling Sprays for Natural and Transitioning Hair

Does your hair need a mid-week detangling pick-me-up, but you don’t want it to get weighed down with product? Sometimes, navigating through the hair with detangling conditioners and products like Kinky Curly Knot Today are less than optimal. They can be a little too heavy, and sometimes too time consuming. Plus, summertime is all about... Continue Reading

True Life: I’m a Type 4 Natural and I Haven’t Combed My Hair in 2 Years

by Kara, pictured above I haven’t combed my hair in almost two years and my hair is the longest it has ever been. If someone had told me two years ago I’d do this, I would gasped and fully expected my hair to be loced by now. But two years has gone by without a... Continue Reading

5 of The Best and Worst Detangling Tools for Fine Natural Hair

This is a very subjective post but I feel that I am an authority on the subject of detangling fine hair because I have a lot of it. It takes ages to detangle and I have been in this game for over 10 years, constantly trying different things. Now, we’re talking fine individual strands, not... Continue Reading

I Detangled My Natural Hair From Roots to Tips and Lived to Tell the Story

by Shelli of Hairscapades Okay, so I may be (figuratively) hung, drawn, and quartered for this one. Alright … alright … I’m being dramatic. But … I’m about to suggest something that will probably go counter to a “natural hair” great commandment that most have probably read over and over again. DETANGLE FROM TIPS TO ROOTS ROOTS TO TIPS. See, what... Continue Reading

3 Potential Pitfalls of Finger Detangling

Geraldine of Geraldine the Great Let me state for the record that I have been exclusively finger detangling for years (possibly 4-5 years) and I am a huge proponent of its benefits. Besides experiencing a great decrease in breakage, finger detangling contributed to the elimination of pain when detangling and helped me to identify a... Continue Reading

Does the Denman Brush Live Up to the Hype? [Review]

by Monica of Knapsgirl A Denman brush is a tool and like all tools will not work for everyone in the same way or at all. I am not a person who swears by the Denman but I think it lives up to its claims. In my humble opinion, the Denman brush has suffered the... Continue Reading

How to Detangle Long 4C Natural Hair

by Geri of Geraldine the Great Alright- so, there’s much ado about finger detangling, as of late. It’s one of my most highly touted methods to attaining length, and for preserving healthier hair strands. I mention it often, and in fact, a reader recently took me to task about it with the following comment: Q:  You’re killing me... Continue Reading

True Life: I Don’t Fully Detangle… and My Hair is Waist Length

Can I tell you a secret? It takes me less time to detangle my hair now than it did a year ago. Why is that surprising? Well, for starters my hair is several inches longer than it was a year ago — something that usually meant longer detangling sessions. Now before you get your hopes... Continue Reading

4 of the Best Detangling Conditioners for 4B/4C Natural Hair

Style Icon Mouna By Chinwe of Hair and Health Major shrinkage and little to no curl clumping are typical characteristics of 4B/4C natural hair that can make detangling a challenge.  Here are four great conditioners that can help to ease the process for our hair type: 1. Avocado Detangling Mixture This is my favorite conditioner... Continue Reading

3 Methods for Detangling Matted and Tangled Natural Hair

Style Icon Nicole I am yet to meet a natural who has not left in a protective style or worn a twist out for a little too long. Some of us also know that our hair really does not care for wash and gos but because of time or because you were feeling like it,... Continue Reading

How to Detangle Your Roots

Style Icon Kyla The worlds of relaxed and natural hair care have their own glossary of terms. When I decided to wear my hair naturally terms like “wash n’ goes”, “twist outs” and “single strand knots” grew to hold meaning for me. When I was relaxed much of my hair plans and, dare I even... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Cut Your Detangling Time and Stop Breakage

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom Natural hair is not something that is mastered in a few days. It is generally the case that you need to take a few baby steps to gradually change habit of a previous lifetime. This is especially true when it comes to detangling, things that work when hair is... Continue Reading