Why I’m Not Setting Any Professional Resolutions This New Year

I have been setting professional goals forever. Each year when January 1 rolls around I come up with a multi-part list detailing exactly where I’m headed and how I get there. I do this instead of allowing myself the freedom... Continue Reading

BGLH is Looking for Writers Beyond the Topic of Natural Hair

2016 is coming to a close, and with it, an identity that BGLH has held close. When I started Black Girl with Long Hair in April 2008 it was as a natural hair website. Somewhat unexpectedly it went from a... Continue Reading

BGLH Is Looking for Interns!

BGLH, one of the largest black woman beauty and culture sites, is looking for cool, culture-savvy interns to join our team! Video experience is a plus. Interns must live in or around New York City, and be able to travel... Continue Reading

BGLH is Changing, and It’s a Beautiful Thing

No, your BGLH article feed is not deceiving you, things have changed. You might have noticed lately (officially starting on March 1) that BGLH is talking about more than hair… a lot more than hair. We’ve discussed culture, style and... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make Money in the Natural Hair Industry

by Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks Research has recently shown that big hair and beauty brands are losing money due to drops in relaxer sales. It’s clear that naturals are spending their money elsewhere. If you’re so inclined, here are some... Continue Reading

5 Things That Keep Most Women from Going Natural

by Daily of Daily Curlz Sitting down and having a conversation with a curly girl under cover aka anyone with relaxed hair or any sort of treatment to hide her hair texture, is quite remarkable. It is funny to me... Continue Reading

3 Bold Natural Hair Trends for Spring 2014

Content Provided by Klassy Kinks Crayola Color Your Curls Lots of people (myself included) go lighter with their hair color during the spring & summer with brown, auburn, copper, and blond hues. The more bold and fearless naturals are using all... Continue Reading

[Sponsored] Hit YouTube Series ‘Hello Cupid’ is Back! Season 2 Trailer Inside

With the exception of commercials or small supporting roles, natural haired beauties are a rare sight on television. BLACK&SEXY TV (an independent online entertainment network) is changing this with an array of award-winning YouTube series featuring gorgeous, confident women who... Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

Valentine’s Day is this week and here at BGLH, we have a few things on our wish list that we wouldn’t mind getting from “BAE.” Rinny Hand Painted Silk Kimono   I’ve always wanted a nice silk robe to wear... Continue Reading

Introducing Baby and Blog: A Site Celebrating Black Mommyhood

Hello ladies, Most of you know me as a natural hair blogger, but 8 months ago I also became a new mom! The experience has been life-altering (to say the least!), but I’ve been bummed to find that there are... Continue Reading

Welcome to the NEW BGLH!

In a few short months, BGLH will celebrate its 5 year anniversary! And it’s crazy to me that what started as a hobby has turned into this hub of inspiration and beauty. We’ve had hundreds of discussions on hair, beauty... Continue Reading