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Five Realities of Being a Light-Skinned Token

It’s 2017, and colorism is clearly alive and well. We know this, although some refuse to acknowledge or admit it. Some don’t think it’s important because at the end of the day, to most, being black will trump the color... Continue Reading

ABC Casts Rachel Lindsay as its First Black Bachelorette

ABC has announced the first black bachelorette in the show’s 15-year history. Every season the leading lady for The Bachelorette is chosen based on the runner-up or fan favorite from The Bachelor. This time 31 year-old Texas lawyer Rachel Lindsey won viewers’ hearts and... Continue Reading

5 Facts About Tiera Guinn, The 22 Year Old Black MIT Student Who’s Already a NASA Engineer

At 22 years old, Tiera Guinn is a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for Boeing, working in conjunction with NASA to create a space launch system. Let that sink in… Here are 5 things to know about this black... Continue Reading

I Never Thought I’d Meet My Husband On a Dating Site, But I Did

Almost three years ago, I met the love of my life – my husband – on an internet dating site. Call it fate. Call it chance. All I know is that I never imagined that I would meet my life... Continue Reading

[Video] Buzzfeed Releases Tragic Video Recreating Iconic Beyonce Looks

Over the weekend, Buzzfeed hair site Top Knot released a video recreating iconic looks from several Beyonce music videos and album covers — Say My Name, Survivor, Dangerously in Love, Single Ladies, Telephone, 7/11, Feeling Myself and Formation. The video... Continue Reading

‘If Your Religion Causes You to Hate, Change It’: Janelle Monae Writes Impassioned Post About Homosexuality and Religion

A few days ago a video surfaced of gospel singer and pastor Kim Burrell, who is on the Hidden Figures soundtrack, speaking against homosexuality in a recent sermon. “Anybody in this room who feels the homosexual spirit, beg God to free... Continue Reading

Woman Sparks Online Debate After Publicly Renouncing her Delta Sorority Membership for Conflicting With Her Christian Faith

A woman named Angela Crenshaw is sparking fierce online debate after going public with her choice to renounce her membership with the Delta Sigma Theta sorority on the basis that it conflicts with her Christian faith. In a post titled... Continue Reading

A White Music Writer Told Solange Not to ‘Bite the Hand That Feeds Her’ By Pissing Off Her White Fans

Since Solange Knowles debuted her third studio album, A Seat at the Table, in September it has remained a consistent topic of conversation. The Billboard number one album is a testament to how much Solange has grown as an artist.... Continue Reading

Winnie Harlow Reveals Her Big Chop… While Shading Another Black Model’s Hair

Celebrity big chop social media reveals are fun. They’re an opportunity to celebrate black women who dare to shave it all and rock their natural texture, which is still a very counter cultural beauty move. But model Winnie Harlow disappointingly... Continue Reading

‘I Don’t Know Where Dark Skinned Girls are Getting This Confidence From’: Black Vlogger Receives Nasty Shade on IG

Black beauty and lifestyle vlogger Jennifer Olaleye was targeted by two non-black women on Instagram after posting a stunning image. The two hateful women derided Jennifer, asserting that her confidence in her dark-skinned beauty was contrived. Jennifer’s response was classy... Continue Reading

[Pics] After Trump’s Election, Teyana Taylor Rolled up to the White House with a Black Power Fro

While the Cleveland Cavaliers were at the White House celebrating their recent NBA Championship win, Teyana Taylor stole the social media spotlight with her proud pose.  She wore a big afro, hoop earrings, and burgundy turtleneck and suit — all... Continue Reading

Yes I’m a Black Woman Who Contours, No I Don’t Do it to Look More Eurocentric

Over the weekend, this meme began circulating on social media. It pictures a black woman — mid contour — reflecting on her actions. The caption says: “When you’re contouring and highlighting and realize that you’re trying to get more eurocentric... Continue Reading

Why Do So Many Black Male Comedians Go Viral by Mocking and Imitating Black Women?

There is a class of black male comedians on Instagram who derive laughs from portraying black women. There is the popular Suzan, a crazy and extremely jealous Jamaican girlfriend played by PrinceMarni (627,000 followers). There is also the famous Titi, a sometimes insecure and argumentative... Continue Reading

Claudia Jordan Checks Fan Who Tried to ‘All Lives Matter’ Her Tribute to Black Girls

A couple days ago Claudia Jordan posted a photo of smiling black little girls of various skin tones with the caption “Baby girls— you are beautiful in ALL shades. KNOW THiS as a FACT and NOT an opinion. ????????????” But... Continue Reading

Mildred Loving’s Grandson Reveals She Didn’t Identify, and Hated Being Portrayed, as Black American

The movie ‘Loving,’ scheduled to be released this Friday, tells the story of an interracial couple in Virginia whose court case declared Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act unconstitutional. Richard Loving, a white man, married Mildred Jeter in violation of Virginia law,... Continue Reading