Natural Hair Care

Like Uber for Natural Hair: I Tried an On-Demand Hair Service

Let’s face it, most women have a beauty regimen. We may not always be dressed to the nines, but maintaining a nice outward appearance is important. This, of course, includes our hair. Many of us jumped on the natural hair... Continue Reading

4 Simple Methods for Trimming Natural Hair at Home

It’s that time of year again. After letting your strands whip in the warm air this summer, it may be time to trim and dust your mane for the fall. No need to rush to the salon, you can snip... Continue Reading

My Secret to Flawless, Long-Lasting Curl Definition

Day 2 curls   I’m about that wash and go life, and at this stage in the game I’ve pretty much perfected my wash and go. I mean dang, it only took me almost 2 years. Seriously, it took me... Continue Reading

4 Superb Conditioners for Fall

Happy fall, BGLH readers! Although I try to not buy *too* many new products (my holy grail list is pretty much complete), every so often my product junkie-ism kicks in. Without even trying, I’ve found some really great conditioners that... Continue Reading

How to Comb Kinky, 4C Hair Without Pain

I often come across women who tell me they can’t keep their hair in its natural texture because it’s nearly impossible to comb and can be very painful. “Oh, my hair breaks combs” they tell me. Then they ask me... Continue Reading

Why I Did the Big Chop After a Lifetime of Long Relaxed Hair

When I first decided to stop getting relaxers, doing a big chop wasn’t my goal. The shortest my hair had ever been was chin length, and for the most part I could still put it in a ponytail if it... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Add Volume to Thin Natural Hair

Contrary to popular belief, naturals are not all walking around with voluminous, thick hair. For some ladies the volume struggle is real. And this isn’t because their hair is unhealthy or ill-treated, they simply have naturally thin hair. It doesn’t... Continue Reading

Why I Did a Year and a Half Long Transition Instead of a Big Chop

For my natural hair journey, I chose to transition for a year and half before cutting my relaxed ends for several reasons. I cut my relaxed ends in January of 2012. Transitioning Hair: Braidout In the beginning of my hair... Continue Reading

I Hid My Natural Hair For 13 Years; How I Finally Came to Embrace It

While I’ve been natural for over 14 years, I never considered myself a part of the natural hair movement. My reason for going natural back in the day was simple: I wanted to see my natural curl pattern. I wanted... Continue Reading

This Is Why Braid Extensions Itch So Much

It’s happened to the best of us: you get a fresh set of extensions, be they Ghana braids, Marley twists or faux locs. You check the mirror, excited at how fly you look, and commence the itching. That ‘keeping you... Continue Reading

10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks

Surely, I can’t be the only one who has run out of shampoo on wash day or just can’t seem to find my conditioning caps when it’s time to deep condition. With these easy, yet effective hacks, you’ll never need... Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Part My Natural Hair

Seriously, I might be a little late on this one. Years ago when someone commented on my hair, saying it looked “nice but I needed to take out the part,” I thought it sounded 100% hater. What? What’s wrong with... Continue Reading

The $25 Tatiana Wig is Becoming a Favorite for Naturals

Everybody remembers the era of the famous curly Vanessa La Jay wig in the natural world. Now it’s all about the Sensationnel Tatiana wig. What makes this wig so special is that it mimics 4C hair perfectly and gives you... Continue Reading

8 More Inspiring Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys

In June, we featured 10 Inspirational Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys. Now we are back with eight more. First is Jess of Mahoganycurls.  Check out her 2009 to 2014 growth. Next is another growth collage of Ebony. Mariah‘s journey... Continue Reading

The Next Generation: 8 Kids on Social Media With Incredible Natural Hair

Many of us grew up in a period when it was normal to relax a child’s hair between the ages of 5 to 10 years old. These days, more and more parents are choosing to keep the hair of their... Continue Reading