Natural Hair Care

20 Blown Out Natural Hair Looks That Slay

There’s something about a woman who can rock a blow out without without fear. Here are 19 fearless women who are rocking these blown out looks! Ponytail + blow out FTW! This angled blow out is serving!  Texture shot.  Our... Continue Reading

Natural Hair Blogger Details Her Surprising Post-Pregnancy Shedding

Many black women suffer with postpartum shedding silently, but natural hair blogger Michelle Thames of Happily Ever Natural went public with her experience in a blog post entitled How I learned To Love and Care For My Natural Hair Postpartum.... Continue Reading

Unpopular Opinion: Blowdrying is the Easiest Way to Maintain my Waist-Length Natural Hair

Pictures of my waist-length natural hair blown out semi-straight always garner a lot of likes on social media. And I get it. Blown out afro-textured hair is a fun and sexy look that makes for inspiring ‘hair porn’. But I... Continue Reading

A Scientific Look at Whether Water-Only Washing is Hygienic for Natural Hair

As far as hair washing trends go, the one currently catching fire for the last year or so is the water only wash. BGLH writers Portia and Chinwe of course have it covered! You can see their articles here for... Continue Reading

My Top Five Favorite Products for My 4C Hair This Winter

At this point in my natural hair journey, products that work for my strands in other seasons don’t necessarily still work in the winter.  That is just the reality of my almost 8-year strands.  With the cold weather and the... Continue Reading

Why Egg Conditioners Won’t Add Protein to Your Hair

1. Avril asks: ‘What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment that makes the hair so hard, and how do we benefit from it?’ 2. Kelly asks:... Continue Reading

Five Serious Things to Consider Before Bleaching Natural Hair

Bleaching hair has always been something that I never mess with. I did it once with Loreal Chunking in high school, and all of the bleached pieces turned into a hot mess. They were snapping and breaking all over the... Continue Reading

4 Times Naturals Should Skip the DIY And Go Straight to a Stylist

Somewhere along my natural hair journey, I developed what I like to call “salonphobia.” Maybe it was the time I spent an hour taking my hair down and crying because I was trying to undo a cornrow that was the... Continue Reading

Freaking Over Frizz, Excessive Protective Styling and 3 More Natural Hair Habits to Leave in 2015

Natural hair always seems to be a learning experience. Even though I’ve been natural for six years, I seem to always be making a slight tweak to my regimen, finding a combination that I like a little bit better, or... Continue Reading

5 Red and Auburn Dyes that are Safe and Beautiful on My Natural Hair

The temperatures have dropped and winter is in full force. The change of seasons is a time for women to update their summery hair color to darker, richer shades that remind us of sitting in front of the fire with... Continue Reading

My Worst Natural Hair Mistake and Best Hair Discovery of 2015

My Worst Natural Hair Mistake of 2015 — Using Protein on Hair that Needed Moisture This past summer I decided to rock my hair in a blow out for weeks at a time. It was great. My hair looked fabulous,... Continue Reading

Texture Hierarchy, Damage Denial and 4 Other Things the Natural Hair Community Should Leave In 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that 2016 is in full swing, I think it’s time we had that conversation. You know, that conversation. Yup, that’s the one. That heart to heart I love to have with my fellow transitioners and... Continue Reading

I Tried the Ethiopian Practice of Putting Clarified Butter (Ghee) in My Natural Hair

One of the coolest things about hair is that a lot of kitchen ingredients work well for treatments. Coconut milk, honey, and olive oil are all ingredients that my hair loves, and I love that I can pick them up... Continue Reading

Coconut, Olive and Castor Oh My! How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Natural Hair

Most of us have no idea how to choose a hair oil though we use them all the time! We choose based on a friend’s recommendations or whatever sounds good. Many vegetable oils have amazing properties that nourish and provide... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Get Out of Your Hair Growth Plateau in 2016

It is that time of year when some of us make hair care resolutions for the next year.  “This year, I will reach waistlength.”  “This year, I will retain all of my growth.” Or … “This year, I will break out... Continue Reading