Natural Hair Care

Lazy Practices That Still Help You Retain Length

Cassandre rocking her fro I’m not going to lie- I don’t care for my hair every single day and I’m pretty certain that most natural ladies out there don’t care for their hair every day either. It’s not that I don’t want to care for it, it’s just that sometimes it has to take the... Continue Reading

5 Tips from a Stylist To Maintain Healthy Color Treated Hair this Winter

Every year, we are advised to protect our hair and treat it well during the harsh winter weather. Just as the bitter cold and unrelenting winds can be murder on your skin, the same elements can take a toll on your hair. If you have color treated hair, the damage can be brutal. Fortunately, there... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Bring Moisture Back Into Dry Winter Hair

Sealing is crucial for reducing moisture loss but is only effective for so long. What do you do once the moisture is gone, especially during the winter when it seems to vanish more easily? Here are a few tips to restore that moisture to your hair. 1. Invest in a quality humidifier Cold weather leads... Continue Reading

Micro Trimming Your Way to THICKER, Longer Natural Hair

This is not your usual trimming post. This is not about trimming off your damage in one fell swoop. Rather this is about micro trimming for eventual thickness and length. So, what is micro trimming? Well, it is essentially taking off ¼ to ½ of an inch of hair monthly or every other month to... Continue Reading

4 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Wig Regimen This Winter

The proper wig regimen can offer ultimate protection for your natural hair this season. Not only does this protective style shield your tresses from the elements, but it allow you to easily access your strands for cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing when necessary. Here are some tips to get you started on a wig regimen: 1.... Continue Reading

 3 Easy and Effective Ways To Document Hair Growth in 2015

Can you believe 2014 is almost over?! If you’re like me then you’ve already thought about your resolutions for the upcoming year and how to use setbacks in 2014 to fuel your goals for 2015. When it comes to hair care, December is a great time to reassess any methods you found to be ineffective... Continue Reading

4 Reasons To Rock Mini Twists This Winter

  The winter season is the perfect time to try different protective styles. The cold weather is harsh on our hair; so a style that will keep your hair protected during these months can be very beneficial. One of my favorite protective styles are mini twists. Although they are time consuming to install, the benefits... Continue Reading

4 Detangling Hacks For Tangles That Are Doing the Most

We’ve all been there. You put wash day off a few days or weeks, because your big hair was fly. Or a product you thought you’d love turned your tresses into a tangled nightmare. Maybe your beloved kinky Curly Knot Today just up and told you, “Not today!” When your hair gets helplessly tangled,you need... Continue Reading

4 Ways To Combat Permanent Color Damage

Dying your hair can be one of the quickest ways to change up your look. But if you’re choosing to use permanent dyes, you’re playing Russian roulette for damaged, high porosity hair. Hair goes through a pretty traumatic experience when it is permanently dyed. Some signs that your hair has become damaged by the dyeing process are:... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Cutting Your Natural Hair Might Be the Best Thing You Do in 2015

Style Icon: Joy If you’re like many naturals, the idea of cutting your hair is not only unpalatable, but can also give you nightmares for weeks! Since many are striving to grow long, healthy natural hair; hair cutting just seems counterproductive. But, what if I told you cutting your hair is exactly what you need... Continue Reading

My Experience With the Cherry Lola Treatment (the Precusor to the Max Hydration Method) On 4C Hair

Before the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM), there was the Cherry Lola Treatment, developed in 2009 by natural hair blogger Cherry Lola.  (As a matter of fact, the MHM incorporates a variation of this treatment as its first step.) Because of its effectiveness at reducing frizz, this treatment grew in popularity from 2009 through 2012. Not much has... Continue Reading

Is All Hair Versatile Except Fine, 4C Hair?

I remember smiling when I read this witty comment by BGLH blog reader A Simple Thing on the article about the types of naturals who should avoid heat: ‘ It’s like having fine and kinky hair is the universe’s way of saying “Everyone’s hair is versatile – except yours.” It’s like Oprah giving everyone a... Continue Reading

3 Myths About Cold Weather and Natural Hair

Now that the cold weather is officially here, most hair care regimens undergo restructuring for the better.  Protective styles become more the norm.  Deep conditioning becomes more crucial.  Naturals who want to maximize their length retention this season aim for regimens that are robust all around. With this focus in mind, it is time to... Continue Reading

Does a Healthy Body Really Equal Long, Healthy Hair?

Source We often talk about hair as a fiber and how it can be handled and maintained to be able to achieve long hair. Less often, you will hear people talk about the contribution of exercise and clean eating makes to stronger, longer hair. Do you need to be a gym bunny to make your... Continue Reading

Why I Only Wash My Natural Hair Every 2 Weeks

How many of you reading this wash your hair every 5 days without fail? If you responded “yes,” I’d venture to guess (though I may be incorrect) that you wash your hair that often because its currently at a length you consider manageable, or your scalp accumulates oil necessitating a wash, or you wear wash... Continue Reading