Natural Hair Care

3 Reasons Heat Damage to Natural Hair CANNOT Be Reversed

I get these questions quite often, so I am featuring this one today from blog reader D. She writes ‘So I feel like I have a unique situation. I have heat damage but it’s not the kind you just trim off. The stylist actually weakened and compromised the integrity of my hair. Now that it’s... Continue Reading

3 Protective Styling Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Length Goals

One of the reasons I decided to follow a protective styling and low maintenance regime was because of the overwhelmingly positive effects I saw on women who used this method. Over the past five years, I have largely found that protective styling is indeed very effective in retaining length and allows for easy styling once... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Hair and What To Do About It

I hate to admit it, but at some point in many naturals’ life, hair loss becomes an issue. The truth is no matter how far from superficial we are, losing our hair never feels okay. Below, find three common reasons why you maybe experiencing hair loss and what you can do about it. Your birth... Continue Reading

Why I May Never Straighten My Hair Again

Generally, I follow the mantra of “never say never.” However, there comes a time when you realize the likelihood that you will make certain decisions in the future are slim to none. In my case, hair straightening has become one of those decisions. Now, before you think my reason has to do with my views... Continue Reading

Scissor Happy: 4 Ways to Stop Over Trimming Your Natural Hair

Are you scissor happy? Do you reach for the scissors every time you see a split end or complex knot (knot that has more than 2 strands entangled). Are you happy to trim your hair again if you see splits immediately after a fresh trim? Has your hair become stagnant at a certain length and... Continue Reading

3 Cs to Follow for Ultimate Length Retention

Although short styles are currently all the rage in the natural hair community, length retention continues to be one of our main priorities for healthy hair. And whatever regimen that you follow, you most likely focus on at least one of the three “Cs” I follow for healthy hair and retention. So what are the... Continue Reading

My Top 3 Natural Hair New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I remember the things I could have done differently with my hair over the year before. A bad DIY treatment here, using too many oils there – you get the point. So I like to make a list of natural hair resolutions to ring in the new year. I think this as a... Continue Reading

15 Bad Hair Habits to Ditch in 2015

Whether you’re calling it “making resolutions”, “setting goals”, or just stepping into 2015 feeling brand new, chances are you’re looking to break some bad habits. January is in full swing and there’s no time like the present to get started on creating healthier habits for you, and your natural hair. Here are 15 things you... Continue Reading

How To Make a Crochet Braid Wig

If you’re feeling the crochet braid look, but you don’t have hair that’s long enough to cornrow then the crochet braid wig might be the way to go. Crochet braids are very popular this season and natural ladies are finding more ways to keep the trend going. Crochet braids are creative and versatile, but the style... Continue Reading

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Your Natural Hair Journey in 2015

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got a smartphone. You also probably have goals for your hair in the coming new year, but didn’t know that you can use your phone to help you achieve your goals! Take a look at these mobile apps that can increase the length, strength and glow of your... Continue Reading

How Much Natural Hair Breakage is Normal?

In my short time as a blogger in the natural hair community, I’ve come to realize that there is one word that incites an unparalleled fear and universal panic in naturalistas across the board: breakage. The dreaded (accidental) snap, the tiny wisps of hair on the sink, or the awful realization that more of the... Continue Reading

How Ayurvedic Products Increased My Hair’s Moisture, Strength and Length

Over the past five years, it has become increasingly common for companies to market the benefits of ayurvedic hair care products. Products ranging from natural hair moisturizers to chemical relaxers have stressed the benefits of ayurveda for hair. But ayurveda isn’t just about growing hair, it’s a 5,000 year old Hindu Indian philosophy of mind and... Continue Reading

3 Ways To Combat Dry Hair Syndrome in Type 4 Hair

Many naturals encounter dry hair at some point in time. Dryness can be caused by many things — weather, bad hair products, etc. But for Type 4 naturals like myself, dry hair can be even more prevalent. Over the years, while dealing with bouts of dry hair, I have discovered a few simple ways to quickly... Continue Reading

5 Natural Hair Journeys on YouTube to Inspire You in 2015

Perhaps you had a few hair-related setbacks in 2014, be it heat damage, severe breakage, or something else.  Remember that a LOT can change in one year, including your hair, and for the better.  Start fresh, make necessary adjustments to your routine, and you should see progress by the end of 2015.  For extra motivation, check... Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Retaining Length in 2015

Style Icon Kara It is the recap time of year again! How well did you do on your quest to longer hair? Did you retain as much length as you wanted or did you experience setbacks? No matter where you are on your jouney, if you need to troubleshoot your current routine or check to... Continue Reading