Natural Hair Care

Can Relaxers Permanently Change Your Natural Hair Texture?

We all know that chemical relaxers loosen the natural curl of one’s hair. But can long term use of chemical relaxers alter the texture and curl pattern of your hair as it grows naturally? I’ve heard on more than on occasion an anecdote along the lines of “When I was a girl my hair was... Continue Reading

7-Blend Hot Oil Treatment for Softness, Moisture and Shine in Natural Hair

Vlogger Naptural85 gives the secret to softness, moisture and shine with her 7-blend hot (or warm) oil treatment! She recommends that the treatment be kept in overnight and rinsed out the next morning. The flexi-rod set above was done after she applied the treatment, and we can see the beauty and shine! Here are the... Continue Reading

Are Some Detangling Tools Harmful to Natural Hair?

  Stop for a minute and think about the most challenging aspect of your hair routine. Is it washing your hair? Is it styling? Well, for me it is detangling. I can thoroughly wash my hair in 20 minutes, even less if I wash my hair every 5-7 days. I can make my styles as... Continue Reading

[Poll] Constant Tweaking? Less is More? What Type of Natural Hair Routine Do You Follow?

Style Icon Iris There is a general debate among naturals about how often you should wash your hair in order to reap benefits such as moisturized, breakage-proof hair. Some argue that hair needs water daily while others are happy enough with a weekly wash. The truth is there is no single right answer. There are... Continue Reading

4 Signs That You Need to Simplify Your Regimen

There is no real benefit to having an overly complicated hair care regimen. There are just the disadvantages of headache and time wasted. How do you know whether you need to simplify your regimen? Read on: 1. Your hair is not retaining length If your hair stops retaining length, this could be a sign that... Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Long and Short Kinky Natural Hair

After growing my super kinky hair out for the past four plus years, I decided to cut the back and sides down into a long tapered fro. I won’t get into the how and why of my haircut because I’ve already discussed it on my blog, but now that I’ve been on both sides of... Continue Reading

6 Natural Afro-Latinas to Follow on Youtube

My Afro-Latinas, stand up!  If you are on the hunt for natural Latinas to follow, check out these six ladies on YouTube. 1. Steph of Afro Mío Steph is Dominican and shares her natural hair journey as well as what she’s learned with her Spanish-speaking sistas. On her YouTube channel, she talks about hair care,... Continue Reading

8 Nighttime Hair Maintenance Methods Ranked by Cuteness and Effectiveness

In the wake of the RHOA Todd/Kandi discussion surrounding hair bonnets and BGLH beaus’ insightful opinions on whether they care about bonnets in the bed, I thought I would bring you a ranking of nighttime maintenance methods for natural hair. The decision about how to wear your hair to bed factors in two important aspects:... Continue Reading

Type 4 Naturals: 3 Products to Add to Your Regimen to Boost Moisture

One of the main problems I have experienced with my type 4 hair is dryness. This hair type in particular requires a lot of moisture, and moisture retention is often a big issue. Over the years, I have learned that there are certain things that need to be done or added to my regimen to... Continue Reading

Microscope Photos Reveal Which Natural Cleansers Work Better Than Shampoo

I have finally got around to testing some more natural cleansers. In the firing line today are castile soap (diluted), natural soap or shampoo bar, oat water and shikakai. The Experiment I used my own shed hair and imaged it: - on its own without any washing (oily from sheabutter/coconut oil use) - washed with... Continue Reading

5 Medium Length Afros You’ll Love

Medium length afros don’t receive nearly as much love as they should. If you ask some naturals, this length can be a little awkward at times. These four ladies prove that even during that awkward phase, medium length natural hair are fros to be reckoned with! Schylo Phillips from Aurora, Colorado This 22 year old... Continue Reading

Tutorial: How to Oil Cleanse for Stronger, Longer Natural Hair

  For many women with natural hair the most tedious part of their hair care routine is wash day. Now, while I haven’t yet figured out a way to shorten my 1-1 ½ hour routine (which is much shorter than it used to be) to 20 minutes, I have learned to make certain steps much... Continue Reading

The Henna Hack For FAST Super Moisturized Hair

Got 8+ hours to do a hair treatment? I know some of you ladies do, but I’m sure many of you certainly don’t have time for that! If you love the thickening and conditioning effect of henna, you’re going to love this hack that provides all the good stuff of henna at a fraction of... Continue Reading

Rules of Engagement: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With Natural Women

When I stopped relaxing my hair, my friends made some…er…mistakes when it comes to my hair. So, in order to keep all parties civil, I thought I’d share some of them so others do not make the same mistakes! Mostly this is just funny, but some people really don’t know any better… 1. Don’t trip... Continue Reading

10 Critical Lessons I Learned During My 2-Year Transition to Natural Hair

Although 2012 and 2013 seem like so long ago, I am still amazed at the fact that to date, I have spent more time as a transitioner than I have with completely natural hair. I transitioned for nearly 2 years (21 months), and chopped the rest of my heat damaged ends in December of 2013.... Continue Reading