Natural Hair Care

[Video] Stylist Brings Client’s Natural Hair Back to Life After Removing 9-Month-Old Sew-In Weave

*Warning: graphic video* After seeing the initial photos, I didn’t think that it would be possible for this stylist to save any of her client’s hair after removing a 9-month-old weave. A broken arm initially prevented the client from taking... Continue Reading

How Sway?! This Viral Shrinkage Video is Nearly Beyond Belief

We all know that natural hair shrinkage is quite common, and it’s actually a good thing. Many naturals seek ways to decrease their shrinkage in order to show their true length, but it’s a sign of healthy hair. When the... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Women on Instagram are Sharing Their Heat Damage Transformations

There was a time when heat damage was actually a goal of some women – nicknamed “heat training,” it was a method that included consistently straightening one’s hair in order to achieve looser, “more manageable” curls. While some women were... Continue Reading

Men Washing Their Partners’ Natural Hair is the Video Trend You Need to See

After successfully transitioning to natural hair, and *finally* getting a solid routine down, the last thing most of us want is some clueless dude all up in our tresses. And yet a few brave naturals have allowed their partners to... Continue Reading

Black Women are Comparing Their Relaxed Hair Health vs Their Natural Hair Health and It’s Eye Opening

Some of you have probably thought your hair was so bomb while it was relaxed. You probably thought that there was no way that natural hair could look any healthier, grow any longer, or flatter your face any better than... Continue Reading

[Video] The TODAY Show Did THE WORST Hair Makeover EVER on a Black Woman

TODAY Show Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala believes that any woman can style her hair for a quick summer updo in under a minute.  Mutyala attempted to prove her hypothesis by showcasing easy summer styles on women of different ethnicities and... Continue Reading

Black Mother Creates Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Daughters’ Incredible Natural Hair Journeys

A New York mother has an Instagram account devoted to pictures of her daughter’s gorgeous natural hair, and we are loving it! She is a mother of one son and four daughters, all of whom are working their way to healthy hair.... Continue Reading

20 Inspiring Loc Growth Journeys

Are you considering locs but do not know what to expect in terms of growth? Are you are newly loc’ed and wondering where you will be in one, two, or ten years? Whatever your situation, here are twenty loc growth progressions to give... Continue Reading

22 Inspiring Natural Hair Growth Journeys

Natural hair grows and we know this, but it helps to see inspiration every now and then. There is just something about watching others achieve certain milestones that motivates us to keep on pushing. Whether you are newly big chopped... Continue Reading

23-Year-Old Black Woman Goes Public with Severe Hair Loss As a Warning Against Constant Sew-Ins

On May 26, Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon posted a video of a beautiful 23-year-old black woman who has suffered major hair loss due to braids and sew-ins.  What makes this situation so unique is that hair loss this severe is... Continue Reading

20 Blown Out Natural Hair Looks That Slay

There’s something about a woman who can rock a blow out without without fear. Here are 19 fearless women who are rocking these blown out looks! Ponytail + blow out FTW! This angled blow out is serving!  Texture shot.  Our... Continue Reading

Natural Hair Blogger Details Her Surprising Post-Pregnancy Shedding

Many black women suffer with postpartum shedding silently, but natural hair blogger Michelle Thames of Happily Ever Natural went public with her experience in a blog post entitled How I learned To Love and Care For My Natural Hair Postpartum.... Continue Reading

Unpopular Opinion: Blowdrying is the Easiest Way to Maintain my Waist-Length Natural Hair

Pictures of my waist-length natural hair blown out semi-straight always garner a lot of likes on social media. And I get it. Blown out afro-textured hair is a fun and sexy look that makes for inspiring ‘hair porn’. But I... Continue Reading

A Scientific Look at Whether Water-Only Washing is Hygienic for Natural Hair

As far as hair washing trends go, the one currently catching fire for the last year or so is the water only wash. BGLH writers Portia and Chinwe of course have it covered! You can see their articles here for... Continue Reading

My Top Five Favorite Products for My 4C Hair This Winter

At this point in my natural hair journey, products that work for my strands in other seasons don’t necessarily still work in the winter.  That is just the reality of my almost 8-year strands.  With the cold weather and the... Continue Reading