Natural Hair Care

3 Ways to Troubleshoot Natural Hair That Just Won’t Grow

We’ve all had those moments. In the midst of prepping our hair for wash day, we pull our strands to see how far down our back it can go. Sometimes we’re pleased by the obvious (or barely obvious) progress and... Continue Reading

3 Ways Diffusing Can Cause Heat Damage on Natural Hair

Generally when naturals think of heat damage, they think of flat irons and curling irons being the culprits. Unfortunately, heat damage doesn’t stop at those styling tools. Diffusing your hair can cause heat damage as well. If you’re a wash... Continue Reading

Why My Natural Hair Was Stuck at Shoulder Length for Years and How I Got Past It

It took me 8 years to get to bra strap length and just 1 year to get to tailbone length. But before I got to my desired length, I had little clue as to what my hair needed most so... Continue Reading

4 Overnight Techniques that Transform My Natural Hair from Dry to Moisturized

Sometimes, particularly during the fall and winter months, my hair needs more than the “usual” to be moisturized.  My hair can still be dry the next morning though I slap on a moisturizer and wear a simple satin bonnet at night. ... Continue Reading

22 More Hair Quirks Every Naturalista Can Relate To

I didn’t think it was possible. But somewhere between last year and this moment, I was able to conjure up 20 more natural hair quirks. Keep in mind, this list is for pure entertainment. You may or may not be... Continue Reading

4 Times Adding Silicone to My Natural Hair Regimen Worked

Silicones have gotten a bad rap from the natural hair community for years. A number of hair care books, product reviews and articles warn those with natural hair about the use of silicones; noting that they cause build up, fail... Continue Reading

3 Things You Should Do When Your Natural Hair is Acting “Off”

Natural hair doesn’t guarantee good hair days for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, your hair can act absolutely foolish, especially if you’re trying new products or concocting your own treatments and don’t know if they are pH balanced. As... Continue Reading

4 Hacks for the Easiest Wash Day EVER

The further you delve into your natural hair journey, the easier things should be. I’m a FIRM believer in not hustling backwards, so when something works, I ride that train ’til the rails fall off (or I get distracted… #PJwithashortattentionspan).... Continue Reading

The Fall Regimen Master List — How to Transition Your Natural Hair from Summer to Fall

Summer 2015 was a great one, but it’s officially over! The air is getting cooler, humidity is dropping and, for many naturals, our hair is acting kind of funky. Never fear! Our writers are here to break down how to... Continue Reading

Like Uber for Natural Hair: I Tried an On-Demand Hair Service

Let’s face it, most women have a beauty regimen. We may not always be dressed to the nines, but maintaining a nice outward appearance is important. This, of course, includes our hair. Many of us jumped on the natural hair... Continue Reading

4 Simple Methods for Trimming Natural Hair at Home

It’s that time of year again. After letting your strands whip in the warm air this summer, it may be time to trim and dust your mane for the fall. No need to rush to the salon, you can snip... Continue Reading

My Secret to Flawless, Long-Lasting Curl Definition

Day 2 curls   I’m about that wash and go life, and at this stage in the game I’ve pretty much perfected my wash and go. I mean dang, it only took me almost 2 years. Seriously, it took me... Continue Reading

4 Superb Conditioners for Fall

Happy fall, BGLH readers! Although I try to not buy *too* many new products (my holy grail list is pretty much complete), every so often my product junkie-ism kicks in. Without even trying, I’ve found some really great conditioners that... Continue Reading

How to Comb Kinky, 4C Hair Without Pain

I often come across women who tell me they can’t keep their hair in its natural texture because it’s nearly impossible to comb and can be very painful. “Oh, my hair breaks combs” they tell me. Then they ask me... Continue Reading

Why I Did the Big Chop After a Lifetime of Long Relaxed Hair

When I first decided to stop getting relaxers, doing a big chop wasn’t my goal. The shortest my hair had ever been was chin length, and for the most part I could still put it in a ponytail if it... Continue Reading