Natural Hair Care

3 Tips to Help Your Manage Your Little One’s Natural Hair

If you’re a mom, then you’ve probably been through the drama that comes with taking care of your baby or toddler’s hair. Taking care of afro-textured hair on a little one has many frustrations i.e. the child not being interested in sitting still to discovering that their hair goes from neat and tidy to “hot... Continue Reading

Kinky Hair Struggle? Is All Hair Versatile Except Fine, 4C Hair?

I remember smiling when I read this witty comment by BGLH blog reader A Simple Thing on the article about the types of naturals who should avoid heat: ‘ It’s like having fine and kinky hair is the universe’s way of saying “Everyone’s hair is versatile – except yours.” It’s like Oprah giving everyone a... Continue Reading

3 Myths About Cold Weather and Natural Hair

Now that the cold weather is officially here, most hair care regimens undergo restructuring for the better.  Protective styles become more the norm.  Deep conditioning becomes more crucial.  Naturals who want to maximize their length retention this season aim for regimens that are robust all around. With this focus in mind, it is time to... Continue Reading

Does A Healthy Body Really Equal Long, Healthy Hair?

Source We often talk about hair as a fiber and how it can be handled and maintained to be able to achieve long hair. Less often, you will hear people talk about the contribution of exercise and clean eating makes to stronger, longer hair. Do you need to be a gym bunny to make your... Continue Reading

Why I Only Wash My Natural Hair Every 2 Weeks

How many of you reading this wash your hair every 5 days without fail? If you responded “yes,” I’d venture to guess (though I may be incorrect) that you wash your hair that often because its currently at a length you consider manageable, or your scalp accumulates oil necessitating a wash, or you wear wash... Continue Reading

5 Common Natural Hair Rules I Don’t Follow as a Type 4 Natural

Over the course of my natural hair journey, I have noticed there are a couple things that some naturals live by. While the hair  journey of others can always be used a reference, it has always been my belief that each person’s hair journey should be individualized to them. Hair care isn’t about ‘one size fits... Continue Reading

3 Reasons “Good” Hair Practices Seem to Stop Working

When you first begin building your natural hair regimen, you’re bound to have some hits and misses. However, through a process of trial and error, you will come to realize what works and build a routine around a few staple products and techniques. But what happens when your time-tested methods no longer seem to work?... Continue Reading

4 Tips to Help You Meet Your Waist Length Goal this Winter

Getting those few remaining inches to waistlength can be a real struggle for some naturals.  Though you may know that the key is to preserve those ends, figuring out how to actually do that can be tough at this length.  Here are some things that helped me get over the hump in 2013 that may hopefully help you... Continue Reading

6 Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation for Natural Hair Growth + 2 Exfoliation Recipes

Naturally, when one thinks of exfoliating they think of scrubbing down their entire body with an amazing body scrub. However, exfoliating isn’t just for your body and a lot of times it’s forgotten that your scalp is skin too! With naturals using less shampoo and more conditioner to cleanse their scalps during the winter months, buildup... Continue Reading

14 Must-Have Winter Natural Hair Products

Winter is the perfect time to take special interest in your natural hair care. A simple regimen with more frequent moisturizing, deep conditioning, sealing and protective styling is helpful to retain length during the cold weather. Incorporating good products in within a solid regimen will take your hair care to the next level. With the dropping temperatures... Continue Reading

How Focusing On Hair Porosity This Winter Can Lead to Healthier Longer Hair

When I began researching natural hair porosity, it was like glitter rained down from the sky and I truly began to figure out my hair. I found focusing on porosity to be much more helpful than relying on curl pattern. For those of you unfamiliar, porosity is how well your hair absorbs and holds onto moisture. For... Continue Reading

5 Companies That’ll Make You Want to Wrap Your Hair at Night

We all know that protecting our hair at night is an essential step to growing and maintaining strong, beautiful natural hair. But 100% cotton bandanas draw out the moisture from your hair, doorags leave indentations on your forehead, and beauty supply storescarves never ever stay on… especially when you’re trying to sleep in rollers, rods, or Curlformers.... Continue Reading

4 Alternatives To Oil and Butter For Sealing Moisture In Natural Hair

When Izzy (my hair) was much shorter, I never thought it was necessary to “seal” my hair. Why? Because my hair’s porosity is fairly low, so “sealing” in moisture was never imperative to keep my hair moisturized. If you’re unfamiliar, “sealing” natural hair simply means to use a butter or oil to coat the hair... Continue Reading

3 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Recipes to Combat Dryness This Fall

Is your regular conditioner not cutting it this fall? Do you need a boost of moisture to combat the cold, dry air? Here are three conditioner recipes that you can whip up right at home. Get your mixing bowls ready! 1. Coconut Conditioner Ingredients: 1/2 cup conditioner of your choice (e.g., Tresemme Naturals) 1 tbs... Continue Reading

3 Tips to Prepare Type 4 Natural Hair For The Winter Months

  If you’re like me, then you’re probably already planning for the upcoming cold seasons. You might even start shopping for cozy sweaters and cute winter jackets to look super fly in the wintertime. The same is true for my hair regimen. I want my hair to look super fly in the winter months, so... Continue Reading