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I Lose More Hair with Twists Than Wash and Go’s + 6 Tips for Wash and Go Protective Styling

Throughout my hair journey (teeny weeny afro to waist length, and still growing!), I’ve mainly worn wash and gos. I like twists, braids, and updos, but I find them extremely time consuming, especially with longer hair (it takes me about four hours to twist my hair). Many people claim that our textured hair can’t grow... Continue Reading

3 Massive Hair Mistakes I Made on My Way to Waist Length Hair

Want more cautionary tales from our natural hair pros? Read more hair mistakes from our writers here. 1. Product mix left on too long resulting in pH fried strands One of my top three worst hair mistakes has to be leaving in the cherry Lola treatment in my hair for a few hours longer than... Continue Reading

9 of the Biggest Hair Mistakes Naturals Can Make

Going natural is an exciting thing. You do the big chop, or begin growing out your relaxer and imagine how awesome your new hair is going to be. But there are many pitfalls that can keep you from a happy, healthy hair journey. Three BGLH writers share the worst mistakes they made along their natural... Continue Reading

Woman Regrows Bald Crown Patch Using Sulfur-Rich Onion Mask

Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all, someone uses onion juice in their hair. Yes, you read correctly, the same veggie that you use to flavor your salads and chicken, is being used as an ingredient in shampoo and hair treatments. Apparently, unbeknownst to some, onion juice has been used as a... Continue Reading

How I Minimize Frizz When Washing My Box Braids

So this morning, it was definitely time to wash my braids again. After being at the beach and outside in 90 degree weather, my scalp was screaming at me no matter how many times I sprayed it with refresher. I don’t think it’s hard to wash braids, but here’s what it looked like. I squeezed... Continue Reading

I’m a Waist-Length 4B/4C Natural, and I Can Retain Length Without Protective Styling

On the hair-typing chart, my hair would be considered type 4. It is thick, dense, and has very coarse strands. My hair also tends to be naturally strong, even when I was relaxed. Up until recently in my hair journey, I used very minimal protective styling. While transitioning, I did several low manipulation styles, such... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Avoid Heat “Damage” from the Sun this Summer

Summer is finally here! In your eagerness to get out and enjoy the sun you put on a cute pair of sandals, shorts and that all important sunscreen. You’re now ready to go, right? Well, that depends. Have you taken any extra steps to ensure that your hair won’t be a dried, fried mess at... Continue Reading

Tension vs. Comb Blow Outs: Which Method is Less Damaging?

I’ve been doing comb blow outs (or rather, having my mother do them on me) since I was a child – comb blow outs were the standard. I never imagined that my hair would smooth out using a tension blow out. Those looked like something you did when your hair was already straight. Week after... Continue Reading

Could ‘Volume Checks’ Be the New ‘Length Checks’?

Is natural hair blogger IgboCurls on to something? She recently posted three side-by-side photos of her hair over the course of two and a half years, but instead of highlighting the length she referenced the volume. “I love #lengthchecks but I’m obsessed with #volume #naturalhair #progress #healthyhair #naturalvolume #igbocurls” I love #lengthchecks but I'm obsessed... Continue Reading

10 Inspirational Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys

Have you recently big chopped?  Are you currently transitioning?  Are you in the awkward in-between natural stage?  Whatever your situation, check out these inspirational photos of natural hair journeys around the web. This photo shows Corrie‘s journey from long and relaxed to big chop to long and natural. Here is another relaxed to natural collage.... Continue Reading

Is Protective Styling Important for All Hair Types?

From buns, to braids and twists, many naturals use protective styles as a way to protect their ends and retain length. But a discussion often arises about whether protective styling is as useful for Type 3 hair as it is for Type 4 hair. We asked two writers with different hair types to share their experiences.... Continue Reading

4 Tips for Picking Out Your Natural Hair to Boost Volume

When I first heard of women picking out their curls for volume and fullness, I can’t lie, I was a bit terrified. I recalled the times I blowed out and picked out my fro when my hair was much shorter, and even though it looked fly, the tangles afterward were something to be reckoned with.... Continue Reading

3 Amazing Deep Conditioners Under $10

It’s no surprise that deep conditioning is a staple in many natural haired women’s regimens – protein-moisture balance is a key component to retaining length and preventing breakage. Most recommend deep conditioning at least once a week and several of us have a lot of hair, so it can get a bit expensive to rely... Continue Reading

How I Used Green Smoothies To Jumpstart My Natural Hair Growth

I’m a big fan of delicious green smoothies. When my friend suggested them during my final year at grad school as a way to up my energy I had no idea that the benefits would go way beyond that. Green drinks are one of the reasons for my increasingly glowy skin and the continuous growth... Continue Reading

6 Tips to Reduce Tangles and Knots on 4C Wash and Go’s

In the summertime, I personally love the freedom of being able to wet my hair every other morning, without having to re-style my hair. However, the wash-n-go can come with a price for many of us, and that price is a horrible detangling session at the end of wearing it. If you are 4C and... Continue Reading