Natural Hair Care

Mom grows out daughter’s kinky natural hair to waist length

By Ayoka of Nappy Sexy Fly My daughter has a whole lot of nappy hair as you can see. Her hair is below waist length stretched. She is 5 years old and of course has never had her hair straightened. She knows she’s beautiful because we always tell her that she is sooooooo beautiful. She... Continue Reading

BelleMuse’s simple growth regimen

BelleMuse was featured as a style icon in May 2009 and her hair has grown a TON since then. We caught up with her to get her simple regimen. Bellemuse’s growth regimen1. During the week I mostly wear box braids and on the weekends braid outs. I rarely do twists because I can’t really rinse... Continue Reading

the moisturizing masterbook (courtesy of j!), pt 1

This series was originally posted in February (2/5/09) but as winter approaches, I think we all need to have MOISTURE on our minds. This is me trying to get my moisture on with a pineapple wrap… *** 2/5/2009 so, a few weeks ago, jenteel (our resident hair expert for some months now…) put together a... Continue Reading

Is It Possible to Have Long Hair If I’ve Never Had It?

Question for J from Tasha:Hello ladies, I just want to say that I am in love with the blog. As a new natural of three months, the site gives me hope and inspiration. I am curious about something, and I’m not sure if it has been answered on your blog in the past. I have... Continue Reading

How to Maintain Natural Hair on a Heavy Workout Schedule

Question for J from Rochelle: Wo! Talk about a wealth of information. Thank you. I work out 5 days a week. 3 of them are in bikram yoga with only 30 min to get dressed before returning to work. How does natural hair care / conditioning fit into that? I generally throw some kind of... Continue Reading

regimens gone wild, part 2

So I was curious after our recent discussion on regimens gone wild: In your opinion, what products or ingredients are the bedrock of a solid natural hair regimen? If you cut through all the product junkyism and the frenetic product search, which products/ingredients stand as critical components to a successful regimen? And if you don’t... Continue Reading

sunday retrospective: regimens gone wild?

So I posted Friday about my spritz-induced breakouts, and how I started spritzing because… well… because everyone was doing it. It got me thinking about a phenomenon I’ve seen in the natural hair community — the regimen gone wild. Let me preface this by saying that this post is not about spritzing — spritzing is... Continue Reading

Interview With South African Natural Hair Scientist Nonhlanhla Khumalo

so, over the past few weeks, i’ve had the pleasure of emailing with nonhlanhla khumalo, a south african scientist whose research we’ve discussed on BGLH (here and here.) i initially contacted her on the advice of blogger Jc (thanks girl!), and was pleasantly surprised when she sent this response: “Thank you for the invitation. I... Continue Reading

march moisturizing madness wrap-up!

so we spent the bulk of this month focusing on moisturizing. but, as you saw in the “tough love haircare series”, there are many unhealthy hair practices and that need to be abolished and issues that need to be addressed before your moisturizing regimen can be successful. please look back at the “moisturizing masterbook” and... Continue Reading

tough love: get rid of those scraggly ends!

cut it out! yeah i said it…the dreaded c-word! get rid of damaged hair!if it’s raggedy, it needs to go! ladies if your ends are severely split, or breaking off with every wash – cut them. get it over with. i’ll even let you do a little at a time :) and while you’re at... Continue Reading

tough love: get a handle on those scalp conditions!

focus on scalp conditions: eczema, dandruff, fungal infections and alopecia. if you have not seen one already, please see a doctor if any of these conditions persist. please do not self-diagnosis or self-medicate without getting the proper information. the information that follows is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 1) the... Continue Reading

top 11 reasons why natural women aren’t properly moisturized

click here for part 1so you know that j and i are on this quest to diagnose and *hopefully* cure black women’s moisture issues. ok, i’mma be real… once the poll results came in, along with your follow up remarks… i was *kinda* intimidated at how much digging/research this is actually going to take. but... Continue Reading

the moisturizing masterbook (courtesy of j), third and final part

click here for part 1 click here for part 2 HOW TO LOCK IN MOISTURE: TECHNIQUES/PRACTICES (cont’d….) Protective Styling: PS styles include braids, twists, protective hair coverings (hair pieces and headwraps) and “tucked-under” styles. Make sure to take down the hair daily to spritz/moisturize and seal. These styles will protect your hair from “the elements”... Continue Reading

the moisturizing masterbook (courtesy of j), part 2

click here for part 1 WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT… (cont’d) HUMECTANTS: substances used to attract and bind water to the hair. Vegetable Glycerin: a popular humectant derived from vegetable sources (avoid synthetic glycerin). Use it in combination with another conditioning agent if planning to use heat-styling methods. I personally avoid glycerin because in the... Continue Reading

How To Use Protein Treatments to Battle High Porosity Hair

so, i am continuing my manhunt to learn the true nature of natural hair. this is what i scrounged together from natural hair care forums & blogs. again, it’s a work in progress that is open to comment and dissent, just like my black list. THIS POST ADDRESSES TWO CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL HAIR — POROSITY... Continue Reading