Natural Hair Care

Kinky vs. curly: What’s the difference?

Within the natural hair world there’s a school of thought that you should only follow someone’s regimen if their texture is similar to yours (curly, kinky, coily, wavy). There’s also a school of thought that you can learn good hair practices from anyone, no matter the texture. What do you believe? Do you only follow... Continue Reading

4 Benefits of Shrinkage

In the length/growth focused natural hair world, shrinkage often gets a bad rap. But this natural hair phenomenon also comes with benefits. 1. Shrinkage provides volume. For fine-haired naturals in particular, shrinkage can remove ‘scalpiness’ or the appearance of thin/low volume hair. It’s kind of a trade off of length for volume. 2. Shrinkage helps... Continue Reading

How much length do you retain every month?

Today’s question: How much length does your hair retain every month? Are you happy with that amount? And if your hair isn’t retaining like you want it to, what do you attribute it to (too much manipulation, breakage from low moisture, stress, etc)? Please share! Continue Reading

Roll Call: What is your preferred method of detangling?

Detangling is an essential part of natural hair care. Improper detangling can result in knotting and breakage while proper detangling paves the way for easy styling and care. Naturals approach detangling in different ways, so my question today is, what is your preferred method? Do you strictly detangle by hand? Or do you use a... Continue Reading

Deep Conditioning Products & Regimen

Today’s roll call is all about deep conditioning. It’s important to fortify the hair after days/weeks/months of manipulation, but how people go about it is very different. So I have three questions; 1. How often do you deep condition? 2. What product(s) do you use? 3. What are you trying to accomplish with your deep... Continue Reading

Roll call: Wash day tips & tricks

Wash day can be tricky for naturals — eliminating dirt and product buildup without leaving hair with that “squeaky” feeling that can mess up the curl pattern and lead to knotting. Here are a couple tips I’ve developed: 1. Pre-pooing: I didn’t really know what it was until I tried it recently. Before washing my... Continue Reading

Reader Question: How long will it take my hair to grow out?

Isis submitted this question about length. I’m 18, I attend an HBCU, and I’ve been natural for about a year now. I usually keep these twists extensions in for 2 months at a time… and I see partial growth. How long will it take to reach my neck? I don’t know what to do… Isis,... Continue Reading

Hairline Help

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Thinning edges is a common issue among black women. Between weaves and tight hair extensions, our edges really take a beating! BGLHer Tanaka is struggling with this issue… “To start with, I love your blog and I follow it religiously. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am having an issue... Continue Reading

Second big chop might be necessary after stylist fries hair **Update! Big chop completed!!**

*****UPDATE***** This story was originally posted on December 8, 2009. Tanesha, a professional model, dealt with some serious hair damage on the job and was on the fence about whether big chop again. Well she went ahead and did it and it’s gorgeous! Check it out… I have attached a few photos to show you... Continue Reading

Mom grows out daughter’s kinky natural hair to waist length

By Ayoka of Nappy Sexy Fly My daughter has a whole lot of nappy hair as you can see. Her hair is below waist length stretched. She is 5 years old and of course has never had her hair straightened. She knows she’s beautiful because we always tell her that she is sooooooo beautiful. She... Continue Reading

BelleMuse’s simple growth regimen

BelleMuse was featured as a style icon in May 2009 and her hair has grown a TON since then. We caught up with her to get her simple regimen. Bellemuse’s growth regimen1. During the week I mostly wear box braids and on the weekends braid outs. I rarely do twists because I can’t really rinse... Continue Reading

the moisturizing masterbook (courtesy of j!), pt 1

This series was originally posted in February (2/5/09) but as winter approaches, I think we all need to have MOISTURE on our minds. This is me trying to get my moisture on with a pineapple wrap… *** 2/5/2009 so, a few weeks ago, jenteel (our resident hair expert for some months now…) put together a... Continue Reading

Is It Possible to Have Long Hair If I’ve Never Had It?

Question for J from Tasha:Hello ladies, I just want to say that I am in love with the blog. As a new natural of three months, the site gives me hope and inspiration. I am curious about something, and I’m not sure if it has been answered on your blog in the past. I have... Continue Reading

How to Maintain Natural Hair on a Heavy Workout Schedule

Question for J from Rochelle: Wo! Talk about a wealth of information. Thank you. I work out 5 days a week. 3 of them are in bikram yoga with only 30 min to get dressed before returning to work. How does natural hair care / conditioning fit into that? I generally throw some kind of... Continue Reading

regimens gone wild, part 2

So I was curious after our recent discussion on regimens gone wild: In your opinion, what products or ingredients are the bedrock of a solid natural hair regimen? If you cut through all the product junkyism and the frenetic product search, which products/ingredients stand as critical components to a successful regimen? And if you don’t... Continue Reading