Natural Hair Care

the moisturizing masterbook (courtesy of j), part 2

click here for part 1 WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT… (cont’d) HUMECTANTS: substances used to attract and bind water to the hair. Vegetable Glycerin: a popular humectant derived from vegetable sources (avoid synthetic glycerin). Use it in combination with another conditioning agent if planning to use heat-styling methods. I personally avoid glycerin because in the... Continue Reading

How To Use Protein Treatments to Battle High Porosity Hair

so, i am continuing my manhunt to learn the true nature of natural hair. this is what i scrounged together from natural hair care forums & blogs. again, it’s a work in progress that is open to comment and dissent, just like my black list. THIS POST ADDRESSES TWO CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL HAIR — POROSITY... Continue Reading

the fuzz

Natural hair is highly textured.About a week after putting in a fresh set of cornrows or twists, it starts to get fuzzy. I’m inclined to think that fuzzy hair is part of having afro textured hair. I try to keep my hair looking decent, but I’m not going to pull out gel or grease. But... Continue Reading