Edges + Hairline

How One Woman Regrew Her Edges in Under 2 Months With a Derma Roller

If you are into skincare and spa treatments, then you’ve probably heard of the derma roller or had a treatment yourself. For those of you who aren’t aware, a derma roller is a skin care tool used to treat acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections. The roller is filled with dozens of... Continue Reading

More Stylists Sharing Photos of Braid and Weave Work on Balding Clients: Confidence Booster or Bad Practice?

Photo credit: Braids by Darnita Box braids, twists, and faux locs have really been making their rounds on everyone’s heads this year. They’ve always been popular, but currently, I can’t scroll through one natural hair account on Instagram without seeing a gorgeous set of braids, twists or faux locs. Why not get a set of... Continue Reading

Why My Edges Started to Thin and How I Restored Them Pt 2, Ijeoma’s Story

It’s time for another BGLH compilation series! This time we’re discussing edges; how they thin out and what you can do to restore them. Read the first portion by Geniece. Next up is Ijeoma. I didn’t even realize that I had struggling edges until I cut my hair in February and noticed that my hairline... Continue Reading

Why My Edges Started to Thin and How I Restored Them Pt 1, Geniece’s Story

It’s time for another BGLH compilation series! This time we’re discussing edges; how they thin out and what you can do to restore them. First up is Geniece sharing her experiencing with thinning edges. My challenges with thinned edges can be traced back to my childhood. One style common among many little black girls, 2... Continue Reading

How I’m Using Caffeine to Combat Hair Thinning and Alopecia

by Cassandre of CassandreBeccai.com “My hair is thinning.” My husband said (in his lovely British accent) as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Yes, it was now apparent. My hubby, just a year shy of 30, was already losing his hair. Androgenic alopecia strikes both males and females and is a reflection of... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Bring Your Edges Back From Exile

#teamedgesA receding hairline or “bald edges” can really take away from a woman’s beauty. Rather than dealing with the issue, many have resorted to covering up the problem with a weave or wig, while others turn to supplements or “hair growth pills.” While those are great ways to temporarily deal with the issue, the best way... Continue Reading

5 Key Causes of Nape Area Breakage

Do you have trouble getting the back of your hair to either grow or maintain as long a length as the rest of your head? Have people ever asked if you shaved the back of your head when you have not? (It happened to me when I was relaxed!) Is your hair always longer in... Continue Reading

3 Researched Recipes to Regrow Edges and Recover from Shedding

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Are you having difficulty regrowing your edges?  Or maybe you are having a hard time recovering from hair loss or severe shedding?  Well the following recipes may probably help.  (Keep in mind that while these recipes are based on reviewed studies, they are not guaranteed solutions, especially depending on... Continue Reading

3 Styles that Won’t Damage Your Edges

What’s easier than scooping your hair into a ponytail, tucking it into a bun and heading out the door? Well, if you’re like me and have edges that break with only modest stress, styles like ponytails and buns are not quite so easy. So, in an effort to wear edge friendly styles I’ve modified some... Continue Reading

7 Non-Damaging Products that Slick Edges

Regardless of how you’re styling your hair, chances are sleek edges are on the menu. Nothing sets off a natural hair style better than tamed, natural looking edges (unless you’re going for the messy look…which can be cute). There are plenty of products out there that can slick down your edges, but they tend to... Continue Reading

Protecting Your Nape During the Winter Months

By Geniece of Beautifully Made One winter during high school a strange thing began to happen to my hair. My hair was relaxed at the time and up until that point gave me little to no problems. I rarely used direct heat because my mother would roller set my hair and I regularly washed and oiled... Continue Reading

7 Tips for Dealing with a Sensitive Hairline

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Like some of you, I have a sensitive hairline. Do not be fooled by the thick edges. Lol. My hairline has had a couple weak moments over the years, so I consistently monitor the area and give it extra TLC to keep it healthy. Here are some tips that have... Continue Reading

8 Reasons You Have Thinning Edges

Thinning edges are a recurring issue for many black women but it can be hard to pinpoint a culprit. Here are 8 possible reasons why your edges are thinning. 1. You style your hair too much and you don’t let your edges rest enough Edges are among the most fragile parts of your hair, and... Continue Reading

How I Helped My Mom Regrow Her Edges in 5 Months

By Gabrielle Allen of Strawberricurls.com Black women seem to suffer from a common problem which are thinning edges. I am not saying that its exclusive to our race but we do wear weaves and braids more than any race of people I know in this day and age. Take my mother for example. She told me... Continue Reading

Uneven hair growth: Long hair, thin edges

Reader Lulu says; I really dont know what to do about my edges. I’ve been natural for about 6 months now and even though my hair has grown tremendously, my edges are still weak and almost non existent. It’s scary because I really don’t know what Im doing wrong and on top of that it... Continue Reading