Length Retention

Tutorial: How to Oil Cleanse for Stronger, Longer Natural Hair

  For many women with natural hair the most tedious part of their hair care routine is wash day. Now, while I haven’t yet figured out a way to shorten my 1-1 ½ hour routine (which is much shorter than it used to be) to 20 minutes, I have learned to make certain steps much... Continue Reading

How to Bounce Back from 5 of the Biggest Natural Hair Mistakes

BGLH Style Icon Toni In the natural hair community, we spend a lot of time, energy and money on preventative and maintenance care for our tresses and with good reason. Our natural hair is delicate, and deserves the best care we can provide (especially after years of flat iron and relaxer abuse). We cowash, use... Continue Reading

7 Natural Hair Lessons I Learned After Reaching the 5 Year Mark

When I first big chopped at the end of 2009, I was so excited about my hair. I had never known how to care for my hair before (I never even knew that I COULD learn about the science of hair) and I soaked up any bit of information that was available to me. I... Continue Reading

3 Protective Styling Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Length Goals

One of the reasons I decided to follow a protective styling and low maintenance regime was because of the overwhelmingly positive effects I saw on women who used this method. Over the past five years, I have largely found that protective styling is indeed very effective in retaining length and allows for easy styling once... Continue Reading

4 Rising Youtubers with Hip-Length Natural Hair

If you are looking for more long hair inspiration (or long hair to drool over) on YouTube, check out these hip-length natural hair ladies! 1. Melissa Denise Melissa transitioned from thin, relaxed strands to natural hair in 2006. Being natural was initially tough as there was little hair care information at the time. As a result, she... Continue Reading

3 Cs to Follow for Ultimate Length Retention

Although short styles are currently all the rage in the natural hair community, length retention continues to be one of our main priorities for healthy hair. And whatever regimen that you follow, you most likely focus on at least one of the three “Cs” I follow for healthy hair and retention. So what are the... Continue Reading

5 Natural Hair Journeys on YouTube to Inspire You in 2015

Perhaps you had a few hair-related setbacks in 2014, be it heat damage, severe breakage, or something else.  Remember that a LOT can change in one year, including your hair, and for the better.  Start fresh, make necessary adjustments to your routine, and you should see progress by the end of 2015.  For extra motivation, check... Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Retaining Length in 2015

Style Icon Kara It is the recap time of year again! How well did you do on your quest to longer hair? Did you retain as much length as you wanted or did you experience setbacks? No matter where you are on your jouney, if you need to troubleshoot your current routine or check to... Continue Reading

When Longer Hair Means You Can’t Rock the Same Styles

As you go through your natural hair journey, you will inevitably find that some methods will require adjustment. Length retention is a top 3 goal of many naturals. For those of you gazing longingly at the twist outs and locs of your long-haired peers, let me let you in on a little secret now that I’ve... Continue Reading

Lazy Practices That Still Help You Retain Length

Cassandre rocking her fro I’m not going to lie- I don’t care for my hair every single day and I’m pretty certain that most natural ladies out there don’t care for their hair every day either. It’s not that I don’t want to care for it, it’s just that sometimes it has to take the... Continue Reading

Micro Trimming Your Way to THICKER, Longer Natural Hair

This is not your usual trimming post. This is not about trimming off your damage in one fell swoop. Rather this is about micro trimming for eventual thickness and length. So, what is micro trimming? Well, it is essentially taking off ¼ to ½ of an inch of hair monthly or every other month to... Continue Reading

4 Easy Tips to Perfect Your Wig Regimen This Winter

The proper wig regimen can offer ultimate protection for your natural hair this season. Not only does this protective style shield your tresses from the elements, but it allow you to easily access your strands for cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing when necessary. Here are some tips to get you started on a wig regimen: 1.... Continue Reading

Does a Healthy Body Really Equal Long, Healthy Hair?

Source We often talk about hair as a fiber and how it can be handled and maintained to be able to achieve long hair. Less often, you will hear people talk about the contribution of exercise and clean eating makes to stronger, longer hair. Do you need to be a gym bunny to make your... Continue Reading

3 Reasons “Good” Hair Practices Seem to Stop Working

When you first begin building your natural hair regimen, you’re bound to have some hits and misses. However, through a process of trial and error, you will come to realize what works and build a routine around a few staple products and techniques. But what happens when your time-tested methods no longer seem to work?... Continue Reading

4 Tips to Help You Meet Your Waist Length Goal this Winter

Getting those few remaining inches to waistlength can be a real struggle for some naturals.  Though you may know that the key is to preserve those ends, figuring out how to actually do that can be tough at this length.  Here are some things that helped me get over the hump in 2013 that may hopefully help you... Continue Reading