Oils + Butters

4 Lesser Known Oils That Promote Shine in Natural Hair

Love them or hate them, oils are here to stay in most women’s arsenal of hair products. Finding the right oil for your hair could make the difference between a perfectly moisturized coif or a dried out mess littered with white specks of hardened butter. Naturals the world over use oils to achieve all kinds... Continue Reading

4 Essential Oil Blends that Smell Heavenly and Seal and Moisturize Natural Hair Perfectly

by Cassandre of Cassandrebeccai.com I remember the days when my mom would treat us to some fried plantain (bannan peze) and all kinds of good Haitian home cooking. Her food was always so good, no matter what it was, but there was always one problem. The scent of the cooked foods would always linger on our... Continue Reading

3 Oil Mixes that Boost Natural Hair Length Retention

by Cassandre of cassandrebeccai.com I’ve got a thing for quality oil mixes since learning that a myriad of hair issues can be mended with just the right oily potion. It takes a little experimenting to come up with your own ride or die, holy grail mix, but once you do, the difference it makes could mean... Continue Reading

On To The Next: Why I’m Over Castor Oil

by Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl (pictured above) Ever since I stopped relaxing my hair five years ago, castor oil has been touted as one of the best oils for natural hair. Claims of hair growth and its magical sealing powers are only a few of the benefits I’ve seen time and time again. When... Continue Reading

My Natural Hair Growth Took Off When I Started Using Natural, Raw Ingredients

by Kara of NaturalCurliesTV (pictured above) I remember watching Kimmaytube on YouTube as she was discussing the pH balance of hair and how it is important to use products that are close to the same ph as our curly hair which is between 4.5 and 5.5. Using hair products that are similar in pH cause the cuticle... Continue Reading

How To Make Natural Hair Styling Products More Moisturizing

by Portia of huneybflyy.com We all love a good hair styling product that keeps our twist outs or wash n go’s in place. However, some of the products designed to hold your kinks and curls, can also dry them out at the same time. What do you do when you love the definition that a product... Continue Reading

How To Use Mango Butter for Hair Health and Shine

by Alondra Along with my handy-dandy shea butter, I’ve come across yet another natural product to add to the team: 100% All Natural Mango Butter. Now, I’ve always seen this butter listed as an ingredient in hair care products, but never had I seen it in its natural form until recently. To make a long... Continue Reading

25 More Oils, Butters and Natural Ingredients and How To Use Them on Natural Hair

Style Icon Aevin Last year, I posted an article on “25 Popular Oils, Butters and Natural Ingredients and How To Use Them on Natural Hair.”  The list contained a number of well-known oils — such as olive, coconut, and avocado — that many of us incorporate into our hair care.  Obviously, not everyone is going... Continue Reading

How to Use Oils and Butters on Natural Hair During the Summer

This week was the first time in months that I was able to wear one of my favorite summer dresses with sandals. You know what that means?  Summer is finally here! With the arrival of warmer weather comes a reassessment of my hair products. At one time, a change in seasons meant that I would... Continue Reading

A Scientific Response to Ouidad’s Claim: ‘Oil Does Not Seal in Moisture’

As much as I am a blogger and writer, I am also an avid reader of BGLH and I did not miss the recent video highlight of Ouidad discussing hair and her opinion on using oil on hair. To be specific the quoted portion from the conversation, ‘Oil does not seal in moisture. Oil coats... Continue Reading

Stylists Speak Against Sealing With Butter and Oil, Say It “Suffocates” The Hair

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute amazing opportunity to participate as a panelist in the Ouidad #FRIZZ101 hangout. I got some great information on managing frizz in dry climates, deep conditioning, and more. If you’re interested in the whole hour, go right ahead and watch. But if you want to hear Ouidad say... Continue Reading

6 Underrated Oils and Butters + How to Use Them on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health I think it is safe to say that almost every natural knows about coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and shea butter for hair care.  While each of these oils and butters are great, there are some relatively lesser known ones that might be worth trying.. 1. Aloe Butter Aloe... Continue Reading

12 Ways to Use Avocado Oil on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Avocado oil is one of the better oils to use on our natural hair since it contains a high amount (approximately 72%) of monounsaturated fatty acids – which is higher than most other oils, including coconut and grapeseed.  Want to know how to use it?  Here are 12 ways:... Continue Reading

5 Facts on Oil Rinsing

Style Icon Whitney   1. What is oil rinsing? Oil rinsing involves applying an excess amount of a liquid/liquefied oil or butter to hair, allowing to sit for a short time (5-20 minutes) with or without heat and then proceeding to rinse it off with water.  You can optionally follow up with a conditioner to... Continue Reading

3 Tools that Effectively Distribute Oil to Natural Hair

Let me start this article off with saying that there is nothing wrong with the traditional pour oil into your hands, rub and apply method. This method has stood the test of time and certainly for non-liquid butters, is the only way to apply oil to hair. However, if all you want is a tiny... Continue Reading