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MASTER LIST: 50 Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Sale Guide for Naturals — 2015 Edition

It’s that time again, my fellow naturalistas! I’m back again with the ULTIMATE Black Friday // Small Business Saturday // Cyber Monday shopping list for 2015! In the alphabetized list below, you’ll find popular brands, new brands, and everything in-between... Continue Reading

Why I’m Skeptical of the $300 Flat Iron Brush

A few weeks ago, many naturals marveled at a video showing a mother straightening her daughter’s hair with a DAFNI Straightening Brush (a type of flat iron brush) in one pass. The self-proclaimed revolutionary hair straightening brush will supposedly get... Continue Reading

3 DIY Add-ins That Boost Average Conditioners for 4B Natural Hair

Conditioners: We naturals can’t live without them. They are the backbone of our regimens and supply the detangling, smoothing and restoration our hair craves. The rise in women choosing to go natural has also perpetuated a sub culture of “mixtresses” that enjoy... Continue Reading

4 Times Adding Silicone to My Natural Hair Regimen Worked

Silicones have gotten a bad rap from the natural hair community for years. A number of hair care books, product reviews and articles warn those with natural hair about the use of silicones; noting that they cause build up, fail... Continue Reading

This Brush Alone Will Straighten Natural Hair

A few days ago, Kimberly Satterwhite posted a video on Facebook straightening her daughter’s natural hair with the Dafni Ceramic Straightening Brush. After one brush through, and in less than two minutes, a good sized section of the girl’s hair... Continue Reading

4 Superb Conditioners for Fall

Happy fall, BGLH readers! Although I try to not buy *too* many new products (my holy grail list is pretty much complete), every so often my product junkie-ism kicks in. Without even trying, I’ve found some really great conditioners that... Continue Reading

For European Naturals: 10 UK-Based Natural Hair Product Lines to Try

There are a number of UK based natural hair blogs that you can follow if you live in Europe and want more localized hair tips, but the natural hair products coming out of the UK don’t get as much facetime as products... Continue Reading

Why I Eat Bee Pollen for Hair Growth

Over the years, a lot of information has circulated about the beauty benefits of honey. Need an awesome face mask? Honey. Out of deep conditioner? Get some extra virgin olive oil and honey, and go to town. But what about... Continue Reading

Curl Creams are the New Gel Alternative for Natural Hair

Yes, I know not everyone likes or wants to use gel on their natural hair. The potential crunchiness, dryness, and flaking is enough to annoy anyone going through trial and error with gel products, so a lot of naturals are... Continue Reading

3 Sulfate Shampoos That Won’t Leave Your Natural Hair Feeling Stripped and Dry

I’ve long been a fan of sulfate-free shampoos. For afro-textured hair types, it just made the most sense because it was frequently touted as significantly less drying than its counterpart. While many non-sulfate cleansers are actually less drying, there are... Continue Reading

10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks

Surely, I can’t be the only one who has run out of shampoo on wash day or just can’t seem to find my conditioning caps when it’s time to deep condition. With these easy, yet effective hacks, you’ll never need... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Find Coupons and Free Samples for Natural Hair Products

What is couponing? In short, it is the meticulous saving and searching of coupons for discounts on store-bought items, such as food, home products, etc. There was a time when I was intense about couponing and saved dollars upon dollars on my... Continue Reading

5 Signs You Should Immediately Stop Using a Product on Your Natural Hair

Sometimes, a product just doesn’t work out. I’ve tried hundreds, maybe thousands, of products over the years, and there have been several times where the product isn’t doing what I want it to – meaning, it doesn’t have enough hold,... Continue Reading

Finally, A Gel That Works For 4C Hair!

About a month ago, CurlKit sent me their June box, which mostly contained products I’d already heard of – Lottabody’s 5-in-1 Miracle Styling Creme (peep my review here), Curls Unleashed, and Ampro Gel, but there was a new product called... Continue Reading

An Afro Pick with a Mirror? A Flat Iron That Steams? 5 Interesting New Inventions for Natural Hair

With more and more handsfree, super-powered, and specialized technologies being invented to make every aspect of our lives easier, there’s no surprise that the hair industry is looking for ways to bring innovative designs and technologies into products and tools.... Continue Reading