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4 Jamaican Traditional Secrets for Longer Natural Hair

In previous articles, I discussed Haitian and African hair traditions and their possible benefits from a scientific stand point. Today, I take on Jamaican traditions of which there were so many. Sadly, I could not find substantial evidence for favourites such as Jamaican ginger or herbal hair washes but who knows, maybe in time there... Continue Reading

14 Natural Hair Products to Try in 2014

    We’re already 4 months in to 2014, and I’m seriously slacking on what I said I was going to do. Although I promised in my Must-Haves for 2014 that I was simplifying my regimen, I do realize that as someone who is obsessively fascinated with products (okay, I’m a PJ), it can be... Continue Reading

6 Amazing Hair Milks for Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health What is a “hair milk”?  Well, you can think of it as a light moisturizer and leave-in conditioner in one.  It is usually white in color and very creamy.  It also generally contains water, an emulsifier and a few oils, but the exact ingredients vary amongst products. So, what... Continue Reading

#ProductsForBae: 11 Natural Hair Products For You and Your Significant Other

I’ve read countless hilarious stories about men sneaking to use their girlfriend or wife’s shampoo, conditioner or styling product. Or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself — you get a brand new bottle of an amazing hair lotion or pomade and little by little you notice more and more of it turns up missing. You asked... Continue Reading

3 Haitian Traditional Hair Secrets for Longer Hair

Recently, there have been whispers amongst the blogosphere claiming that Haitian women may have a secret related to maintaining long natural hair. I even found one comment that said Haitian 4c hair may even be somehow different because it shrinks less and is not so dry. While some attribute longer hair or hair with more... Continue Reading

7 Moisturizers for the Line of Demarcation in Transitioning Hair

For transitioners, the line of demarcation presents a special set of challenges on it’s own. Identified as the point where your old damaged hair meets your new natural hair, the line of demarcation can literally make or break your transition. Because this area of your hair is structurally weak, it is super important to keep... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Product Junkie Years

The old adage goes that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. In my experience, becoming a product junkie where you end up with shelves full of hair products is a reality when you are starting out and do not know what really works. There are some people who buy new... Continue Reading

6 Benefits of Quinoa for Natural and Transitioning Hair

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another miracle ingredient on the market…. here comes quinoa. Before your eyes glaze over and you skip to the next article, let me shed a little light on how this super seed can take your regimen and hair care to the next level. What is Quinoa (keen-wah)?... Continue Reading

6 Underrated Oils and Butters + How to Use Them on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health I think it is safe to say that almost every natural knows about coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and shea butter for hair care.  While each of these oils and butters are great, there are some relatively lesser known ones that might be worth trying.. 1. Aloe Butter Aloe... Continue Reading

My Disastrous Experience Taking Biotin Supplements for Hair Growth

by MJB of Trials N’ Tresses Back in February I did what most would consider the “big chop”. After 11 months of transitioning I took out my protective style and cut off all the remaining relaxed ends. I was excited and nervous but most of all I was impatient. I wanted my hair to grow... Continue Reading

Photos of Natural Hair Under the Microscope Show Why Cutting with Shears is Important

Blog reader Charese has given me another reason to use my microscope, yay! She asks, ‘I’ve heard many people say that hair shears are superior to paper scissors and the hair trimmed with anything other than hair shears will soon split again. Is this true? Are hair shears so sharp that cutting paper or fabric... Continue Reading

12 Ways to Use Avocado Oil on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Avocado oil is one of the better oils to use on our natural hair since it contains a high amount (approximately 72%) of monounsaturated fatty acids – which is higher than most other oils, including coconut and grapeseed.  Want to know how to use it?  Here are 12 ways:... Continue Reading

Do Anti-Shrinkage Hair Products Actually Work?

‘Breathe, just breathe, now let us try and be objective.‘ If you have hair that shrinks, you may have given a massive eyeroll to the “anti-shrinkage” moniker on the au naturale products from Dark and Lovely. However let us attempt to be objective! Q: What is shrinkage?A: Shrinkage is a description of how curl formation causes... Continue Reading

5 Must-Have Ingredients For Flat Ironing Natural Hair

Every time I straighten my hair, I go on the hunt for the perfect heat protectant. Not because what I have doesn’t work, but because there are always new developments on the scientific front in terms of products that are used specifically for heat straightening. Every time I watch YouTube videos of other naturals straightening... Continue Reading

4 Signs that Your Conditioner is Effective

As I type this article, I am pretty certain there are quite a number of you who are looking for the perfect hair conditioner. To be clear, I am referring to moisturizing conditioners used after shampooing hair. Protein treatments (i.e. aphogee or komaza) or oil-based pre-wash conditioners are not included here. There are four tangible benefits... Continue Reading

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