Natural Hair Products

Why Indie and Handmade Natural Hair Brands are Disappearing

When I first stopped relaxing my hair in 2009, Etsy was one of my favorite places to shop for natural hair products. On hair forums, we frequently discussed these products, sharing everything from shipping time and packaging to actual product... Continue Reading

[Pics] This Woman’s Extreme Allergic Reaction is a Reminder that Not All Henna Is Created Equal

Henna is a popular dye alternative for many naturals who seeking to remove harsh chemicals from their hair regimen. But it must still be purchased and applied with caution. Youtube vlogger Chemese recently posted a series of shocking photos to... Continue Reading

15+ Black-Owned Swaps for Your Favorite Natural Hair Products

This month, I’ve been all about that #NaturalHairBLACKOUT life. So many of you have left encouraging words, pledged support, or let me know that you already #buyblack. Man, I gotta tell you… this ish is heartwarming. I had a conversation... Continue Reading

Naturals Need to Quit Okra Hair Gel Before It Becomes a Thing (From a Concerned Nigerian)

I know being super connected to the continent is in vogue right now – from tribal makeup at music festivals to dashikis – I get the appeal and I’m all for the unity of Africans regardless of how far back... Continue Reading

Why Egg Conditioners Won’t Add Protein to Your Hair

1. Avril asks: ‘What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment that makes the hair so hard, and how do we benefit from it?’ 2. Kelly asks:... Continue Reading

Coconut, Olive and Castor Oh My! How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Natural Hair

Most of us have no idea how to choose a hair oil though we use them all the time! We choose based on a friend’s recommendations or whatever sounds good. Many vegetable oils have amazing properties that nourish and provide... Continue Reading

Is the New Instyler Max Better Than a Flat Iron?

I have a confession – I really don’t like straightening my natural hair. While I enjoy the look and flipping my hair around, it’s too much stress for me. The total process takes around four hours, and almost every time... Continue Reading

200 Women are Suing WEN Hair Care Over Severe Shedding and Hair Loss

Earlier this year, a relative told me about a fellow naturalista whose hair started falling out in clumps after using WEN’s products. When she tried to call the company, the customer service didn’t seem surprised, but instead asked her many... Continue Reading

Science Confirms Castor Oil Does Not Thicken Hair Strands

It’s one of the first recommended remedies when naturals complain of thin strands or weak edges; “Girl just rub it with some castor oil!” And many women swear by the thickening and strengthening properties of castor oil, but what if... Continue Reading

Why I Started Taking Viviscal Again After Trying Other Hair Vitamins

I began taking Viviscal in July 2011 and recorded much of my journey on my YouTube channel. It quickly became my favorite vitamin after trying several different formulas, such as MaxiHair and the now defunct Nioxin favorites (I took Nioxin... Continue Reading

MASTER LIST: 50 Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Sale Guide for Naturals — 2015 Edition

It’s that time again, my fellow naturalistas! I’m back again with the ULTIMATE Black Friday // Small Business Saturday // Cyber Monday shopping list for 2015! In the alphabetized list below, you’ll find popular brands, new brands, and everything in-between... Continue Reading

Why I’m Skeptical of the $300 Flat Iron Brush

A few weeks ago, many naturals marveled at a video showing a mother straightening her daughter’s hair with a DAFNI Straightening Brush (a type of flat iron brush) in one pass. The self-proclaimed revolutionary hair straightening brush will supposedly get... Continue Reading

3 DIY Add-ins That Boost Average Conditioners for 4B Natural Hair

Conditioners: We naturals can’t live without them. They are the backbone of our regimens and supply the detangling, smoothing and restoration our hair craves. The rise in women choosing to go natural has also perpetuated a sub culture of “mixtresses” that enjoy... Continue Reading

4 Times Adding Silicone to My Natural Hair Regimen Worked

Silicones have gotten a bad rap from the natural hair community for years. A number of hair care books, product reviews and articles warn those with natural hair about the use of silicones; noting that they cause build up, fail... Continue Reading

This Brush Alone Will Straighten Natural Hair

A few days ago, Kimberly Satterwhite posted a video on Facebook straightening her daughter’s natural hair with the Dafni Ceramic Straightening Brush. After one brush through, and in less than two minutes, a good sized section of the girl’s hair... Continue Reading