Protective Styling

3 Hidden Dangers of Protective Styling

As we enter the fall/winter season, many naturals decide to use protective styles to withstand the cold, harsh air. While the versatility, ease and convenience of protective styles make them a must do at some point between September and March (or May depending on what part of the country you live in), there are a... Continue Reading

5 Fun, Semi-Protective AND Protective Natural Hair Styles for the Fall

The summer was synonymous with wash-and-gos and big hair for many naturals.  Now with the cooler weather setting in and autumn making its way here, more protective styles may be necessary.  However, the “true” protective styles can wait until later in the season or winter.  Check out this medley of semi-protective and protective styles that are... Continue Reading

4 Stunning Ways to Rock Faux Locs

by Cassandre of Faux locs. Temporary locs. Loc extensions. By now, you’ve seen them all over Instagram on some of hottest natural hair personalities. My first introduction to this style was through Saleemah Cartwright founder of Hydratherma Naturals Hair Care who paved the way with a unique take on protective styling and versatility. Before long,the... Continue Reading

How to Safely Remove Crochet Braids

by Portia of Last week, we told you how to get 5 amazing styles with crotchet braids. As you gaze into the mirror and admire your new crochet braids, taking your hair down may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, the day will certainly come when you’ll have to figure out how to... Continue Reading

Weaves, Wigs or Braids? How to Choose the Best Protective Style For You

I am an unapologetic advocate of protective styling as a method of retaining length. Not only does protective styling allow me to keep up with my busy lifestyle without worrying about my hair; it also helps me keep my breakage-prone hair moisturized and damage free. If you are also a fan of protective styling or... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Rock the HOT Crochet Braid Trend This Summer

by Portia of Crochet braiding is not a hair style that’s as new as one might think. Women have been getting crochet braids for years with human hair or with tracks of hair that look like there are individual braids attached. Women used to get crochet braids if they didn’t want to sit too long... Continue Reading

5 Tips To Keep Your Edges Intact When Protective Styling

by Alondra (pictured above) “…But she ain’t got no edges.”  Nine times out of ten, whatever preceded that statement was a very nice compliment of some form. However, it was immediately discredited by the lack of strand presence along the hairline.  Now of course, it’s not nice and it’s not fair, because some of us really... Continue Reading

4 Simple Faux Bun Styles For Any Natural Hair Length

by Portia of Summer is officially here and for natural ladies, that means finding new ways of protecting your hair from the brutal heat. Long braids and twists are great, but sometimes you may want something with a little more simplicity. These four natural divas will show you how you can achieve a gorgeous faux... Continue Reading

5 Gorgeous and Creative Jumbo Braid Styles

As hair gets longer, one of the joys that comes with the territory is being able to get it into either one or two braids. This drastically shortens the time that you need for styling and is also perfect for giving your hair some rest if it has been out for too long. Single or... Continue Reading

10 of the Most Gorgeous and Creative Chunky Twist Styles

So, I have developed a “chunky twists” obsession that began a couple months ago. If you know me, you know I usually live in twists, but they are typically small or medium and rarely ever chunky. Now, back to a couple months ago; I don’t know how, but the chunky twist bug bit me, so I went searching for... Continue Reading

True Life: I Wear A Wig Even Though My Natural Hair Is Tailbone Length

by Cassandre of Huh? Who in the world is screaming at me?? I heard the voice again. “Your hair F*#!’in ROCKS!!!” I looked around. It was then that I finally spotted the Caucasian male who had to poke his head out from the driver’s seat window, in traffic, to pay me that compliment. It’s probably... Continue Reading

6 Cute Summer Protective Styles for Natural Hair

If you’re like me, you want to wear your hair out all summer long. However, there may be a couple of times when you’ll want to go the “protective” route to keep your hair off your neck AND/OR protect your ends from the summer sun, humidity and shrinkage. Whether you’ll be protective styling throughout the... Continue Reading

Does Natural Hair Retain Length Better with Braids or Weaves? [Poll]

A few years back I wrote an article on why naturals should consider abandoning extensions/weaves as a regular/daily style routine. Flash forward to today and a reader wrote to me saying that the main reason she wore extensions is that they helped her hair grow faster and wondered why that was the case. Now, I... Continue Reading

How I Crocheted Micro Senegalese Twists into My Hair

by Sarah Dee of Coils So Beautiful Crochet Micro Senegalese Twists. I know, that’s a mouthful to say. I don’t even know if that is an official style but that’s the best way to describe what I’ve got going on here. Below is my braid pattern: I would suggest doing the braids in the middle... Continue Reading

8 Chic and Protective Updos for the Last Days of Winter

The winter weather is still here, and you’ve run out of protective style ideas.  Well, there is no need to worry.  Here are eight protective updos for inspiration: By Chinwe of Hair and Health 1.  Halo Updo on Natural Hair This style is pretty popular, but if you have not seen it (or tried it)... Continue Reading