Protective Styling

Venus Williams Has Worn Natural Hair to All 18 of Her Tournaments This Year

If you are seeking some inspiration for natural hairstyles that would work with your exercise routine, then look no further than one of the hardest working women in tennis, Venus Williams. She has rocked her natural hair in ALL  18... Continue Reading

3 Tricks That Will Keep Your Box Braids Looking Flawless for Months

I’ve been rocking box braids for almost 7 weeks now and they still look fabulous! The thing with braids is that their age begins to show when the roots grow out and our natural hair begins to peek through. The... Continue Reading

5 of the Best Wearable Bantu Knot Tutorials

Bantu Knot-outs have always been a go-to for many naturals to achieve super cute wavy curls. However, bantu knots are an equally wearable style. The style can be somewhat of challenge to get down right. We’ve rounded up 5 bantu... Continue Reading

4 Faux Low Buns That Will Protect Your Hair This Fall

Faux buns are an effortless way to look chic without too much fuss. Not only are they a get up and go hair style, they also keep the ends of your hair protected while saving you some time getting ready... Continue Reading

3 Ways To Treat An Itchy Scalp Under Box Braids

I decided to get box braids installed about 3 weeks ago and let me just say, I fell in love! Box braids have are probably one of the absolute best protective styles I have ever tried. I’ve done nothing more than... Continue Reading

4 Gorgeous Protective Styles for Natural Hair this Fall

Fall is officially here and, for many naturals, it is time to return to protective styling.  Today we are giving four beautiful looks to inspire you this season.  Who says protective styling has to be boring? 1. Simple Back Tuck... Continue Reading

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Box Braids

Box braids are one of the best long term, protective styles out. It combines low manipulation with a very classic look that can easily be worn every day and on special occasions. Whether you’re getting ready for work, hitting up a... Continue Reading

Textured Clip-Ins are Storming the Protective Styling World

Last year, crochet braids were the protective style darling of the natural hair community, allowing us to experiment with big hair while protecting our own strands without the headache of full head weaves or an all day hair appointment. Well... Continue Reading

Trending: 30-Minute Crochet Havana Mambo Twists

Crochet braids have been the trending protective style for over a year. Now, instead of using crochet braids to rock a loose hair look, you can also try your hand at Havana twists. Yes, instead of sitting for 6-7 hours... Continue Reading

The $25 Tatiana Wig is Becoming a Favorite for Naturals

Everybody remembers the era of the famous curly Vanessa La Jay wig in the natural world. Now it’s all about the Sensationnel Tatiana wig. What makes this wig so special is that it mimics 4C hair perfectly and gives you... Continue Reading

It’s About Time Wash and Go’s Were Viewed as a Protective Style: Here are 4 Reasons Why

Nothing new to see here, folks: I live in a wash and go. If I had to say that I’ve mastered one natural hair style, this would be it. I know which techniques work best for distributing product in my... Continue Reading

4 Creative Cornrow Updos on Natural Hair

Simple and easy natural hair styles always save much-needed time, but every now and then it’s fun to get a little more detailed with your look. Here are four gorgeous braided styles you may want to try this summer! Layered... Continue Reading

5 Awesome Scalp Products To Use While Rocking Extensions

If you’ve worn braids recently, especially with natural hair, you might have struggled with a dry, itchy, or flaking scalp. Though most of us have long ago abandoned our Pink Lotion and Oil Sheen Spray from our relaxed days, some... Continue Reading

30 Headwraps for the Long, Short and Loc’ed Part 1

by Lisa of Lisa a la Mode Headwraps aren’t new. I’m sure many of us have seen women dressed in traditional African attire, including elaborate and intricately designed headdresses. Today we’re seeing more and more women in western cultures donning these... Continue Reading

I Tried It: Multi-Colored Box Braids

When BGLH reposted the series of pictures depicting women with different colored box braids, I kind of went into this fairy-unicorn sparkly tailspin. I’ve never had box braids before, and certainly didn’t know that you could buy braid hair in... Continue Reading