Protective Styling

8 Chic and Protective Updos for the Last Days of Winter

The winter weather is still here, and you’ve run out of protective style ideas.  Well, there is no need to worry.  Here are eight protective updos for inspiration: By Chinwe of Hair and Health 1.  Halo Updo on Natural Hair This style is pretty popular, but if you have not seen it (or tried it)... Continue Reading

Perpetual Weaving as a “Protective Style?” 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It

By Irene of Weave and wigs can work great as protective styles.  They allow you to leave your hair natural and enjoy the convenience of straight hair. No shrinkage to contend with, less detangling, protection from the weather and versatility. However, for some women it may be time to let their natural hair out, to shine in all... Continue Reading

Gorgeous and Easy 2-Minute Updo Using Kanekalon Hair

Absolutely adore Toni of My Natural Sistas’ extravagant updo! The look is very FANCY and super easy to do. Great for if you need a wow factor. Check out the video below! Ladies, would you rock this look on a night out on the town? Continue Reading

10 Reasons Your Protective Style is NOT Protecting Your Hair

by Adeola of The Mane Captain “Want long hair? Try protective styling!” Many hair gurus would recommend this time and time again. But before you call up your stylist, you should know protective styling is not a 100% guaranteed path to long hair. Protective styling can be a hit or miss; it could also be beneficial... Continue Reading

Are Mini Twists For You? The Good and the Bad

(Circa 2010) By Chinwe of Hair and Health Mini twists are essentially tiny twists, much smaller than the diameter of a pencil.  In some cases, mini twists are so small that the hair may appear loose rather than twisted.   THE GOOD: Mini twists last longer — anywhere from three to six weeks — than... Continue Reading

4 More Gorgeous and Easy Ways to Wear a Bun on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health This is a continuation of the last styles post on “6 Gorgeous and Easy Ways to Wear a Bun on Natural Hair”.  Here are four more spins on the classic bun, including a style involving twists: 1. High “Bun”- Like Do Even if you do not have enough length... Continue Reading

5 Cute and Easy Protective Styles for the Winter

By Chinwe of Hair and Health For some naturals, winter (if not fall) is the season to begin protective styling.  Well here are five quick and cute looks to get you started. 1. Milkmaid Twists For this look, Jess starts with two side ponytails on stretched hair.  Then she twists each ponytail and pins them... Continue Reading

Are Naturals Too Obsessed with Protective Styling?

By Jess of Hair Gets Kinky From the end of December 2010 to the end of February 2011 I decided to maintain protective styles in order to give my ends a break from the harsh cold weather. When I look back on that period of time, I swear 2011 was the year of Protective Style... Continue Reading

15 Quick and Easy Styles for Small and Mini Twists

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Even though mini twists are probably one of the more versatile natural hairstyles, it is easy to get stuck in styling rut.  If you happen to be one of those who is stuck, check out these tutorials for inspiration: 1. Four Styles for Short to Medium-Length Twists In the... Continue Reading

6 Gorgeous and Easy Ways to Wear a Bun on Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Who says buns have to be bland? Spice them up with these simple tutorials: 1. Elegant Criss-Cross Chignon (or Low Bun) For this look, start with hair that is stretched via a twist-out or braid-out.  You will also need a few bobby pins and an ouchless band.  Check out... Continue Reading

Havana Twists: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

*This article was written in May 2013 By Laura of Party Over Hair I’m the worst. When I got my Havana Twists back in December, I had this elaborate plan to take care of my hair daily until I removed them in March. Well, we are now into May and I finally took my Havana Twists out on Cinco de... Continue Reading

5 Cute Protective Styles for the Fall

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Fall is here, and that means protective styling for some of us.  However, protecting your ends does not have to translate into boring hairdos.  Check out these five cute looks you can rock this fall: 1. Braid and Tuck This style is so easy to do yet so chic.... Continue Reading

6 Gorgeous Updos for Short to Medium-Length Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Take your updos to the next level with these six styles: 1. Classic Pompadour Even though this updo may be a classic for some, it can be daring and new for others. Reminiscent of Janelle Monáe’s look, this style can be done on short or medium-length stretched natural hair.... Continue Reading

True Life: My “Protective Weave” Caused Massive Breakage

Popular natural hair vlogger Jenell of is opening up about the devastating effects of a ‘protective weave’ that she kept in for over a month. After taking the weave down she experienced massive shedding and breakage, and a serious loss of thickness. She believes that a combination of rough combing (to get her hair... Continue Reading

How Long Should Protective Styles Stay In for Maximum Length Retention?

Style Icon April In my previous article, I briefly mentioned how keeping a protective style (PS) in for a short time can prevent you from retaining the maximum amount of length. I did also say that the determination of what constitutes a short time is indeed individual but the basic principles really do not change.... Continue Reading

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