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[Video] Stylist Brings Client’s Natural Hair Back to Life After Removing 9-Month-Old Sew-In Weave

*Warning: graphic video* After seeing the initial photos, I didn’t think that it would be possible for this stylist to save any of her client’s hair after removing a 9-month-old weave. A broken arm initially prevented the client from taking... Continue Reading

23-Year-Old Black Woman Goes Public with Severe Hair Loss As a Warning Against Constant Sew-Ins

On May 26, Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon posted a video of a beautiful 23-year-old black woman who has suffered major hair loss due to braids and sew-ins.  What makes this situation so unique is that hair loss this severe is... Continue Reading

Vlogger Jasmine Rose’s Story: From Losing Her Edges to Hair Restoration Surgery with a Black Female Dermatologist

Jasmine Rose is a loc’ed YouTuber who recently had her edges restored through a procedure performed by black female dermatologist, Dr. Osei Tutu.  Her story is one of insecurity and eventual transparency on a platform — social media — that does not always... Continue Reading

Can Water-Only Washing Maximize Natural Hair Growth?

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Since we last discussed Whitney (Naptural85), her theory has evolved from incorporating co-washing to alternating between co-washing and water-only washing.  (In case you missed the previous discussion, here it is: Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow... Continue Reading

Peppermint Oil for Hair Growth is FINALLY Backed by Research

By Chinwe of Hair and Health The use of peppermint oil for hair growth is not new at all to the natural hair community. Search the archives of hair care forums and blogs, and you will find at least one thread... Continue Reading

Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow Faster?

I am definitely not the first natural to notice what appears to be faster hair growth with more frequent washing. In the beginning of my journey, it was a question that came up periodically on the hair care forums I... Continue Reading

Can Relaxers Permanently Change Your Natural Hair Texture?

We all know that chemical relaxers loosen the natural curl of one’s hair. But can long term use of chemical relaxers alter the texture and curl pattern of your hair as it grows naturally? I’ve heard on more than on... Continue Reading

3 Reasons You’re Losing Your Hair and What To Do About It

I hate to admit it, but at some point in many naturals’ life, hair loss becomes an issue. The truth is no matter how far from superficial we are, losing our hair never feels okay. Below, find three common reasons... Continue Reading

6 Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation for Natural Hair Growth + 2 Exfoliation Recipes

Naturally, when one thinks of exfoliating they think of scrubbing down their entire body with an amazing body scrub. However, exfoliating isn’t just for your body and a lot of times it’s forgotten that your scalp is skin too! With... Continue Reading

Viola Davis Reveals Her Longtime Struggle with Alopecia

The Oscar nominated actress and star of the newly debuted Shonda Rhimes series, How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis revealed in a recent interview with Vulture that she has endured an ongoing battle with alopecia areata since the age of 28.... Continue Reading

Scalp Care: How to Treat Seborrheic Dermatitis

I have previously discussed seborrheic dermatitis which is also known as seborrheic eczema or scalp eczema in some detail and I would highly recommend some extra reading links here and here for those of you who want some extra detail.... Continue Reading

5 Ways Henna Can Treat Your Hair and Scalp Problems

Though henna’s intended use is for creating intricate, yet beautiful designs on the body, women have been using the natural plant-based dye to remedy other issues with their hair and scalp. Different cultures have been taking advantage of this plant... Continue Reading

3 Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Growing Hair and Vibrant Skin

Homemade smoothies have been my breakfast of choice for a while now.  (Shout out to Lina for introducing me to the world of green smoothies a few years ago.) You see, the benefits of these beverages are that you can load... Continue Reading

True Life: I Was Diagnosed With Alopecia Areata

by Tori Typically, when people hear the term Alopecia the first things that come to mind are tight ponytails, tight braids, missing edges, etc. This is known as Traction Alopecia, a “small or localized hair loss area caused by repetitive... Continue Reading

How I’m Using Caffeine to Combat Hair Thinning and Alopecia

by Cassandre of “My hair is thinning.” My husband said (in his lovely British accent) as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Yes, it was now apparent. My hubby, just a year shy of 30, was already... Continue Reading