Stretching + Straightening Natural Hair

How Sway?! This Viral Shrinkage Video is Nearly Beyond Belief

We all know that natural hair shrinkage is quite common, and it’s actually a good thing. Many naturals seek ways to decrease their shrinkage in order to show their true length, but it’s a sign of healthy hair. When the... Continue Reading

20 More Pictures of Natural Hair Shrinkage That Will Blow Your Mind

Shrinkage never (and, we really mean never) ceases to amaze us.  Though we know that natural hair can appear deceptively short in its shrunken state, it is still shocking to see the immense length hidden under our kinks, coils, and curls.  ... Continue Reading

Unpopular Opinion: Blowdrying is the Easiest Way to Maintain my Waist-Length Natural Hair

Pictures of my waist-length natural hair blown out semi-straight always garner a lot of likes on social media. And I get it. Blown out afro-textured hair is a fun and sexy look that makes for inspiring ‘hair porn’. But I... Continue Reading

Why I No Longer Style My Natural Hair Wet

This may sound strange to some, but trust me – there’s a method to my madness. I’m a twist out gal and in the past, I would primarily twist my hair while wet. However, I’ve always noticed that my hair... Continue Reading

5 Reasons You’re Still Seeing Heat Damage After Your Flat Iron Length Check

A recurring theme in the questions I receive from my subscribers is how to fix heat damage. The story usually goes like this: an excited natural decides to spend a day pressing her hair so she can see what 2,... Continue Reading

How to Use Water Based Moisturizers on Flat-Ironed Natural Hair

So, when you flat iron your hair, water is your enemy, right? The natural’s motto is, “Oils and butters only! Prevent reversion!” This was so me until I flat ironed my hair and discovered how to use water-based moisturizers. I’ve... Continue Reading

Tension vs. Comb Blow Outs: Which Method is Less Damaging?

I’ve been doing comb blow outs (or rather, having my mother do them on me) since I was a child – comb blow outs were the standard. I never imagined that my hair would smooth out using a tension blow... Continue Reading

Texturizer vs Keratin Treatment: Which Is Harsher on Hair?

A few weeks ago, it became evident that I’m not the only natural who’s ever felt the creamy crack calling out to them in the midst of failed attempts at learning how to take care of their afro-textured hair. It... Continue Reading

Should You Blow Dry Wet Or Dry? A Scientific Approach

Have you heard of bubble hair? As the name suggests, it is literally bubbles of air forming in hair. This happens when wet/damp hair is in contact with a heating tool (straightening iron, curling iron or blow dryer) and water... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Use African Threading to Promote Length Retention

African threading is a traditional styling technique that goes back ages. For this technique, black thread (typically smooth, like shown below in DiscoveringNatural’s video) is wrapped around strands of hair from just above the roots all the way to the ends.... Continue Reading

5 Tips That Kept My Flat Ironed Type 4 Natural Hair Straight For 6 Weeks

For naturals like myself, who do not mind applying heat to their hair, flat ironing can be a real treat. Flat ironing not only shows the ‘true length’ of your hair, but it adds some versatility to hair styling. However,... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Heat Damage to Natural Hair CANNOT Be Reversed

I get these questions quite often, so I am featuring this one today from blog reader D. She writes ‘So I feel like I have a unique situation. I have heat damage but it’s not the kind you just trim... Continue Reading

Why I May Never Straighten My Hair Again

Generally, I follow the mantra of “never say never.” However, there comes a time when you realize the likelihood that you will make certain decisions in the future are slim to none. In my case, hair straightening has become one... Continue Reading

7 Foams and Setting Lotions for Roller, Rod and Curlformer Sets

Curl sets done with perm rods, flexi rods, magnetic rollers, straws and Curlformers are popular styles for transitioners and naturals alike. Sets offer a longer lasting styling alternative to braid outs, twist outs and bantu knot outs — smoothing the... Continue Reading

4 of the Best Flat Irons for Type 4 Natural Hair

As usual, curls and kinks are always in style, but it’s nice to change it up when the weather permits. Now that the humidity is out of the way and has been replaced with crisp, cool air, it’s time to... Continue Reading