Stretching + Straightening Natural Hair

4 Techniques to Quickly Stretch Natural Hair and Show Off More Length

Most naturals have SHRINKAGE, sometimes it’s mild and sometimes it’s intense. And while shrinkage serves many positive purposes, sometimes we just want to show off our length without applying heat. Here are four techniques I use to show off a little more length, without having to apply heat to my hair: Double Braids On days... Continue Reading

3 Types of Naturals Who Should Avoid Heat at All Costs

Do you know that girl who can comb her hair aggressively with a fine tooth comb, bleach it before placing her flat iron at the highest temperature and yet still have a beautiful full head of hair on her head? Hair is very specific to each individual and what works for one person can be... Continue Reading

4 Instagram Naturals Who Use Heat and Maintain Healthy Hair

by Portia of With the summer ending and fall on our heels, it’s nice to see some natural ladies showcase the versatility of their hair. Some may not agree, but it’s totally possible to flat iron, blow dry, and use a curling iron on your hair and still maintain your hair’s health. Here are a... Continue Reading

How I Flat Iron My Thick, 4C Natural Hair SLEEK and Straight without DAMAGE

One of the beauties of being natural is versatility – the ability to switch from your natural kinks, coils, or curls to bigger curls or straight tresses and back. This versatility is something that I have exploited in the latter part of my natural hair journey if you could not already tell by some of... Continue Reading

How to Maintain Heat Straightened Natural Hair for 2 Weeks!

  by Cassandre of (pictured above) The first time I ever heat straightened my hair was a disaster. It took what felt like an eternity to go through the whole process of roller setting my hair prior to flat ironing. My hair reverted within an hour and it looked nothing like I anticipated. However, I... Continue Reading

Why I DON’T Consider My Hair Heat Damaged… Even Though My Ends Won’t Revert

 by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2 Some say that if your hair will not revert back to its natural pattern after straightening, then it is heat damaged, while another person considers it heat trained. I never really thought about it much until it happened to me. When my ends wouldn’t revert, I would just automatically declare... Continue Reading

3 Ways to ‘Repair’ Heat Damage Without Scissors

by Cassandre of (pictured above) So you took that flat iron to your luscious mane and after 2 weeks of rocking a semi-straight look turned blow-out (cuz you know how our hair starts to swell), you wash your hair and then…those few strands at the crown of your head just won’t curl. Seeing your hair... Continue Reading

How to Achieve Heatless Bouncy Curls in 6 Easy Steps

 by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2 Natural Hair is so versatile. One of my favorite looks is huge bouncy curls. In the past, (permed hair days) I had to use a curling iron in order to achieve the bouncy curl look and then consequently had to worry about my curls falling. Since going natural, I have... Continue Reading

How I Straightened My Hair Without a Heat Protectant WITHOUT Suffering Damage

by Christine of Amor Artistry You did what?? That’s correct! A few weeks ago for my birthday, I got my hair straightened for the first time in 4 years. I was very curious about my length and I also needed a trim very badly. I went to H2 Salon in Brooklyn. The salon looks so nice... Continue Reading

How I Use Heat Safely On My Type 4 Hair

 by Tori (pictured above) Not all naturals choose to use heat on their hair. However, for those that do, heat damage is the most dreaded fear. No one wants to enjoy their stretched hair, only to realize afterwards that they’ve caused permanent heat damage. Here are my techniques I’ve applied to safely use heat on... Continue Reading

How To Blow Dry Natural Hair Without Suffering Heat Damage

For most naturals keen on growing their hair, avoiding heat is a very sacred mantra. We know that blowdrying, even on a low setting, literally dries the hair by taking internal moisture levels to below what air drying would produce and never rebalancing with humidity in air. You can read the science here. However, some... Continue Reading

How To Keep Type 4 Hair Stretched and Tangle-Free… on WASH DAY!

by Vashti of For most of us, wash day can turn into… an all day affair, depending on what we decide to do to our hair. No matter how long it takes, at the end we all want our hair to be clean, conditioned, moisturized and tangle free. I was originally attracted to these hair... Continue Reading

Why I Made the Controversial Decision to do a DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment

by Cassandre of After flat ironing my hair for the curing period   “You mean this product can help keep my hair temporarily bone straight for longer than an hour? Sign me up, today!” This was the only thought that crossed my mind as I trolled the website of the Uncurly brand Brazilian Keratin Treatment looking... Continue Reading

A Closer Look at the New Heat-Free Straightening Tool “CWK Straight Plates”

by Tori Many naturals boast about the versatility of their hair and its ability to easily go from curly/wavy/kinky to straight. However, straightening natural hair has it benefits and downfalls. One of the most dreaded fears of many naturals is heat damage. For those of us who choose to occasionally straighten our hair, we probably all... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Big, Stretched Afro

Style Icon Annisa It is becoming that time of year when many naturals want to wear their hair loose and big. For those who want to rock the big, stretched afro, there are a number of ways to achieve the look.  Here are just a few ways: 1. Wash-n-go then Diffuse Starting from a wash-n-go is probably the... Continue Reading