Natural Hair Styles

9 Sizzling End of Summer Natural Hair Styles

The signs of summer’s end are already setting in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out with big, hot bangin’ hairstyle! Keep summer close to your heart and on your head while rocking one of these 10 gorgeous looks... Continue Reading

26 Photos of the Epic Natural Hair at Brooklyn’s CurlFest

On Saturday hundreds of naturals traveled to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to revel in their curls, share positive vibes and soak up the sun at the second annual CurlFest, put on by the Curly Girl Collective. The celebration was attended by... Continue Reading

This Is Why Braid Extensions Itch So Much

It’s happened to the best of us: you get a fresh set of extensions, be they Ghana braids, Marley twists or faux locs. You check the mirror, excited at how fly you look, and commence the itching. That ‘keeping you... Continue Reading

4 Chic Back-to-School Styles for Natural Hair

School is about to start (or has already started) and you want a style that is simple and chic while putting most of your hair away.  Well, keep on reading because we have five looks worth trying! 1. Rocker Chic Updo... Continue Reading

Stylist Develops Technique to Instantly Create Fully-Formed Locs on Loose Natural Hair

What if you didn’t have to wait months for your twists or braids to loc up? What if, in just a day, you could go from loose natural hair to locs? Well, Dubai stylist Kris McDred might have discovered a... Continue Reading

4 Flawless Natural Hair Styles That Can Be Done in 10 Minutes or Less

Whether you’re racing against the clock or are just a lazy natural, these 4 natural hair styles will leave you looking your best in just 10 minutes or less! 10 Minute Twisted and Braided Updo I don’t think there is... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Define Your Natural Curl Pattern

by Charlene Walton of Textured Talk Last year, I was so frustrated with my hair.  After years of being natural, I just did not understand why my natural curl pattern was not defined because I thought I was doing all... Continue Reading

6 Photos of Jennifer Hudson’s Stunning New Big Chop

All we can say is… she DID that. Like a fine wine, JHud gets better with time… Ladies, what are your thoughts? All photos from Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram account Continue Reading

Afro Puffs and Double Buns: 15 Naturals Who Make Kiddie Styles Look Good

Remember those big puffy twists every black girl on the playground would rock with an assortment of barrettes and baubles? What if we told you, you can still rock this look as an adult? What about afro puffs? #ultimatefav #Photo... Continue Reading

8 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for a Late Summer Wedding

For those of you getting married this month or next (or maybe you are a member of the bridal party), here are six gorgeous styles options for the big day! 1. Faux Textured Fringe with Bun, 2. Faux Grecian Braided... Continue Reading

How to Preserve a Perfect Twist Out for an Entire Week

When it comes to twist outs, the style itself is simple. You simply two strand twist your hair wet or dry with products. When you unravel your twists in the morning, you are greeting with large or small ringlets depending... Continue Reading

8 Naturals Rocking the Heck Out of the Fluffy 70s Style Blowout Trend

Many naturals use blowouts as a way to check their length progress, but for those who adore big hair, it can be disappointing to lose volume. A beautiful compromise is the 70s trend of feathery big blowouts rocked by iconic... Continue Reading

For the Styling Challenged: Easy Havana Twist Tutorial

Disclaimer: This style was the FIRST time I ever installed twists/braids in my hair. I mention this just to highlight that this is a great style for beginners and those who are a bit challenged when it come to adding... Continue Reading

Stylists Respond: Why Natural Hair Styles are So Expensive at the Salon

Last week Judith wrote about her frustration – which quite a few naturals share – about the inability to get our hair done at non-specialized hair salons, with some suggestions on how these salons can get our attention back. As... Continue Reading

3 Salons Where You Can Get African Threading Done

Though we have many articles devoted to African threading, we have not yet broached the topic of where to get the style done …. until now! 1. Anana Scott – Oakland, CA Anana Scott came to popularity when people wondered who created the beautiful... Continue Reading