Natural Hair Styles

15 More Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials

Are you bored with your usual puff or bun? Do you need fresh summer hairstyle ideas with how-to instructions?  Well, here are 15 stunning natural hair pictorials to get you started. Brosia shows us how to get fluffy curls with perm... Continue Reading

Boo Boo Kitty With Hair? Empire’s Grace Gealey is Sporting a New Long ‘Do

We live for Grace Gealey’s flawless pixie cut on Empire. And she’s spoken before about how she initially cut her hair as a means to overcome insecurities. But we all need to switch it up once in a while. The... Continue Reading

Summer Trends: 17 Women Rocking the Half Top Knot on Natural Hair

I think that the half top knot is one of the most underrated natural hair styles out there – you may not even think twice about styling your hair in this way, but it’s an extremely versatile style that can... Continue Reading

Finger Waves: An Old School Classic Hair Style That’s Making a Return to the Spotlight

Finger waves are back. The style, which is achieved by setting the hair into waves by hand, initially gained popularity in the 20s and 30s is now making it’s way back to the mainstream. In the past few months, the... Continue Reading

10 More Photos That Show Why Teyonah Parris is The Number One Natural Celeb in the Game

Last summer, we posted 18 Pictures That Show Why Teyonah Parris is The Number One Natural Celeb in the Game.  Well our favorite natural has continued to stun us with her hairstyles this 2016!  In the past few months, she has given... Continue Reading

20 Blown Out Natural Hair Looks That Slay

There’s something about a woman who can rock a blow out without without fear. Here are 19 fearless women who are rocking these blown out looks! Ponytail + blow out FTW! This angled blow out is serving!  Texture shot.  Our... Continue Reading

Tracee Ellis Ross Wore Cornrow Extensions to a White House State Dinner and Slayed

*In our Kevin Hart voice*, “Noooo. We weren’t ready!!!” Tracee Ellis Ross broke it all the way down at the White House Nordic State Dinner on May 13, rocking a white Grecian gown and two long cornrow extension braids. She... Continue Reading

20 Naturals Rocking TWAs with Formal Attire

When some naturals think of formal hair styles, they instantly think buns and updos.  For those who have shorter hair, extensions or wigs may be the go-to look.  However, what’s wrong with wearing a TWA to black-tie affair?  The answer is absolutely nothing!  Here are several photos of women slaying... Continue Reading

Trend Alert: 3 Ways You Can Curl Your Hair Using Aluminum Foil

Just when I thought there was no other way to curl hair, the internet proves me wrong. Foil curls create soft, voluminous curls by wrapping the hair with aluminum foil. The idea is to create curls without applying direct heat... Continue Reading

27 Black Women Who Are Slaying Sister Locs on Instagram

We are kicking off the month by showing some love to our lovely sister loc’ed ladies! We’ve rounded up 26 photos of gorgeous sister locs that are sure to give you inspiration if you’re on the same journey or considering... Continue Reading

6 Styles You Can Do With the New Snappee Hair Ties

Snappee hair ties are an innovative hair tie created by LA-based Keziah Okonkwo that doesn’t damage natural hair like traditional hair ties which are secured with glue. The ties come in many colors and snap to close, allowing you to use... Continue Reading

12 Of the Blackest Hairstyles from Beyonce’s Lemonade

For the past several years Beyonce has pretty much stuck to long blonde weave. But for her latest work, she and her background performers sported a variety of visually stunning black styles. From banded ponytails to chunky twists, here are... Continue Reading

11 Women Rocking Goddess Locs, Summer 2016’s Trending Style + How to Install Them

Anyone who’s followed my blog, or the natural hair community in the last few years knows that faux locs have been a big thing for a while. You can even buy the style prepackaged and crochet it in. If you loved... Continue Reading

21 Naturals Rocking Undefined Fros for Formal Occasions

Though natural hair has been making its way into formal environments, styles have generally been limited to stretched updos, defined curls, or braids.  While there is nothing wrong with any of these looks, some of us (me included) want the freedom... Continue Reading

Blac Chyna Rocks Bantu Knots on Her Natural Hair, Dej Loaf Rocks the Look for Her Birthday

Over the weekend singer Dej Loaf and model Blac Chyna wore two different versions of bantu knots. Chyna’s bantu knots, done with her own natural hair, were detailed with mini cornrows woven throughout the style. Bantu Knots 👑 A video... Continue Reading