Natural Hair Styles

4 Old School Hair Styles That Are Making a Comeback

The old folks always say that there’s nothing new under the sun, only endless repackaging. But, surely we never thought that these particular styles would come back. Braided bobs, French rolls and upside down French braids wouldn’t be the first hair styles that come to mind when you think of chic or fashionable, but these... Continue Reading

5 More Uniquely Beautiful Natural Styles Worn Around Africa

Because you liked our last 5 Uniquely Beautiful Styles Around Africa, we decided to give you more beautiful looks from around the continent. 1. Close-Shaved Hair Designs of the Surma (Ethiopia, South Sudan) The Surma (which consists of the Suri/Shuri, Mursi, and Me’en) reside largely in southwestern Ethiopia and South Sudan.  The close-shaved hair designs... Continue Reading

10 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Prom 2015

Prom season is upon us! It seems like more and more high schoolers are boldly embracing their natural hair, so we’ve got a few ideas for how you can wear your natural hair and still look glamorous for prom! 1. The Nicole Melton Bun Former Beauty Editor Nicole Melton put us all onto this... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Wash and Maintain Crochet Braids

Even though crochet braids usually only last a few weeks, you may be able to stretch the duration of the protective style even more if you wash and condition your scalp with them in. It may seem like an impossible task due to the fragile nature of the style, but it can be done. The... Continue Reading

5 Easy Head Wraps for Rainy Spring Days

Yay spring is finally here! Winter was roughhhhhh to say the least but now we get to see flowers, sunshine, and rain. Actually way more rain than flowers and sunshine, but it’s better than the cold. Whether your style was ruined from being caught in a rainstorm, or you just can’t justify doing your hair... Continue Reading

4 Hot DIY Natural Hair Cuts for Spring

Do you want to create your own fierce hair cut for the Spring?  If so, here are four DIY styles: 1. Bangs Bangs are a good option if you are bored with your current long length but aren’t brave enough to cut your entire hair.   Keep in mind that they are not the easiest to cut... Continue Reading

[Video] A Lace Front Wig… For Box Braids!

Naturals often complain that box braids, while cute and a potentially great protective style, can be heavy on the follicles and take quite a bit of time to install. One wig company sought to solve the problem by creating a box braid lace front wig, complete with ‘baby hairs’ for a more realistic looking hairline!... Continue Reading

2 Ways To Embellish Your Box Braids and Twists

Box braids and twists are beautiful  on their own, but every now and then you may want to add a pop of color to those long extensions. I recently noticed that singer/songwriter Chrisette Michelle put a colorful spin on a set of box braids that she’d previously worn. She had a few braids in her hair... Continue Reading

25 Tapered Fro Inspirations for Naturals of Every Length and Texture

Spring is right around the corner and since you’re ready to free your hair from the protective styles you’ve had in all winter, you might be itching to try something new! A lot of natural bloggers (myself included) have been chopping their hair off left and right over the past year, so there is plenty... Continue Reading

5 Beautiful Natural Hair Styles for a Spring Wedding — 2015 Edition

Spring is approaching and so is the first wave of weddings for the year.  Whether you are a bride-to-be, a member of the bridal party, or an attendant, here are five natural hair style options for you: 1. Perm Rod Set Perm rod sets are really in right now, so of course this list wouldn’t be complete... Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Long and Short Kinky Natural Hair

After growing my super kinky hair out for the past four plus years, I decided to cut the back and sides down into a long tapered fro. I won’t get into the how and why of my haircut because I’ve already discussed it on my blog, but now that I’ve been on both sides of... Continue Reading

8 Quick Natural Hair Styles for Moms On the Go

It’s 6 a.m., the kids’ lunch still needs to be packed, clothes need to be ironed, and you’re trying to plan dinner all while trying to dress your little ones for school. With all of this going on, you don’t even want to think about trying to do something with your hair. None the less,... Continue Reading

3 Easy Updos for the Styling Challenged

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m pretty much inept when it comes to styling my natural hair. I see tons of intricate, stunning, and sophisticated updos and protective styles all over social media and here on BGLH, and I start to get in my feelings a little bit. I’m pretty good about not... Continue Reading

5 Chic Protective Styles That Can Be Worn On Any Occasion

Do you get tired of changing up your look depending on where you are going?  Here are five protective styles that you can wear for almost any occasion: 1. Vintage Tuck If you are a fan of Geri’s blog, Geraldine the Great, then you know that she has some serious styling creativity when it comes to... Continue Reading

5 Stunning Pictorials of Perm Rod Styles

Perm rod sets are hot with naturals right now — no doubt about it. And no wonder; the style is gorgeous and versatile, can be dressed up or down, and is heatless! The trick, of course, is to get it right. For some tips on what NOT to do, check out our writer Christina’s hilarious... Continue Reading