Natural Hair Styles

12 Natural Tapered Cuts According to Face Shape

The tapered haircut is a big chopper’s dream.  The style is sleek, edgy, and instantly gives your face lift. There are, however, many variations to the infamous tapered cut. Deciding which style would most suit your face has a lot... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Rock a Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knot outs are a classic in the natural hair community, but there are many ways to take it to the next level. Check out my top 6 ways to rock a bantu knot out. OG Knot Out @Chocolateblackdoll shows... Continue Reading

18 Pics of Twisted Lobs (Long Bobs), the Protective Style Taking Over Instagram

We all know what braided bobs look like as a protective style, twisted lobs (long bobs) just took the bobbed protective style to the next level. Thanks to these women, I think I know what my next protective style will... Continue Reading

How To Make a Killer Tapered Crotchet Wig

Crotchet extensions continue to be one of the most sought after protective styles of the season, and with good reason. They are relatively easy to install, last several weeks, and the hair is fairly affordable. Although we’ve covered many crotchet-style variation,... Continue Reading

11 Beautiful and Realistic Wigs for All Textures of Natural Hair

Wigs offer styling versatility that few hair tools can. Whether you fall into the category of being too chicken to cut off all your hair to rock a tapered bob, or you’re just looking for a way to protective style... Continue Reading

Beauty Vlogger Jessica Pettway Speaks After Being Criticized for Giving 2-Year-Old Daughter Crochet Twists

Last week natural hair vlogger Jessica Pettway posted an adorable photo of her two-year old daughter, Kailee, wearing crotchet twists. Responses to the image, however, were mixed, with some fans questioning the safety of using of using a protective style... Continue Reading

Ombre Crochet Braids are Now a Thing!

Crochet braids have been the hottest protective style amongst the natural hair community for a good minute now. However for the most part, you have to manipulate the hair by curling and dipping in hot water to get the desired... Continue Reading

4 Times Naturals Should Skip the DIY And Go Straight to a Stylist

Somewhere along my natural hair journey, I developed what I like to call “salonphobia.” Maybe it was the time I spent an hour taking my hair down and crying because I was trying to undo a cornrow that was the... Continue Reading

25 Ways To Style Jumbo Marley/Havana Twists

We are deep into the winter season and many of you are still protective styling your precious manes. Lately, I’ve noticed more naturals opting to protective style with jumbo Marley, Havana, Senegalese and Mambo twists instead of small twists. I... Continue Reading

5 of the Best Crochet Braid Patterns

Yay for you, you’ve decided to get put your hair away for a bit and install crochet braids! Crochet braids have quickly swept the natural hair community by storm due to their ease of installation, versatility, and convenience – beating... Continue Reading

5 Red and Auburn Dyes that are Safe and Beautiful on My Natural Hair

The temperatures have dropped and winter is in full force. The change of seasons is a time for women to update their summery hair color to darker, richer shades that remind us of sitting in front of the fire with... Continue Reading

7 Sultry Natural Hairstyles to Ring in the New Year

The new year is around the corner, and you and your babe are planning a hot (or romantic) night out.  If you’re at a loss about what to do with your hair, no need to worry any longer.  Here are... Continue Reading

14 Defined and Undefined Roller Sets on 4C Hair

We all love a good roller set, but mastering the skill can be quite the challenge. These 4C ladies make it look easy. Hopefully, these 14 beauties will give fellow 4C naturals curl inspiration! This flexi rod set is everything…... Continue Reading

10 Gorgeous and Creative Box Braid Pictorials

With the cold season being here, many naturals are turning to box braids for protective styling.  That being said, it is really easy to get into a styling rut when wearing braids for two to three months straight.  Well, that... Continue Reading

Is the New Instyler Max Better Than a Flat Iron?

I have a confession – I really don’t like straightening my natural hair. While I enjoy the look and flipping my hair around, it’s too much stress for me. The total process takes around four hours, and almost every time... Continue Reading