Ashley // Transitioning Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! A: Hello my curlies! My name is Ashley and I’m a naturalista from New York. My natural journey began on August 10, 2013 and ever since then I’ve been empowered physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why did you make the decision to go natural? A: Transitioning has probably been one of the hardest things... Continue Reading

Christina Patrice // 3C Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! C: My name is Christina Patrice, and I’m from Los Angeles, California – born and raised! Why did you make the decision to go natural? C: I’ve had natural hair pretty much all my life. The only time I ever had a relaxer was when I was around 6 or 7. But growing... Continue Reading

8 Tips For Navigating All the Online Information About Natural Hair

by Shelli of Hairscapades So, you’ve recently discovered the online natural hair community: blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Fotki albums and Tumblr… the list seems to go on and on. However, while you are ecstatic because there is soooo much information out there, you are also overwhelmed due to the influx of information! Welcome to the club ;)! I... Continue Reading

7 Moisturizers for the Line of Demarcation in Transitioning Hair

For transitioners, the line of demarcation presents a special set of challenges on it’s own. Identified as the point where your old damaged hair meets your new natural hair, the line of demarcation can literally make or break your transition. Because this area of your hair is structurally weak, it is super important to keep... Continue Reading

No More Transitioning: I Just Got A DevaCut!

The Backstory On December 5, 2013, my life changed. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little melodramatic. But on December 5th, I ended my 21 month transition from heat damaged hair and went 100% natural. Like many transitioners, from the outset of my process, I had the end in mind. I was going to go... Continue Reading

Transitioning 101: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Natural Hair

As promised, here is the first installment of the Intro to Transitioning series, based upon requests you all made. Please send all feedback and questions to :) What is Transitioning? In the natural hair community, there are two streams of thought when it comes to “going natural” – the big chop, and transitioning. I’m... Continue Reading

How to Trim Transitioning Hair

There is tons of information out there about how to tell when your natural hair needs a trim. Tapering ends. Rough ends. Breaking ends. Splitting ends. Ends that won’t stay twisted or braided (that unravel). The truth is, for a transitioner, all of that is a part of the daily deal. By virtue of transitioning... Continue Reading

Nicollette // Transitioning Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! N: Hey Everyone! My name is Nicollette and I was born and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx. Why did you make the decision to go natural? N: Thus far I am 8 months into transitioning to natural hair. I began my natural hair journey in April 2013. I decided to go natural... Continue Reading

Donna // Natural Hair Style Icon *Update*

Donna was featured on March 1, 2012 when she was more than a year into her transition to natural hair. We caught up with her to get an update on her regimen now that she’s au naturale. Introduce yourself! D: My name is Donna and I am originally from Michigan, but reside in Chicago. How... Continue Reading

Nelly // 3C/4A Transitioning Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! N: My name is Nelly and I am a Franco-Ivorian young woman who currently lives in Paris. Why did you make the decision to transition to natural hair? N: I’ve been transitioning for two years. My mother taught us (my sister and I) how to take care of our natural hair and she... Continue Reading

Top 5 Mistakes New Naturals Make

Thanks to the huge impact of social media, many transitioners and naturals are now on information overload – getting tips about regimens, products, practices, tools, styling, and more. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are a huge asset to the natural hair community, and have connected us across cities, states, countries, and seas. While I am... Continue Reading

When Going Natural Goes Wrong

By Lurie Daniel Favors of Afro State of Mind Sometimes, despite our intentions, our hair plans simply…fail. We get a great idea and maybe we jump in head first without really thinking about how to make that idea actually work. That can happen when you make the initial decision to go natural too. A lot of... Continue Reading

5 Myths About Transitioning to Natural Hair

Me and my transitioning hair, circa 2013…lol (stretched wash n’ go)I haven’t done a great job of showing it lately, but I get a lot of reader e-mails with questions about transitioning to natural hair. Some ask for product recommendations, others want to know how to get their curl back, so forth, etc. I love... Continue Reading

How to Respond to the Pressure to Big Chop

I’ve been transitioning for 16 months, and my transition has been a very public one. Amid all the support and encouragement, there is another element that arises: pressure to chop. “Girl your hair is gorgeous! Just cut those ends off!” “Are you chopping soon?” “You should chop your hair, I did and I love it!”... Continue Reading

What to Expect in Your First Year of Transitioning to Natural Hair

  Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and questions about tips, advice, product recommendations, and secrets for successfully transitioning to natural hair. Once you’ve made up your mind to go natural, it’s pretty easy to become obsessed. And with a plethora of blogs, websites, YouTube videos, Instagrams, Pintrests, Facebook pages and Google Plusses,... Continue Reading

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