Scissor Happy: 4 Ways to Stop Over Trimming Your Natural Hair

Are you scissor happy? Do you reach for the scissors every time you see a split end or complex knot (knot that has more than 2 strands entangled). Are you happy to trim your hair again if you see splits immediately after a fresh trim? Has your hair become stagnant at a certain length and... Continue Reading

Micro Trimming Your Way to THICKER, Longer Natural Hair

This is not your usual trimming post. This is not about trimming off your damage in one fell swoop. Rather this is about micro trimming for eventual thickness and length. So, what is micro trimming? Well, it is essentially taking off ¼ to ½ of an inch of hair monthly or every other month to... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Cutting Your Natural Hair Might Be the Best Thing You Do in 2015

Style Icon: Joy If you’re like many naturals, the idea of cutting your hair is not only unpalatable, but can also give you nightmares for weeks! Since many are striving to grow long, healthy natural hair; hair cutting just seems counterproductive. But, what if I told you cutting your hair is exactly what you need... Continue Reading

New Trend? Women BURNING Their Ends to Get Rid of Split Ends

DISCLAIMER: This material is presented for educational purposes only. Neither I nor encourages the use of this technique at home. So just when I thought hair care couldn’t get any more extreme, I stumbled upon an article about burning away split ends with fire. Yes, you read that correctly – burning away split ends.... Continue Reading

4 Signs It’s Time To Chop Your Transitioning Natural Hair

  Transitioning in and of itself is a challenging journey, wrought with excitement, frustration, progress and potential. Amidst all of the advice, methods, regimens and products, sometimes the most confusing thing about the journey is knowing when to chop. There’s pressure on all side. Some fellow naturals think transitioners are dragging their feet, clinging on... Continue Reading

I Got a Deva Cut and HATED It: Why It Didn’t Work for My Hair Type

by Alondra (pictured above)   Shape. It’s a word that has so much power…we pin, scrunch, push and pull all in the name of a nicely sculpted mane. Personally, I believe that the shape of your curls or coils can make or break your look and many women become very meticulous when it comes to... Continue Reading

4 Signs It’s Time to Trim Natural Hair

Content Provided by Klassy Kinks Hair scientists, stylists and bloggers debate on how often one should trim their natural hair, but one thing is for certain: healthy ends are essential to having healthy hair! Regardless of how often you plan to trim your hair, there are a few signs that you should bring out the hair... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Cope with Haircut Regret

  Every once in a while, you might get the urge to switch up your look. Perhaps you’re entering a new season in life or just closed the chapter on an old one. In either case, you may desire your outward appearance to reflect the changes in your life. For many women a haircut is... Continue Reading

No More Transitioning: I Just Got A DevaCut!

The Backstory On December 5, 2013, my life changed. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little melodramatic. But on December 5th, I ended my 21 month transition from heat damaged hair and went 100% natural. Like many transitioners, from the outset of my process, I had the end in mind. I was going to go... Continue Reading

Photos of Natural Hair Under the Microscope Show Why Cutting with Shears is Important

Blog reader Charese has given me another reason to use my microscope, yay! She asks, ‘I’ve heard many people say that hair shears are superior to paper scissors and the hair trimmed with anything other than hair shears will soon split again. Is this true? Are hair shears so sharp that cutting paper or fabric... Continue Reading

4 Methods To Trim Natural Hair

We can agree that some people do not need to trim their hair often while others really need to in order to keep damage at bay. The way you choose to trim your hair is entirely dependent on you, your hair goals, your hair’s rate of damage and your skills. Here are 4 video tutorials... Continue Reading

4 Reasons NOT to Trim Your Hair

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom Trimming is an important part of a natural hair routine helping to keep damage at bay and allowing the hair to keep gaining length. Your routine could be as simple as trimming half an inch every 4 months, regularly dusting the ends (cutting off a quarter inch or less... Continue Reading

Does Trimming Hair Actually Make it Grow Faster?

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom Here is some food for thought! Trimming could allow your hair to attain a longer length. It sounds strange but what my fellow lab rats discovered is that hair will grow until it reaches a critical length when it appears to grow slowly or not at all (Journal of the Society of... Continue Reading

Should Natural Hair Be Trimmed Wet or Dry?

By Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care You’ve seen the stylist in your neighborhood salon approach a head of wet dripping hair, with scissors in hand, and start to work his or her magic. But have you ever wondered whether trimming the hair while wet is... Continue Reading

Trim Your Hair According to Your Needs

By Jc of The Natural Haven Trimming is necessary to remove split ends and knots that cannot be unravelled. It can also be used to help maintain the ends aesthetically, where older, weathered ends are cut allowing the hair to look fuller/thicker. The method you select to trim your hair depends on three main factors... Continue Reading