True Life

Why I Used a Texturizer to “Transition” to Natural Hair

by Taylor Law of Klassy Kinks At the end of 2012, I decided that it was time to take control and go natural. No awkward moments of carrying two textures and trying to control my “puffy” edges. No more feeling like my hair never looked as good as that first week out of the salon.... Continue Reading

True Life: I Wear A Wig Even Though My Natural Hair Is Tailbone Length

by Cassandre of Huh? Who in the world is screaming at me?? I heard the voice again. “Your hair F*#!’in ROCKS!!!” I looked around. It was then that I finally spotted the Caucasian male who had to poke his head out from the driver’s seat window, in traffic, to pay me that compliment. It’s probably... Continue Reading

True Life: I’m a Type 4 Natural and I Haven’t Combed My Hair in 2 Years

by Kara, pictured above I haven’t combed my hair in almost two years and my hair is the longest it has ever been. If someone had told me two years ago I’d do this, I would gasped and fully expected my hair to be loced by now. But two years has gone by without a... Continue Reading

True Life: My Grandmother Went Natural at Age 67 After a Lifetime of Relaxers

by Tyra of Indigenous Curls Hope I Look this Good at 70! Almost 3 Years ago, my grandmother, Jen, unintentionally went natural. For years, she would sit at the edge of her bed with grease, a wide tooth comb and magnetic rollers. She would roll her relaxed, ginger-colored hair in perfectly uniformed sections and place a... Continue Reading

True Life: My Doctor Made Derogatory Remarks About My Natural Hair — Twice

By Taisha Feldhaus When you go to the doctor you expect many things: sitting in a waiting room thumbing through old magazines, getting your blood pressure taken, maybe having to put on one of those hideous gowns. But you probably don’t expect to have your doctor make fun of your hair. However, last year this... Continue Reading

My Disastrous Experience Taking Biotin Supplements for Hair Growth

by MJB of Trials N’ Tresses Back in February I did what most would consider the “big chop”. After 11 months of transitioning I took out my protective style and cut off all the remaining relaxed ends. I was excited and nervous but most of all I was impatient. I wanted my hair to grow... Continue Reading

3 of the Biggest Natural Hair Mistakes I Made in 2013

by Sabrina of Seriously Natural I am a big believer of learning from your mistakes.  I feel the best way to keep from repeating mistakes is owning them and then moving on. I did not have many Natural hair mistakes in 2013 but the ones I had were doosies worth mentioning and I am vowing... Continue Reading

True Life: A Stranger Asked Me if the Word “Nappy” Was Racist

By Chandra of Healthy Happy Hair I love this shirt for a few reasons, primarily because it’s comfortable!! Most of the time I forget what it reads. Saturday my hubby and I decided to tour our own city… (that was a great idea btw, we should do it more often!) As I was waiting on... Continue Reading

True Life: My Husband Hates My Natural Hair

By Andrea Henderson The decision to go (or return) natural was quite by accident. I loved going to the beauty salon to let someone “deal” with my hair.  However, I was getting tired of the long hours I spent there (even with a 9 AM appointment). At that point in my life, I started to... Continue Reading

True Life: My Curly Transitioning Wig Fell Off at Work

By Jamie at “It doesn’t even look like a wig,” my intern said, trying her best to be reassuring. “I couldn’t even tell.” That is, of course until, the darn thing fell off my head. Except for the occasional set of braids, I’ve never been a weave girl. But lately, I’ve been toying with... Continue Reading

I’m Mixed. I Have Natural Hair. And Yes, I Understand the Struggle.

A photo of the author By Ana Santos of Vista de Arcoiris About a year ago, I wrote an article about how much I disliked being mixed because of my hair. These last few months, I realized that I didn’t embrace the natural hair life because of others and not me. I liked my curls... Continue Reading

My Daughter Rejected a Blonde Halloween Barbie Wig in Favor of Her Natural Hair

Mom Crystal Russ Horace discovered this Halloween that her daughter’s love for her natural hair goes deep. Check it out; Yesterday I took my daughter to get her shots. I rewarded her for being a good girl by going to get her Halloween costume. She picked out a Barbie fairy costume that came with a... Continue Reading

True Life: My Scalp is Too Bougie for Synthetic Hair

by Crystal Powell  of Kinky Hair Affair  I recently received a BOMB protective hairstyle in my hair, which I planned on keeping for two weeks. Everything was great! I didn’t have to style my hair. I just keep up with the normal daily maintenance (oiling scalp and spritzing with a moisturizer). I also received so many compliments... Continue Reading

A Stylist Speaks: Healthy Hair Practices Were Banned at My Salon

via Before I was a hair stylist I was a DIY kitchen chemist just like many of the women who subscribe to the various online hair forums and blogs. I lived for mixing and trying new formulas and posting pictures to my Fotki account to chart my growth. My passion for researching, executing, and... Continue Reading

A Stylist Added Keratin Treatment To My Conditioner Without Permission

This is what salon nightmares are made of! In a promo for the Colorado-based salon More Than Curly, client Dianna shares her story of going to a stylist for a blow out and walking out with chemically treated hair! She declined the keratin treatment when offered it, but was given it regardless. ..She started to... Continue Reading

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