Men Washing Their Partners’ Natural Hair is the Video Trend You Need to See

After successfully transitioning to natural hair, and *finally* getting a solid routine down, the last thing most of us want is some clueless dude all up in our tresses. And yet a few brave naturals have allowed their partners to... Continue Reading

A Scientific Look at Whether Water-Only Washing is Hygienic for Natural Hair

As far as hair washing trends go, the one currently catching fire for the last year or so is the water only wash. BGLH writers Portia and Chinwe of course have it covered! You can see their articles here for... Continue Reading

This 4C Natural Swears By Water-Only Washing For Curl Definition

When it comes to washing natural hair, I thought we had pretty much covered it all. From co-washing to pre-pooing, I was sure that we secured all bases and nothing was left to the imagination…until I happened upon Dephne Madyara’s... Continue Reading

4 Hacks for the Easiest Wash Day EVER

The further you delve into your natural hair journey, the easier things should be. I’m a FIRM believer in not hustling backwards, so when something works, I ride that train ’til the rails fall off (or I get distracted… #PJwithashortattentionspan).... Continue Reading

3 Sulfate Shampoos That Won’t Leave Your Natural Hair Feeling Stripped and Dry

I’ve long been a fan of sulfate-free shampoos. For afro-textured hair types, it just made the most sense because it was frequently touted as significantly less drying than its counterpart. While many non-sulfate cleansers are actually less drying, there are... Continue Reading

Can Water-Only Washing Maximize Natural Hair Growth?

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Since we last discussed Whitney (Naptural85), her theory has evolved from incorporating co-washing to alternating between co-washing and water-only washing.  (In case you missed the previous discussion, here it is: Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow... Continue Reading

Does Constant Washing Make Natural Hair Grow Faster?

I am definitely not the first natural to notice what appears to be faster hair growth with more frequent washing. In the beginning of my journey, it was a question that came up periodically on the hair care forums I... Continue Reading

Sink or Shower: What’s the Best Place to Wash Natural Hair?

When you watch a shampoo commercial, where is the woman usually washing her hair? Usually in a hot, steamy shower or under a waterfall in a tropical paradise, right? The point is, she is usually standing upright massaging the shampoo... Continue Reading

How Hard Water Scientifically Affects Natural Hair

Many naturals report that their hair feels and even behaves differently when they live, move or vacation in an area with hard water. I now finally have scientific answers as to what could be happening! 1. The cuticle surface is... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Wash and Maintain Crochet Braids

Even though crochet braids usually only last a few weeks, you may be able to stretch the duration of the protective style even more if you wash and condition your scalp with them in. It may seem like an impossible... Continue Reading

Microscope Photos Reveal Which Natural Cleansers Work Better Than Shampoo

I have finally got around to testing some more natural cleansers. In the firing line today are castile soap (diluted), natural soap or shampoo bar, oat water and shikakai. The Experiment I used my own shed hair and imaged it:... Continue Reading

6 Natural Curl Enhancing Methods

When I first went natural, I recall watching videos of people applying conditioner to hair that looked like mine to magically form clumps. However, mine did not. Of course, there is really no magic to it. Natural hair in its... Continue Reading

My Experience With the Cherry Lola Treatment (the Precusor to the Max Hydration Method) On 4C Hair

Before the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM), there was the Cherry Lola Treatment, developed in 2009 by natural hair blogger Cherry Lola.  (As a matter of fact, the MHM incorporates a variation of this treatment as its first step.) Because of... Continue Reading

Why I Only Wash My Natural Hair Every 2 Weeks

How many of you reading this wash your hair every 5 days without fail? If you responded “yes,” I’d venture to guess (though I may be incorrect) that you wash your hair that often because its currently at a length... Continue Reading

Semi Permanent Hair Dye and Clear Rinses for Natural Hair

Style Icon Shenique Most of us will know about semi permanent hair dyes which stain the outer shaft of the hair but wash out over time unlike some permanent hair dye that can get right into the cortex. Some naturals... Continue Reading