[Video] 100 Years of Ethiopian Beauty in 1 Minute

The Cut, a site known for its time-lapse series that features a century-wide coverage of beauty has recently ventured to highlight Ethiopian beauty for the past 100 years. Interestingly enough, Ethiopian beauty mirrors the transition of 100 years of black American... Continue Reading

3 Ways Diffusing Can Cause Heat Damage on Natural Hair

Generally when naturals think of heat damage, they think of flat irons and curling irons being the culprits. Unfortunately, heat damage doesn’t stop at those styling tools. Diffusing your hair can cause heat damage as well. If you’re a wash... Continue Reading

10 Beautiful 4C Natural Hairstyles for the Fall

This fall season is all about goddess braids, curly sets, and sculptural updos for my 4c naturals!  Here are ten video tutorials for ten such looks. 1. Goddess Braid I cannot talk about the goddess braid enough. This look is such an easy, fail-safe option.... Continue Reading

36 Stunning Images from the All Things Ankara Nigerian Renaissance Ball in Maryland

On October 17 Nigerian Americans gathered at the Martin’s Camelot Embassy Ballroom in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to celebrate 55 years of the country’s independence, and recognize Nigerian excellence in America. The event also honored Nigerian American rapper Jidenna and model... Continue Reading

[Video] 6-Year-Old Black Girl Surprises Cab Driver With Fluent Korean

In this video posted to her mom’s Youtube account, 6-year old Anaya speaks fluent Korean, impressing both her Mom and her cab driver. Much of the video shows the cab driver trying to teach Anaya the difference between the word “cat” and... Continue Reading

Why My Natural Hair Was Stuck at Shoulder Length for Years and How I Got Past It

It took me 8 years to get to bra strap length and just 1 year to get to tailbone length. But before I got to my desired length, I had little clue as to what my hair needed most so... Continue Reading

Why I’m Skeptical of the $300 Flat Iron Brush

A few weeks ago, many naturals marveled at a video showing a mother straightening her daughter’s hair with a DAFNI Straightening Brush (a type of flat iron brush) in one pass. The self-proclaimed revolutionary hair straightening brush will supposedly get... Continue Reading

Black-ish’s Yara Shahidi Serves 5 Fierce Natural Hair Styles in Teen Vogue

Teenage talent and star of the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish Yara Shadi recently shot with Teen Vogue. The star served up 5 fierce looks for the spread and, in an interview with Patrice Yursik, gushed about her love for her natural hair: “This... Continue Reading

This Shockingly Colorist 1966 Ebony Magazine Cover Shows How Far We’ve Come

Colorism is still a humongous issue in the black community here in the United States and around the world. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, great strides have been made against valuing people’s worth according to how light their... Continue Reading

Venus Williams Has Worn Natural Hair to All 18 of Her Tournaments This Year

If you are seeking some inspiration for natural hairstyles that would work with your exercise routine, then look no further than one of the hardest working women in tennis, Venus Williams. She has rocked her natural hair in ALL  18... Continue Reading

10 Naturals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Raise your hand if you remember Fotki photo albums?  Back in the day (okay, maybe not that far back in the day), it was the website to visually capture beautiful black hair growth.  If you were on a serious natural or... Continue Reading

Maria Borges Becomes the First Model to Walk the Victoria’s Secret Runway With Natural Hair

This month seems to be all about breaking barriers. First actress Gabourey Sidibe has a revolutionary love scene on Empire, now Angolan model Maria Borges brings natural hair to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show’s runway for the first time. In... Continue Reading

#BeingBlackisPrettyEnough Tackles Anti-Blackness and Fetishization of Non-Black Women

Just recently we covered Franchesca Ramsey’s video on how the outright fetishization of biracial children is problematic. However, these attitudes and similar that are drenched in the aesthetic of anti-blackness still manage to show up on timelines. The #BeingBlackisPrettyEnough hashtag was created by... Continue Reading

Black Principal Removes 8th Grader From Class for Having “Poofy”, “Unprofessional” Natural Hair

A 13-year-old girl was removed from her Toronto middle school class for wearing her natural hair out instead of pulled back. The child says she was sitting in her 8th grade class at Amesbury Middle School doing her work when... Continue Reading

40 Incredible Photos from Brazil’s First Natural Hair Empowerment March

Brazil is a country with the largest black population outside of the African continent. However it has often been the subject of dialogue regarding the strenuous challenges many of it’s black citizens face on a daily basis. When it comes to natural hair,... Continue Reading