Thandie Newton’s Hair In Her New African Woman Magazine Spread is Everything

British and Zimbabwean actress Thandie Newton covered New African Woman magazine and her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Wearing colorful African prints in a bucolic setting the gorgeous 42-year-old actress wears a fro, a pulled back puff, locs and a high... Continue Reading

8 Black Women Covered Fashion and Culture Magazines This Month

Queen Latifah for Variety. Kerry Washington for Self. Serena Williams for New York Magazine. Amandla Stenberg for Dazed. Beyonce for Vogue. Willow Smith for i-D. Ciara for Shape. Misty Copeland for Essence. Story: Queen Latifah on ‘Bessie,’ Her Past and... Continue Reading

Women of Color Are Showing Love For Their Skin With the #FlexinMyComplexion Tag

The phrase “Flexin My Complexion” was born out of the work of artist, Kameelah Janan Rasheed. Not long after her work was shared throughout the internet, #flexinmycomplexion became a viral hashtag celebrating the rich darker skin tones amongst women of... Continue Reading

Wearing Africa: 11 Gorgeous Photos of Africa-Shaped Jewelry

The trend of Africa-shaped adornment has been around for a while, spouting a multitude of rings, necklaces, earrings and tattoos. But no one captures it quite like Peace Images. The jewelry brand, created and run by Camille Peace, provides sexy,... Continue Reading

This Photo of a Young Lisa Bonet Doing Zoe Kravitz’s Hair is Precious

In between mama’s legs, getting your hair done. So precious. What childhood hair memories do you have with your mother? Continue Reading

8 More Inspiring Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys

In June, we featured 10 Inspirational Photos of Amazing Natural Hair Journeys. Now we are back with eight more. First is Jess of Mahoganycurls.  Check out her 2009 to 2014 growth. Next is another growth collage of Ebony. Mariah‘s journey... Continue Reading

10 Black Beauty Vloggers Recreate Iconic 90s Looks

The trend of “all things 90s” has been floating around for a while now. From matte lips and warm brown shadows to bold full brows, the 90s appeal of make-up is too fly to pass up. See how the following YouTubers recreate... Continue Reading

4 Flawless Natural Hair Styles That Can Be Done in 10 Minutes or Less

Whether you’re racing against the clock or are just a lazy natural, these 4 natural hair styles will leave you looking your best in just 10 minutes or less! 10 Minute Twisted and Braided Updo I don’t think there is... Continue Reading

The Next Generation: 8 Kids on Social Media With Incredible Natural Hair

Many of us grew up in a period when it was normal to relax a child’s hair between the ages of 5 to 10 years old. These days, more and more parents are choosing to keep the hair of their... Continue Reading

Writer Recalls Being Called “Disgusting” at the Opera For Wearing Her Natural Hair

Collier Meyerson is a writer for who recounts a story that almost sounds too incredible to be true… Almost. It’s a story of black women’s bodies being viewed as offensive, of a culture clash and a generational clash. It... Continue Reading

Black Women Are Photoshopping Themselves Into Art as a Statement on Cultural Erasure

Many black women struggle with invisibility and erasure. We heavily influence the culture around us but don’t see images of ourselves reflected back to us. The #ArtHoe (sometimes referred to as #artheaux) movement is a statement on that erasure and... Continue Reading

7 HBCU Majorette and Dance Squads That Set it Off

The black collegiate marching band is literally one of the coolest things you can experience in life. Even though I didn’t get the A Different World experience by attending a HBCU, I will always remember the days of being a... Continue Reading

Huh? White Writer Says Beyonce’s Vogue Cover is a Political Statement on Stringy, Un-Done, Unkempt Hair

In a think piece that needed a lot more thought, writer Megan Garber of the Atlantic declares that Beyonce’s slick, wet-looking hair on Vogue’s September cover is somehow a political statement on unkempt hair. Behold her thesis; Bey and Vogue... Continue Reading

‘Long Weave is No Longer the Standard for Black Models’: Angolan Model Discusses Her Big Chop

Named Forbes top African model of 2013, Angola native Maria Borges has made quite a name for herself in the fashion world. Borges rocked bone straight extensions for the bulk of her modeling career but was prompted to change by... Continue Reading

Rikki Danielle from Kansas City // 3C/4A Natural Hair Icon

What is your name and where are you from? R: My Name is Rikki Danielle and I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I’m currently living in Hawaii. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with... Continue Reading