20 Black Women SLAYING Purple Lipstick

Purple is arguably one of the most flattering shades on black women. While I would, of course, argue that all shades look great on us, purple just pops when against our skin. Trust me, your shade of brown has no... Continue Reading

Lil Mama Posted a Photo Rocking Two Natural Hair Plaits, and the Internet Responded with Vitriol

Music artist, Lil Mama posted her #nomakeup #naturalhair selfies and videos online during her vacation in Cancun, to celebrate her carefree black girl steez. However, in the way of the internet, some folks took the moment of self-love as an... Continue Reading

21 Times Black Woman Celebrities Slayed Team #NoMakeup

Alicia Keys isn’t the only one ditching the makeup for natural skin. The #nomakeup trend has been hot since Fall and these gorgeous ladies prove it. I’m a sucker for a beat face, but every now and then it’s nice... Continue Reading

Model Jazzma Kendrick Dumps, Then Returns to Italian Boyfriend After His Racist Remarks

Recently, black model Jazzma Kendrick broke up with her boyfriend, retired Italian soccer player, Christian Vieri, for spewing racist remarks.  She publicized the incident in the following tweets: At first, I applauded her for taking a respectable, zero-tolerance stance against racism... Continue Reading

Rapper Big Boi Tried to Shame Black Mothers on Twitter and It Didn’t End Well For Him

Misogyny is a casual and common affair in black culture. At least once a week, a black woman’s image is turned into a meme whereby she and all black women are shamed for one reason or another. Our images are... Continue Reading

Ghanaian-UK Writer Asks: Why Aren’t ‘Unapologetically Black’ US Artists Touring in Africa?

20-year-old Ghanaian-UK writer Joel Ryan posted a very thought-provoking essay on his music site, Spike UK Online, that has sparked discussion on the relationship between Africans and Black Americans. While many artists of late, including J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and... Continue Reading

Black Women are Proudly Showing Off Their Darkened Summer Skin With #TanonFleek

“Stay out that sun!” Countless black girls heard those harsh words from mothers, grandmas and aunties who feared the blackening effects of the sun. As we grow in the understanding that dark skin is beautiful, many black women are ditching sun... Continue Reading

Gabrielle Union Discusses How Being the ‘Only Black Friend’ Growing Up Crippled Her Self Esteem

Gabrielle Union knows what it’s like to try to fit in and struggle with self-confidence. “I can’t tell you who I am without telling you where I’ve been.” The actress gave an encouraging speech to teens during the Step Up’s 13th annual Inspiration... Continue Reading

Alicia Keys Reveals a Faceful of Freckles in Makeup-Free Portrait for Vanity Fair

First, let’s pause and reflect on the fact that this woman is 35 years old! Awed husband Swizz Beats posted this gorgeous makeup free portrait of Alicia Keys with the caption; “You look 19 without make up My fav pic... Continue Reading

23-Year-Old Black Woman Goes Public with Severe Hair Loss As a Warning Against Constant Sew-Ins

On May 26, Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon posted a video of a beautiful 23-year-old black woman who has suffered major hair loss due to braids and sew-ins.  What makes this situation so unique is that hair loss this severe is... Continue Reading

[Video] Every Year Venus & Serena Williams Compete in a Secret Amateur Dance Invitational They Created

The Williams sisters are best known as monsters on the tennis court, but for years they’ve been secretly coming for another title — Queen of the Dance. For years the sisters have hosted a private amateur dance competition — called... Continue Reading

Why Are People So Offended by Someone Being Overweight?

Last week, actress Amber Riley took to her instagram to address those who felt the need to shame her because of her size. This is despite the fact that Riley is completely comfortable with her body. However, some critics have... Continue Reading

Jazmine Sullivan Blasted for Attending Costume Party as a White Barbie

A few days ago, singer Jazmine Sullivan, 29, posted photos of herself on Instagram dressed as a blonde haired, blue-eyed Barbie. The singer attended a Barbie-themed costume party and decided to go as Barbie herself. The idea was cute, but... Continue Reading

Concern is Growing that ‘Hidden Figures’ Blackness is Being Tamped Down to Satisfy Mainstream Audiences

We’re all excited to see black women getting their well-deserved time on the silver screen. The 12 upcoming films with black women in leading roles is perhaps an indication that the tide is shifting in the film industry to be... Continue Reading

Danai Gurira Says She’s Not a Minority

In an interview in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, actress Danai Gurira discusses Hollywood’s diversity problem head on. She also opens up about her reluctance to both accept the label “minority” and to have her projects classified as “minority stories.” “I never consider... Continue Reading