5 Reasons Why You Won’t See Me Rocking Fur Nails

If you didn’t already hear, fur nails showed up on the Libertine runway during the most recent Fashion Week cycle and bloggers and influencers alike have been trying the style on their own. We searched high and low looking for black women... Continue Reading

Is Publicly Supporting Black Women a Path to Social Media Stardom for White Men?

The advancement of black people in America has often involved allies — from Quaker abolitionists in the 1700s to white members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, to non-black protesters for Black Lives Matter. But a curious phenomenon is developing... Continue Reading

Youtube MakeUp Guru Publicizes Her Argument With Milani Cosmetics CFO on Social Media

The internet beauty community erupted this week after celebrity Makeup Artist and Youtube Vlogger, Alexandra Bond, shared (via snapchat) the details of a recent encounter with the CFO of Milani Cosmetics. The specifics can be a bit hard to sift through, so... Continue Reading

Love & Hip Hop Creator Mona Scott-Young: ‘My Portrayals of Black Women Lead to Self-Love’

Let’s get one thing straight — black women are multidimensional. At any given moment, there are millions of unique black woman experiences happening, most of which will never make it to mainstream media. It’s safe to say, however, that the... Continue Reading

Why Buzzfeed’s Latest Video “Questions Black People Have for Black People” is Out of Pocket

Buzzfeed released this video titled “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People” on this past Tuesday and it couldn’t be any more misguided. The video itself sought to perpetuate tired, unfounded stereotypes of black people masked as a way... Continue Reading

‘My Womb Doesn’t Belong to the World’: Joy Bryant Speaks on Her Decision to Be Childless

Joy Bryant recently wrote a Lenny letter titled “Stop Telling Me I Should Have Kids,”  in which she addresses comments regarding her choice to forgo children.  I read her letter, and it got me thinking: Who are we to judge a woman who... Continue Reading

Zara Employee Told her Box Braids Were Not “Clean” or “Professional” Enough for Zara’s Brand

Cree Ballah, an employee in Zara’s Toronto, Canada store, was mortified when her manager had her change her neat large box braided bun style into a style that they deemed as “clean and professional”. In an Interview with Toronto’s CBC... Continue Reading

I Did Not Wake Up Like This: How I Won My Battle Against Mental Illness

This post first appeared on Lisaalamode.com Although I love the power of social media and the incredible and sometimes life-changing opportunities it can yield, I often struggle with the one-dimensionality of the whole thing. Folks see this one image of... Continue Reading

Laura Govan Says She Wishes There Were More Light-Skinned People on The Next 15

Reality Star Laura Govan has come under fire for statements she made during the taping of The Next 15 reunion show. Govan, who has a Black father and identifies as Black, told fellow cast member Jennifer Williams that she wishes... Continue Reading

Erykah Badu Tweets That Girls Should Lower Their Skirts to Avoid ‘Distracting’ Male Teachers

Last night, Erykah Badu began a series of tweets agreeing with an article that asserted that young girls should dress in ways that don’t “distract” their male teachers. The entire thread is incredibly long (it’s 12:30pm the next day and... Continue Reading

21 Naturals Rocking Undefined Fros for Formal Occasions

Though natural hair has been making its way into formal environments, styles have generally been limited to stretched updos, defined curls, or braids.  While there is nothing wrong with any of these looks, some of us (me included) want the freedom... Continue Reading

10 Black Woman-Run Sites We Check Daily

The number of black women creating online content is steadily rising, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The black woman’s narrative has been told by people other than black women for far too long. So it’s both refreshing and empowering to... Continue Reading

8 No-Foundation Makeup Routines That are Perfect for Spring

It’s definitely spring – despite snow in some parts of the US a few days ago – which means it’s time for you to transition your makeup routine away from thick and rich foundations that were necessary during the winter.... Continue Reading

20 Breathtakingly Realistic Sketches of Black Women and Girls

Drawn by pencil and pen, these incredibly lifelike portraits capture the beauty of black women and girls in great detail.  Here is a compilation of works by four black artists – Kelvin Okafor, T.S Abe, Enam Bosokah, and Martins Lawrence Akande.   Pencil portraits by Kelvin Okafor... Continue Reading

Blac Chyna Rocks Bantu Knots on Her Natural Hair, Dej Loaf Rocks the Look for Her Birthday

Over the weekend singer Dej Loaf and model Blac Chyna wore two different versions of bantu knots. Chyna’s bantu knots, done with her own natural hair, were detailed with mini cornrows woven throughout the style. Bantu Knots 👑 A video... Continue Reading