46-Year-Old Taraji P. Henson Posts Incredible Body Pic and Clarifies She Doesn’t Use (or Need) Waist Trainers

Taraji P. Henson has never been shy about her body. She’s proudly gone braless for W Magazine, nude for PETA, and is always bringing sexy back through her character, Cookie Lyon, on the hit show Empire. The 46-year-old actress continued... Continue Reading

[Pics] Michelle Obama is Beautiful, Graceful and Sexy in Her Final Vogue Shoot as First Lady

That is the story of this country, the story that has brought me to this stage tonight, the story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept... Continue Reading

18 Black Women Who are Kicking Butt in the Face of a Trump Presidency

One thing the 2016 election taught us is that black women are bout dat life. They voted against Trump at an incredibly high margin (more than 90%, vs just 47% of white women), and made history on election night by... Continue Reading

Professional Cuddlist Amaku Ukpong Cuddles (Mainly Older, White Male) Strangers for a Living

Physical touch and connection are an essential part of mental health and wellness, but not everyone has sufficient access to it. In New York City, professional cuddlists are paid by the hour to provide soothing, comforting, nonsexual touch to clients.... Continue Reading

Oprah Dragged on Twitter After Telling Fans “Hope Lives!” After Trump’s Election

In times of trouble, many Americans look to Oprah for wisdom and comfort. But some felt they did not find it when, after Donald Trump’s election, the media tycoon posted an image of Trump meeting with President Barack Obama at... Continue Reading

Tika Sumpter Takes to Twitter After Mother Jailed Over $10 Library Fine

Most of us have been guilty of not returning books to the local library at some point in our lives. In fact, I signed out a book about toads in 1994 and had to pay for the book when I... Continue Reading

Telling Dark Skinned Women They are Beautiful is Not the Answer to Colorism

I’ve written about colorism twice this week (read HERE and HERE), and after reading some of the comments on these posts, I feel compelled to to write this post. I’m not going to dive into the history of colorism, but... Continue Reading

Gwen Ifill, Veteran Journalist and the First Black Woman Presidential Moderator, Passes Away

Gwen Ifill, a veteran PBS news anchor, passed away today after months of battling cancer. She was 61 years old and an iconic African American anchor our time. Gwen was a standard bearer for courage, fairness and integrity in an... Continue Reading

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Says She “Finally” Accepts Her Dark Skin

Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus, shared an intimate message of self-acceptance with her Instagram followers yesterday. In her post, Cori admitted that she used to despise her darker skin tone because it wasn’t seen as beautiful to society. Now, at... Continue Reading

Lil’ Kim Says She’s a Spanish Girl Trapped in a Black Girl’s Body

Lil’ Kim is undoubtedly an icon of black womanhood. Her talent, beauty, career longevity and success in a male-dominated industry have led many to revere her as the epitome of black girl magic. But the Queen Bee has never made... Continue Reading

[Pic] After Struggling with Scalp Infections from Lacefront Wigs, Countess Vaughn Does the Big Chop

Back in March 2014 actress Countess Vaughn went public with her scalp infection struggle. The spunky actress revealed on The Doctors that she suffered discoloration, peeling of the skin and hair loss from an allergic reaction to wig glue. You... Continue Reading

[Video] Black Woman Secretly Records White Boyfriend’s Slur-Laden Anti-Black, Pro-Trump Rant

*UPDATE: In the original version of this article we incorrectly stated that this rant was recorded after Trump’s victory. It was actually recorded during election season, before Trump’s November 8 victory.* As a country we are still processing the implications... Continue Reading

[Pics] After Trump’s Election, Teyana Taylor Rolled up to the White House with a Black Power Fro

While the Cleveland Cavaliers were at the White House celebrating their recent NBA Championship win, Teyana Taylor stole the social media spotlight with her proud pose.  She wore a big afro, hoop earrings, and burgundy turtleneck and suit — all... Continue Reading

17 Hilarious Memes that Sum Up Our Reaction to This Election

Though the presidential election is over, discussion about it continues — and with good reason. The word “shocked” only begins to describe how many of us felt the morning of November 9. Here are 17 memes that capture this and other emotions... Continue Reading

I’m a Black Woman and After Trump’s Win I Don’t Want Michelle Obama to Run for Office

In light of the election results, I find myself disgusted, but not shocked. After the exit poll statistics were released, the group getting the most side eye on the internet today is white women, with a whopping 53% of them... Continue Reading