Sheneka from Georgia // 3C/4A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! S: Hey! My name is Sheneka but most people call me Nek and I’m a Georgia gal. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us!  S: I transitioned and initially “going natural” wasn’t apart of the plan. What initially happened: I hadn’t had a perm for about 5 months, kept... Continue Reading

Can a Woman Wear a Wig and Not Be Hiding?

by Erickka Sy Savané The short answer is no. By definition, “to hide” means to cover up or remove from sight. So if you put on a wig, you’re covering your hair, which is the same as hiding it. The question then becomes less about whether you’re hiding, but what you’re hiding because people hide different things for... Continue Reading

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Your Natural Hair Journey in 2015

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got a smartphone. You also probably have goals for your hair in the coming new year, but didn’t know that you can use your phone to help you achieve your goals! Take a look at these mobile apps that can increase the length, strength and glow of your... Continue Reading

How Much Natural Hair Breakage is Normal?

In my short time as a blogger in the natural hair community, I’ve come to realize that there is one word that incites an unparalleled fear and universal panic in naturalistas across the board: breakage. The dreaded (accidental) snap, the tiny wisps of hair on the sink, or the awful realization that more of the... Continue Reading

How Ayurvedic Products Increased My Hair’s Moisture, Strength and Length

Over the past five years, it has become increasingly common for companies to market the benefits of ayurvedic hair care products. Products ranging from natural hair moisturizers to chemical relaxers have stressed the benefits of ayurveda for hair. But ayurveda isn’t just about growing hair, it’s a 5,000 year old Hindu Indian philosophy of mind and... Continue Reading

Are Box Braids Going Mainstream?

Box braids have long been a staple in the black beauty community. They’re fairly easy to install and instantly stylish. Black celebrities have rocked the look, from Zoe Kravitz to Beyonce to, of course, Janet Jackson. Pop singer Christina Aguilera rocked box braids for a time in the early 2000s, but at the time they... Continue Reading

3 Ways To Combat Dry Hair Syndrome in Type 4 Hair

Many naturals encounter dry hair at some point in time. Dryness can be caused by many things — weather, bad hair products, etc. But for Type 4 naturals like myself, dry hair can be even more prevalent. Over the years, while dealing with bouts of dry hair, I have discovered a few simple ways to quickly... Continue Reading

5 Natural Hair Journeys on YouTube to Inspire You in 2015

Perhaps you had a few hair-related setbacks in 2014, be it heat damage, severe breakage, or something else.  Remember that a LOT can change in one year, including your hair, and for the better.  Start fresh, make necessary adjustments to your routine, and you should see progress by the end of 2015.  For extra motivation, check... Continue Reading

Melissa from Virginia // 4A/B Natural Hair Style Icon

What is your name and where are you from? M: My name is Melissa Carter. I’m from Waynesboro, Virginia. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us! M: After nearly a lifetime of relaxers, I became curious about my God-given texture. My relaxed hair seemed pretty healthy but I wanted a... Continue Reading

10 of the Most Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials

With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, many naturals are looking to pictorials as step-by-step guides for replicating gorgeous styles. Check out 10 of the most stunning natural hair pictorials we’ve seen thus far: Instagram’s Mz_Tammy is the queen of updos. Parisian natural Revele_Toi is a master of elegant styles for short hair. This hairbow... Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Retaining Length in 2015

Style Icon Kara It is the recap time of year again! How well did you do on your quest to longer hair? Did you retain as much length as you wanted or did you experience setbacks? No matter where you are on your jouney, if you need to troubleshoot your current routine or check to... Continue Reading

OWN To Debut Companion Documentary to “Dark Girls” Called “Light Girls” + Trailer Inside

Image credit: Many naturals tuned in back in 2012 for the documentary Dark Girls, which offered a look at colorism in the black community from the perspective of dark skinned women. Now filmmaker Bill Duke is following up with a sequel documentary entitled Light Girls. According to; Duke said that he interviewed both... Continue Reading

Black Girl with Long Hair’s Most Popular Style Icons of 2014 + Vote For Your Favorite!

We’re coming down to the end of another year (!) and so we continue a BGLH tradition — celebrating our most popular style icons! Though we featured dozens of women this year, these 10 features were most viewed and shared. Click on the style icon’s name or image to be taken to their full feature.... Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Oatmeal for Natural Hair + How I Use It as an Intense Moisturizer

I’m not usually the type to jump on the “strange and unusual” techniques and treatments bandwagon, but when I heard about the benefits of oatmeal rinses a few years back, my interest was piqued. Oatmeal is great internally and some of you might even be familiar with the use of oatmeal for skin, but can... Continue Reading

2014 Natural Hair Methods Winners and Losers

It is often said that methods matter much more than products. For some naturals this is true but for others both are just as important. Here is a run down of the winners and losers when it comes to methods for natural hair in 2014. Winners 1. Max hydration method (MHM) – This is pretty... Continue Reading