Natural Vlogger Carmen of MyNaturalSistas Got Married And Her Wedding Pics Are Giving Us Life

The Gorgeous Bride 💐 @lynnettessilhouettes Wishing you all of the joy and happiness on your honeymoon in Japan & China and for the rest of your life with @michaelbgrahamii 😙 We love you! Shout out to the Best Mother Ever! She made both dresses and the brooch bouquet pictured above 🙌 #skills A photo posted... Continue Reading

10 Fascinating Black Woman History Facts, Courtesy of Black Twitter’s #WeHelpOurselves Rachel Dolezal Response

After the Rachel Dolezal controversy broke out, there was much talk from within and outside of the black community of how she should be thanked for helping black people. North Carolina State University professor Blair Kelley started the hashtag #wehelpourselves to shift conversation away from Rachel Dolezal and towards a deeper understanding of what African... Continue Reading

[Pics] Singer Jhene Aiko Recreates 3 Infamous TuPac Images With Box Braids

Singer Jhene Aiko recently debuted images from a editorial recreating some of Tupac’s legendary looks in honor of his birthday. In an interview with MTV the singer explains her love for Tupac and why she chose to honor the talented soul with a tribute spread. “I feel like I have to give his legacy some type... Continue Reading

How Rachel Dolezal Just Made Things Harder for Those of Us Who Don’t “Look Black”

By Lisa Bensley for I am biracial. Yes, the very white-looking person you see in the picture above has a black mother and a white father. They are my biological parents, and there’s a zero percent chance of them coming forward and saying that I’m lying about it, unlike the parents of NAACP chapter... Continue Reading

5 Cute Curly Summer Styles for Natural Hair

Summer is officially in full swing, and we have so many great styles options on BGLH, from tapered afros, to updos, and more.  Now it is time for another summer look — curls, curls, curls! 1. Textured Updo This updo will work beautifully for a summer wedding or other formal event.  It can also be... Continue Reading

9 of the Biggest Hair Mistakes Naturals Can Make

Going natural is an exciting thing. You do the big chop, or begin growing out your relaxer and imagine how awesome your new hair is going to be. But there are many pitfalls that can keep you from a happy, healthy hair journey. Three BGLH writers share the worst mistakes they made along their natural... Continue Reading

No Tampons, Pads or Cups Necessary: Company Creates Period-Proof Panties

A new line of underwear called THINX has come out, and it isn’t just any old panty line. The underwear is designed to be worn while on your cycle…without any additional protection. Now, the company only recommends this on your lighter flow days, but says that some women have been able to wear them their... Continue Reading

The Dominican Republic is Ethnically Cleansing Itself of Haitians

by Lisa Jean-Francois of Lisa a La Mode Haitian lives matter… Or do they? This week we’ve seen the Dominican government move to deport thousands of Haitian immigrants and Dominican-born Haitians back to Haiti. As I understand it, many of these Haitians have little to no ties to Haiti, having been born and raised in... Continue Reading

Serena Williams Invests in Company Aimed to Compete with Korean Beauty Supply Stores

  Market research conducted by Mintel estimates 6 out of 10 black women wear a weave or wig. This translates to big bucks as the hair industry is one that earns over a billion dollars annually in the United States. This is an industry in which 85% of its consumers are black women. Diishan Imira, owner... Continue Reading

Remembering The 6 Black Women Who Lost Their Lives in the #CharlestonShooting

The horrendous act of terrorism which took place during a Wednesday evening bible study was nothing short of a callous hate crime. A total of 9 individuals lost their lives. Among those were 6 black women who were mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and standout community members. Depayne Middleton Doctor Family friend on scene... Continue Reading

[Pics] Amandla Stenberg Turns Her Grey Box Braids Into a Bob

…Well more of a lob (long bob). The Hunger Games actress got creative with her back length grey box braids by cutting and unbraiding them for a bob braid out. Cute! WOMEN IN FILM A photo posted by amandla (@amandlastenberg) on Jun 16, 2015 at 8:21pm PDT What do you think of the look ladies? Continue Reading

Vogue Magazine Declares North West a Natural Hair Icon, Totally Ignores Blue Ivy

The good hair/bad hair divide is still alive and Vogue’s recent piece on North West’s hair makes that abundantly clear. North West, the adorable offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, turned two on June 15 and Vogue dedicated an article to her many hair looks. The piece, entitled How North West’s Curly Styles Are... Continue Reading

Cuba Holds Its First Natural Hair Competition to Promote Black Pride

Havana performance artist, Susana Delahante held a black hair competition in Cuba this past weekend. Black and mixed-race women were invited to compete in three hair categories – natural, braided and dreadlocked. The two hour competition which had over 70 contestants was described as an effort to bolster pride within the Afro-Cuban community. Delahante states:... Continue Reading

9 Photos of Plus-Sized Girls Killing Summer Fashion Trends

by Lisa Wynter of Lisa a La Mode Fashion trends come and go, but now more than ever we’re seeing plus-sized divas take on the latest trends with fierce abandon.  From where I’m sitting, these ladies have boldly taken a seat at the fashion table, and have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. No... Continue Reading

[Pics] Viola Davis’ Daughter Genesis is a Natural Beauty

Viola Davis is a natural icon, from her Oscars TWA to her natural scenes in How to Get Away with Murder, and it seems the talented actress is passing the legacy on to her beautiful daughter, Genesis. The pair was spotted in Los Angeles, walking to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live and Genesis looked... Continue Reading