Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Leaves Twitter After Aggressive Racist Attacks by the Group’s Fans

Saturday evening, Normani Kordei’s name was trending on twitter. Not because she’s one of the most stunning and incredibly talented members of the pop girl group Fifth Harmony, but because of racist bullying. The 19-year-old singer was the target of... Continue Reading

12 Olympic Sports You Didn’t Know Black Women Were Dominating

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics are underway, and many black women are expected to take home gold. Many assume black women primarily participate in basketball and track, but the following sports — not traditionally associated with black female... Continue Reading

[Video] After Facing Online Scorn, Ethiopian Vlogger Proves Her Blackness With a Genetics Test

YouTuber, Naturally Batel was motivated to take a DNA test after commenters challenged her racial identity on her first video upload. “I never really questioned my genetic make-up until I read a flood of hate comments on my first Youtube... Continue Reading

Sasha Obama Working the Register at Her Summer Restaurant Job is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Natasha (better known as Sasha) Obama just got a summer job at…a seafood restaurant? Yes, you all heard that right! The youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama recently began working at Nancy’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard... Continue Reading

Hetero Tanzanian Women are Marrying Each Other To Reclaim Ownership of Their Bodies and Property

Some of the women of Tanzania’s Kurya tribe are reclaiming their freedom and right to own property by marrying older women in a local tradition known as nyumba ntobhu (house of women). According to a recent article in Marie Claire, “the practice allows women... Continue Reading

[Video] The TODAY Show Did THE WORST Hair Makeover EVER on a Black Woman

TODAY Show Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala believes that any woman can style her hair for a quick summer updo in under a minute.  Mutyala attempted to prove her hypothesis by showcasing easy summer styles on women of different ethnicities and... Continue Reading

Black Mother Creates Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Daughters’ Incredible Natural Hair Journeys

A New York mother has an Instagram account devoted to pictures of her daughter’s gorgeous natural hair, and we are loving it! She is a mother of one son and four daughters, all of whom are working their way to healthy hair.... Continue Reading

[Pics] Plus-Sized Black Women Use #WeWearWhatWeWant to Express Their Style Uninhibited

When Vintage Honey (@thesoulasylum) relayed a story on Twitter of a black woman mocking a plus-sized woman of color for wearing a minidress, Simone Mariposa had to say something. In an interview with Today, Mariposa recalls how she came up... Continue Reading

[Pics] How to Rock a Head Wrap With Dressy Attire

We all know that head wraps are the perfect summer accessory for a day at the beach or at a summer festival, but as Teyonah Parris showed us, they are versatile to sport on the red carpet looking absolutely gorgeous. Here... Continue Reading

Beauty Vloggers Beat Their Faces With Black-Owned Cosmetics ONLY for the #BOMB Challenge

The B.O.M.B (Black-Owned Make-up Brand) Challenge was created by black beauty vloggers Alyssa Forever and Alissa Ashley. In a video introducing the challenge Alyssa stated her reasoning; “With everything that is going on right now, I think it’s really important... Continue Reading

15 Incredible Vintage Photos of Black Majorettes

As, I mentioned in my previous article on black dance squads, black marching band culture is simply unmatched. It’s unique in style, sound and essence. While perusing the net, I recently came across these fantastic vintage images of black majorettes... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Woman Have Been Cosplaying as Riri Williams and It’s Awesome

On the heels of this month’s huge announcement, that the new Iron Man will be a black teenager named Riri Williams, black women wasted no time getting into cosplay. Comic Con brought out the usual outstanding cosplayers, including many channeling... Continue Reading

Black Kentucky State Rep Speaks Out After Daughter’s School Bans Twists, Cornrows and Afros

Here is another “we can’t believe this is 2016” moment: Kentucky State Representative, Attica Scott, recently shared the new hair policy of her daughter’s school on Twitter.  Though this is not the first time we have seen the banning of certain natural hairstyles, it... Continue Reading

10 Photos of Black Families Cosplaying That Won Our Hearts

Cosplaying has proven to be very popular among black enthusiasts, and we really adore when the whole family gets involved. A family that cosplays together, slays together! The Walking Dead The Simpsons Fifth Element The Addams Family Captain America Dragon Ball... Continue Reading

YAAAS!!! Tracee Ellis Ross Rocks Cornrows and ‘T-Murda’ Bamboo Earrings at a Marc Jacobs Dinner

Last week Marc Jacobs hosted a dinner in Los Angeles to promote his newly launched Decadence fragrance. Tracee Ellis Ross rocked the event with cornrows and the signature bamboo earrings of her alter ego, T-Murda.   Had a ball at... Continue Reading