It is Shocking How Much Less Taraji P Henson, Viola Davis and Kerry Washington are Paid than White TV Stars

Yesterday Variety released a salary list for TV’s top stars, and while some things were expected (aka the Big Bang Theory cast makes bank) others were pretty shocking. Namely that some of TV’s top black stars make way WAY less... Continue Reading

Wig Company Photoshops New Face Onto Image of Beauty Vlogger After She Asks them to Stop Using Her Photo in Ads

Beauty vlogger Alexandria Nicole recently exposed a website,, for posting a picture of her to sell a wig. Funny thing is, she isn’t wearing a wig, nor did she give them permission to use her photo. She posted the... Continue Reading

Serena Williams Doesn’t Care About Being Labeled an Angry Black Woman: ‘I Will Show Emotion’

In a bid to show that we can be joyful despite our challenges, many black women have labeled themselves ‘carefree black girls.’ We wear flower crowns and nose rings, we sport tattoos and post pictures online of us frolicking on... Continue Reading

Sade’s Child Comes Out as a Transgender Man

Singer Sade’s child, Mickailia “Ila” Adu, officially came out as a transgender man yesterday. There had been speculation since the early spring that the 20 year-old was transitioning, but nothing was confirmed. Mickailia, who was openly lesbian before transitioning, shared... Continue Reading

Solange Designed Two of the Dresses in Her ‘Cranes in the Sky’ Video

It’s been 4 days since Solange released her fourth album A Seat at the Table and many are still absorbing its brilliance. Not only has Solange proven to be an incredible vocalist and lyricist, she also had a hand in... Continue Reading

Twitter Drags Black Professor for Saying Solange’s Album Only Got Good Reviews Because She’s Beyonce’s Sister

Solange has always been unique. She cut all her hair off on a whim back in 2009, she has spoken frankly about having a baby young and the freedom that came when she divorced the baby’s father, the photos from... Continue Reading

After Being Accused of Photoshop, Misty Copeland Brings Receipts Showing Her Body is Just That Insane

Black bodies are incredible. Whether for their strength, litheness, curves or color, they are a thing to behold. Misty Copeland, the first black principal dancer for America’s leading classical ballet company,the American Ballet Theatre, is significant not just for breaking... Continue Reading

Brazil Crowned Its First Black Miss Brazil in 30 Years, And Only the Second In Its History

Brazil imported more African slaves than any other country during the Translatlantic slave trade. Today it has the largest black population in the Western hemisphere (roughly 50% of its 200 million residents identify as Black or mixed race), and a... Continue Reading

Tracee Ellis Ross Recreates Solange’s Iconic ‘A Seat at the Table’ Album Art

Solange’s digital album, A Seat at the Table, was released on September 30.  Not only has it been receiving rave reviews, but it has inspired a couple of homages — including one from Tracee Ellis Ross. Paying homage to my... Continue Reading

Incredible: This 4 Months Pregnant Weightlifter Still has a 6-Pack!

Though this certified personal trainer is 19 weeks pregnant, you’d never know. That is because Massy Arias was an avid weightlifter prior to her pregnancy. During her first trimester, she avoided lifting and instead maintained some physical activity and healthy eating. Massy is now in her second trimester... Continue Reading

[Pic] Fans Lash Out After Vanessa Williams Impeccably Channels White Actress Veronica Lake

Black women are justifiably sensitive to issues of colorism, identity and appropriation. But is there ever a time when the sensitivity inhibits expression? That was the question when Vanessa Williams channeled glamorous old Hollywood actress Veronica Lake. Williams posted the... Continue Reading

[Pics] Kelly Rowland Dons Kinky Extensions for Stunning Schon Magazine Shoot

Kelly Rowland wowed her fans when she posted two stunning photos on Instagram from a photo shoot for London-based Schon! Magazine. Her dreamy top knot and blown out half-afro are the mastery of celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble. Kelly’s gold dusted... Continue Reading

Rihanna’s Mother Snaps on Reporter For Asking About Drake at Ri’s Fenty x Puma Fashion Show

Yesterday Rihanna debuted her second Fenty x Puma collection at Paris Fashion Week. The line, which Ri described as “Marie Antoinette at the gym” was praised by fashion mags for being sartorially daring while capturing the Bajan singer’s essence. After... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black MUA Incorporates Her Vitiligo Into Her Makeup Routines

Lauren Elyse is no doubt gorgeous and incredibly skilled when it comes to makeup. The Chicago-based artist currently has over 165k followers on Instagram, and absolutely masters every look she tries out. But what makes her different is that she... Continue Reading

[Video] We Did Not Know OITNB’s Vicky Jeudy Could Dance Like This!

In an Instagram video for the #diabetesdancedare challenge OITNB’s Vicky Jeudy showed off her impressive rhythm and movement skills! In the caption Jeudy said she joined the challenge because she is currently pre-diabetic. I have accepted the #diabetesdancedare @amdiabetesassn I... Continue Reading