No Curl Envy Here: Why I Love My Type 4 Natural Hair

 by Tori (pictured above) My type 4 hair gets tangled and knotted easily. It gets dry and matted. Detangling can take forever. It can look dull and dry even when it is isn’t. Shall I go on? Well I won’t, because this article would end up being way too long. Like many naturals with type... Continue Reading

How I Straightened My Hair Without a Heat Protectant WITHOUT Suffering Damage

by Christine of Amor Artistry You did what?? That’s correct! A few weeks ago for my birthday, I got my hair straightened for the first time in 4 years. I was very curious about my length and I also needed a trim very badly. I went to H2 Salon in Brooklyn. The salon looks so nice... Continue Reading

My Natural Hair Growth Took Off When I Started Using Natural, Raw Ingredients

by Kara of NaturalCurliesTV (pictured above) I remember watching Kimmaytube on YouTube as she was discussing the pH balance of hair and how it is important to use products that are close to the same ph as our curly hair which is between 4.5 and 5.5. Using hair products that are similar in pH cause the cuticle... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make Money in the Natural Hair Industry

by Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks Research has recently shown that big hair and beauty brands are losing money due to drops in relaxer sales. It’s clear that naturals are spending their money elsewhere. If you’re so inclined, here are some ways to responsibly cash in on the natural hair movement: 1. Sell Your Own Products... Continue Reading

Ciara Debuts New Look: Gorgeous Dreadlock Extensions

  No, that’s not Lisa Bonet. It’s the Queen of Crunk & B, new mom and soon to be Mrs. Future, Ciara. The R&B goddess uploaded a few photos of her radical new do to her instagram this weekend. We’re loving this look on you, Cici! What do you think about the look? Do you... Continue Reading

Shocking History: Why Women of Color in the 1800s Were Banned From Wearing Their Hair in Public

by Cassandre of Woman in Tignon credit “Did you know that in late 18th century Louisiana, black and multiracial women were ordered to cover their hair in public?” My sister asked me. “WOW. Really?” I replied. I’d probably heard of this in one of my black studies classes in undergrad, but who remembers everything they’ve... Continue Reading

3 Hairstyles That Can Keep You From Reaching Your Goal Length

by Cassandre of Eight years. That’s exactly how long it took me to get to my current lower back length, but when ladies ask me how long it took I hesitate to say 8 years because that’s not inspiring at all. It just makes long length seem impossible to get to.  I mean, 8 years... Continue Reading

A White BGLH Reader Responds: Why ‘#TeamNatural is for Black Women’ is NOT Reverse Racism

Who should be represented in #teamnatural? It’s a debate that’s raged for days now — here on BGLH and on other natural hair and black women’s blogs and vlogs. BGLH writer Christina gave our official response — while we understand the need for multi-racial spaces celebrating curly and textured hair, we also feel strongly that... Continue Reading

How I Use Heat Safely On My Type 4 Hair

 by Tori (pictured above) Not all naturals choose to use heat on their hair. However, for those that do, heat damage is the most dreaded fear. No one wants to enjoy their stretched hair, only to realize afterwards that they’ve caused permanent heat damage. Here are my techniques I’ve applied to safely use heat on... Continue Reading

7 Cute Summer Puff Styles for Short, Medium and Long Natural Hair

The “puff” is a super simple, go-to summer style for many naturals. Most of us – if not all of us – have worn it at some point in our natural hair journey. Nevertheless, sometimes the style can get a bit bland, but don’t fret. Here are some ways to spice up your puff! 1. Big Kinky... Continue Reading

Why It Takes Me Just 2 Hours to Wash, Detangle and Style my Back-Length 4C Hair

Who wants to spend a whole day washing natural hair? Not me. I will admit, there was a time when it literally did take me a whole day to complete the process. I would spend several minutes shampooing, up to an hour or two deep conditioning, a few hours detangling, all night air drying in... Continue Reading

Blue Ivy’s Adorable Afro Puffs + Today Show Anchor Tamron Hall Shows Off Natural Curls On Air

Carter family jewels anyone? The Carters were spotted shopping at Ralph Lauren in the Hamptons this past Tuesday. Little Blue is rocking the cutest afro puffs and looking more and more like B every day. Bey later posted a photo of the toddler taking a nap. So cute! Today show anchor Tamron Hall debuted her... Continue Reading

A Response – Why #TeamNatural is for Everyone, Not Just Black Women

BGLH writer Jc presents a different point of view about who deserves to be represented in the natural hair movement. Check it out; Show of hands – Do you agree and advocate that there should be spaces reserved for black people to discuss thoughts and ideas central to our culture and that these spaces should... Continue Reading

Lupita Nyong’o Shows Off her Braiding Skills + Willow Rocks Blonde TWA Around NYC + Teyana Taylor’s Curly Ombre Bob

Lupita Nyong’o starred in a recent short for Vogue magazine entitled, Braids. In the clip, we watch her create amazing styles on 6 of her closest friends. We catch a glimpse of the Hollywood starlet’s skills as she effortlessly styles hair into bantu knots, goddess braids and cornrows. Nyong’o also shares the story of how she... Continue Reading

#TeamNatural is For Black Women… And That’s Okay: Why Exclusivity is NOT Racism

African women at a natural hair gathering in Cote D’Ivoire Photo Source One of the most dynamic things about the natural hair community is the unashamed celebration of the diversity and dopeness of our hair. The sense of pride involved in making a conscious decision to embrace one’s God-given mane is an accomplishment worthy of... Continue Reading

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