TV Writer Complains Hollywood Too Ethnically Diverse, Blacks on TV Has Reached Its ‘Peak’

We wish this Deadline article was an elaborate joke, or something out of the Onion, but unfortunately TV writer Nellie Andreeva is dead serious about her premise that TV is too diverse, blacks don’t deserve any more representation and the whole thing is unfair to white actors! Here are some of the “gems” from the... Continue Reading

Can Relaxers Permanently Change Your Natural Hair Texture?

We all know that chemical relaxers loosen the natural curl of one’s hair. But can long term use of chemical relaxers alter the texture and curl pattern of your hair as it grows naturally? I’ve heard on more than on occasion an anecdote along the lines of “When I was a girl my hair was... Continue Reading

4 Edge Pomades that Tame Wash n’ Go Frizz

For the past couple of years, it seems that several hair brands are incorporating “edge pomades” into their lineup. These products have a similar consistency to the Let’s Jam! Pomade of yesteryear, but usually without mineral oil and more natural ingredients. Used to often slick back edges and smooth hair for protective styles, edge pomades... Continue Reading

4 Hot DIY Natural Hair Cuts for Spring

Do you want to create your own fierce hair cut for the Spring?  If so, here are four DIY styles: 1. Bangs Bangs are a good option if you are bored with your current long length but aren’t brave enough to cut your entire hair.   Keep in mind that they are not the easiest to cut... Continue Reading

3 Shampoos with Super Slip for Natural Hair

Finding a good shampoo for natural, highly textured hair has been somewhat of a journey over the past few years. There are co-washes and cleansing conditioners aplenty, but a good, sudsy shampoo that gets up the gunk without leaving your hair feeling stripped and straw-like? Those are hard to come by. The average “sulfate-free” shampoo... Continue Reading

History-Making Little League Player Mo’ne Davis Gets Her Own Disney Biopic , Bloomsburg U Athlete Has a Disgusting Response

All-star athlete, Mo’ne Davis has been making all the right plays. It was recently announced that Disney will be making a bio-pic based on the 13-year-old. This is major! The upcoming biopic appropriately titled Throw Like Mo will follow Davis’ journey to become the first girl to pitch a shutout in the Little League World... Continue Reading

7-Blend Hot Oil Treatment for Softness, Moisture and Shine in Natural Hair

Vlogger Naptural85 gives the secret to softness, moisture and shine with her 7-blend hot (or warm) oil treatment! She recommends that the treatment be kept in overnight and rinsed out the next morning. The flexi-rod set above was done after she applied the treatment, and we can see the beauty and shine! Here are the... Continue Reading

Animation Appreciation: The Simpsons Recognizes Natural Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Many naturals know Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for her 2013 novel Americanah, and being featured on Beyonce’s song Flawless. Now the popular (and natural!) Nigerian author has been recognized by the Simpsons. In the episode ‘Princess Guide’, a Nigerian princess named Kemi (voiced by Yaya DaCosta) is in Springfield while her father negotiates a... Continue Reading

[Photo] Erykah Badu’s Curly TWA

When it comes to hair, Erykah Badu is a chameleon, rocking everything from locs to straight weave. Recently the songstress took on another look — a curly TWA. Ms Badu shared the look on her Facebook page and we are loving it. A little Sunday beauty for you :) Continue Reading

Are Natural Women More Evolved? Not Necessarily…

by Erickka Sy Savané Are natural women more evolved? It’s a tricky question. When you consider that evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form, you want to say “yes” all day. Because women who choose to wear their hair natural are changing into a... Continue Reading

[Video] A Lace Front Wig… For Box Braids!

Naturals often complain that box braids, while cute and a potentially great protective style, can be heavy on the follicles and take quite a bit of time to install. One wig company sought to solve the problem by creating a box braid lace front wig, complete with ‘baby hairs’ for a more realistic looking hairline!... Continue Reading

Are Some Detangling Tools Harmful to Natural Hair?

  Stop for a minute and think about the most challenging aspect of your hair routine. Is it washing your hair? Is it styling? Well, for me it is detangling. I can thoroughly wash my hair in 20 minutes, even less if I wash my hair every 5-7 days. I can make my styles as... Continue Reading

Lies or Marketing? Can We Trust Natural Celebs When They Discuss Their Favorite Products?

DISCLAIMER: Before I begin this post, I want to make it very clear that I am not bashing Tracee Ellis Ross or any other company spokesperson, in any way, shape, or form. My intention is to call out the practice of masked advertising and sponsored promotion as an educated consumer. I recall the first time... Continue Reading

Representation Matters: Why is DreamWorks Hiding Their First Black Main Character?

A few days ago, actress Teyonah Parris shared the following image on her instagram page: Representation Matters. A photo posted by Teyonah Parris (@teyonahparris) on Mar 17, 2015 at 4:42pm PDT If you’re unfamiliar, the little natural pictured is standing next to an ad for the new animated film, Home. The film is a product... Continue Reading

4C Love: 20 Stunning Photos of 4C Natural Hair

“It took a long time for me to accept and appreciate my hair texture. It’s so important that we teach our girls to love their hair.” – MsTanish1 4C hair has a long history of being considered “bad hair” — a history that is still very much the here and now in certain mindsets.  Nonetheless, more... Continue Reading