Why, as a Black Woman, I’m Not Shocked by a Trump Win

On November 8 around 9 pm EST I clicked on the TV to watch election coverage. I started folding laundry, glancing up at the screen from time to time, expecting Hillary Clinton to pull out a tight victory. And then... Continue Reading

Prince Harry Releases Statement Blasting Media for Racist Coverage of Biracial Girlfriend Meghan Markle

There have been rumors swirling around a potential relationship budding between the most eligible royal, Prince Harry, and biracial (black and white) American actress Meghan Markle. The couple reportedly met in Toronto, where Markle lives, in the beginning of May,... Continue Reading

Octavia Spencer: ‘I’m a Carefree Black Woman but It’s a Role I Never Get to Play’

What do you think of when you think of Octavia Spencer? Throughout her career she has played on many black woman tropes; the motherly figure (Coach Carter, Fruitvale Station), the wisecracking black woman (The Help), the stoic civil rights hero... Continue Reading

Yes I’m a Black Woman Who Contours, No I Don’t Do it to Look More Eurocentric

Over the weekend, this meme began circulating on social media. It pictures a black woman — mid contour — reflecting on her actions. The caption says: “When you’re contouring and highlighting and realize that you’re trying to get more eurocentric... Continue Reading

[Pics] Korean Graffiti Artist Creates Stunning Murals of Black Women in Traditional Korean Dress

27-year-old Korean graffiti artist Royal Dog is creating stunning murals of black women in the traditional Korean hanbok. It is not clear whether these murals are designed to represent Afro-Korean women, or if they are simply black women reimagined in... Continue Reading

Why Do So Many Black Male Comedians Go Viral by Mocking and Imitating Black Women?

There is a class of black male comedians on Instagram who derive laughs from portraying black women. There is the popular Suzan, a crazy and extremely jealous Jamaican girlfriend played by PrinceMarni (627,000 followers). There is also the famous Titi, a sometimes insecure and argumentative... Continue Reading

Claudia Jordan Checks Fan Who Tried to ‘All Lives Matter’ Her Tribute to Black Girls

A couple days ago Claudia Jordan posted a photo of smiling black little girls of various skin tones with the caption “Baby girls— you are beautiful in ALL shades. KNOW THiS as a FACT and NOT an opinion. ????????????” But... Continue Reading

The CMAs Erased All Evidence of Beyonce from their Accounts After Receiving Backlash for Her Performance

As I’m sure you all know, Beyonce performed with the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Association Awards this week, and many actually persevered through the show to see Queen Bey. Everyone on Twitter waited with bated breath for her... Continue Reading

Mildred Loving’s Grandson Reveals She Didn’t Identify, and Hated Being Portrayed, as Black American

The movie ‘Loving,’ scheduled to be released this Friday, tells the story of an interracial couple in Virginia whose court case declared Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act unconstitutional. Richard Loving, a white man, married Mildred Jeter in violation of Virginia law,... Continue Reading

The White House Sponsored a Princess Party for Black Girls and We are Swooning

When it comes to fortifying the black community, the plight of black women and girls often takes a back seat to that of black men and boys. So it is particularly heart-warming to see black girls being recognized and nurtured.... Continue Reading

8 Black Woman Celebrity Friendships We Didn’t Know Existed

A popular narrative concerning black women is that we don’t support each other and constantly stoke drama for the sake of it. But for many black women, the love and support of girlfriends are what get us through life. That... Continue Reading

BGLH Was Just Dragged for Describing Lighter-Skinned Women with Loose Curls as “Black”

When it comes to blogging I’m not one to complain about the comment box. If you have a high traffic site (or want a high traffic site) you have to get comfortable with the idea that your comment box will... Continue Reading

In Gut-Wrenching Essay, Haitian Woman Recalls Being Stolen and Sold to a White Canadian Family at Age 3

Sex trafficking and illegal adoptions are dangers many children in poor and war-torn countries face. Even here in the United States, vulnerable children are sold into underground markets. We hear the statistics, but the children are often soon forgotten in... Continue Reading

[Pics] Black Women on Instagram are Sharing Their Heat Damage Transformations

There was a time when heat damage was actually a goal of some women – nicknamed “heat training,” it was a method that included consistently straightening one’s hair in order to achieve looser, “more manageable” curls. While some women were... Continue Reading

Black Woman Creates GoFundMe Campaign Titled “Help Me Divorce This D-ck Already”, Gets Funds in a Day

Vanessa Gritton had had enough. The California resident, who has been in limbo since her husband refused to file for divorce claiming a lack of funds, created a GoFundMe campaign to cover the $300 needed to get it done. On... Continue Reading