10 of the Most Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials

With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, many naturals are looking to pictorials as step-by-step guides for replicating gorgeous styles. Check out 10 of the most stunning natural hair pictorials we’ve seen thus far: Instagram’s Mz_Tammy is the queen of updos. Parisian natural Revele_Toi is a master of elegant styles for short hair. This hairbow... Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Retaining Length in 2015

Style Icon Kara It is the recap time of year again! How well did you do on your quest to longer hair? Did you retain as much length as you wanted or did you experience setbacks? No matter where you are on your jouney, if you need to troubleshoot your current routine or check to... Continue Reading

OWN To Debut Companion Documentary to “Dark Girls” Called “Light Girls” + Trailer Inside

Image credit: MadameNoire.com Many naturals tuned in back in 2012 for the documentary Dark Girls, which offered a look at colorism in the black community from the perspective of dark skinned women. Now filmmaker Bill Duke is following up with a sequel documentary entitled Light Girls. According to MadameNoire.com; Duke said that he interviewed both... Continue Reading

Black Girl with Long Hair’s Most Popular Style Icons of 2014 + Vote For Your Favorite!

We’re coming down to the end of another year (!) and so we continue a BGLH tradition — celebrating our most popular style icons! Though we featured dozens of women this year, these 10 features were most viewed and shared. Click on the style icon’s name or image to be taken to their full feature.... Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Oatmeal for Natural Hair + How I Use It as an Intense Moisturizer

I’m not usually the type to jump on the “strange and unusual” techniques and treatments bandwagon, but when I heard about the benefits of oatmeal rinses a few years back, my interest was piqued. Oatmeal is great internally and some of you might even be familiar with the use of oatmeal for skin, but can... Continue Reading

2014 Natural Hair Methods Winners and Losers

It is often said that methods matter much more than products. For some naturals this is true but for others both are just as important. Here is a run down of the winners and losers when it comes to methods for natural hair in 2014. Winners 1. Max hydration method (MHM) – This is pretty... Continue Reading

4 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Effectively in the Winter

Your natural hair loves coconut oil as a sealant during the spring, summer, and fall but does a complete 180 come winter. If this sounds like your tresses, check out these suggestions for improving the effectiveness of coconut oil this season. 1. Let it penetrate into your hair overnight  Coconut oil takes time to penetrate the... Continue Reading

Are These Played Out? Natural Hairstyles That Didn’t Get Much Love in 2014

Since I’ve been natural for almost 5 years, I’ve noticed that different hairstyles have come and gone. There are so many trends in the natural hair community, and 2014 seemed to be the year of tapered cuts, brightly colored hair, and crochet braids. Are the hairstyles listed below, which didn’t get much love in 2014, officially... Continue Reading

2014 Natural Hair Product Winners and Losers

Love it or hate it, many naturals are product junkies and are generally always looking for new products to usually make detangling easier or to soften, moisturise and style hair better. This is my recap of the products that have been asked about and talked about the most in 2014. Winners 1. Bentonite Clay –... Continue Reading

LaQuisha from North Carolina // Type 4 Natural Hair

Introduce yourself. L: I am LaQuisha Hall, a.k.a. “Corner Curl Girl” from New Bern, North Carolina (currently residing in Maryland). I have a long list of job titles, some of them including educator, fashion blogger, inspirational speaker, mentor, pageant queen, doctoral candidate, abuse survivor and advocate and more. My life is just as coarse as... Continue Reading

Miss Jessie’s Shares Beautiful Tribute Video for Recently Deceased Founder Titi Branch

The natural hair community is still overcoming its sadness and shock at the recent passing of Miss Jessie’s founder Titi Branch. Although the company hasn’t made a statement on the passing of its co-founder, they did post a beautiful and tear-jerking tribute video for Titi Branch, set to Stevie Wonder’s classic ballad “As”, on their... Continue Reading

When Longer Hair Means You Can’t Rock the Same Styles

As you go through your natural hair journey, you will inevitably find that some methods will require adjustment. Length retention is a top 3 goal of many naturals. For those of you gazing longingly at the twist outs and locs of your long-haired peers, let me let you in on a little secret now that I’ve... Continue Reading

Lazy Practices That Still Help You Retain Length

Cassandre rocking her fro I’m not going to lie- I don’t care for my hair every single day and I’m pretty certain that most natural ladies out there don’t care for their hair every day either. It’s not that I don’t want to care for it, it’s just that sometimes it has to take the... Continue Reading

In Touch Weekly Compares Solange to a Dog Because of Her Hair

Celebrity and gossip magazine In Touch Weekly is coming under fire after publishing a picture comparing Solange Knowles to a dog. In a column called “Double Creature” the magazine published the following reader-submitted picture and blurb; “Yorkipoo Jackie is “basically twinsies” with Beyoncé’s sis, says the 5-year-old pup’s owner, Brian Murray Jr. ‘They rock the... Continue Reading

5 Tips from a Stylist To Maintain Healthy Color Treated Hair this Winter

Every year, we are advised to protect our hair and treat it well during the harsh winter weather. Just as the bitter cold and unrelenting winds can be murder on your skin, the same elements can take a toll on your hair. If you have color treated hair, the damage can be brutal. Fortunately, there... Continue Reading