[Pics] Kwanzaa Bar Crawl Supporting Black-Owned Bars and Restaurants in Brooklyn Draws 1600 People

What happens when you merge Kwanzaa and the Buy Black movement? You get Brooklyn’s Kwanzaa Crawl, the brainchild of comedian and writer Kerry Coddett. In an interview with the New York Daily News, she says the event, in its first... Continue Reading

‘Maybe You’re Not Good Enough’: Denzel Washington Gives Disappointing Response When Asked How Colorism Affects Dark-Skinned Actresses

Denzel Washington recently sat down with BET reporter Smriti Mundhra to discuss his new film Fences. And while the veteran actor is known for dropping pearls of wisdom in the press, he handled a question about colorism in Hollywood with... Continue Reading

Fan Blasts Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina for Discussing Race on Her Channel, ‘Alienating’ White Viewers

Makeup guru Jackie Aina is among a very small number of black woman vloggers with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Rarer still is that she amassed this following as a dark-skinned woman with tightly textured hair (there are... Continue Reading

Still Going Strong: Pinterest Projects Natural Hair Will Remain a Top Trend in 2017

The online natural hair movement has been around for 20 years now. Taking root in the 90s with trailblazing forums and sites like CurlTalk, Nappturality and MotownGirl, it has blossomed into a digital and real-world community that is attracting an... Continue Reading

This Photo of Actor Lance Gross and Friends Was Supposed to Be Funny, Now It’s Sparking a Debate on Colorism

Over the holidays, actor Lance Gross and wife Rebecca Jefferson took a couples photo while on vacation in Big Bear, New York. The trip is an annual holiday tradition for Gross, who has been going there with friends since 2006.... Continue Reading

Japanese-Canadian Artist Recreates Rosie the Riveter as a Black Woman with an African Head Wrap

The role of black women’s labor in the creation of American society is often overlooked. As an example, this holiday season many are learning — for the very first time — that black woman mathematicians played a critical role in... Continue Reading

Actress Ellen Pompeo Cries Reverse Racism After Being Called Out For Using Black Emojis

Like many Americans, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was troubled at the announcement of A&E’s documentary series Generation KKK, billed as a look at young people struggling to leave the organization. Many saw it as the media’s continued normalization of... Continue Reading

[Pic] Lupita Nyong’o Wants You to Stop Referring to Africa as a Country

Africa is continent of 1.1 billion people — roughly 16% of the world’s population — and 54 countries. Still, it is not uncommon to hear it referred to as a country, often out of ignorance or even as an insult.... Continue Reading

[Video] Stylist Brings Client’s Natural Hair Back to Life After Removing 9-Month-Old Sew-In Weave

*Warning: graphic video* After seeing the initial photos, I didn’t think that it would be possible for this stylist to save any of her client’s hair after removing a 9-month-old weave. A broken arm initially prevented the client from taking... Continue Reading

[Pic] 19-Year-Old Erykah Badu is Pure 90’s Black Girl Magic

The baggy jean overalls, the plaid checkered fabric, the shell necklace — Erykah Badu represents the glory of 90s in this throwback picture she posted to Instagram with the caption “Hey 19”. We peep the fleekness of the eyebrows too.... Continue Reading

[Pics] ‘Chewing Gum’ Star Michaela Coel Stuns in Interview Magazine

You might know Michaela Coel from her show, Chewing Gum (available in the US on Netflix). And well, they don’t always put her in the most flattering or sophisticated outfits – it’s on purpose for the laughs, but sometimes I... Continue Reading

[Pics] Jessica White Shows Off Her Curls, Says She’s Considering Modeling With Her Natural Hair in 2017

Models like Ebonee Davis and Maria Borges have spoken publicly about the significance of modeling with natural hair. And now it looks like Jessica White might also trade in her signature long, straight locks for her textured tresses on the... Continue Reading

[Pics] The Models, Designer, Makeup Artist and Photographer for This Viral Photoshoot are All Nigerian

A photoshoot is going viral, not just because it’s gorgeous, but because it represents Nigerian talent both in front of and behind the lens. The shoot is for Nigerian label Maju and it is a beautiful representation of West African... Continue Reading

[Pics] Ethiopian Artist Recreates Black American Celebrities in African Dress

In January, we introduced you to Ghanaian-born New York artist Dennis Owusu-Ansah, who reimagined famous black Americans with traditional West African attire and names as an opportunity to educate others about his culture. Today, we introduce you to Ethiopian artist Gelila Shenkut, who... Continue Reading

Student’s Clapback to ‘You’re Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl’ Has Internet Divided

It’s unclear whether this was an actual event or just internet lore, either way this clapback to the common insult-parading-as-compliment, “you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” has gone viral — and sparked heated debate online. Initially posted on Tumblr in... Continue Reading