Are Shrunken 4C Fros Considered Unattractive in the Natural Community?

“Ironically I’m sitting here with a “wash’n go” in the literal form. I washed my hair, put some leave in conditioner in that joint and walked out the door. 10 years ago I would’ve NEVER done this. I at minimum had to put it in a puff, but today I was 100% good on this... Continue Reading

4 Essential Tips for Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized in Dry Heat

Style Icon Tessa June is more than halfway over and July is well on it’s way! For many ladies, this means humidity,and fighting a losing battle against a seemingly endless supply of moisture in the air. Wash and go’s shrink, twist-outs turn to puffs and you can forget about straight hair. I really do sympathize... Continue Reading

How to Preserve a Wash and Go Overnight

by Victoria of Tresses and Treats As I’m still in that awkward TWA stage and dealing with major shrinkage, preserving my wash n’ go’s overnight can be kind of difficult. I’ve been struggling for a way to manage my wash n’ go, but it’s still an ongoing process. And I’m lazy (uhh, hello?!), so I really don’t like... Continue Reading

The Length Retention Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Hair Progress Stalls

by Robin (pictured above) I believe that most women with natural hair have the ability to grow their hair to long lengths.  I grew my natural hair from shoulder length to waist length in three years. I’ve never had hair this long in the past. I don’t come from a family of women with long hair and I didn’t... Continue Reading

How To Blow Dry Natural Hair Without Suffering Heat Damage

For most naturals keen on growing their hair, avoiding heat is a very sacred mantra. We know that blowdrying, even on a low setting, literally dries the hair by taking internal moisture levels to below what air drying would produce and never rebalancing with humidity in air. You can read the science here. However, some... Continue Reading

“Is That Your Real Hair?” Are Natural Weaves and Wigs Skewing Perceptions in the Natural Hair Community?

by Portia of Heat-free Hair Founder Ngozi Opara It’s no secret that the natural hair community is probably the largest it has ever been right now. Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are overflowing with natural sistas and their manes. Inspirational hair photos are everywhere. There are women who are pulling in... Continue Reading

How To Keep Type 4 Hair Stretched and Tangle-Free… on WASH DAY!

by Vashti of For most of us, wash day can turn into… an all day affair, depending on what we decide to do to our hair. No matter how long it takes, at the end we all want our hair to be clean, conditioned, moisturized and tangle free. I was originally attracted to these hair... Continue Reading

10 Curly-Haired Naturals to Check Out on YouTube

In April, I suggested “10 Kinky-Haired Naturals To Check Out on YouTube”. Now it is time for a Curly-Haired edition!  Here are some curly ladies you may want to add to your YouTube list: 1. NaturallyNeiicey Let’s start with NaturallyNeiicey! In addition to her gorgeous natural hair, she has a natural, low-maintenance beauty, which is refreshing. Her channel... Continue Reading

5 Go-To Summer Natural Hair Products For Under $10

by Christine of Amor Artistry As summer approaches, our hair routine is bound to change. For the most part, us naturals won’t be doing the same hairstyles as we did for the winter season, which only means it’s time to swap out certain products. Everyone loves a great product, but everyone loves a product that works great... Continue Reading

Is It Safe to Dye Natural Hair After Using Henna?

When I began henna-ing my hair over two years ago, I did it for one reason: to help thicken and strengthen my severely heat damaged strands. Over time, henna proved to be effective at not only that, but at helping to ease the flaking caused by my scalp psoriasis. But as with all treatments that... Continue Reading

How I Achieved Long, Healthy 4B/4C Hair Without Using Hair Vitamins

by Tori (pictured above) After posting length check or ‘before and after’ pictures on Instagram, I often get asked if I take hair vitamins, and the answer is no. I also often get asked, “how did you grow your hair so long?” or “what can I use to make my hair grow?” I never have... Continue Reading

3 Key Things to Consider Before Dyeing Natural Hair

 by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2 If you’re anything like me, then you loveeee hair color! Ive changed my hair color 7 times since Ive been natural and I’ve always been asked a lot of questions. From picking a hair color to maintaining the health of your hair, there are a couple of things you should think about... Continue Reading

So THIS Is What Janelle Monae’s Full Twist Out Looks Like!

We’ve seen glimpses of it; when she straightened her hair for her Dance Apocalyptic video, when she had a “hair malfunction” at a 2010 concert. But never before had we seen the petite songstress rock her legendary curls out and about (and unstraightened)… until now! After an incredible performance at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee,... Continue Reading

How I Manage My Waist Length, Type 4 Hair Without a “Texture Manageability System”

A few weeks back our writer Christina wrote a review of the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. Here, Kara gives an alternative perspective of managing natural hair. by Kara (pictured above) By now I am sure that most of you are aware of these “revolutionary” systems that are on the market for curly girls to... Continue Reading

How To Use Mango Butter for Hair Health and Shine

by Alondra Along with my handy-dandy shea butter, I’ve come across yet another natural product to add to the team: 100% All Natural Mango Butter. Now, I’ve always seen this butter listed as an ingredient in hair care products, but never had I seen it in its natural form until recently. To make a long... Continue Reading

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