Why I Don’t Believe in Using Hair Vitamins for Growth

by Tori (pictured above) When you go to a pharmacy or supplement shop, you can find a supplement for pretty much anything. And, if you ask someone who is on his or her hair journey what their goals are, it would probably be to have healthier and/or longer hair. With the increasing desire for longer... Continue Reading

4 Incredible Cleansing Conditioners for Super Dry Natural Hair

It is summertime, and perhaps, you find yourself wanting to wash your hair more often. If you don’t like the buildup that can come with co-washing or the dryness that can come with shampoos, maybe it is time to try a cleansing conditioner. Here are a few recommendations: 1. As I Am Cleansing Pudding I... Continue Reading

How to Use Elastic Bands on Natural Hair Without Causing Breakage

by Lillian Mae of I’ve worn tons of styles since going natural.  However, elastic bands take center stage as the go to tool for the majority of styles that I’ve worn. Who doesn’t love a big, bodacious, blinding puff? I know I do; the bigger the better! The style is convenient, simple, easy to achieve and can... Continue Reading

How I’m Using Caffeine to Combat Hair Thinning and Alopecia

by Cassandre of “My hair is thinning.” My husband said (in his lovely British accent) as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Yes, it was now apparent. My hubby, just a year shy of 30, was already losing his hair. Androgenic alopecia strikes both males and females and is a reflection of... Continue Reading

When Naturals Attack! Popular 4C Vlogger Glamfun Discusses the YouTube Backlash She Received After Re-Relaxing Last Year

Karen Constant aka Glamfun made waves on YouTube with her witty lyrics and infectious personality, gaining popularity via natural hair parodies and providing tips and information for 4c natural hair. But when she began experiencing breakage and thinning late last year, she turned to a dermatologist for help — and relaxed her natural hair as... Continue Reading

5 Gorgeous and Creative Jumbo Braid Styles

As hair gets longer, one of the joys that comes with the territory is being able to get it into either one or two braids. This drastically shortens the time that you need for styling and is also perfect for giving your hair some rest if it has been out for too long. Single or... Continue Reading

5 Easy Fixes for Dry, Frizzy Ends

  Are you plagued by dry, frizzy ends? I am. There are any number of causes for fuzzy, dry, frizzy ends — from split ends and single strand knots to damaged cuticles. Rough handling of hair, inadequate moisturizing, color damage and normal wearing of the cuticle can cause rough ends that make detangling seem like... Continue Reading

5 Fly Natural Hair Styles That Can Withstand Humid Weather

Your hair is looking fly, but once the humidity hits, forget about it. Does this sound familiar? If you’re looking for a natural hairstyle that can withstand humidity or just look fine in spite of the moisture in the air, then check out these five ideas: 1. Messy Bun for Shrinkage-Prone Hair Some of us... Continue Reading

Rapper Lil Mama Rocks Afro Puffs + Blue Ivy’s Adorable High Bun + Lupita Nyong’o Covers Vogue + The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green’s Red Carpet Updo

Little Miss Blue Ivy Carter was spotted around NYC with her father Jay-Z rocking a crown and donning a cute little bun. Despite the drama surrounding that utterly ridiculous petition about the hair of a 2-year-old, the Carters are doing just fine. Lets make a promise to keep the overt negativity and petty bullying to ourselves... Continue Reading

Are Shrunken 4C Fros Considered Unattractive in the Natural Community?

“Ironically I’m sitting here with a “wash’n go” in the literal form. I washed my hair, put some leave in conditioner in that joint and walked out the door. 10 years ago I would’ve NEVER done this. I at minimum had to put it in a puff, but today I was 100% good on this... Continue Reading

4 Essential Tips for Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized in Dry Heat

Style Icon Tessa June is more than halfway over and July is well on it’s way! For many ladies, this means humidity,and fighting a losing battle against a seemingly endless supply of moisture in the air. Wash and go’s shrink, twist-outs turn to puffs and you can forget about straight hair. I really do sympathize... Continue Reading

How to Preserve a Wash and Go Overnight

by Victoria of Tresses and Treats As I’m still in that awkward TWA stage and dealing with major shrinkage, preserving my wash n’ go’s overnight can be kind of difficult. I’ve been struggling for a way to manage my wash n’ go, but it’s still an ongoing process. And I’m lazy (uhh, hello?!), so I really don’t like... Continue Reading

The Length Retention Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Hair Progress Stalls

by Robin (pictured above) I believe that most women with natural hair have the ability to grow their hair to long lengths.  I grew my natural hair from shoulder length to waist length in three years. I’ve never had hair this long in the past. I don’t come from a family of women with long hair and I didn’t... Continue Reading

How To Blow Dry Natural Hair Without Suffering Heat Damage

For most naturals keen on growing their hair, avoiding heat is a very sacred mantra. We know that blowdrying, even on a low setting, literally dries the hair by taking internal moisture levels to below what air drying would produce and never rebalancing with humidity in air. You can read the science here. However, some... Continue Reading

“Is That Your Real Hair?” Are Natural Weaves and Wigs Skewing Perceptions in the Natural Hair Community?

by Portia of Heat-free Hair Founder Ngozi Opara It’s no secret that the natural hair community is probably the largest it has ever been right now. Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are overflowing with natural sistas and their manes. Inspirational hair photos are everywhere. There are women who are pulling in... Continue Reading

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