4 of the Best Flat Irons for Type 4 Natural Hair

As usual, curls and kinks are always in style, but it’s nice to change it up when the weather permits. Now that the humidity is out of the way and has been replaced with crisp, cool air, it’s time to put that flat iron to work. Here are some of the best flat irons for... Continue Reading

5 Must-Try Natural Hair Color Trends For The Fall

Perhaps you went light brown or blonde for the summer, and you are looking for a change this fall. Well, here are five hair color trends that are worth considering. 1. Red If you want to go darker but still have a color that pops, why not go red? The color can vary from scarlet... Continue Reading

3 Ways Baobob Oil Can Boost Moisture in Both Natural Hair and Skin

  Baobab is a tree native to certain regions in Africa. It produces a fruit with a powdery pulp that contains vitamin C and can be consumed as food or used for medicinal purposes. It is marketed as a “superfruit” because it is rich in antioxidants and it is believed that it can help protect... Continue Reading

Blue Ivy Rocks Adorable Goddess Braid Bun

Can we get a tutorial for this style please? Blue Ivy was spotted jet setting with her parents out of a Paris airport this week rocking an adorable goddess braid crown bun! The two year old has rocked a plethora of styles this year and the petitioning peanut gallery has been quiet as all ever.... Continue Reading

4 Ways You Could Be Hindering Your Own Natural Hair Journey

  If you’ve been relaxing your hair for years and recently decided to rock your natural texture, getting your routine down might be a little intimidating. Who am I kidding? It’s definitely intimidating! When I stopped relaxing, I had to completely relearn my hair, which took some time. Here are some culprits that may be... Continue Reading

Luna from Phoenix // 3A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself. L: Luna from Phoenix Arizona. I lived part of my childhood in Mexico where my mother is from. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us! L: I transitioned, I did relaxers for years because I wanted smooth straight “good” hair. Of course my idea of good hair was... Continue Reading

Microscope Photos Reveal Bentonite Clay Works Better than Conditioner for Curl Clumping in 4C Hair

After the last post on clumping curls in 4c hair, many of you wanted to see a strict conditioner only vs bentonite only set of results.I have now had the chance to repeat the experiment and this is what I did. The Experiment – My own hair – 7 inch segment cut from the crown... Continue Reading

4 Lesser Known Oils That Promote Shine in Natural Hair

Love them or hate them, oils are here to stay in most women’s arsenal of hair products. Finding the right oil for your hair could make the difference between a perfectly moisturized coif or a dried out mess littered with white specks of hardened butter. Naturals the world over use oils to achieve all kinds... Continue Reading

How to Do a FLAWLESS Curly Set on ANY LENGTH of Natural Hair

The learning curve when using flexi rods, rollers, perm rods or bantu knots can be a bit high for some naturals.  If this sounds like your situation, check out these innovative ways to get the same flawless curly sets: 1. Twist and Curl (for a rod set alternative) Description: Twist previously stretched hair, apply perm rods, let the style... Continue Reading

Why the Vixen Sew-In is the Next Best Thing for Weave Wearing Naturals

Ever heard of the “Vixen sew-in weave”? If you follow various protective styling or weave-magic Instagram or Pinterest pages, you might have heard of this look. Essentially, the Vixen sew-in is a newly popular weave installation method that applies tracks in 4 different sections, rather than the single “hive” method that is traditionally used. There... Continue Reading

3 Unconventional Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

About a year after beginning my healthy hair journey, I was fairly certain that I had successfully mastered growing my coily hair. However, I had yet to figure out how to detangle my fro without it being an all-day affair. Perhaps, that’s an exaggeration, but it lasted much longer than I felt necessary. So for the... Continue Reading

3 Tips to Manage Multi-textured Natural Hair

If you’re like me, the process of “going natural” followed years of wearing your hair relaxed. When my hair was first relaxed, I was only 12 years old and had relatively little experience styling my own hair. Moreover, I never managed my hair while wet. That was sole responsibility of my mother and the styling... Continue Reading

Chole from Atlanta // Multi-Texture Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! C: My name is Chole Ike. I am originally from Columbia, SC, but I have been living in Atlanta now for over 10 years. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us! C: I decided to go natural because I was bored with my hair. I found myself... Continue Reading

Viola Davis Reveals Her Longtime Struggle with Alopecia

The Oscar nominated actress and star of the newly debuted Shonda Rhimes series, How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis revealed in a recent interview with Vulture that she has endured an ongoing battle with alopecia areata since the age of 28. “I woke up one day and it looked like I had a Mohawk. Big splash... Continue Reading

Fake it Til You Make it! 4 Faux Styles for Long and Short Natural Hair

There are so many hair styles for naturals to try, but sometimes your own hair may be too short or too long to pull some of these looks off. We can all appreciate an awesome updo, goddess braid, TWA, and flexi rod set. Now, you have hope to achieve these styles without cutting your hair... Continue Reading