3 Steps Naturals Can Take to Avoid a Hair Salon Disaster

Ever so often, I hear a horror story of how a trip to the hair salon went horribly wrong. For women with natural hair, the worst of these stories typically involve one of four scenarios: 1) rough detangling using a fine toothed comb 2) a “trim” that resulted in a serious hair cut 3) heated styling... Continue Reading

Bunning Without Breakage — The 5 Rules of Bunning Natural Hair

Although there has been debate surrounding bunning as a protective style, you might be into buns for reasons other than  length retention. For instance, you might hate wet hair during winter and want confirmed multi-day hair or you might just like how buns look. Whatever your reasons for indulging, there are some tips can help ensure... Continue Reading

Chapter II of “My White Boyfriend Changed My View on My Kinky Kitchen”

  Read Chapter I here. The title of the last article caused so much discussion that it overshadowed the disconnect between itself and the post (which some of you caught). However, what is much more important is the emotionally-charged conversation the word “white” fueled … The power of one word The word “white” in the... Continue Reading

7 Things That Matter More Than Your Hair Type

When people ask me what my hair texture is, I typically give one of two replies: “3c” or “type 3-something”. In truth, I really don’t use the hair typing system (unless a blog post specifically calls for it), because I don’t find it to be all that useful. I just use those responses to satiate... Continue Reading

Hadassah from Nigeria // 4C Natural Hair Style Icon

What is your name and where are you from? Introduce yourself! H: My name is Hadassah Agbaps and I’m from Nigeria. Why did you make the decision to go natural? H: I’ve been natural all my life so I guess I can’t answer in terms of stopping relaxer treatments. I did have several chops over the years,... Continue Reading

Rihanna Rocks ‘Felicia Braids’ and Bantu Knots for I-D Magazine

Hi Felicia! Rihanna is on the cover of February’s I-D magazine rocking a fierce set of chunky braids or plaits (if you’re from the old school). While we’ve certainly seen an uptick in popularity for traditional box braids, these individual plaits usually aren’t given a second thought. Does anyone foresee this style catching on?  ... Continue Reading

6 Natural Curl Enhancing Methods

When I first went natural, I recall watching videos of people applying conditioner to hair that looked like mine to magically form clumps. However, mine did not. Of course, there is really no magic to it. Natural hair in its stretched form pretty much looks alike but when wet some of us have clumps and... Continue Reading

7 Natural Hair Lessons I Learned After Reaching the 5 Year Mark

When I first big chopped at the end of 2009, I was so excited about my hair. I had never known how to care for my hair before (I never even knew that I COULD learn about the science of hair) and I soaked up any bit of information that was available to me. I... Continue Reading

This Shocking Email Proves We Still Need to Promote the Truth That Black Women Can Grow Beautiful Hair

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to share a digital course (check it out here) I had labored over to a select few blog subscribers. There was one student in the course who stood out because she asked the most questions and always made her opinion known. Our email interactions were interesting, but one... Continue Reading

What Naturals Can Learn From African and East Indian Hair Practices

I am a foodie. I love trying out unfamiliar cuisines and frequenting different restaurants. One observation I have made in in my culinary excursions is the common approach to food in parts of the world that, on the surface, appear quite different. It’s not uncommon to find plated dishes in some parts of the Middle east,... Continue Reading

Tia Mowry Rocks Her Natural Hair at a SAG Award Party

Back in 2012 we posted pics of Tia Mowry’s big chop and her take on the experience. I cried! I’m just going to be honest with you, I definitely cried. I really wasn’t expecting the shock value… A lot of people ask me, ‘What advice would you give to women who want to chop it... Continue Reading

3 Newly Created Must-Have Tools for Type 4 Hair

It’s 2015 and with the new year, comes new tools! Take a peek at a few new inventions that are here to add some ease to your natural hair care regime. As a bonus…they’re all under $20!   Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother I carry the Scalp Soother literally EVERYWHERE I GO. It’s always in my purse. It... Continue Reading

Chapter I: My White Boyfriend Changed My View on My Kinky “Kitchen”

 From the writer: The original article (posted below) is about a boyfriend who saw the beauty in his girlfriend’s “kitchen”.  A follow up article, chapter II, will touch upon race and hair as it relates to this story. “The most important thing about our gas-equipped kitchen was that Mama used to do hair there. The hot... Continue Reading

Felisha from Atlanta // 3C/4A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! F: My name is Felisha Shugart and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia though Louisiana is somewhat a second home for me. Why did you make the decision to go natural? F: Initially was transitioning from really severe heat damage for about 6 months. I have never permed or texturized my hair. After... Continue Reading

Why My Attempt at a Roller Set Was a Complete Fail

Yesterday in the afternooon I solicited prayers for my latest undertaking — a perm rod set with the big, brown jumbo rollers. Y’all might have thought I was just joshing around, but I seriously needed my prayer warriors to surround me on this one. If you’ve been following me on the blog, Instagram, Facebook,YouTube, and... Continue Reading