Representation Matters: Girls Dressed as Rihanna’s Character Tip from the Movie Home for Halloween

Representation matters for our little black girls. Just yesterday we posted about Viola Davis’ daughter Genesis wanting to dress as her for Halloween. Today we learned that little black girls dressed as Rihanna’s character Tip from the Dreamworks movie Home.... Continue Reading

20 Flawless Photos That Capture The Stylishness of the Traditional Nigerian Bride

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10 More Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials

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Viola Davis’ Daughter Genesis Dressed as Her for Halloween

This is G-parent status right here… When your little one skips over the Elsa’s and Minnie Mouse’s and Princess Tiana’s to dress up as you. Viola Davis took to Facebook yesterday to share that her daughter, Genesis, requested to dress... Continue Reading

12 Gorgeous Photos of Vintage Black Beauty Pageants

The institution of beauty pageantry has been around since the 1800s. The Miss America pageant was created in 1921. The first black woman did not enter the Miss America Pageant until 1970. That was just a little under 40 years ago!... Continue Reading

20 Black Women Who Wore Dashikis Instead of Halloween Costumes for #DashikiDay and SLAYED

While the rest of the world was preoccupied with Halloween costumes, #DashikiDay was taking over Instagram, filling timelines with an array of vivid colors draped against brown skin. The #DashikiDay movement, which grew through word of mouth on social media, encouraged African Americans... Continue Reading

4 Overnight Techniques that Transform My Natural Hair from Dry to Moisturized

Sometimes, particularly during the fall and winter months, my hair needs more than the “usual” to be moisturized.  My hair can still be dry the next morning though I slap on a moisturizer and wear a simple satin bonnet at night. ... Continue Reading

22 More Hair Quirks Every Naturalista Can Relate To

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Laverne Cox Reveals Her Natural Hair in Bare-Faced Selfie

Laverne Cox is known for her trademark long weaves and wigs, but the Orange is the New Black star took to Instagram recently to reveal a bare face and natural hair.captions She captioned the photo; #AuNaturale #NoMakeup #NoFilter #NoWeave #washfacenobase... Continue Reading

3 DIY Add-ins That Boost Average Conditioners for 4B Natural Hair

Conditioners: We naturals can’t live without them. They are the backbone of our regimens and supply the detangling, smoothing and restoration our hair craves. The rise in women choosing to go natural has also perpetuated a sub culture of “mixtresses” that enjoy... Continue Reading

Lies You Tell: 3 Popular Instagram Fads That Won’t Help You Lose Weight

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Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman

By Dominique Matti for Those People Because when I was five, my kindergarten classmate told me I couldn’t be the princess in the game we were playing because black girls couldn’t be princesses. Because I was in third grade the... Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Fashion Fair Cosmetics is Disappearing from Department Stores

If you’re a Fashion Fair consumer, then you’re probably wondering why your favorite cosmetic brand’s products are few and far between. According to an article written for the Washington Post, the brand is going through some major changes right now... Continue Reading

4 Times Adding Silicone to My Natural Hair Regimen Worked

Silicones have gotten a bad rap from the natural hair community for years. A number of hair care books, product reviews and articles warn those with natural hair about the use of silicones; noting that they cause build up, fail... Continue Reading

Photo of White Makeup Artist with Darkened Skin Sparks Discussion on Blackface Versus Art

Earlier this week,  Makeup Artist Jennilie Perreault @JCoperro posted the following picture, which in turn sparked a heated debate about Blackface and Cultural Appropriation. We often hear references made to blackface during time of year, due mostly to the fact that some presume... Continue Reading