K. Michelle Blasts Black NFL Players For Dissing Dark-Skinned Black Women

After The Shade Room posted a screenshot of Arizona Cardinals players Tony Jefferson and former player Brennan Clay demeaning dark-skinned black women, singer K. Michelle took to her Instagram account to blast the players publicly. #DragSession: #ArizonaCardinals player #TonyJefferson and... Continue Reading

Jada Pinkett Smith Considers Boycotting the Oscars After Black Actors are Shut Out

Last year Michael B. Jordan gave an incredible performance in Creed that revived the Rocky franchise. Black director Ryan Coogler co-wrote and directed the film, which had the highest opening week in Rocky franchise history and recently crossed the $100M... Continue Reading

White-Owned Twerk Dance Studio Blocks Black Instructor and Calls Her Style “Basic”

Twerking is nothing new in the black community. This style of dance has existed for centuries and its roots can be traced back to West African traditions such as the mapouka dance. In 1993, the term “twerking” came to the forefront when New Orleans... Continue Reading

Scholastic Children’s Book Portrays Enslaved Black Girl as Happy and Joyful

New York Times food writer Ramin Ganeshram is under fire for penning a horrifically offensive children’s book that portrays an enslaved family as happy and joyful. Check out the book’s caption on Amazon.com; Everyone is buzzing about the president’s birthday!... Continue Reading

[Pic] Rapper Da Brat Shows Off New Glam Look and Curly Do

The first platinum-selling female rapper turned Empire actress and radio host, Da Brat debuted a new curly look this week on her Instagram account. This is a departure from Da Brat’s normal style of braids and plaits. What do you think of her... Continue Reading

20 Photos that Prove a Black Lip is Gorgeous on Any Shade of Brown Skin

While most beauty gurus and makeup fanatics were creating deep red and purple pouts this season, many women took it to the limit and showed out in all black. Black lipstick is making a huge comeback and these ladies prove that... Continue Reading

I Tried the Ethiopian Practice of Putting Clarified Butter (Ghee) in My Natural Hair

One of the coolest things about hair is that a lot of kitchen ingredients work well for treatments. Coconut milk, honey, and olive oil are all ingredients that my hair loves, and I love that I can pick them up... Continue Reading

[Video] Watch Congress’ Visibly Awed Reaction When a Stunning Michelle Obama Arrives for the State of the Union

Yesterday, President Barack Obama delivered an exceptional final State of the Union address, but it was his wife who stole the show in a stunning marigold wool and silk sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez dress. Mrs. Obama kept her accessories to a... Continue Reading

Too Dark and Not Respectable Enough: Why Civil Rights Leaders Supported Rosa Parks Over Claudette Colvin

Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin did the same.  Few know the story of this young pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. The day Claudette refused to give... Continue Reading

The Nive Nulls Cheating Confession Has Us Wondering About the Pitfalls of Daily Vlogging

Television has a long way to go towards representing the diversity of black women’s experiences, so many turn to YouTube to find black women they resonate with, subscribing to their daily vlogs for an inside look at their lives. The... Continue Reading

#DoBetter: MTV’s List of Hot Slang for 2016 Consists of Terms African Americans Have Used for Years

The awkward moment when your black auntie has used half the words on MTV’s list of hot new slang for 2016… Perhaps MTV is showing its age, its ‘out-of-touch’-ness, or the shameless cultural appropriation its thrived on for years, but... Continue Reading

[Video] Amandla Stenberg Affirms Her Bisexuality During Teen Vogue SnapChat Takeover

17-year-old starlet Amandla Stenberg has been making waves for carefree black girls everywhere from her profound and poignant video on cultural appropriation last year to her continued activism and visibility in the social justice sphere. Recently, she covered the February... Continue Reading

Colorism is Global: Thai Skin-Lightening Ad Uses Blackface, Says You “Need to Be White to Win”

As we wrestle with colorism in the black community we can forget that it is a near-global phenomenon thanks to the ongoing effects of slavery and colonialism. A jarring ad for Snowz skin-whitening pills is a sobering reminder of that.... Continue Reading

[Pics] These First Images of Kerry Washington as Anita Hill Will Give You Chills

Kerry Washington is starring in an upcoming HBO biopic of Anita Hill, the Yale-educated lawyer who testified in 1991 that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (then a nominee) sexually harassed her when she worked under him at the Department of... Continue Reading

13 Stunning Images of Sidis; East Indians and Pakistanis of African Descent

Virtually unknown in the western world, Sidis are a small community of descendants from the Bantu people of Southeast Africa living in India and Pakistan. Their origins date back to 700 AD. when they were brought over by Portuguese and Arab... Continue Reading