Courtney // 4C Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! C: Hi! I’m Courtney and I’m from the great state of New Jersey ^_^ Why did you make the decision to go natural? C: After countless times gripping the salon chair as the burning sensation of the perm spread over my scalp like wildfire, I finally just said enough was enough. Soon after... Continue Reading

Style: Martina in Jamaica

Introduce yourself! M: Well, I’m Martina McFarlane from the island of Jamaica. I pretty much lived there my whole life up until I got accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology here in New York, when I decided to pack up all my things and move to the city of dreams. I’m currently a full... Continue Reading

Linea // 4A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! L: Linea Johnson, I’m a first generation American. I’m of South American and British Descent. I currently reside in North Carolina but I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Why did you make the decision to go natural? L: I’ve been natural all of my life. My mother dreaded my hair... Continue Reading

Melissa // 4C Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! M: Hello, My name is Melissa. I live in Florida now, but I’m from California and Puerto Rico. Why did you make the decision to go natural? M: I’ve been natural now for 13 years and I love it! I chose to go natural because I couldn’t remember what my natural hair looked... Continue Reading

Ka’Ra // Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! K: Greetings my name is Ka’Ra Kersey. I am a singer, mother and Art/Choir/Gardening Teacher for the City of Oakland. Born and raised in the Berkeley, Bay area of California. Why did you make the decision to go natural? K: I’ve been natural my whole life. I decided to lock my curly afro... Continue Reading

Style: Sa-Roc in Georgia

Sa-Roc was originally featured as a Natural Hair Style Icon on March 8, 2012. Along with a beautiful head of locs she had an amazing sense of style, so we caught up with her to get the scoop on her style game. Introduce yourself! S: My name is Sa-Roc. I currently reside in Atlanta and... Continue Reading

3 Things to Do When Your Locs Break

by Sherrell of Organic Beauty Vixen I was preparing for a full day of writing and meetings, ready to take on the world when it happened. One of my locs met its maker. Well, sort of. I was applying a little of my favorite Peppermint and Tea Tree Moisturizer by Eden Body Works when I swept my fingers through... Continue Reading

Are Sisterlocks Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

Style Icon Tynette by Kiianah of Rockin’ it Napptural Sisterlocks, created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, are an increasingly popular new-age spin on the traditional hair locking methods. Traditional locks tend to vary from medium to large. Sisterlocks are very tiny and uniform, taking 24 hours or more to install. Sisterlocks is a trademark company, so no one can use... Continue Reading

Shar // Natural Hair Bride

When did you and your husband meet? S: My husband and I met in the DMV area when I was visiting my college roommate. She and my husband grew up together. My roommate had a dinner for all of her friends after church and invited him to join us. I remember him being the only... Continue Reading

Fatimah // 3C/4A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! F: My name is Fatimah Austin and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri but I currently live in Atlanta. Why did you make the decision to go natural? F: I’ve been natural all my life, but I’ve had locs for around 15 years (got them when I was 5). My mom had locs when... Continue Reading

Unraveled: How To Take Down Locs

By T. Hall of DopeReads.com Last month I shocked a lot of people when I posted pictures of my giant Afro on Facebook. That might not seem so strange, except for the fact that for the past five years I have had (dread)locs. Yes, you can comb out locs. No, your hair isn’t necessarily damaged.... Continue Reading

Imani // Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! I: My name is Imani Cruz. I was born in Manhattan, NY and I am of mixed descent. My mother is African American and my Father is Dominican and Cuban. Why did you make the decision to go natural? I: I have been natural all of my life! My hair has never been... Continue Reading

Style: Shar in the DMV

Introduce yourself! S: Hello! I’m Shar of Sharlendipity. I live in the DMV area with my husband and I am a fashion blogger and image consultant. I enjoy helping women develop their personal style and confidence in their fashion choices. I love blogging, fashion styling, crafting, cooking and reading. Oh, wait…I’m also a bilingual speech-language... Continue Reading

Dara // 4A/B Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! T: My name is Dara Michelle and I’m from Virginia. Why did you make the decision to go natural? T: I’ve been natural my whole life, and I’ve always put my hair in twists so I decided to get locks because I thought they were gorgeous and would be easier to manage. How... Continue Reading

The Knight Twins // Natural Hair Style Icons

Introduce yourself! My name is Rebecca Knight (right) and I am from Raleigh, NC. I recently graduated with my Master’s in Social Work (last month) and now I am pursuing licensure. Aside from social work, I also model along with my twin sister (The KnightTwins). I also volunteer at a nonprofit agency that provides services... Continue Reading