Natural Hair Care

Five Serious Things to Consider Before Bleaching Natural Hair

Bleaching hair has always been something that I never mess with. I did it once with Loreal Chunking in high school, and all of the bleached pieces turned into a hot mess. They were snapping and breaking all over the... Continue Reading

4 Times Naturals Should Skip the DIY And Go Straight to a Stylist

Somewhere along my natural hair journey, I developed what I like to call “salonphobia.” Maybe it was the time I spent an hour taking my hair down and crying because I was trying to undo a cornrow that was the... Continue Reading

This 4C Natural Swears By Water-Only Washing For Curl Definition

When it comes to washing natural hair, I thought we had pretty much covered it all. From co-washing to pre-pooing, I was sure that we secured all bases and nothing was left to the imagination…until I happened upon Dephne Madyara’s... Continue Reading

‘I Felt Freedom’: A Black Man Speaks on His Natural Hair Journey

Although the natural hair community mainly focuses on women, there are many men who have grown tired of close cuts, and are now opting for full afros and frohawks. And if you grew out your own natural hair from a... Continue Reading

15 Gorgeous Photos of the Emerging Purple/Fuchsia Hair Trend

A few weeks ago natural hair veteran AskProy went against the grain and dyed her blonde hair purple for fall. Last week, she gave us another shocker and went fuchsia. After doing a bit of research, I noticed that she’s... Continue Reading

4 Simple Methods for Trimming Natural Hair at Home

It’s that time of year again. After letting your strands whip in the warm air this summer, it may be time to trim and dust your mane for the fall. No need to rush to the salon, you can snip... Continue Reading

How I Keep My Ends from Tangling, Knotting and Breaking Pt. 4 Portia’s Advice

Our fourth feature is from Portia. Be sure to check out our first feature from Chinwe, our second feature from Elle and our third feature from Geneice. In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I big chopped and my... Continue Reading

3 Tools that Promote Moisture in Natural Hair

Moisture doesn’t just come from the products we apply to our hair, it can also come from what we use to manage and care for it. Check out 3 tools that promote moisture in natural hair: 1. Satin Pillow Case/Scarf... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Hair While Transitioning!

By Christina of  The Mane Objective When I first decided to transition my heat damaged hair, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, two or three months in wasn’t that big of a deal. Most of... Continue Reading

3 Solutions to Dry Winter Hair

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom For those of us currently in the grip of winter, the dry cold winter air may be wreaking havoc to your hair.  The first basic solution to dryness is of course to add water to... Continue Reading

How to SHORTEN Your Deep Conditioning Time

By Geniece of Beautifully Made When I began my healthy hair journey in the fall of 2009 I was Ms. Diligent.  I washed and deep conditioned my hair weekly, alternated protein and moisturizing treatments, baggied during the week and wore protective... Continue Reading

Naptural85’s Daily, Weekly and ‘Anytime’ Moisturizing Regimens

By Naptural85 A popular question I receive on my Facebook Wall and Twitter Page is How can I repair my dry hair? I can’t get it to retain moisture!?” I did a video on this specific topic, which I’ll link below, but I also... Continue Reading

3 Simple Recipes for Homemade Moisturizers and Sealants

By Chinwe of Hair and Health Put on your apron, grab your utensils, and get to mixing: 1. Whipped Shealoe with Grapeseed Oil – great non-greasy sealant Ingredients: – ½ cup unrefined shea butter – ¼ cup aloe vera gel... Continue Reading

Want Longer Hair? Rinse Your Ends!

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom If your goal is to get your hair longer then you have to start really caring for the ends (any hair which is more than 3 inches away from the root — older than... Continue Reading

5 Myths About Black Hair Care

Style Icon Chanel By Audrey Sivasothy, author of Hair Care Rehab Misinformation can be just as stubborn as frizz or those pesky flyaways – it’s difficult to manage, impossible to reason with and it just keeps coming back. Old wives’ tales... Continue Reading