Natural Hair Styles

4 Simple Faux Bun Styles For Any Natural Hair Length

by Portia of Summer is officially here and for natural ladies, that means finding new ways of protecting your hair from the brutal heat. Long braids and twists are great, but sometimes you may want something with a little more simplicity. These four natural divas will show you how you can achieve a gorgeous faux... Continue Reading

3 Hairstyles That Can Keep You From Reaching Your Goal Length

by Cassandre of Eight years. That’s exactly how long it took me to get to my current lower back length, but when ladies ask me how long it took I hesitate to say 8 years because that’s not inspiring at all. It just makes long length seem impossible to get to.  I mean, 8 years... Continue Reading

7 Cute Summer Puff Styles for Short, Medium and Long Natural Hair

The “puff” is a super simple, go-to summer style for many naturals. Most of us – if not all of us – have worn it at some point in our natural hair journey. Nevertheless, sometimes the style can get a bit bland, but don’t fret. Here are some ways to spice up your puff! 1. Big Kinky... Continue Reading

5 Gorgeous and Creative Jumbo Braid Styles

As hair gets longer, one of the joys that comes with the territory is being able to get it into either one or two braids. This drastically shortens the time that you need for styling and is also perfect for giving your hair some rest if it has been out for too long. Single or... Continue Reading

5 Fly Natural Hair Styles That Can Withstand Humid Weather

Your hair is looking fly, but once the humidity hits, forget about it. Does this sound familiar? If you’re looking for a natural hairstyle that can withstand humidity or just look fine in spite of the moisture in the air, then check out these five ideas: 1. Messy Bun for Shrinkage-Prone Hair Some of us... Continue Reading

10 of the Most Gorgeous and Creative Chunky Twist Styles

So, I have developed a “chunky twists” obsession that began a couple months ago. If you know me, you know I usually live in twists, but they are typically small or medium and rarely ever chunky. Now, back to a couple months ago; I don’t know how, but the chunky twist bug bit me, so I went searching for... Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Cut Bangs in My Natural Hair

    Bangs pictured on Style icon Kara Have you ever gone to an art gallery and admired beautiful pieces of art but knew that a similar piece of art would never “fit” in with the decorating style of your home? Well, this is how I approach some natural hair styles. Over time I have... Continue Reading

6 Cute Summer Protective Styles for Natural Hair

If you’re like me, you want to wear your hair out all summer long. However, there may be a couple of times when you’ll want to go the “protective” route to keep your hair off your neck AND/OR protect your ends from the summer sun, humidity and shrinkage. Whether you’ll be protective styling throughout the... Continue Reading

6 Elegant Summer Updos for Medium to Long Locs

This hairstyle post is for my loc’ed ladies out there. Enjoy! 1. Low Loc Bun For this look, Prettipoison27 starts from crinkled locs that are the result of a braid-out. All you will need to achieve this style are a couple of ouchless bands. 2. Cascading Bangs Jungle Barbie creates this elegant, sexy updo, which can... Continue Reading

10 Type 4 Naturals To Check Out on Instagram

Every now and again, we like to endlessly scroll through our instagram feed. Here are some of the Type 4 naturals that keep us in awe when it comes to the ‘gram.   Ayomide Ayomide’s jumbo bantu knots are super fly and we can’t argue with her impeccable fierce style. Donna Donna was a style icon in... Continue Reading

6 Fun Heatless Natural Hair Styles for the Summer

Who says you have to use heat to achieve styles like those listed here?  If you want to learn the heatless alternatives, continue reading.  Hurry up and try them before it gets too humid out there! 1. Heatless Roller Set Curls Toni, from MyNaturalSistas, demonstrates how to achieve a beautiful heatless roller set in the... Continue Reading

7 Ways to Spice Up a TWA

Style Icon Pearl Thanks to Lupita Nyong’o, we now know that a TWA doesn’t have to be boring. If have a TWA and you’re tired of the typical wash n go, mini fro and mini puff hairstyles, try these styles. 1. Fro Hawk Do this on freshly washed hair or stretch you hair overnight in... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Big, Stretched Afro

Style Icon Annisa It is becoming that time of year when many naturals want to wear their hair loose and big. For those who want to rock the big, stretched afro, there are a number of ways to achieve the look.  Here are just a few ways: 1. Wash-n-go then Diffuse Starting from a wash-n-go is probably the... Continue Reading

5 Easy Updos that Can Be Done in Minutes

If you’re like me, you have little to no time to spend styling your hair. You have a whole list of other tasks to complete be it for school, work, family, or just life.  At the same time, you don’t exactly want to step out of the house looking crazy.  Well here are five easy... Continue Reading

5 Natural YouTubers Who Rock Vivid Color

It’s no secret, that I love color in my hair. Ever since I first went turquoise last summer, I’ve had a love affair with hair color. Bring on the Manic Panic, Special Effects and Sally Ion Color Brilliance! Despite the extra commitment required to maintain it, I love rocking blue and aqua hair. Below are... Continue Reading

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