Natural Hair Styles

Shrunken Twist-Out? Poofy Flat Iron? How to Fix 5 Common Natural Hair Styling Fails

Let’s face it: whether you’re a seasoned natural or a newbie, styles don’t always come out how we want them to. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a set style, only to have it look nothing like you wanted it to once you take it down. So what do you do: hop in the... Continue Reading

I Tried It: Multi-Colored Box Braids

When BGLH reposted the series of pictures depicting women with different colored box braids, I kind of went into this fairy-unicorn sparkly tailspin. I’ve never had box braids before, and certainly didn’t know that you could buy braid hair in  such fun colors. And even more, I’ve always wanted to color my full head with... Continue Reading

Vixen Crochet Braids Are the NEW Crochet Technique

What happens when you combine the Vixen sew-in pattern with crochet braids?  You get the Vixen crochet braids! We first discussed the Vixen sew-in last fall in “Why the Vixen Sew-In is the Next Best Thing for Weave-Wearing Naturals“.  If you want to read more about the sew-in technique, definitely check out that article.  Meanwhile,... Continue Reading

6 Creative Protective Updos to Wear on Your Natural Hair This Summer

If you are protective styling this summer and need some style inspiration, then check out these six creative updos! 1. and 2. The Faux Updo – 2 Ways Naptural85’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.  In the following tutorial, she shows you how to create faux updo —  one with a large braid and one... Continue Reading

5 Undercuts on Naturals of All Lengths to Give You Life this Summer!

It’s finally summertime. While some people are getting box braids (myself included), or dyeing their hair bright colors (yup, did this too), it’s also a time when a lot of naturals get bothered by the thought of being hot, so they cut their hair. If you want to tiptoe the line of drastic but not so... Continue Reading

16 Photos of Ghana Braids, One of Summer’s Hottest Trends

Ghana Braids (also known as “banana braids”) is a style that has been around for a while and is currently bubbling over with folks around the globe. The style is essentially your traditional cornrow style but much bigger. The style starts with hair braided to the scalp in a crescent pattern and loose braids that... Continue Reading

5 Simple Beach-Ready Styles to Avoid Tangles on Natural Hair

No matter how nice it is to not worry about ruining a fresh perm at the beach, there are still downfalls to letting your fro fly free in the salty air. For instance, salt water + loose hair + wind = a nasty detangling session the next day. Nothing worse than ruining your precious beach... Continue Reading

Bun it Up for Summer, 4 Simple Buns that Beat the Heat

While it would be nice to flaunt care free kinks and curls all summer, it’s not always ideal or comfortable. When it’s over 80 degrees and humid, it  may not be so appealing to have your hair in your face or on your neck. Who has time for that? Lucky for you, there are tons... Continue Reading

10 Stunning (Real) Loc Pictorials

Last year, we shared 10 of the Most Stunning (Loose) Natural Hair Pictorials, and we recently celebrated the beauty of faux locs (although not everyone was feeling that). So here, finally, are ten of the most stunning loc pictorials. To achieve this curly style, Joymarilie “cut up an old pair of thick tights into strips, dampened... Continue Reading

20 Stunning Photos of Black Women Rocking Faux Locs

Faux locs are rising in popularity. The style allows wearers to have the look of traditional locs without committing to the years-long process. Check out some of the styles we’ve seen around the net that have really left us breathless: Try out a nice bob Ombre Yarn and Faux Loc hybrid Yes, you can even... Continue Reading

Inspiration: 20+ Extension Styles To Try This Summer

by Jessica Cruel of PopSugar Ever since I was a little girl, Summer was the time my mother would braid my hair. The styles took hours to create, and, of course, I never quite cooperated (which earned me several hand slaps with the comb). However the intricate cornrows would keep my hair untangled through weeks... Continue Reading

Black Blogger Recreates 8 Disney Princess Hairstyles With Senegalese Twists

Often times black women feel left out of the hugely influential princess culture that Disney has created. But Summer Arlexis, a blogger for, took up the task of recreating 8 styles from some of Disney’s most popular princesses. She shared her reasoning behind the project; “On a normal day, I’d probably think there was no... Continue Reading

16 Stunning Photos of Colored Box Braids, the Summer Protective Style Trend Taking Over Instagram

Have you ever wanted to try a new color with your hair but didn’t want to permanently dye it? What about a bold color like purple, red, pink, blue, green, or even grey? Well, we have a simple solution for you. Braids or twists are easy ways to try out new bold colors without altering... Continue Reading

Unconventional Techniques: 3 Strand Twists, 4 Strand Braids and Inverted Cornrows

Two strand twists, 3 strand braids and cornrows are pretty staple styles within the natural community. If you have mastered all 3 and are ready for more of a challenge, then this article is for you! 1. The 3 strand twist If your individual hair strands are fine or if you have overall low hair... Continue Reading

5 Gorgeous Natural Hair Styles That Are Super Easy to Do

Are you styling-challenged? Do you want an easy, gorgeous style to try this month?  Then check out these five natural looks: 1. 10-Minute Twisted Updo Start on stretched hair (via African threading or banding) for this quick and cute look.  Alternatively, you can start on hair that has been blown out. Description: two braids down the back and... Continue Reading