Natural Hair Styles

Heatless Curling for 4C Natural Hair: 5 Tips and Methods for Flawless Curls

Taiwo of Naija Curls Let’s talk all about curling 4c hair. Specifically, I’m referring to manually curling the hair versus enhancing the natural curl without a tool. The goal is to achieve either big fluffy bouncy curls or a smooth (or smoothish because let’s face it, some kinks don’t want to be smoothed out!) roller set. These... Continue Reading

[Video] 100 Years of Black Hair Styles in 1 Minute has set the internet a buzz with its titillating time-lapse video of black beauty through the decades. This is a follow-up to their previously released video from a month ago, 100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute which featured a white model. Starting in 1910, the video takes viewers on a journey of black beauty... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Wear a Chignon on Natural Hair

Here are five different ways to achieve a beautiful chignon on natural hair! 1. Low Twisted Chignon This low, twisted chignon is really simply to create.  Start on hair that has been stretched via banding, blow dry, roller set, or African threading.  There is no need to apply additional product, unless desired. Description: Low chignon that incorporates... Continue Reading

5 Simple Styles for Medium-Length to Long Kinky Natural Hair

It is a new year and time for some new looks.  For this natural hair style edition, we are including five simple options for medium-length to long kinky natural hair. 1. Twisted Updo Though the holidays are officially over, I thought I’d include this beautiful, timeless look from Chiaka.  Start on hair that is stretched via... Continue Reading

10 of the Most Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials

With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, many naturals are looking to pictorials as step-by-step guides for replicating gorgeous styles. Check out 10 of the most stunning natural hair pictorials we’ve seen thus far: Instagram’s Mz_Tammy is the queen of updos. Parisian natural Revele_Toi is a master of elegant styles for short hair. This hairbow... Continue Reading

Are These Played Out? Natural Hairstyles That Didn’t Get Much Love in 2014

Since I’ve been natural for almost 5 years, I’ve noticed that different hairstyles have come and gone. There are so many trends in the natural hair community, and 2014 seemed to be the year of tapered cuts, brightly colored hair, and crochet braids. Are the hairstyles listed below, which didn’t get much love in 2014, officially... Continue Reading

When Longer Hair Means You Can’t Rock the Same Styles

As you go through your natural hair journey, you will inevitably find that some methods will require adjustment. Length retention is a top 3 goal of many naturals. For those of you gazing longingly at the twist outs and locs of your long-haired peers, let me let you in on a little secret now that I’ve... Continue Reading

3 Simple DIY Yarn Loc Tutorials

If you’re a fan of the recent loc extension craze, then you’d probably enjoy yarn locs as well. Loc extensions may be hard to replicate on your own, but yarn locs are the next best thing. Like loc extensions, the hair is palm rolled, but instead of adding additional hair to your hair, the hair... Continue Reading

3 CUTE Winter Protective Styles That Incorporate Synthetic Hair

Winter. It’s the season that’s accompanied by more than just a weather change. More clothes. More family. More money…SPENT! However, if you’re natural, the onset of winter, for many, means less time dealing with your hair. As we all know,  it’s a good idea to protect your tresses from the harsh, dry air to help... Continue Reading

5 Fun Natural Hair Styles to Bring in the New Year

It’s that time again! The New Year is quickly approaching and some of you are probably looking for fun and festive natural hair styles to bring the year in. Why not try something fun and out of the box to start your year off? Whether you’re staying in, attending a small gathering, or hanging out... Continue Reading

5 Basic How-To Styling Videos That Every Natural Should Bookmark

While some of us are hairstyling pros, there are others who still scour YouTube every week trying to just make our hair look presentable. For beginners or styling novices, here is a round up of basic natural hair styling videos from the best YouTube gurus. Two Strand Twist Out Naptural85 pretty much revolutionized my twist... Continue Reading

7 Fabulous Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

Don’t be fooled, short haired naturals; your hair’s length has nothing to do with how fabulous it can look! Natural hair can be rocked in various styles, even at super short lengths. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a master stylist or creative to come up with a show stopping hairdo. See below for styles... Continue Reading

3 Hair Accessories You Can Easily Rock With Thick Natural Hair

We often see hair vitamins and treatments that claim to increase hair thickness, but sometimes, thick hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I can’t tell you how many headbands, combs and brushes my hair has broken. I tried a HairZing and it was an absolute disaster (seriously, I almost had to cut it... Continue Reading

Would You Try It? 3 Black-Owned Companies Making Textured Clip-Ins For Natural Hair

With clip-ins, you can go from a TWA to shoulder length kinks and curls in a matter of minutes, but would you try it? Here are 3 companies, started by naturals, making human hair clip-ins for textured hair. Check it out; CurlSistas CurlSistas Hair: Adaeze Kinky Curl, Chi-Chi Curl, and Chima Curl CurlSistas Hair was... Continue Reading

The New Natural Aesthetic: 4 Shifts and Trends in Natural Hair Styling

When I first began my transition to natural hair, I was concerned about two things: thickness and length. All of the articles I read re-enforced the same things — gentle hair handling, proper moisturizing, pH balancing and endless bouts of protective styling to gain and retain covetous length. Women would debate (and some still do) if... Continue Reading