Sealing Natural Hair

4 Steps to Sealing in Moisture

By Jc of The Natural Haven Keeping hair moisturised between washings is a constant battle for some. Getting smart about the products you use, the order in which they are applied as well as factors that people rarely think about (timing and amount of product) can turn this from a battle to a simple ordered... Continue Reading

5 of the Most Underrated and Overlooked Natural Hair Practices

Style Icon Safiya Pages and pages of online information have been dedicated to natural hair but, when you break it down, it only takes a few disciplined practices to achieve healthy, strong hair that retains length and moisture. And while it might be tempting to look to new products or ‘the hot new regimen on... Continue Reading

Rethinking Old Hair Habits

By Fran of It’s easy to become a creature of habit with beauty regimens. Most of us read tons of blogs and watch countless hours of Youtube videos, yet rarely try the products or techniques suggested. It’s almost like we fall into the daily trance of being a part of the natural hair community... Continue Reading

6 Steps to Longer-Lasting Sealed Ends

By Cipriana of There is nothing more frustrating than sealing your ends only to have them look like tumbleweeds a few days later. Now since I wear my hair in updo protective styles 24/7 my tumbleweed moments have become a distant memory but I can relate to all of you who love to wear... Continue Reading

8 Tips to Effectively Seal Your Ends

Photo Source by Cipriana of There is nothing like the feeling of well moisturized ends, but on the flip side there is nothing like the feeling of dehydrated ends, and let me tell you the latter is a feeling I would rather avoid. Depending on the porosity levels, density of the individual strands, texture... Continue Reading