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3 Black-Owned Companies That Make Textured Clip-Ins For Natural Hair

With clip-ins, you can go from a TWA to shoulder length kinks and curls in a matter of minutes, but would you try it? Here are 3 companies, started by naturals, making human hair clip-ins for textured hair. Check it... Continue Reading

Perpetual Weaving as a “Protective Style?” 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It

By Irene of NaturalFantastic.com Weave and wigs can work great as protective styles.  They allow you to leave your hair natural and enjoy the convenience of straight hair. No shrinkage to contend with, less detangling, protection from the weather and versatility. However, for some... Continue Reading

True Life: My “Protective Weave” Caused Massive Breakage

Popular natural hair vlogger Jenell of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com is opening up about the devastating effects of a ‘protective weave’ that she kept in for over a month. After taking the weave down she experienced massive shedding and breakage, and a serious... Continue Reading

Opinion: A Weave is Not a Protective Style; It’s Just a Weave

By Charing Ball of MadameNoire.com This is not an anti-hair weave post but rather, this is a pro-truth post. And the hardcore, nitty-gritty straight no chaser-kind truth is that a weave is not a protective style. A weave is just... Continue Reading

Natural Entrepreneur Creates Weave that Blends Perfectly With Natural Hair Types

To the naked eye, the woman above looks like another natural sporting a droolworthy twist out. But she is actually rocking weave from the Heat Free Hair company. The company is the brainchild of Ngozi Opara, who owns N-ZO Hair Studios in... Continue Reading

3 Top Natural Hair Vloggers Who Use Wigs and Weave for Protective Styling

Yesterday we posted a story about a woman who spent $25,000 on weave over the course of her adult life. Some readers felt that it was an attack on weave, and pointed out that it’s a great protective style. We... Continue Reading

True Life: I’ve Spent $25,000 on Weave in My Lifetime

A quick preamble to this post: HuffingtonPost recently featured the story of documentary filmmaker, Erikka Yancy, who, due to insecurity about her appearance, spent $25,000 on weaves over the course of her adult life. The story is honest and eye-opening,... Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Using Weave as a Protective Style

By Cipriana of Urbanbushbabes.com Featured above are a few photos of me rockin a whole helluva lot of a weave years ago for an 8 page editorial spread for Vibe Vixen Magazine. Yes ladies, I am no stranger to the... Continue Reading

12 Tips for Maintaining a Natural Textured Weave

By Cipriana of Urbanbushbabes.com 1. Bulk Watching the bulk of wefts you place on your strands will prevent unnecessary hair loss. The bulk of the weave should never feel heavy or weighed down. The amount of tracks you invest in... Continue Reading

How to Make a Protective Weave or Wig

Note: Although naturals have varying opinions on wigs and weaves, we believe that — when done correctly — they can be an effective protective style. For several months we’ve gotten inquiries about how to properly apply and care for protective... Continue Reading

Are naturals hesitant to embrace weaves as a protective style?

Singer Teyana Taylor Gina says; Although I’ve never worn a weave myself, I’ve encountered quite a few naturals who have used it as a protective style. As I understand it, you cornrow your hair apply a stocking cap and then... Continue Reading

The quest to find a natural-looking wig…

Solange rocking a natural wig Reader Oona says; Thank you so much for creating and developing BGLH – it’s wonderful! I BC’d close to a year ago (don’t know why it took me so long!) and BGLH has been my... Continue Reading

The Kinky/Curly Wig

Photo from Coco & Creme Recently Chrisette Michele switched up her look with a curly wig/weave. I personally love the look and it got me wondering — if you are a natural that uses wigs/weaves to transition or as a... Continue Reading