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Love is in the hair giveaway… *134 couples* (Updated w/ new couples)

• Apr 18, 2010

All new Love is in the hair entries I receive will be posted at Please follow and spread the word 🙂

What with all the recent talk of single black women and triflin’ black men, I thought it was time to inject a lil’ positivity into the situation. And my friend Briana, over at Boutique Unique, is going to help me do it!

Email photos of you and your boo to (put “Love is in the Hair” in the header). I will post them as I receive them and at the end of the day I’ll select a winner at random to receive a beautiful vintage ring, compliments of Boutique Unique.

There are no rules to this giveaway except that your hair must be natural in the picture you submit 🙂 I’ll get the ball rolling…

Ria & hubby Nyles
We have been married over five years. My husband and I have both had locs and loose hair and he is the biggest cheerleader of my natural hair obsession. I’ve been natural 7 years and he said my hair was one of the things that drew him to me.
Tiffany & hubby Kevin
We have been together for a little over 2 years, and married for five months! I just decided to go natural in January, He has been more than supportive!

Harmonie & Serenia
I met my wife at work. We married in Canada nine months later.

Sharlata & hubby John
We’ve been married since January 2, 2009, but together since November 19, 2006. He has seen me in locs, braids, weaves, and now my natural curls. He loves my natural curls better!

Vanessa & boo

Keeya & Kofi
We’ve been dating for 2 years and counting 🙂 and this amazing man loves everything about me including my natural hair.

Naomi & Randy

Mary & hubby Derek
Wedding Day August 9, 2008

Aminah & hubby Ty
Married 10 years

Bekka & fiance Peter

Taylor & hubby Dwayne
My favorite pic of my husband and I slow jamming at a company Christmas party. We’ve been married almost 15 years (got married 8 months to the day of meeting) and I’ve been natural for 8 years and our son/daughter also have locs.

Vanessa & Domonic
This is me and my best friend/boyfriend, Domonic. He has been my #1 supporter in this transition, even when I didn’t want to support myself. He LOOOOVES my hair, in all its many forms and never hesitates to tell me that I look sexy no matter what I decide to do with it. 🙂

Genny & Terrence

Ailysa & hubby
Married for 5 years

Keeli & Devin

Savvy & hubby ‘Sexy’
I’ve been natural for 20 years, and he wouldn’t have me any other way.

Julius & his boo Francine (Photo submitted by the dude!)

Danielle & hubby
Here’s my husband and best friend. We’re the proud parents of two little ladies. I blog about black marriage, black relationships, raising children and more at Black Married Momma: The Anti-Statistic ( Brothers will love us as we are when we do!

Sydney & Mihir
He might even love my hair more than I do because he’s always telling me how he wishes he had an afro, and how sexy my hair is 😉

Lina & hubby
Married 10 years, natural for 11 years. He’s seen my entire hair evolution and really prefers the natural do’ now. He even customized my Nintendo Mii character for me, lol!

Sarah & Pat
Ever since I met him, he has been nothing but supportive, regardless of what my hair looked like.

Carla, hubby & daughter
I know it’s couples, but I’m so proud of my 13-year-old daughter for withstanding peer pressure and remaining natural since birth! I have been married for 17 years and have the most supportive hubby/family in the world!

Tragula & hubby Kevin

Danielle & Olivetti
A month before I locked my hair I straightened it just so he could see what, for so long, had been my idea of beauty. He walked in and 1 minute later said he’d seen enough straight hair and asked if he could sweat it out — hehe! Today — he plays in my locks 🙂

Sarita & Kenny

Candia & boo

Janelle & hubby Robert
Happily married for 5 years and beautifully natural

Paula & hubby Robert
We have been married for 5 years

Chantal & Timothy
He loves my natural hair no matter what I do, braids, curls, blow out, or my many protective styles. I wasted so many years with weaves and relaxers trying to look like what I thought men wanted. The moment I accepted myself for who I am I found that others did too; especially my baby who knows my hair regime better than I do and makes sure I never run out of shea butter 🙂

Roshi & fiance Joni

Lexibugg & hubby Jason
Married for 5 years and 4 months

Nia & Ari
He uses all my hair products now and I am officially his curly barber 🙂

Safia & hubby Garry
We have been together/known each other for 9 years and been married for 4 years. My husband loves my natural curls.

Antionette & Emmanuel
He has been by my side throughout my entire natural hair journey. He is the definition of supportive.

Crystal & hubby Ray
Ray has been my rock throughout my two year transition phase all the way. I want my hair to continue to be as natural as the love that we share between one another.

Nikki & hubby Dee

Dominique & hubby Mike
I decided to go natural 1 month after our wedding, it’s been 4 years this March & my husband has been my biggest supporter. He told me on our anniversary that he would be “really disappointed” if I decided to relax again. He’s the BEST!

Nikkie & fiance Jason
When we met in Atlanta, I had a short blonde TWA. He has witnessed me go through several stages with my natural hair over the years, and he has always been supportive of my choice to be natural. This pic is from last year, as I am currently wearing a color free TWA.

Andréa & fiancé Chris
This was taken on one of our first dates in Philadelphia. We have since been together for 3 years. He loves my curls because they make me look sexy, regal, exotically unique and most of all, he LOVES how it looks like a lion’s mane when he combs it out! He’s my hair’s biggest cheerleader! =)

Meshia & D
At a John Legend concert

Savannah & boo
I know this post is mainly to inspire women who are looking for male partners but I also wanted to highlight our love. Black love is beautiful is all its incarnations.

Angela & fiance Amari

Alicia & hubby Tyrone

Cece & Tony

Kisha & hubby Chuck

Brandee & hubby
He *loves* my natural hair and gets all excited whenever I wear it out instead of in twists. He’s a wonderful man and my years with him are the best ones of my life.

I hope this serves as inspiration for couples (especially married ones) having disputes because of the woman’s decision to go natural. Maybe someone’s husband (or the wife) will see this and have a change of heart.

Krystle & boo

Roina & hubby Shaun
Love is in the hair and all in the family! Shaun & Roina and our 2 wonderful children. I’ve been natural since 8/09 and the entire family has been nothing but supportive.

Terelle & hubby Joe

Z & T
Queer Love

Malcolm & Chrystal
I am a Graphic Novelist and he is an Illustrator

Bree & hubby Bernard
My husband I started dating in 1999, when I was relaxing my hair. In 2003, I started thinking about going natural. He hated the idea. In 2004, I stopped getting relaxers, and started using transitional hair styles (rod sets, flat twists, and weaves) and he was none the wiser.

We married in 2005, and I’ve been fully natural ever since.

Magalie & Mike
We began dating when I had shoulder length relaxed hair. He came with me when I walked into a barbershop in Brooklyn and shaved it off. Now it’s a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and he loves it! He’s been amazingly supportive and we’re both learning from my natural journey.

Keesha & hubby David
These were taken in Negril, Jamaica during our wedding and honeymoon. Thanks for the chance to share 🙂

Alexis & hubby Derek
He has wholeheartedly supported my natural journey and even suggests new styles to try.

Yurina & boo

Simone & boo

Shantung & hubby
We had reunited after 3 years and had just gotten engaged here. It will be three years on April 21st. He loves his Fro girl.:-)

Cali & Simbay
We’ve been together for 3 years

Lybra & Asar
Asar was all the support I could ever need when I transitioned. He loves my natural hair and even did the big chop for me!!

Crissy & hubby
At first he was skeptical about my journey and the idea of me big chopping scared him, but now he can’t keep his hands out of it 🙂

Dynasti & boo

Megan & Demetrius
SpelHouse Love. He is THE one…I was two months natural in this pic (Dec. 09) and he told me the night after I big chopped that he preferred my hair natural over relaxed.

Hazel & fiance Jonnathan

Andrea & Kenny

Andrea & fiance Darryl

Yolanda & Carl

Bree & fiance Nick

Salimah & fiance

Cherekana & Joe
I’ve been natural for seven years and just cut off my locs. Joe has been intrigued (lol) by the process of growing out my hair but very supportive. He said it reminds him of a flower blooming 🙂

Alicia & hubby Stolley

Ebony & hubby Paul
He’s 6“7 and I’m 4“10 and we’ve been married for seven years! My husband loves my hair natural! He’s very supportive.

Melanie & hubby Blaine
My husband Blaine and I on our wedding day.

Clara & hubby
This is a picture of my best friend and hubby who actually prefers my naps. Thanks for doing this, it will def encourage single women who think they’ll never find someone because they are natural.

Tia & hubby Gary
We’ve been together since 2005 and married since 2008. When we met I had a press-n-curl and he had locs. He saw my hair one day after I washed it and the look on his face was priceless. He encouraged me to embrace my curls and I haven’t looked back since. I play in his hair and he plays in mine.

Erica & hubby KeaJuanis
This is us on the day of the proposal. We’ve been married for 8 months now!

Danny & his boo (This entry was sent in by the dude!)

Sharde & hubby Jim
We’ve been married 6 years.

Khyla & hubby Marqus

Marcy & Meshach
He is the only one that encouraged me to go natural & go to the barber for the big chop that’s coming next month.

Jan & hubby Michael
He loves my natural hair!

Taheerah & hubby Matt
Me and my husband at our 10 Year High School Reunion

Marsha & hubby Jon
Jon and Marsha (known as JAM…lol) Married for 6.6 years!

Lydia & hubby Geno
Me with my hubby of 18 years, Geno, a week after my big chop!

Jess & Doc

Jamilla & boo

Jade & hubby Brian
My hubby and I on our honeymoon.

Tiffani & hubby Mauquice
We have been together for over 6 years, and we are still deeply devoted to one another and in love. Every year that goes by brings us closer.

Gina & Vince

Jatea & Donavon
High school sweethearts celebrating 6 years together the 23rd of this month. He’s been with me through the long, the short, and now the kinky :o)

Leslie & hubby Tony
Married 12/28/07
Natural since 1/8/10

Crystal & fiance Jamil
We met at 14 and our friendship turned into love and now 17 years later that love will transcend to a higher bond of marriage.

Gabrielle & hubby Brian
We’ve been together since ’99 and married in ’07. I did the big chop in September.

Rachel & fiance Mike (in the UK)
He is the best and very supportive- especially when I get my natural hair ‘chat’ on. He also points the ‘natural hair heads’ out before I even see them!

Diane & Shirrod
At a Black Marriage Day Gala

Tanisha & hubby

Jay & Vickie

Shones & hubby Sir Charles
Summer 2009 in Providence, RI

Gem & hubby Crabby
Natural since October 2005
Married December 10, 2006

E. Desire & hubby Anthony
My name is E. Desire and this is my wonderful husband Anthony. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in August and are parents to 3 beautiful, natural hair daughters. Our love is always in the hair, lol.

Trice & hubby
I’ve been natural for 8 years. We’ve been married 3 1/2. He’s 3 months into starting locs!

Ashlee & Jay

Dawn & hubby

Eric & LaToya
This is from our honeymoon in Costa Rica, another one of our group members snapped this pic of us while were napping after a day at the beach (I think we both have sand on our faces). We were married on August 8, 2009.

Karla & boo

Tanya & Brian

Yaa & boo

Dana & boo

Romney & Jonathan
Going 3 years STRONG! He’s been there throughout my whole journey and is extremely supportive.

Cheriamour & Demetrius
After years of my Fiance telling me to go natural, I finally listened. He loves when I wear it in a puff like in this picture.

Ashli & boo
“The moment that we met…he made me smile. Forever or a year. HE’S ALREADY CHANGED MY LIFE.” -Indie Arie

Shayla & hubby Jamil
Here’s a shot of me and my husband at our wedding last August. We met the first week in college in 1998 (long before I went natural in 2004) and remained friends then we started dating in 2006 (he proposed in 2008). He’s the love of my life and he LOVES LOVES LOVES my locs. Plus, I’m the first woman he’s witnessed go through the transition to natural hair so he’s now an advocate for natural hair!

Trinette, hubby Jose & baby Mariana

Daphne & hubby Marvyn
Thanks for doing this, it has been an idea of mine for a while! There are ALOT of great relationships out there. We need to focus on those as well!

Christina & hubby

Raquel & hubby Jermaine

Terica & Devan

Monieka & Matthew

Nicola & boo

Carmen & Scott
My name is Carmen and my guy is Scott. With all of the obsessions with looks, especially where hair is concerned, I am glad to have a man who LOVES my kinky hair. I do appreciate him for appreciating my hair.

Briana & hubby

Chante & boo

Amanda & boo

Samantha & Q

Yolanda & Akinola
My name is Yolanda and I’m a 22 year old South African black girl. My boyfriend is Akinola, a Nigerian man who loves me despite what is on my head (or lack thereof) — a major thing in especially his culture where a woman with short hair is frowned upon.

You can shave it all off like a South African beauty” — India Arie

Tonya & hubby Enrico

Bongani & Nangamso

Monique & Levi

Jeannine & Andre

Matlhodi & Phathu

Rachel & boo

Bernadette & Chris

Leila & fiance Norm

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Is this limited to heterosexual couples?

Fatty B.

That ring is pretty & these couples are gorgeous!! My heart is smiles.
I don’t have a boo tho. Gonna go & cry now :,(


When’s the deadline? Lovely pics so far! 🙂

Ashleigh L. A.

Grr…I wish I could do this but alas I’m still transitioning (6 mths in! Yay me!)

And my boo is trying to loc his hair so in a way, we’re both going natural! 🙂


Ashleigh, I’m right there with you…about 4 1/2 months in!


The pics are to see the positivity..:)


This is so beautiful and put a big smile on my face 🙂 I have so much to look forward to…black love is so beautiful and alive!


I’m currently booless myself, but I LOVE all of the photos coming in for this contest. What a great idea!

Ashleigh L. A.

@Tam: Coolness 🙂



Vickie Crutchfield

Thes photos make me SMILE!! They are all so beautiful!!


Beautiful and happy!!! That’s how I like to see my people!!




awwwwwww this is just too cute, i submitted my pic, i hope it gets put up


this really warmed my *heart*…

These couples are beautiful!


Heck even if i don’t win it’s so nice to see all these beautiful couples

As I looked at the pictures that have been submitted to this point, I can’t help thinking back to some of the more impassioned discussions here regarding the impact hair in its native texture had or not on the occurrence of intra- and inter-ethnic relationships. It’s early days yet, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say there’s every reason to rejoice over how African-descendant men are present in these pictures. There’s every reason to rejoice, period, over all the men who have shown up here. My take-away is the re-affirmation of what I’ve long believed anyway: We… Read more »

Very Refreshing! I love this! All the couple were beautiful, i actually saw beauty in every single couple, however Yolanda and Anikola realy spoke to me!!!!!! love this BGLH!


I’m so glad to see this post. We need to see more of this and less of the woe-is-black-women-no-one-loves-them song and dance we’ve been hearing so much of lately. Can natural woman + boo become a regular feature?


Love it…everyone looks beautiful. This just made my day.


WOW!!!! I loved this please please please post more pics like this I really enjoyed this. Wish I had a boo so I could sumbit my picture LOL!!! God bless you and all the couples and their natural love. 🙂



What a wonderful post! Thank you!

So much love!!! Simply beautiful…

Ashleigh L. A.

I agree with BuenaventuraAvenue. I think this should be a feature. You don’t even have to give anything away. Just keep posting these pictures! 🙂


too cute :)))))

Bajann Princess 82

Beautiful pictures! OK, so is there any question that black men love black women and our curly/kinky/coily hair?!

Beautiful pictures! Just have a word for Yolanda and Akinola. I have to say that she should get her information right before making a general statement like that. Nigeria is a country with over 200 ethnic groups, each with its own unique culture and tradition. I can’t speak for the others but I know that in Ibo culture, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and it is only shorn off in periods of mourning like after losing a loved one. SO, it is not that a shaved head is frowned upon but more of what it represents(sorrow and grief).



i love it!!! what a great, loving post…thanks for putting up the pics.…I need to get a boo so i can join the lovefest 3


This is so awesome. Really sweet and inspiring!


I’m single, but I’m loving all of these pictures of happy couples! I’ve been checking the site repeatedly today to see the new additions 🙂


I swear my heart grew three sizes while reading this post.….too beautiful!


Yeah definitely keep this post up!!! Throughout the whole time I was looking through the photos I was like one day I will too find someone, this was very encouraging and uplifting.…pictures are very powerful.


This may be my favourite post ever! Wonderful idea, lovely to see all these gorgeous couples with gorgeous natural hair 🙂


@ TATI — mad love to you girl! @ NaijaChic — Hi lady. So true. It is similar to my culture where after the passing of a senior member of the family, the head [or certain parts thereof, e.g. the temples]is shaven. But perhaps you can get where I’m coming from — I have my head shaven just because I want to. I’m a beautiful young woman “without her crown” (so to speak) with no cultural reason backing it up, and of course that will raise a few eyebrows. In SA it is not not uncommon to see ladies wearing… Read more »


Very cute pictures. Another myth busted!

Smiley Face

I agree that this should become a main feature…look at all this love!!

target queen

we need a blog just celebrating couples like so sick of hearing that we cant find good men..I love seeing the interracial couples too..everybody looks so happy!!!! *awwww*


Omgoodness, I need to get out and start dating, they all look so happy!!


I love this post! Everyone looks so beautiful together.

Handmade Design

I love it! It makes my heart smile.

I co-sign that a “natural hair and PARTNER” (not a fan of the word “boo”, sorry…but then again I’m an old lady, lol) entry should be a regular feature. And although I personally think we need to see as many loving black hetero couples as we can in this hostile media climate, I’m fine with seeing any race and/or gender of partner. Ultimately the point needs to be hammered home that wearing natural hair (esp. natural AFRO-TEXTURED hair) doesn’t mean you can’t find love. I recently BC’d again and men have been checking me out left and right. Still trying… Read more »


I’m new to your blog, but I had to thank you!! These are such lovely pictures (Simply Beautiful)! I’m so proud of people that have embraced their natural hair! This post should definitely be archived for future generations!

Thanks again and I’ll be coming back daily!!

Loving my natural

Please make this a regular feature. We really need to see these type of photos on a regular. I’m a married African American natural woman and tired of the stereotypes against black women. This was so positive and uplifting on so many levels. Thanks for the brilliant post. I see you and Norm, lol!

Ms. JRenay

Absolutely beatiful..great thread!





Thankyou so much! This just made my day!!! So beautiful


The pictures of interracial couples make me smile from ear to ear. :]


leila … girl… i don’t know how you are going to choose a winner. EVERYONE , absolutely everyone looks great


Man these pictures brought a tear to my eye everybody look so in love and beautiful and natural sighs yall gave a sista a lil Hope ! I love it keep the pictures coming!


Everyone looks so lovely!!!!

I hope these pictures help some of the couples having disputes over whether the wife should go natural. I realize I’m blessed to have a husband who doesn’t consider my hair texture an issue…some couples have more difficulty. I just sent my photos in.…this series is so heartwarming!


The pictures are so beautiful!! And a special shoutout to my Spelman Sister representing the SpelHouse love!!!


I love this post!
I think you guys should do this regularly! It’s just so beautiful *sigh*


wow…all of the couples are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gives a single lady/hopeless romantic like myself hope 🙂


The pictures made me feel like crying

they are lovely..I’m sending in our photo…when he gets in from work..


this warms my heart so…

Black women are so beloved.


man, I wished my man loved my hair. lol

Anon E Mouse
It’s great to see all these happy couples and individuals. Why put a colour or race on love? Each picture shows two people who are happy to share their love/private moments with us. Some commenters are trying to subtly disapprove of IR relationships and trot out the old phrase about ‘black love’. Grow up, love is where we find it, with people we enjoy spending time with and who reciprocate those feelings. It’s not about race and I don’t think any negative attitude that discredits any of these couples’ unions, should be brought into this blog. I await the anger/disappointment… Read more »
Mann… I really enjoyed this series not because of the hair but because of the amount of love that is shared between each couple! I’m sure each couple has their own problems that aren’t seen but each photo was a representation of how much the care for and respect each other. I’m sort of in a situation right now where I truly love this guy for who he is, good and bad, and he too accepts me for who I am. However, I find that myself bending and making compromises that at the end of the day don’t really work… Read more »

These pictures are right on time. I really needed to see this!!


Anon E Mouse — what you say is so true. IR couples are often treated as if they have committed some deep form of betrayal against their race, when the only thing they are guilty of is finding a loving compatible partner who happens to come from a different racial background. Love is love!!


This picture just make me smile so much! So happy to see men who accept black hair in its natural state and even find it to be beautiful and sexy 🙂 With me being single and natural, and overlooked because of it, this post today gives me so much hope 🙂


This is a beautiful post, not competition because it’s beautiful. Love is an awesome thing!!! And you showing it on this site is wonderful.


cosign @ Anon E Mouse.


I am in awe- I love all the LOVE IN THESE PHOTOS!!!


Loving this. just beautiful.

Tiffany H.
(Had some typos- my bad!) Ms. L, This has touched me in a way that’s indescribable. Last summer I ended a 4year relationship and have been navigating single-dom ever since. I’ve encountered men who have been appreciative of my hair and why I began this natural journey almost 5 years ago. They love IT and what it represents. And I’ve also encountered men who remembered me as a permed/weaved/straight-haired woman, and they’ve expressed their wishes for me to revisit the hair I had back then. Sure, it could just be chalked up to their personal preference(s), but I would rather… Read more »

This is such a beautiful post.


AWWESOME POST!! I ??? this 🙂


i think this is one of my favorite posts ever here!! this is just beautiful, wonderful and all around fabulous! each and every couple was great! i liked seeing some of the familiar ladies with their other half.


*love* This post makes me sooo happy 🙂


i love this post!! it’s so beautiful and inspiring! as a single girl, this definitely gives me hope that whomever i find will love my hair however it is if he loves me


thank you beautiful naturals!!


Every single picture is Awesome!!! I especially love Sarita and Kenny, because Sarita looks so beautiful and happy and uplifting.

I sometimes put a flower into my natural hair, and wear bright colours to try to look as she does. Very lovely. Great post.


Thanks so much for this post. Can it be regular? This is what we need more of– love, love, love!!


this is soooooooo beautiful! 🙂


I love this post, its sooo cute.


Hahaha, I definitely know some of these people!!!!

Keep up reppin’ The University of Georgia mis amigos! Hahaha, so surprising!


This is so freeakin BEAUTIFUl…this brings tears in my eyes and joy in my heart 🙂


This is the best post EVER!! It is beautiful to see so many Black women with their significant others. This is an antidote to all the “nobody wants a Black woman” nonsense that you so often see in the media.



this was absolutely wonderful. best wishes to all the couples!


You know…that post made me really happy. Men do like natural hair and they all look so in love and content!


[…] This post over at Black Girl Long Hair Online has ended Happy Black Girl Day on a good note for me. […]


I absolutely loved it. I feel like I was just bathed in love.….and it was sooo good.

Beautiful naturals & beautiful couples.


I loved this post!!


Beautiful…just beautiful!!!

Not negating the IR couples one bit, but I have to say it feels so good to see Black love at its best! Especially in today’s climate when folks swear that Black women are unlovable and Black men can’t stand us!

These pics have done my heart good! 🙂

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which couple wins wheter IR or hetero or lesbian. All the couples show true love for one another. And I am not basing this on hair at all or any other factors. Sure the world has change from the turbulent 60s but some people just find that their soulmate is the same race as them or same ethnicity and others find them to be of different races, ethnicities, and/or genders. Why should it be debate? Just do you and be happy. You shouldn’t date someone based off their race, but you… Read more »

I don’t think “black love” exists. I think love exists, no color or gender should categorize it.


First off, I want to co-sign E Mouse! Well said!

Second, I want to say I’m glad I’m not the only one getting all teary-eyed and sappy over these pics! I’ve been in denial for years, but I really am a helpless romantic at heart and I loooooooove all these pics of BEAUTIFUL couples! I can practically feel the love pouring out of the pics. It’s too darn cute and I adore the variety! It making me anxious for my guy to come home so I can cuddle with him, lol.


I teared up halfway though, loved it!


I meant “through”


this post has made me incredibly happy. i was tearing up the entire time i saw each photo and read each post. i love love! i don’t care if it’s between a man and woman, two women, two men, interracial or whatever. love is beautiful and it makes me happy!


this is absolutely beautiful and i hope this becomes a regular feature. i’m going to send in some pics of my gorgeous to me husband. we’ve been married 31 yrs. this may and he is 2 mos. into locing and i have been natural for the past 10+ yrs with locs also. keep up the fabulous job well done and bravo. celebrate natural love no color required.


Very nice post, and inspiring couples. IR and black love is beautiful. My man has come a long way.… because he used to hate my hair, but maybe one day I can get a pic with him and send it in, lol. Thanks again for this lovely post!


I LOVE this! This is so positive and inspiring to see. Is there a deadline for when you want these pics?


Thank you for including my pic.. it’s wonderful to see all the happy couples (black, white, gay, and straight)!


Leila, this was a wonderful post! I will keep it bookmarked and re-blog it. Love the couples!


Funny thing is E-mouse, some of the subtle digs about “black love” were also made by same sex couples.


So inspiring. Love life. Love love. Thanks!


Aww, this post was so heart felt!!! You can really see the love between everyone.


This post was so sweet; inspiring and depressing (for me). But thanks to all the couples who shared themselves with the rest of us single losers. LOL. God bless you all (and your gorgeous natural hair) 🙂

Qiana Davis

this was simply beautiful! i love it!!


[…] at To Be A Naturalista we LOVE  natural hair blogs. One of our favorite blogs a “love is in the hair” feature where site creator Leila Noelliste asked her readers to submit their natural pics with their […]


[…] Information on BGLH BGLH website Love is in the Hair Post BGLH Twitter BGLH […]


This is awesome! I think I like the actual couples and all the love in the pictures more than the hair (which is all good). Its just really beautiful too see all these images that contradicts the negativity about black women that the media has been focusing on lately. I wish they could see this. Black women (gay or straight) have no problems finding love of any kind.


Amen! Just Amen 🙂

Sasha-Shae/Afroniquely You

absolutely love this post. Simply fantastic!! 🙂

I love love love love love love love love love love love this post!!! seriously I really, really do. This has given me hope that someone somewhere will love me, for me, natural hair and all. I really appreciate this post and wish much love and continued happiness for ALL the couples who posted. Its very inspiring, like a daily motivational quote or newly natural hairstory. I only hope that this becomes a regular feature, because its a topic that i know a few people (both men and women) have issues with. This post helps women like me feel like… Read more »

How wonderful! And inspiring! This is what should be seen and discussed in the media.…black family and love!


[…] dig the Love is in the Hair giveaway post. With all of the single black women and triflin’ black men debates/news […]

Mrs. Mary Mack

This is beautiful!

Jamara A Newell

Hello good looking couples.
Why are so many natural hair women in interracial marriage? By percentage they seem to far exceed the amount of women with perms in interracial relationships.

I think its because non-blacks or people who just do not know about the culture of perms, don’t understand it and why it seems to be so important in the black community. Because of that, you get the response of well why do you have to perm your hair? Just forget it, go natural. In my experience, its not white men and women who have a problem with my hair, although I’m sure some of them may. Its mostly my Black and Hispanic peers who have a problem with my kinks, and they make sure they make that displeasure known.… Read more »

I don’t know that more are. I think they just stand out more. However, I’m in the UK, don’t know about in the states…

why o' why
Hi! I saw a recent post today at OHN that linked me to you! I’m glad I decided to click on the link cuz this post is EXCEPTIONALLY COOOOL!!!! I just love that you’ve proven (with this post) that our hair makes no difference when it comes to TRUE LOVE! Black hair has nothing to do with finding true love and us sisters SHOULD embrace it more. Peep this one when you have a chance… Not my best work and I needed to cut my nails too but this is one of my first postings that continues to get… Read more »

I love love love love this! I am smiling ear to ear right now!!!!!


This made me tear up

Tonya D

I would like to thank Savannah and Z & T for sending in pictures of women who love women. I love to read the blogs for inspiration and support in the process of transitioning from my relaxer to natural hair, but sometimes I feel left out because when there are stories of relationships and the support of partners in the process, I do not see stories from people like me. Congratulations and thank you.

Jessica L

I want to tell you that I love that you put all love on this, including interacial love!! Its a beautiful thing!!!


I think this is a wonderful idea!! I hope you continue it even after the contest because this is needed and so encouraging…I’ll be sure to send a pic of me and my love soon! Thank you BGLH!!


LOVE it!! This is great. Just the perk I need to not go and pull out a texturizer kit. xx



Shemieka Price

Shemieka & Angelo Price

[img] 2011–1.jpg[/img]
[img] 2011–2.jpg[/img]


This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It made tears come to my eyes & gave me hope.


I loved every single one, I can’t wait until I find this love myself. congrats to you all and thanks for sharing your pics.…


What happened to that was one of my favorite websites?

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