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4 Styles that Look Great on Locs and Loose Natural Hair

• Sep 30, 2012

By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Are you a non-loc’ed natural who is looking for more style inspiration? Are you bored with your twists/braids or your hair in general?

In my time living vicariously through loc’ed naturals, I have seen some very creative and beautiful styles.  My eyes have met loc masterpieces ranging from intricate, regal buns to lovely, curly dos.  While looking in admiration, I have often modified these styles for my own loose natural hair, and there is no reason why you cannot do the same.  For you non-loc’ed naturals out there who need a little inspiration, here are four loc styles that can be modified for twists, braids, or stretched hair:

1. Elegant: Flat twist faux hawk

The flat twist faux hawk is ideal for medium to long natural hair and is the most intricate of the four styles.  You can start with a set of small twists or braids to achieve a look very similar to this one.  The alternative is to start with loose, stretched hair and use your creativity to make this style your own.

2. Regal: Bun with pin-curled bangs

This look is very simple yet regal and can work beautifully on medium-length natural hair.  It can also be easily modified for shorter or longer tresses.  All you will need is an elastic band and a few bobby pins.  This style can work on hair stretched via a twist out, braid out, or other means as well as hair that is in a set of twists or braids.

3. Funky: Curly loc hawk

While you may be familiar with the fro hawk, this style goes to the next level by incorporating big curls into the hawk.  It is probably the most versatile of the four looks working on almost any length of hair, whether out or in a protective style.  Imagine trying this curly hawk on a set of twists or braids?  One word: lovely!

4. Cute: Pipe cleaner spiral curls

You can transform a boring set of twists or braids into this cute spiral set by simply using pipe cleaners.  The alternative is to set your loose hair as is.  When removing the cleaners, be gentle so as to not tug on your hair. Another option is to use perm rods, straws, or small flexi rods.

Ladies, where do you get your style inspiration?

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9 Comments on "4 Styles that Look Great on Locs and Loose Natural Hair"

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Nice style,my rave is the regal bun.

Love JAH

Those pipe cleaner curls are EVERYTHING!!! I don’t have locks but I’m trying this ASAP!


I’m gonna try mine with straws. They seem safer. All of these are wonderful though!


I used to plait my locs after I’d washed and oiled them and let them dry to give them a crinkly look. A very simple style, the only type I like.


I might try that pipe cleaner look. That is so cute!


Too funny. I have locs and I always find myself adjusting styles meant for loose hair naturals. Never would have thought the opposite happens,

Joan B. in S. C.

I once stopped a lady coming out of the post office because she was wearing kinky, curly twists and she told me she used pipe cleaners. She shampooed, conditioned and such, then just set the twists on pipe cleaners. Her hair looked fabulous.


YES a post on locs! i hope to see more of these.. being that im now locking my hair after being a 7 year loose natural :]

Nicole Anderson

Absolutely fabulous hair styles. Its good seeing black women be proud the themselves and by extension their hair and owning their styles. Good job!!

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