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CurlKit Review

• Dec 12, 2012

By Geniece of Beautifully Made

CurlKit offers customers the opportunity to receive a bundle of hair products each month upon purchasing a subscription to their services.  You don’t pre-select the items, however, so each month you’re in for a surprise. The CurlKit you receive is comprised of a range of hair products that cater to women with naturally curly or coily hair textures.

When I received my CurlKit I took note of the fact that the items were placed in a study box.  This is important because it means that your products should be able to withstand the regular rough and tumble of shipping and handling. I also appreciated the fact that that the company taped the lids of items that might spill in order to prevent any unpleasant accidents. Now, let’s get to the goodies.

My Curlkit consisted of two full sized items, four sample sized items, 4 sample packs, a wide tooth comb and the CurlKit publication, Curl Life. The items in the CurlKit I received were as follows:

Quinoa Conditioner by UR Curly (10 oz.)
Smoothing Gel  by As I Am (8 oz.)
Juices and Berries by Oyin Handmade (2 oz. )
Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner by Alikay Naturals (2 oz.)
Olive Oil Gel by Ampro (2 oz.)
Pumpkin Pomade by Amazing Botanicals
Two packs of 4 Naturals Afro Stretch Curl Cream  (.5 oz each)
Two packs of Oil Moisturizing Lotions by Lustrasilk (.5 oz. each)

The Items in My CurlKit

Quality of Products

Because the products change each month a review of each product may not help you decide if this is the option for you. I can, however, highlight a few things about the products that you can take under consideration. First, I received two full sized items, both of which cater to naturally curly hair. I’m not super picky about ingredients, but it seemed that for the most part the products consisted of natural ingredients, even if they were not entirely natural. Second, several of the items were produced by small businesses.  I also liked that several of the owners of the companies were black women who actually use their own products.

Bang for Your Buck?

Although I can’t give you a definite total estimate of the products I received, I can provide you with some insight into whether the $20 a month subscription makes financial sense. I looked up the price for some of the products and was able to determine that from a financial perspective the CurlKit is more affordable than purchasing each product individually. For example, the 10 oz. Quinoa conditioner by UR Curly costs approximately $9, the As I Am Smoothing Gel (8oz.) is $8 and Oyin’s Juices and Berries (2 oz) is $3.50. These three products total $20.50, not including the shipping and handling that you would have to pay if you were unable to acquire them in person. If you were to purchase just 3 of these items you would pay more than all of the items included in the CurlKit. So, is a subscription worth it? I think if you are a minimalist who finds the thought of using more than oil and water excessive, then this probably isn’t for you. If, however, you are still searching for your staples or enjoy trying out new products, this may be right up your alley.

Have any of you tried CurlKit? What are your thoughts on the service?

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I ordered my first Curlkit back in July of this year. I must say Curlkit has never failed to satisfy my Product Junkyism! Each month I am more surprised than the month before. Also I have gotten enough products(full-size) to have a set of shampoo and conditioner,and leave-in. All I can say is Curlkit ROCKS!!!!!


Is this the December curl kit?


No, I think its a previous month. This is a review of December’s CurlKit(Holiday Box) MelsharyA on Youtube:


I really liked the cost breakdown at the end of this review. The cost of subscription services often comes up. I can see this is definitely a cheaper way to try out more products.



Mariota Theodoris

Never heard of this before, I will be signing up ASAP! I figured, this is an easy way to try many products at minimal cost…shoot!, my cheapest shampoo n conditioner combo is $20, not including gel, leave-in conditioner, extra natural oils like, etc.
This is so worth it! thx for sharing! 😉


This is a very thorough and helpful review. Maybe it’s out there in cyberland, but I have not come across one that includes a product pricelist as this review did. Since I found my staple products I am not tempted to subscribe; well I was and then the voice of reason stepped in.


I wish I could even think of giving it a try but my hair is too dang picky for any of this hair product boxes. It does save me $$$ though


I’m going to try it…I have been trying to get a curlbox for MONTHS and every time they open it up I go to the site and can never get through. Glad someone else is doing it


Clever idea for newbies or for people who want to try some new products.


Since I’m non US, I can’t get this stuff but it sounds and looks great. Ah my dream Kinkbox would contain As I Am, Qhemet, Oyin, shescentit and other brands we cannot get in the UK. Actually I wish all companies did sample sizes of all their products.…


You can get Oyin at, Qhemet products are sold at Adornment365 in London (you could call and see if they ship). As I Am is available from


Ah sorry I meant other brands that I see US naturals talk about I.e PuraBody Naturals, Silk Dreams, Kyra’s Ultimate Indulgence. I own Oyin, As I Am and have stopped buying Qhemet due to limited availability. However the import costs for UK suppliers means that most of the products are ultra expensive and often suppliers here only do full sized products rather than samples. I hope we do get curl/kink boxes eventually.

For the Love of Curls

Nov was my first month subscribing and i was very happy with Curlkit. Dec’s kit is so-so from first glance because most of the brands i’ve never heard so i don’t have an initial excitement. I look forward to trying the detangler though.


I have been a subscriber of Curlkit since March and I have been happy with it. I am very ready to try the products in my December kit especially since I am a natural with a very loose curl pattern.


I have never tried the Curlkit, but after this review I am definitely going to subscribe to it and try it out. Your review was great and I agree with the fact that by the time you add up the products you will probably be well over the $20. Thanks


Is this an ad or a review?


I think it’s a review. My question is: curlkit vs. curlbox, anyone know the difference or have a preference?


I go for the curlkit, it’s always available you dont have to fight to get one like with the curlbox(the signup line is crazy at times ). I also really like Heather’s customer service and down to earth attitude.Everyone is treated the same, whether popular or not.

Both are good, curlkit is just easier to get and keep! And from what I have seen, offers better bang for your Buck.

Kari O.

Thanks for the thorough review of Curlkit. I am debating on Curlkit or Curlbox and leaning toward Curlkit. I am white and have hair sort of like AnnaLynne McCord on a bad day (think that Twitter photo of her without makeup, only less ringlet-y). Do you think the products would work well for my hair type?


They might–from what I’m seeing that actress has a fairly loose curl pattern, a 2A or 3A. A lot of the stuff might be too heavy for your hair type. If you do decide to try out natural hair products marketed for ethnic women, aim for stuff with lighter oils, like grapeseed oil or extra virgin olive oil. Stuff with heavier ingredients, like shea butter or castor oil, might make your hair flat and lifeless :

Kari O.

Thank you Dananana. I did order my 1st Curlkit, so we will see! I have no clue on weight of oils and ethnic hair products, it’s is like a secret world to me! So this is going to be a learning experience and I am super excited!! I will watch for ingredients and maybe experiment with the heavier stuff on the weekends. I have enough bad hair days as it is, let’s be honest.

marir gladney

Greetings!Would like to purchase the curlkit box & need information how.


Is this available in UK?

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