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When Natural Hair Meets Killer Style. Introducing BGLH Style

• Mar 28, 2013

Style Icon Stephanie

If you’ve been paying close attention to BGLH, you might have noticed that a few weeks ago we created a “Best Dressed” tag and started populating it with some of the most stylish women we’ve featured. You might have also noticed that the Best Dressed tag has a different background color than the rest of the site.

That’s because it’s what we’re referring to as a ‘blog within a blog’, a segment of BGLH that focuses on personal style. And it’s officially launching today.

Style Icon Florie

We know that BGLH is a hair site, and you come here for natural hair inspiration, photos and hair care. But we also noticed that there is a growing contingent of you who are style obsessed. Who leave comments like, “Forget her hair. That girl’s style is dope!”

And we feel you on that. Ever so often we will get a style icon whose personal look is so killer, so ridiculously fierce that we forget about the hair for a second, while we marvel at the unique color combo and the perfect cut and fit of her digs. And we want to celebrate that.

Style Icon Rocquelle

So what does it mean for the rest of you. Those who aren’t here for style posts. It means absolutely nothing. We will still update BGLH with the same amount and quality of hair care information. And any woman we feature for BGLH Style will also answer a robust set of questions about her hair care regimen. BGLH is NOT turning into a style blog. It’s a hair blog with a style contingent.

For those who want to stay updated on BGLH Style, the best way is to join the BGLH Style Facebook page. This is because BGLH Style posts *will not* appear on the main/general BGLH Facebook page.

We’re really excited to take this step into something new and fresh. We love to celebrate black women for the many reasons they are awesome — their hair, their intelligence, their vibrance and, of course, their style.


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9 Comments on "When Natural Hair Meets Killer Style. Introducing BGLH Style"

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I’ve certainly been paying attention, and I love the new addition.


Nice! I love it!


i like this site more and more and there’s nothing wrong with adding a style blog in the blog if we consider that hair is a part of one’s style. great idea! i really enjoy to see icons specially when the hair and style go together and are dope!.


Luv this new addition to the blog. While I am quite into hair, I am also one of your style obsessed readers. I have been clicking on the style icons for some time now since it had really piqued my interest.


This website is awesome! I love the new style addition!


Yah I saw that on the side! I like this addition. I feel like my wardrobe is changing a bit as my hair gets bigger, so it’s cool to see how people style themselves along with their hair! And it’s another way to see black women being fierce and beautiful which encourages me too!


So excited for this! Natural hair and style go hand-in-hand. It just makes sense!


love the add on to the blog. Woohoo to my lovely friend Rocquelle being listed. She is awesome.


So many times I dress up but it does’nt go with my hair seeing this pictures will give an idea so thank you. 🙂

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