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Raquel // Natural Hair Bride

• Mar 19, 2014


When did you and your husband meet?
My husband, Andre Seville and I met while both pursuing our degrees in Computer Science at the University of the West Indies (UWI), in Mona (Kingston, Jamaica). I would see him around campus and we would end up in the same classes, even outside our majors. We never really talked, but would give an occasional hi when our paths crossed, and then one day at the end of our first year I stopped him and we got to talking. We became really close friends and one day he asked me to be his girlfriend after being friends for almost 2 years.

When did you get married?
We thought it would be sentimental to get married where it all began, so we got married at the UWI Mona Chapel on August 31, 2013. Our reception was also on campus at the Mona Visitor’s Lodge.

How was your big day?
My big day was simply amazing. My family and friends traveled from the USA and Canada and it was so great to have all my sisters and brothers in one space. We live in Jamaica and the wedding was in Kingston at the end of August in the midst of the Hurricane season, so we had some worries that it would rain on our outdoor reception. The day was slightly overcast but it never rained, and although we lost some sunlight when taking photos we had a cool summer day, which everyone appreciated given how hot the summers can get.

The day started with me spending time with my sisters, niece (flower girl) and mother. My older sister did their hair and I did my own hair as that was very important to me. We went to the location on campus where we got ready and had our make-up done by Loni Jones who did a fantastic job on all the ladies. Everyone looked gorgeous!


The wedding started at 4 p.m. and we took pictures outside the chapel after. The bridal party continued the photo shoot while our guests went to the cocktail hour. We took some amazing photos around campus, which had been our second home for years. It was a nostalgic experience and we had so much fun.

After our photo session, we made our grand entrance at the reception and had dinner with our guests while being entertained by DJ Richie Ras and our MC. Our first dance was a combination of 3 songs, one dedicated to the bride, the other the groom, and the last to open the dance floor. The DJ played a mixture of genres ranging from Dancehall, Reggae, Hip-Hop, EDM to Soca. We had a blast dancing and chatting with our guests. It was the perfect day!

How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in a side swept high bun with a birdcage veil and feather fascinator to play on the peacock themed wedding. I removed the veil for the reception and wore only the feather fascinator. I had blonde streaks in my hair before the big day for a change, and it was the first time colouring my hair since being natural for almost 3 years.

What was your process of deciding how to style you hair?
Styling my hair by myself in its natural state meant a lot to me because I wanted to have control of the process and I did not want to worry about humidity if I flat ironed it. I washed and deep conditioned my hair the night before and put my damp hair in two strand twists. In the morning, I stretched my hair with a little heat from the blow dryer and then proceeded to style my hair.

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?
My Mom and mother-in-law were a little worried about how my hair would be for the big day. They asked me questions leading up to the day about how I would style it, but I didn’t give any details except that I would not flat iron it and I wanted to do it myself. My husband loves my hair, and he was confident that I would be beautiful anyway I styled it, so he had no reservations. Everyone loved my updo and my mom and mother-in-law were gushing with compliments after the wedding. That was very special to me because I felt like I proved in a small way that you can be a beautiful bride with your natural hair and not conform to the traditional ideals of beauty.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I am a foodie, so you can view my webpage and I am also obsessed with Pinterest, so you can follow my boards here:

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Wow…one word ‘Exquisite’
Love your hair and i love the vibrant colours. I always thought that the day i get married i would straighten my hair. But you have changed that! Congrats to you and your hubby


Beautiful! And honey, your hair looks fab! What a handsome couple!


Mona Chapel is such a beautiful chapel to exchange vows. Always loved seeing people’s pics when they got married there.
Your hair was simply beautiful. Congratulations to you and your hubby. The colors were simply beautiful! And your pictures…BREATHTAKING!


I was just wondering what to do with mine. I do want to wear a comb and a fascinator with veil. Loni is great. Kerry Ann Murray is also great, I wish I could fly her to NY to do my wedding makeup.


Very pretty!


You are beautiful. And I love the island backdrops and colors. Congratulations!


Her hair is pretty, but that smile is electric!! It looks like she enjoyed her day, which is the important thing.


Beautiful job! And thanks for representing Jamaica very well. Congrats on your beautiful wedding 🙂


UWI alumna here too!!!!!!!! Well, St. Augustine campus tho… But still.…..UWEeeeeee!!

Amma Mama

She’s so beautiful. Lovely island wedding and these pictures are great!


You have the best smile ever!!! Everything turned out so beautifully and the bride is radiant! Love it! Congratulations!


These pics bring back memories of Mona campus! Ur hubby’s face looks familiar to me. Gorgeous bride, hair and make up! Congrats 🙂


Such a beautiful couple. I loved the colour scheme of the wedding and wish you guys a happy fun filled union. You are an inspiration to many natural brides to push the envelope and sport their natural tresses on their special day. (UWI Aluma, Jamaican, Recent Natural)


So simple but beautiful! Congrats!

Brittany. L

Aww this is so lovely


What a beautiful bride and the ceremony looked amazing. My sister too got married at Mona chapel. It truly is beautiful!


OMG!!! I love this so much. Look how she’s glowing! Woahh. Proud to see a Jamaican on here 🙂
All the best to the young couple

Love JAH

Beautiful. Very lovely.


WoW! beautiful! Lovely! Stunning! All the best, and thanks for sharing the memories of your special day.

Brianna Love

CONGRATULATIONS beautiful! 🙂 I want to get married someday but I’m nervous! 🙁


Wow! Just Wow! I wasn’t even there and I could imagine how beautiful it was. You look amazing!

youngin girl

Congratulations on your big day. A long lasting commitment and happiness goes a long way. You two deserve each other because you must have felt something. Weddings and receptions are one of the sweetest events in a person’s life. You looked elegant and the planner did a wonderful job. thanks for sharing this.


Wow! Congrats Raquel!! I attended this beautiful wedding and the pics are beautiful, but being there and seeing these two exchange vows was priceless… Everything was exactly the way a wedding should be and Raquel was stunning from head to toe! Blessup to the couple!


Beautiful…congrats on your marriage and you looked amazing..May you love each other forever…

Michelle Spice

Congrats on your wedding! Loved the colors, alive and vibrant enjoyed the wedding pictures… Many happy returns and lots of children with money to take care of things and a big beautiful home to dwell.

Keep happy and all the best!


#Beautiful… 🙂

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